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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on PS4 Sales Push Past 22.3 Million as Sony Plans...:

It's funny how whoever does the weekly charts on that vgchartz has lost the will to update them anymore because now the PS4 is killing the Xbox ONE :D
He used to LOVE doing the numbers when the X360 was winning last Gen(but it still lost in Worldwide sales to the PS3 in the end)
Anyway well done SONY ;)



Carl-G commented on Indie Games Rule in May PlayStation Plus Freeb...:

5 PS4 games(with the cross play thing) isn't bad. Not sure most are my types of games tho. But like always i will try them next week. Last months i found a GEM of a game which i just started to play i.e 'Never Alone' what a lovely game it is ;)



Carl-G commented on May's PlayStation Plus Lineup Will Be Revealed...:

What a dreadful line up...(i thought i will say that before we see it & beat people who will say that whatever the games will be) :D + The last few months have been cool i think. Enjoyed at least 2 out of the 6 games(PS3,Vita & PS4) each month.



Carl-G commented on PS4's Price Temporarily Cut in the UK to Comba...:

Sounds COOL :P This makes me wonder what is wrong with SONY PS USA?! They could of dropped the price of the PS4 last Nov/Dec in the USA & took on MS, like it seems SONY PS UK does sometimes? Hmm, Jack was CR*P(i liked him tho) & the New guy seems the same, shame :-/



Carl-G commented on Sony Really Wants You to Pre-Order PS4 Games o...:

Digital game prices will kill the gaming industry one day i bet(once the day comes that the only way you can buy games is digitally) Well that is what i think :D I got Far Cry 4(PS4 disc) for £30 a few weeks back & it's still £54.99 on PSN?!?! Hmm



Carl-G commented on Star Wars: Battlefront's First PS4 Trailer Is ...:

Can't wait to see it running on the PS4 & not some high spec PC like they always show at 1st. Not that really into online multi-player games but LOVE Star Wars so might get it ;) + HAPPY SONY(for PS4) will be promoting it to :P



Carl-G commented on Looks Like Korea's Getting Some PS4 Greatest Hits:

No sh*tty horrible Greatest Hits Color box covers this time then? COOL :D
(that puts me off these cheaper versions every Gen)

  • That 'Sticker'?(hopefully it can be removed) is placed over the best bit on 3 of those Boxes i.e the 'Only on PlayStation' bit :(


Carl-G commented on Review: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (...:

4 player split-screen mode??? On a next Gen Console??? NEVER!!! :D We hardly got that last Gen so i am SHOCKED :D I might buy it just for that. Now if only TimeSplitters(1,2&3FP) could be made for the PS4 with 4 player split-screen mode(with Bots) i would be over the Moon :P (TimeSplitters Rewind maybe 1 day)



Carl-G commented on You Can Buy the Star Wars Digital Collection o...:

I got them on VHS(Original 3) & DVD & Blu-ray :P Not sure i would bother getting it as a download tho, but there are some 'Deleted scenes' for each Film(which i guess are New) which i would love to see tho + i might get them on 4K & 8K Blu-rays in the future :D (if that ever happens)



Carl-G commented on First Impressions: PlayStation Home Has Alread...:

I downloaded it & didn't know what it was about & was shocked :D when i saw it. Thought it was HOME on the PS4 :D I didn't get it tho & deleted it after 5 minutes of being confused + i think HOME did not have a chance anyway with the gaming press never getting behind it(when it came out there was still pure hate for anything PS3/SONY at the time) :-/ Oh well i guess when MS bring out their version of HOME for the Xbox brand every gaming site will say it's the best thing ever :D



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it)... :D



Carl-G commented on Push Rewind: Hideo Kojima Kerfuffle, God of Wa...:

I think the main Title is wrong above i.e it should say(& this is for every week to it seems) -
'Push Rewind: Hideo Kojima Kerfuffle, God of War III Remastered Kerfuffle, Battlefield Hardline Kerfuffle & Everything to do with anything Gaming seems to be a Kerfuffle'



Carl-G commented on Uh Oh, Watch PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Take Ove...:

I am SHOCKED i.e about some Negative News about a PS Exclusive from Gaming sites :D Anyway 1 game The Order: 1886(that got LOADS of unnecessary Negative News by the so-called-Gaming press) load times are AMAZING. Really fast loading it has i was well impressed :P



Carl-G commented on God of War III Brings the Brand's Best Boss Fi...:

Brilliant game :P But can't see the point of this(well i guess it's cool for the non-PS3 owners who own a PS4 now & can play it) I don't buy games i have already got last Gen just because they are now in 1080p/60fps or whatever(so what) blah blah blah :D