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Sun 27th Oct 2013

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Carl-G commented on Guide: UK Black Friday 2015 Deals - Every PS4,...:

Argos UK - PS4 & Uncharted collection & FIFA16 for only £249.99!?!? WOW! From 1am tonight it says on Twitter. I got a PS4 already but am tempted to get another one at this price. But I don't need another one Oh well.

  • Black Friday is a Con really(apart from a few deals like this) because I have a MASSIVE Amazon Wish List and nothing on it has dropped in price(yet) :-/


Carl-G commented on Review: Star Wars Battlefront (PS4):

2 things I wish it had - a 2 player split-screen(4 player would be even better) 'online' multi-player mode(and that off-line 2 player mode could be 4 player split-screen to) and a really cool Story mode would of been Amazing. Oh well. Will get this for cheap soon tho.



Carl-G commented on PlayStation 2 Emulation All But Confirmed for PS4:

Sounds to good to be true, but if so PLEASE bring TimeSplitters 2 to the PS4! & PS1 & PS3 Emulation to the PS4 to Well what would be the best thing ever would be if I could play all my PS1 & 2 & 3 discs on a PS4(can't see that ever happening tho, shame)



Carl-G commented on October 2015 NPD: PS4's Halo Slips as System S...:

I read(don't believe everything you read on the Internet) that Halo 5 only sold 1 million?! That is SAD. Well for MS anyway Hopefully SONY can take this month and next month in the USA(= the WORLD it seems on the internet) So that will be 10 month win for the PS4 and a shameful 2 month win for the X1



Carl-G commented on Soapbox: Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy (A...:

"Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy" Because of Microsoft. I knew once they joined the Console business all those years ago it would co$t Gamers more in the future & they day has come(well not that i buy DLC anyway)



Carl-G commented on Engineers Working to Enable Online Notificatio...:

I found this feature irritating on the PS3 :-/ But was surprised the PS4 didn't have this feature tho(& other basic features to) So i really HOPE the PS5 has all the PS4 basic feature(& future features) ready from DAY 1 because it's getting boring having to wait now each Gen for this basic stuff.



Carl-G commented on Those No Man's Sky Stealth PS4 Release Rumours...:

It will be free to with next months PS PLUS (WOW that would be AMAZING. I doubt it would happen tho) Saying that i didn't believe any rumors for E3 & for once most of them came true in the end
& i got all my Snacks ready for tomorrow Roll on 4.45PM...



Carl-G commented on Sony Knows Exactly What PS4 Firmware Update Fe...:

I hope they bring back the 'USB Music Player' App thingy because using the Media Player is a JOKE now(can't start your Music after you start a game now) :-/

  • Of course some way of playing my PS1/2&3 discs on my PS4 would be AMAZING(it will never happen tho)
  • Folders is all i want off that List really(but it would be nice if everything on that List we could have soon tho)


Carl-G commented on Comparing PS4's Sales to the Competition May B...:

So last Gen when the Xbox 360 was winning we had all the numbers each month but now the PS4 is winning this Gen we get no numbers?? Hmm

  • it's funny how VGChartz has stopped with their numbers since the PS4 has been winning to. It's like the owner of that site(who does the numbers) has given up because his beloved Xbox brand is losing, Aww poor soul


Carl-G commented on PS4's Price Cut Down to Size in the UK:

SONY should of done a Worldwide Price cut all at the same time i think. This seems all over the place and less of a erm BANG! Cool tho anyway and makes me want another 1



Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 3.10 Brings New Features:

I just want(& custom Folders) the 'USB Music Player' back The 'Media Player' is rubbish when you want to play your Music while playing a Game i.e if you 'start' a Game now you can't start the 'Media Player' after to play your Music like you could do before with the 'USB Music Player'?! + If you do start the 'Media Player' 1st you can't even go into the 'Media Player' to pick another Album while in a Game etc etc?! GOD that irritates me BIG TIME(& because it does i will bang on about it forever, SAD i know)



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Went back to playing 'Rocket League' a bit. Still FUN + Just got 'Tearaway Unfolded' today

'BUT' GRRRRRR!?!? I started the game & thought i will play some of my Music while playing so i hit the PS button & couldn't find the old 'USB Music Player' icon so i tried to start the 'Media Player'(you have to use that now i just found out) but you can't start the 'Media Player' once you start a Game?!?! WTF!?!? What a pile of Sh*t :-/ Not many things wind me up but SONY doing this makes me p*ssed off :-/ Oh well. I guess i have to start the 'Media Player' 1st but then you can't even look at your Albums to while in Game like you could with the 'USB Music Player'?! What a massive step back, oh well at least i have got 100 New pointless Social Features that work i guess...



Carl-G commented on This Is the Flashiest PS Plus Voucher You'll E...:

I am a sucker for all this Retro stuff So i bought it Shame it doesn't have a date for it yet tho(didn't see a date for it) But i need a PS PLUS top-up soon & want to Top up my PSN Account so this is perfect(i.e £39.99 = 1 Year PS PLUS & £20.00 PSN Top-up. So that is the same price as this so i don't lose out at all) PERFECT



Carl-G commented on Star Wars Battlefront Beta Forces Another Day ...:

COOL i can play it more

  • It's a shame when you pick up the Rocket Launcher(& i think a Sniper thing) it only gives you 1 Bullet/Rocket?! :-/ CR*P that At least give you 3 Bullets/Rockets to have fun with for a short time(i would love an unlimited Rocket Launcher if i could)


Carl-G commented on First Impressions: Forcing Our Way to the Fron...:

Just played the Beta & normally i hate online FPS but this was really FUN Shame it won't have a Story mode tho Still was COOL online(which i hardly ever say about FPS games) It was like i was in the Film + i got my Surround Sound set up now & the sound effects all around me just blew me away



Carl-G commented on Guide: How to Turn Off Automatic Trophy Screen...:

I know this would use up LOADS of more Hard Drive space but wouldn't it be better if the PS4 saved say 10 seconds or so of a Video of you getting a Trophy(a few seconds before & after) Then you could watch it back which is better than some(it looks like) random pictures on your PS4 now. I would like that(& of course you can switch the feature off to save HD space to)



Carl-G commented on Don't Hold Your Breath for a New PlayStation H...:

The PSVita is an excellent handheld but SONY shouldn't bother doing another 1 i think. It's impossible for them to make 'AAA' for 2 different things at the same time & just think how even more better the PS2 & 3 & now 4 would of been if those PSP & PSVita games were just made for those home consoles(that is why i don't like VR to because like PS MOVE it just takes away game makers from making even more 'normal' brilliant games for home consoles) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Here's Your Custom Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS4:

SONY have shocked me this Gen because whoever at SONY this Gen who is getting all these excellent & 'important' Deals with all these companies needs a Platinum Trophy Last Gen they picked all the wrong Games(& MS got all the big ones. How things have changed with a bit of thought, a SONY)