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Carl-G commented on Guide: How to Turn Off Automatic Trophy Screen...:

I know this would use up LOADS of more Hard Drive space but wouldn't it be better if the PS4 saved say 10 seconds or so of a Video of you getting a Trophy(a few seconds before & after) Then you could watch it back which is better than some(it looks like) random pictures on your PS4 now. I would like that(& of course you can switch the feature off to save HD space to)



Carl-G commented on Don't Hold Your Breath for a New PlayStation H...:

The PSVita is an excellent handheld but SONY shouldn't bother doing another 1 i think. It's impossible for them to make 'AAA' for 2 different things at the same time & just think how even more better the PS2 & 3 & now 4 would of been if those PSP & PSVita games were just made for those home consoles(that is why i don't like VR to because like PS MOVE it just takes away game makers from making even more 'normal' brilliant games for home consoles) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Here's Your Custom Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS4:

SONY have shocked me this Gen because whoever at SONY this Gen who is getting all these excellent & 'important' Deals with all these companies needs a Platinum Trophy Last Gen they picked all the wrong Games(& MS got all the big ones. How things have changed with a bit of thought, a SONY)



Carl-G commented on TGS 2015: PS4's Price Drop Extends to Asia As ...:

The USA next...well maybe not because SONY PS USA doesn't seem to want to take on MS in the USA(like last Xmas in the USA. SONY just let MS win Sep/Nov)(Yes i want SONY to win all the time) Oh well. Nice 1 anyway SONY



Carl-G commented on Tearaway Unfolded's PS4 Special Edition May Be...:

Can't wait to play this on my PS4 I just hope you don't have to do to many silly things with the DS4 Pad tho while playing this game. I find all that stuff(like shaking the pad & waving it about) just a silly waste of time really



Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Currently Being Beta ...:

I am not 1 to moan but i couldn't care less about 'social' features really, oh well(i do LOVE that you can put your gaming Videos on to YouTube via the PS4 tho, if that is a so called 'Social feature') The next update(i.e this 1) should include things people have been asking for, for ages. I want things like -
I can view my Trophies off-line(like you can do on the PS3) -
I can make my own folders(like you can do on the PS3) -
Save Videos & Music on my PS4 hard drive(like you can (hmm, this is sounding like the basic things the PS3 does but the PS4 should of come out with in the 1st place) on the PS3) -
Play CD's(Yep i am the only 1 who wants that) &...well that is it really for me because apart from those few things the PS4 is ACE & the BEST 'Gaming' Console out at the moment



Carl-G commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Will Bo...:

Crushing mode nearly made me HATE the Uncharted games (not that i had to play it in that mode anyway) So i will just be playing it on normal mode on the PS4(F-the Trophies. I haven't got time to play a game over & over again dying just for a silly Trophy Even tho i do love the sound of the Trophy popping up)



Carl-G commented on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to Scor...:

Demo? What does that mean i.e the lack of Demos this Gen is disappointing Saying that at least i get to try a few games each month with PS PLUS so that makes up for it(a bit anyway) + Will we ever get 'streaming' Demos like(i think) SONY said they wanted to do with the PS4. That would be cool



Carl-G commented on Guide: How to Play Like a Pro in PS4's Rocket ...:

I was enjoying it until this game makes my PS4 Fan go NUTS?! :-/ Once they they fix that(god knows why it happens for this game. It happens sometimes on MGSV:GZ to tho and another game i can't remember the name of) i will play it again



Carl-G commented on The Standard 500GB PS4 Model May Be Getting a ...:

This is soooooooo confusing(very SONY sometimes) Why make the New 1TB with old hardware in it for? I might of picked up another PS4(the 1TB one) if it had the New hardware the New 500GB has(i.e lower power usage etc etc) Hmm + the prices are all wrong to. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on These PS4 Fans Really Want a SOCOM 2 Remaster:

My List of Games(old & new) i want to come back to come to PS4 -
TimeSplitters 2 HD (& TS 4)
Crash Bandicoot 4 (by ND)
The Getaway 3 (by RAD. Shame they don't want to be PS Exclusive)
Ape Escape 4



Carl-G commented on E3 2015: Almost Half PS4 Owners Never Had a PS3:

I doubt(even tho some people say it) that the Xbox ONE has even sold 10 Million yet. I bet Millions are still stacked up high in the USA shops (the Xmas AC Xbox ONE Bundle is still available to buy on Amazon USA?!) + I thought Xbox gamers would have been a loyal bunch but i guess not. Unlike me i am PlayStation'Till'i'Die