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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on Sony's Fighting Back with Some Big US PS4 Bundles:

And Microsoft have been getting their ass kicked all year to Worldwide & in Europe the Xbox ONE has been Left for DEAD :D Good deals anyway. SONY could of easily beat MS if they started this at the beginning of November. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on How to Buy a 20th Anniversary PS4 Console in t...:

After 34 minutes = 'This WebPage is not available' :-/ (on site) I wouldn't mind trying these things they think up but when the internet don't work when they do then 'WHAT IS THE POINT!?!?!?' (i need to calm down it's only been 30'ish minutes i will probably be dead by the end of the week if not) :D



Carl-G commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

I was counting my Games on my PS4 the other day :D (well in my folder) I don't keep all of these PS PLUS games on my PS4 just the ones i have liked & completed & i think it's been well worth it ;) The only thing i still don't like the idea of is paying extra to play online(so you have to get PS PLUS(even tho it's worth it for all the games you get) then to play online games) :-/ It's a 'Microsoft' 'disease' that i wish never came to the PS brand :(



Carl-G commented on November NPD: PS4 Loses to Xbox One for the Fi...:

No need to be sad KING'GOD'KAZ :D The PS4 is winning Worldwide by sh*t-loads more :P + Rumors are that the PS4 only lost by 7 to 10K last month in the U.S.of.A?!(not that i believe 99% of what i read online) :D If so then i was right SONY should of done a pre-Black Friday PS4 Bundle with say 1 free game & that would of won them last month. Oh well i just hope SONY USA don't get back into their dreadful PS3 days of not even taking on MS in the USA. Will see.



Carl-G commented on PS4 Will Launch in China on 11th January for 2...:

What a lovely picture i.e Pretty Girls & the PS4 ;) (What more could you want from Life) :D

  • I really really really hope the PS4(& Vita) can do really well in China(sounds like it's unpredictable over there so i won't get to happy yet with this News) & make SONY LOADS of $$$ :P & it all sounds cool tho & there seems to be less restrictions on the PS4 than MicroSoft's Xbox ONE to? Hmm, makes you wonder if it's not the fault of the Chinese Government the X1's restrictions & it's MS who put all those restrictions in, but MS would never do that...(say no more)... :D


Carl-G commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Should Do Another Run of 20t...:

I would buy 1 :P if it came out normally in the shops :P Not bothered about the numbered bit to & just in a normal box without Cam to. I will 'try'(Hmm) next week to get 1 online in the UK but i know i won't be lucky to get 1 quick enough :( :( :(



Carl-G commented on Round Up: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris ...:

It looks cool(if you got a few mates that can play it together) But 'Crystal Dynamics' can go &...(stick your best swear words in here) :D because of the other MS TR deal :-/ So 'NO' buy from me(or any future games from them this Gen) Yes i am hard(on compaines) but fair :D



Carl-G commented on PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Sinks Like a Lea...:

DAY 1 for me :P Not watched the video tho because wanted this game from day 1 :P (seem the past videos and loved ALL of what i have seen so far) I guess whatever SONY do show with this game it seems it will be slagged off anyway(seems the internet has it in for this game) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Feature: What Will Sony Announce at PlayStatio...:

Any New cool PS4 Exclusives will do(i don't make up lists anymore because i never seem to get what i want) :D Well most of the stuff i wanted in the past are old PS franchises to come back but they will never come to the PS brand :( (o.k like Crash Bandicoot + TimeSplitters(with 4 player split-screen) + The Getaway 3 + BurnOut(like 'BurnOut 3' with split-screen) + Ape Escape + i want to be able to play my PS1/2&3 discs on my PS4...etc etc...see impossible things :D shame)



Carl-G commented on Review: Crash Bandicoot (PSone):

Got 100% in this game(think it was 100%) My 1st PlayStation game to ;) Really hard tho sometimes :-/ Shame Trophies were not around in those days to :D



Carl-G commented on Miss the Original PSone Startup? Get It on PS4...:

It's well COOL :P Just downloaded it(UK) I love the PS1 start-up sound when you press up from looking at your games on your PS4 :P Now SONY release that Ltd PS4 for EVERYONE :-/ I don't care if it is numbered to. I just want 1 :P



Carl-G commented on Just What the Heck Is PS4's EMAGON?:

I am trying not to get hyped(it's better that way) but the next 2 weeks(starting this week) we have 'PS Birthday' then 'PS Experience' then 'PS China conference/info'...EXCITING TIMES!!! :P + This is 'Flower 2' :D



Carl-G commented on PS4 Loses Black Friday Battle, Research Firm C...:

So when SONY said they sold 10 Million PS4's a few months back most gaming sites said it was not true but when this random company says the Xbox ONE won Black Friday most gaming sites(not saying this site) make out it's 100% true?!?! Hmm :D

  • i will be a bit disappointed at SONY PS USA if they lose November really :-/ Couldn't they of had say 2 bundles at the beginning of November to take on MS. Hmm i hope they don't get back into their useless ways SONY PS USA(& the UK) like with the PS3 :( Oh well.


Carl-G commented on Feature: Black Friday 2014 Deals - Every PS4, ...:

There is a good (UK) deal i just saw - PS4 + LBP3 + TLoU:R(download) for only £299.99 :P (Amazon) & £299.99 for the basic PS4 (Amazon) & PS4 + LBP3 + MineCraft £299.99 (Argos) Maybe i was wrong about Black Friday :D But no way in hell would i go real shopping today after seeing this -
So SAD :-/



Carl-G commented on Feature: What Are December 2014's Free PlaySta...:

Injustice: Gods Among Us & Secret Ponchos & Titan Attacks is what i am looking forward to :P Might try that X-CrapBox game Deadly Premonition for a laugh tho to :D + Will try Hitman(never really got in to Hitman games on the PS3, well the demos anyway) COOL games i think.



Carl-G commented on These Are Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Title...:

Playing 'First Light' now & it is EXCELLENT :P + Looking at the Graphics in 'First Light' they are sooooooooooooooooo much better than 'Watch_Dogs' to. That makes me even more disappointed in Multi-format games this Gen :-/ Oh well, MORE PS4 Exclusive PLEASE SONY! :P :P :P

  • Even if people got next month free with PS PLUS 'Uncharted 4 & 5 & 6' & 'GT7 & 8 & 9' & 'LBP3 & 4 & 9' :D they would moan :D :D :D


Carl-G commented on PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 to Secure New Ga...:

I hope it blows everyone away(the game-play bits) because i am getting fed up of reading negative Articles about this game from most of the gaming press :-/ But i guess it is a PS4 Exclusive so it won't have a chance pleasing the press whatever they show or do with the game. Anyway i think it looks AMAZING :P & i mean ALL of it :P



Carl-G commented on October NPD: PS4 Starts to Get Comfortable at ...:

I hope SONY wins November to in the US.of.A. If the X1 drops in sales next week then maybe the PS4 could beat it with FC3 + GTAV + LBP3 coming out in the next 2 weeks. But i can't see any bundles for those games for the USA which is just dreadful by SONY USA :-/ God i hope they don't get like last Gen in the USA i.e SONY PlayStation USA were USELESS really :( (Sorry Jack T) :D



Carl-G commented on Review: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (PlaySta...:

I tried it & it's well ODD :D It's not bad game. But it's a shame it hasn't got 2/3/4 player modes :( Or you can't play the story game with other people. Played Knack last week with my Nephew & it was FUN in 2 player mode. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on PlayStation Vue Is Sony's Very Own TV, TV, TV ...:

I haven't even watched 1 Blu-ray/DVD on my PS4 yet(had it for nearly 1 year now) & the main reason is(well i got a SONY Surround Sound System for that) :D the PS4 hasn't got a Remote Control :( + Can't SONY make an App so i could use my Smart Phone as a PS4 Remote at least? Anyway this sounds ok. Not really bothered about watching TV on my PS4 really.



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: Should SCEA Prepare More Offici...:

Looking at the USA Amazon Best Sellers Charts it looks like SONY have fallen asleep :D So many X1's in the Charts(well 4 X1's & 2 PS4's) now. Not sure why there is no GTAV + FC4 PS4 bundles in the USA to for, very ODD.