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Sun 27th Oct 2013

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Carl-G commented on You Get a Revised DualShock 4 Controller with ...:

That light on top is an AMAZING idea I think I always thought it was a bit pointless that I couldn't see the light while playing a game without turning the controller around. I love that New feature + i hope the left stick is stronger and the battery last longer to then it would be the best controller ever.



Carl-G commented on Sony to Announce Two New PS4 Consoles at PlayS...:

I did say I would buy 2 PS4 Slims but it doesn't have a 4K Blu-ray player in it(i think) Oh well I guess I will wait for the PS4K + the PS4 Slim should be mega cheap then because you know who's Slim version has a 4K Blu-ray player and that seems dirt cheap really.



Carl-G commented on PS4's Completely Crushing the Competition in G...:

Hmm that is odd because Microsoft said the other day that the Xbox ONE S sold out completely in Germany(& UK) and 'made out' it was the best selling Console in those 2 countries. But of course Microsoft didn't tell anyone they only shipped a few K to each country(15K to the UK I saw somewhere) Aww, they do try hard to pull the wool over peoples faces Microsoft do Anyway well done SONY but I hope the next Nintendo Console does well because we need at least 2 Console makers Consoles to do well each Gen to keep each other on their toes.



Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 4.00 Details Revealed by Sony:

All I want to do is make a Folder called 'Retro Arcade Games' and hopefully now I can (well when this comes out of beta) Sounds an excellent update but did it really have to take nearly 3 years to get Custom Folders SONY!?!? Hmm, i hope the PS5 has these basic features on day 1 because it's starting to get a bit irritating waiting for basic things like this each Gen really :-/ Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Feature: 5 PS4K Neo Reveals Sony Must Make at ...:

Hopefully it can run...Custom Folders because SONY seem unable to do it for the normal PS4 + Hopefully I will be getting a 4K HDR SONY TV at the end of next year(if it has a UK 4K Tuner built-in (hmm) that doesn't even exist yet) Then I will get one for the 4K Blu-ray player I guess.



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: When Will the PS4K Neo Actually...:

I can't believe Microsoft bought out a console(the Xbox ONE S) with a 4K Blu-ray player in it before SONY?!?! Very disappointing that is :-/ Hopefully the PS4 Slim will be announced next month at least and come out next month with a 4K Blu-ray player built-in.



Carl-G commented on Metal Gear Solid 5 Wasn't Finished, So Why Pay...:

For a game that wasn't finished it has more content then 99% of games that have come out this Gen Shame we didn't get part/chapter 3 tho(they could of ended it after chapter 2 really) but God there is so much to do in the game. But saying that it has some irritating features like having to wait days!?!? :-/ to get more Bases and days for the better Weapons and the only way you can get other Bases is to buy coins :-/ or wait months if you log in all the time to get them free sometimes :-/ Maybe Kojima left Konami because they wanted to include all that cr*p coin/DLC Sh*t. Oh well, brilliant game tho and a MUST BUY at it's cheaper price



Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 3.55 Doesn't Appear to Do ...:

I can't wait for PS4K because maybe that could run/include 'Custom Folders' God I still can't believe that SONY can't even make Custom Folders for the PS4 after all these years. Oh well + I don't mind these updates even tho my PS4 seems perfect and runs well



Carl-G commented on E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 Producer Was Gutted b...:

PT gave me a headache It was cool but just to confusing really :-/ I never got to the ending of it and was just walking around in circles for hours trying to work out how :-/ Hate games like that. the RE7 demo was a bit more erm helpful for my easy empty mind to work out



Carl-G commented on PS4K Will Launch This Year, Sources Claim:

I would delay it a bit until next year and try and match the X1.2. Because if the X1.2 is more powerful then we will never hear the last of it Bit like the PS4 now but much much worse from the Hardcore Xbox Fans and their 99% of gaming sites that support them. Oh God no :-/



Carl-G commented on E3 2016: We Won't Dictate the Future of PS4 to...:

I blame Microsoft's for all this :-/ They were the ones who said they were thinking about doing this last year with the X1(I guess even they know the Xbox ONE is rubbish from day 1) so no way could SONY just stick with this PS4 now(looking at all those brilliant looking PS4 Exclusives yesterday I can't see why they even need to bring out a better console yet, oh well) Microsoft know their Xbox ONE isn't good enough so now all normal gamers will have to go through all this upgrade confusing BS now :-/ GOD I wish Microsoft never entered the Console gaming business. Saying all that I will get a PS4K(if it has a 4K Blu-ray player in it which it must do)



Carl-G commented on Reaction: Sony Saves E3 2016 with Super Strong...:

F**KING-HELL that show was AMAZING Just watched it(woke up at 6AM(in the UK) to watch it on YouTube) So many brilliant looking games And so many PS4 Exclusives to Yesterday's E3 was boring from EA and MS and the rest nothing New from them. Well done SONY(again)



Carl-G commented on Sony Confirms 'High-End' PS4K Exists, Won't Be...:

I normally buy a second PS console each Gen so this sounds perfect timing if it's out at the end of next year when I get a 4K HDR TV to + I can't believe I am going to say this because it will never happen(SHAME) but it would be cool if the newer PS4K could play all my PS1/2&3 discs to(that is what REAL HARDCORE PS owners want SONY & Mr.House)



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: PlayStation 4K - Are You In or ...:

I clicked 'Not sure yet' but if it has a 4K Blu-ray player in it I will buy another one + not to bothered about the more power bit really I think PS4 games look amazing already and I could live with it until the PS5 comes out.



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: Are Indie Devs Bringing Back th...:

I miss Woolworths Like Record Shops they were part of my youth but sadly all gone now. But saying that eBay and Amazon you can get some bargains sometimes and I have saved Sh*t loads of money since the Internet began



Carl-G commented on Is PS4K Scheduled to Launch Before October?:

Wouldn't it be funny if the Xbox ONE.TWO was more powerful than the PS4K?!?! The Internet would Break + If the PS4K is real then I really hope it has a 4K Blu-ray drive/player in it If not I can't see me buying it to get slightly better graphics really.



Carl-G commented on Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Soaring to PS4 fr...:

I enjoyed the game(but was disappointed with the lack of content) :-/ and I LOVE Star Wars but can't seem to get excited about this News really. Maybe if it had a 'Good' Story mode and a 4 player split-screen mode with Bots(like TimeSplitters) then I would buy it. I doubt it tho.



Carl-G commented on Sony's Bought an Entire Channel 4 Commercial B...:

I thought it said they bought Channel 4 completely + talking of UK TV Channels, this week we finally got Channel 5 HD!? after waiting over 5/6!? years for it to come to FreeView owners(pathetic that) I guess we will get 4K UK TV in 2050 then



Carl-G commented on UK Sales Charts: Ratchet & Clank Stays Top for...:

Brilliant as R&C is(I am their number 1 Fan) It's the 'Price' of the game to that has made it be at number 1 for 2 weeks. I never ordered a game day 1 but did when I saw how cheap R&C was. Maybe Game companies can see that now? And price their games lower(EA and the rest never would tho) :-/



Carl-G commented on Soapbox: Sony Needs to Set the Record Straight...:

Microsoft need to tell their Fans about the New Xbox ONE.5 to. Which if this is true then I bet MS are making a upgrade to the X1(I am sure MS were the 1St ones to say they were thinking about it a few months ago) + how can SONY say that a Newer better version of the PS4 is coming out?! That would hurt PS4 sales. So just like MS they are saying nothing(I bet) + I still don't believe all this tho



Carl-G commented on Review: Pang Adventures (PS4):

Sounds cool but I would rather have the originals really Bring out all old-school games please and in original form to Like the few Namco ones that came out today



Carl-G commented on PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Wil...:

'if' true then I hope this don't f**k-up all the hard work SONY has done making the PS4 the must have console this Gen :-/ I would rather it just have a 4K Blu-ray drive really and I would be happy with that and would buy the PS5 day 1 to but if consoles are going to be upgraded every 2 or so years then I won't buy a console day 1 no more. Oh well.