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Carl-G commented on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pins Down Ex...:

I liked the 1st Star Wars LEGO game on the PS2 & the 2nd one was cool but a bit same'ish so I didn't play anymore LEGO games until I watched and loved the LEGO Movie so I got the LEGO Movie game and loved that(+ I got the Benny SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! SPACESHIP! Real LEGO to) (well I got the original 1978!?!? LEGO Space stuff to and started to collect 1978 to 1983 sets at the moment. 5 more sets and I have completed the 1st 5 years of LEGO Space sets) So I got the bug back for LEGO and I love Star Wars to so I will buy this



Carl-G commented on Finally, We Can Compare PS4 and Xbox One Sales:

I still can't believe some 'gamers' are sticking with the Xbox brand after Microsoft tried to DRM their Loyal Fans? Maybe they(the Fans) will regret it next-gen I guess. Well done anyway the other gamers for supporting SONY's PS4 this Gen



Carl-G commented on EA to Force Push Free Content to Star Wars Bat...:

I bought it for only £27.50 so I don't feel that ripped off. But even at that price the game feels empty i.e Not many Weapons really and the Characters you get to pick are boring until you get to level 40 but even then there are only 1 or 2 cool looking Characters to choose(Shocking considering the Star Wars universe has LOADS of cool Characters) And looking at the few cutscenes in the game it is depressing because they could of made a cool Story mode to. Apart from that I am enjoying the game(the only other FPS this Gen I liked was KillZone:SF)



Carl-G commented on New Batman DLC Flies onto PS4 from 26th January:

Never buy DLC but the main story mode game was AWESOME Got a bit bored with the 3rd Batman game on the PS3 but this felt different(maybe because it had the Bat Car in it) Shame it's the last from Rocksteady



Carl-G commented on Sony: There Are 100 PlayStation VR Games in De...:

Hopefully these games won't be a waste of time in the end i.e they can be played without a VR Head-set on my PS4 to once SONY get bored of VR Yep I am still not bothered about VR(not tried it yet so can't say I don't want it 1 day)



Carl-G commented on Kojima: I Got Offers from Others, But I Gel We...:

I finally forgive him for nearly destroying the PS3 now, years ago :-/ i.e when he stabbed PS3 in the back one E3(when the PS3 was getting a kicking from the Gaming media and Haters on the Internet) going onto Microsoft's E3 stage and announcing MG:R(even tho that turned out to be the worse MG(S?) game ever and it seemed he couldn't even bother making it himself in the end) What a dreadful Xbox like game that turned out to be in the end



Carl-G commented on PSX 2015: Ratchet & Clank's New PS4 Gameplay I...:

I am glad I Pre-ordered this This and Uncharted and that HOB game were the only things that I liked really at the show + most of the Internet were wrong again about SONY announcing PS2 B/C on the PS4 on this PSX show.



Carl-G commented on PSX 2015: PS4's First PS2 Games Launch Tomorrow:

I just hope this won't be like the way the PS3 got PS2(&PS1) games i.e it taking YEARS for them to bring PS2/1 games to PSN & LOADS of real PS2/1 Classics never came to the PS3 in the end :-/ I hate waiting now I am getting to old to wait for things now Same with PS4 basic features I can't stand waiting for basic features now. PLEASE SONY when you bring out the PS5 let it have all the features of the PS4 ready on day 1. And make it play all PSN games to because it gets boring every Gen having to wait for this stuff. Anyway I am still happy that we are going to get PS2 Classics on the PS4 It's better than nothing I suppose.



Carl-G commented on PSX 2015: PS4's First PS2 Games Launch Tomorrow:

Hmm SONY never seem to wait to tell us their big News at their Shows it seems (they could of waited until erm tomorrows PSX) Cool stuff tho I want TimeSplitters 2 the most tho(but doubt it will be done) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on No, Your PS2 Discs and PS2 Classics Won't Work...:

It would of been nice But I didn't get my hopes up to much so, so be it. As long as TimeSplitters 2 comes to the PS4(I bet it don't) then I would buy that again(and maybe BurnOut 3 to) If not then I will just keep my PS2 out forever. Maybe SONY can make 2 versions of the PS5 1 version that just plays PS5 games and 1 version(more expensive of course) that plays all PS Discs Like they could of done with the PS4(it can't be impossible can it SONY to do?!)



Carl-G commented on Free DriveClub Update Adds Easy Mode and Merce...:

They should re-release it with everything included and then it would be a 10/10 game(but it would p*ss people off I guess who bought all the DLC so far) I don't care just do it Looking forward to the Free AMG Tour mode soon, ACE



Carl-G commented on Review: Super Star Wars (PS4):

I bought it but sadly only because it said Star Wars Looking forward to playing it to just because I have always wanted to play it + I can't wait to see what PS2 playback of games will be like on the PS4 i.e will(I doubt it) PS2 disc playback be possible. If so it will be the best day ever



Carl-G commented on Guide: UK Black Friday 2015 Deals - Every PS4,...:

Argos UK - PS4 & Uncharted collection & FIFA16 for only £249.99!?!? WOW! From 1am tonight it says on Twitter. I got a PS4 already but am tempted to get another one at this price. But I don't need another one Oh well.

  • Black Friday is a Con really(apart from a few deals like this) because I have a MASSIVE Amazon Wish List and nothing on it has dropped in price(yet) :-/


Carl-G commented on Review: Star Wars Battlefront (PS4):

2 things I wish it had - a 2 player split-screen(4 player would be even better) 'online' multi-player mode(and that off-line 2 player mode could be 4 player split-screen to) and a really cool Story mode would of been Amazing. Oh well. Will get this for cheap soon tho.



Carl-G commented on PlayStation 2 Emulation All But Confirmed for PS4:

Sounds to good to be true, but if so PLEASE bring TimeSplitters 2 to the PS4! & PS1 & PS3 Emulation to the PS4 to Well what would be the best thing ever would be if I could play all my PS1 & 2 & 3 discs on a PS4(can't see that ever happening tho, shame)



Carl-G commented on October 2015 NPD: PS4's Halo Slips as System S...:

I read(don't believe everything you read on the Internet) that Halo 5 only sold 1 million?! That is SAD. Well for MS anyway Hopefully SONY can take this month and next month in the USA(= the WORLD it seems on the internet) So that will be 10 month win for the PS4 and a shameful 2 month win for the X1



Carl-G commented on Soapbox: Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy (A...:

"Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy" Because of Microsoft. I knew once they joined the Console business all those years ago it would co$t Gamers more in the future & they day has come(well not that i buy DLC anyway)



Carl-G commented on Engineers Working to Enable Online Notificatio...:

I found this feature irritating on the PS3 :-/ But was surprised the PS4 didn't have this feature tho(& other basic features to) So i really HOPE the PS5 has all the PS4 basic feature(& future features) ready from DAY 1 because it's getting boring having to wait now each Gen for this basic stuff.