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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Will Bo...:

Crushing mode nearly made me HATE the Uncharted games :D (not that i had to play it in that mode anyway) So i will just be playing it on normal mode on the PS4(F-the Trophies. I haven't got time to play a game over & over again dying just for a silly Trophy :D Even tho i do love the sound of the Trophy popping up) :P



Carl-G commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to Scor...:

Demo? What does that mean :D i.e the lack of Demos this Gen is disappointing :( Saying that at least i get to try a few games each month with PS PLUS so that makes up for it(a bit anyway) + Will we ever get 'streaming' Demos like(i think) SONY said they wanted to do with the PS4. That would be cool :P



Carl-G commented on Guide: How to Play Like a Pro in PS4's Rocket ...:

I was enjoying it until this game makes my PS4 Fan go NUTS?! :-/ Once they they fix that(god knows why it happens for this game. It happens sometimes on MGSV:GZ to tho and another game i can't remember the name of) i will play it again ;)



Carl-G commented on The Standard 500GB PS4 Model May Be Getting a ...:

This is soooooooo confusing(very SONY :D sometimes) Why make the New 1TB with old hardware in it for? I might of picked up another PS4(the 1TB one) if it had the New hardware the New 500GB has(i.e lower power usage etc etc) Hmm + the prices are all wrong to. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on These PS4 Fans Really Want a SOCOM 2 Remaster:

My List of Games(old & new) i want to come back to come to PS4 -
TimeSplitters 2 HD (& TS 4) :P
Crash Bandicoot 4 (by ND) :P
The Getaway 3 :P (by RAD. Shame they don't want to be PS Exclusive) :(
Ape Escape 4 :P



Carl-G commented on E3 2015: Almost Half PS4 Owners Never Had a PS3:

I doubt(even tho some people say it) that the Xbox ONE has even sold 10 Million yet. I bet Millions are still stacked up high in the USA shops :D (the Xmas AC Xbox ONE Bundle is still available to buy on Amazon USA?!) + I thought Xbox gamers would have been a loyal bunch but i guess not. Unlike me i am PlayStation'Till'i'Die :P



Carl-G commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

When i had my 60GB PS3(it died in the end, YLOD) :( i only really played 'TimeSplitters 2' on it from my big PS2 Disc collection & 1 or 2 PS1 games. But it would be cool if the PS4 could play all my PS1/2&3 games but i have given up asking for B/C now + it's the fault of gamers online that the PS4 hasn't got full PS B/C i think because most bitched about the price of the PS3 & no way would SONY want to bring out a more expensive PS4, they would of got destroyed by the gaming press & so called fans(i.e the other side really) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on E3 2015: Why Didn't Sony Show More Morpheus Du...:

I am sooooooooooooo GLAD it was only 2 minutes on VR :D Haven't tried it but i can't see it taking off really in a big way. It will just be like MOVE/3D etc etc in the end. I don't mind SONY doing a Show soon just for VR. That would be cool & wouldn't make most gamer's say 'We just want to see normal PS4 games' i like say :D



Carl-G commented on Feature: We Grade E3 2015's Press Conferences:

Yep A+++++++++++++++++ for SONY's Show :P

  • I fear 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' will FLOP hard on X1(shame) :D + Just heard 'Gears of War: Ultimate Edition' will be on PC to(in 4K to) + 'Killer Instinct' coming to PC to? Hmm, what is the point of owning a Xbox ONE? Oh well.


Carl-G commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

I was dreading a 1 hour on V.R stuff but it didn't come to(thanks SONY for listening to me!) :D
They totally smashed MS Show out of the water to! :D MS show was just predictable as always(for the games they showed)



Carl-G commented on Reaction: Xbox's E3 2015 Attempts to Block PS4...:

...Gears 4, Halo 5, Forza Motorsport 6, Same'old'Same'old'Stuff 7, BORING Microsoft Again 8... :D
Hmm was that it MS? All people are talking about at the moment after the MS show is B/C. It should be about 'FUTURE' Xbox ONE Exclusive Games the Hype(+ so far 'STILL'?! this year no 'AAA' New Games for the Xbox ONE which is just Sad really)



Carl-G commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Venture...:

Not to bothered about games i have played already on the PS3. Even if they are 1080p/60fps blah blah blah er so what :D Cool tho for people who didn't own a PS3. Worth playing them for them. The only 1 Trilogy i am still waiting for & i will get is 'TimeSplitters Trilogy' :P (doubt it will come out tho & 'TS:Rewind' i can't see ever being finished(& coming to the PS4 to) to, oh well) :(



Carl-G commented on Try Metro: Redux Before You Buy on PS4:

Demos?!?! That is rare nowadays :D + i wish we could stream demos to the PS4 :( I am sure SONY said once that would be a feature coming to the PS4(unless i dreamed that bit) :D