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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on Sony Shutting the Door on PlayStation Home Nex...:

I bought a Kitten & little Sack-boy in HOME :D Will have to say my goodbyes soon then to them(what do you mean they are not real) :D

  • I will never forget my 1st time in HOME & dancing(in US HOME it was) to some cool dance track, it was just soooooo funny & felt odd doing it(i even recorded it on my old phone a video of it, sad i know) :D


Carl-G commented on Poll: Are You in Tune with the PlayStation TV?:

It's cool but the 'main' 'PSVita' games i wanted it can't play on my TV so that has put me off it :( i.e PSVita's LBP & Uncharted & WipeOut & TearAway(i know that would be difficult that 1. But WipeOut can't be that difficult to make it work on this???) :( I guess KZ:M is playable(as 1 of the big PSVita games i would of liked to play on my TV) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Soapbox: Please Protect Me from the Purgatory ...:

It's just the PS3 Store & it's patches/updating i hate. For me the PS3 PSN Store is dreadful :-/ Sooooooo slow :( After using the PS4's PSN Store i 'HATE' visiting the PS3 one now + the downloads seem slow to & patch updates etc etc on the PS3 vs the SEXY PS4 :P (i don't dread updates/patches no more because of the PS4) + The other stuff on the PS3 are cool tho & work fine like the XMB it always fast & ok & the gaming side has been brilliant over the years on the PS3.



Carl-G commented on Shuhei Yoshida Congratulated Phil Spencer Over...:

I would rather knock down the bridge Microsoft was standing on :D + MS just saw how lovely Shuhei is & are just trying to con everyone(it seems to be working) that Phil(Spencer) is a good guy & MS can be trusted again with their Xbox brand. Hmm i don't buy it at all.



Carl-G commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

I don't trust MS. Minecraft PS Fans should make the most of the game now because i am sure MS will do something soon to spoil their fun. Was(well i tried to get into it, but couldn't see the point of the game. Just seems like a PC'ish boring game) thinking of getting Minecraft(had the PS3 demo & PS4 demo on my PS3/4) But as soon as i heard MS bought it i deleted both Demos :D (i can't bear to give money to MS)



Carl-G commented on Feature: No Games November - PS4's Lineup Is S...:

Only 2 games(which is enough for me) on that list i want & that is FC4 & LBP3 :P

  • "It’s something that both the PlayStation 3 and Vita have gone through, as well as rival formats such as the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS" Hmm it's funny how the Xbox brand never gets unfairly treated for it's lack of Xbox games to at 1st(the Xbox ONE has way less games than the PS4 so far) Odd that...i wonder why... :D


Carl-G commented on August NPD: PS4 Outshines Xbox One for Eighth ...:

PS4 = 190k X1 = 160k NPD(i saw on another site) Seems to close to me :-/ SONY needs to do some good bundles i think over now until Xmas or MS could win a month in the USA :-/ Yep I can't even stand them(MS) winning a single month :D



Carl-G commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's Pre-Tokyo G...:

It was cool ;) But the English over dubs(or whatever you call them) were dreadful :D 1 minute a guy was speaking er in a Mans voice & then it just changed to a Woman's voice mid sentence?!(did he get tired half way through the sentence & the Woman had to finish it off) :D

  • None of the games appealed to me really(not a RPG fan really) Seemed a good show for the Japanese market tho.


Carl-G commented on PS4 Potter Pure Pool Sinks a Sizeable Patch:

'online notifications for pretty much the entire universe' Thank GOD that is gone now. God that was one of the most stupidest idea in a game ever i thought :D + Been playing this sooooooooooo much i just LOVE it but i find it to hard(only because i am sh*t tho) :D when the potting line gets less & less as you progress in the game + Happy about getting a 'UK 8-ball' game now to(no more 'did you spill my pint' fights at the pub now for me to worry about) :D

  • My PS4 never downloads patches when it's on standby mode. When i switch on my PS4 from standby mode it starts to download the game patches. It will download Demos & Games if i use the PS Store App tho while it's in standby mode. Odd that. I have all the PS4 settings right to.


Carl-G commented on Is PSN Offline? Yes, and the Scheduled Mainten...:

I am just enjoying today playing games off-line :D Thank god I can still do that i suppose. Saying that the last time PSN went wrong i couldn't even play my off-line games which was worrying really :-/ Anyway back to the Brilliant Pure Pool :P



Carl-G commented on Not Even Sony Understands Why the PS4 Is Selli...:

Price i say. Perfect start off price & the games(& how strong the PS3 was to last year helped to) + A game is a game to me so the PS4 has had loads of games so far(more than you know who + Funny how no one moans about the lack of games on you know who's console, hmm) :D



Carl-G commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pushes the Powe...:

Don't tell me they will say it uses 100% of PS4's power & it will just end up just looking like a average Multi-format game when it comes out & then say, Uncharted 4(or any other future PS4 Exclusive game) will come out and it 'WILL' blow every COD games cr*ppy Graphics out of the water :D

  • I am really starting to dislike Activision & EA(not that i liked them much anyway) that i have decided to never buy their games any more(or if i wanted 1 of their games(i like FIFA) i will get it off eBay for cheap)


Carl-G commented on Rumour: Sony Employee Allegedly Pegs PS4 DLNA ...:

I didn't want to comment on these updates no more :D but if it's YouTube next month(App & save Game-play Videos direct to YouTube) then a few months MP3/Video playback then DNLA early 2015 then i am fine with that(but still Microsoft are making SONY look 'amateurish' with their Monthly updates) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on 'Really Awesome' PS4 Sequel Uncharted 4: A Thi...:

Didn't really think we would see any more of this game until next year really, cool if we do see game play at GamesCom tho :P (i doubt it tho + like for E3 i am not thinking of what games will be shown or not. It's better that way) :D