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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on PS4 Potter Pure Pool Sinks a Sizeable Patch:

'online notifications for pretty much the entire universe' Thank GOD that is gone now. God that was one of the most stupidest idea in a game ever i thought :D + Been playing this sooooooooooo much i just LOVE it but i find it to hard(only because i am sh*t tho) :D when the potting line gets less & less as you progress in the game + Happy about getting a 'UK 8-ball' game now to(no more 'did you spill my pint' fights at the pub now for me to worry about) :D

  • My PS4 never downloads patches when it's on standby mode. When i switch on my PS4 from standby mode it starts to download the game patches. It will download Demos & Games if i use the PS Store App tho while it's in standby mode. Odd that. I have all the PS4 settings right to.


Carl-G commented on Is PSN Offline? Yes, and the Scheduled Mainten...:

I am just enjoying today playing games off-line :D Thank god I can still do that i suppose. Saying that the last time PSN went wrong i couldn't even play my off-line games which was worrying really :-/ Anyway back to the Brilliant Pure Pool :P



Carl-G commented on Not Even Sony Understands Why the PS4 Is Selli...:

Price i say. Perfect start off price & the games(& how strong the PS3 was to last year helped to) + A game is a game to me so the PS4 has had loads of games so far(more than you know who + Funny how no one moans about the lack of games on you know who's console, hmm) :D



Carl-G commented on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pushes the Powe...:

Don't tell me they will say it uses 100% of PS4's power & it will just end up just looking like a average Multi-format game when it comes out & then say, Uncharted 4(or any other future PS4 Exclusive game) will come out and it 'WILL' blow every COD games cr*ppy Graphics out of the water :D

  • I am really starting to dislike Activision & EA(not that i liked them much anyway) that i have decided to never buy their games any more(or if i wanted 1 of their games(i like FIFA) i will get it off eBay for cheap)


Carl-G commented on Rumour: Sony Employee Allegedly Pegs PS4 DLNA ...:

I didn't want to comment on these updates no more :D but if it's YouTube next month(App & save Game-play Videos direct to YouTube) then a few months MP3/Video playback then DNLA early 2015 then i am fine with that(but still Microsoft are making SONY look 'amateurish' with their Monthly updates) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on 'Really Awesome' PS4 Sequel Uncharted 4: A Thi...:

Didn't really think we would see any more of this game until next year really, cool if we do see game play at GamesCom tho :P (i doubt it tho + like for E3 i am not thinking of what games will be shown or not. It's better that way) :D



Carl-G commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Five: W...:

I just visit to collect things & do a silly dance & then leave :D

  • It's a shame you can't use the DS4's touch pad to move around the screen while your looking at your Character(the selecting the Weapons bit) or the select what place you want to visit bit(the Space/Ship bit) etc etc & then you could click the touch pad to select what you want instead of the odd feeling of having to move the left Analog stick like a mouse :D (i wish SONY to could let you use the touch pad for the PS4's internet browser to)


Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.75 to Add 3D Blu-ray Sup...:

Excellent News for the 4 or 5 people out of the 8 Million'ish PS4 owners out there who will use this feature i suppose :D SONY's priorities are all wrong with these updates :( 1 they take to long and 2 we get stuff that only a few people would use?! Oh well, nice to get this 1 out of the way i suppose ;)



Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.74 Improves Your System'...:

Still got these minor problems of -

  • A few times when i wanted to save a Video of my Gameplay i hit the Share button and there is no Square button to save my Gameplay
    (after the update it still happens now and then) :-/
  • sometimes when i put in a game disc in the PS4 the screen goes to the game i played last
    (again after the update it still happens now and then)
    Oh well maybe next update it will be fixed(hmm, i said that before the last update and the update before that to and...) :D


Carl-G commented on PSN Offline for Some as Bungie Deploys Destiny...:

Hmm i don't understand the DRM things but has SONY stealthed DRM'ed PS4 owners??? I say this because tonight(maybe because of PSN going wrong) i can't play most of my games(UK) :-/ i.e there is a Lock next to my downloaded games and when i press on the game it says - 'Cannot start the application - Cannot connect to the server to verify the licence'??? Then i tried(i.e the lock was gone on most things after a while but i can't play my games if my games can't be verified all the time then???) Zen Pinball & i couldn't play any of the games i just played this morning? The i tried Pinball Arcade & my tables i bought were not there? Then i tried loading up(from Disc) Battlefield 4 & once i pressed the options button it just kept trying to load the main page(so i even couldn't play the Story off-line mode) How odd? Then(i was getting a bit VEX by then) :D i tried ResoGun & that worked o.k which was odd. Then :D i went back to Zen Pinball & it just looked like before were it looked like i haven't bought any tables? Hmm i hate this online SH*T to do with gaming(sorry to swear) :-/

  • Tomorrow i will see if i can play my games off-line(the off-line games) I am sure you can, no?(i won't switch on my internet router)


Carl-G commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Christmas Offering Is...:

Well the Xbox 360 done well with hardly any Exclusives in the last few years so i don't think it's that important really this Xmas for the PS4 to have Billions :D of Exclusives at Xmas time coming out(i do LOVE my PS Exclusives tho & try & buy most of them) :P There seems to be a game for most people on the PS4 this Xmas(Exclusives or not, a game is a game) ;)



Carl-G commented on How Is the PS4 Controller Used in The Last of ...:

Sounds cool ;) But the 1 thing that spoiled KZ:SF for me was the stupid touch pad :-/ It just made the game more complicated i thought i.e more buttons to learn and press & pointless swiping up/down in game etc etc while getting slaughtered by the enemy again & again because i kept swiping it wrong :D



Carl-G commented on Singing in the Rain! Here's How Inclement Weat...:

WOW! :P :P :P + It would be cool if i could park the Car up and get out in the Rain and put my arms in the air and put my face up into the Rain and Shout out 'THIS IS PLAY! ! !' (maybe in a future DLC, maybe Evolution Studios) :D :D :D



Carl-G commented on Sony's Not Worried About PS4's Software Lineup...:

The internet seems to make out the Xbox ONE has more(REAL) Exclusives this year to, which is odd because i have hardly seen any Xbox ONE Exclusives this year(+ Titanfall was on PC & Xbox 360 to so that is hardly a(REAL) X1 Exclusive) How odd(well it's not really because it's always SONY people want to moan about & find any fault about) :-/



Carl-G commented on Sony Spends More on US TV Ads for the PS4 Than...:

In the UK it seems different now i.e during the World Cup games it's just boring :D Xbox ONE adverts :-/ + SONY has the biggest advertisement opportunity at the moment as they are sponsoring the World Cup but they are completely ignoring the PS4 :-/ Oh well.