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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on May's PlayStation Plus Lineup Will Be Revealed...:

What a dreadful line up...(i thought i will say that before we see it & beat people who will say that whatever the games will be) :D + The last few months have been cool i think. Enjoyed at least 2 out of the 6 games(PS3,Vita & PS4) each month.



Carl-G commented on PS4's Price Temporarily Cut in the UK to Comba...:

Sounds COOL :P This makes me wonder what is wrong with SONY PS USA?! They could of dropped the price of the PS4 last Nov/Dec in the USA & took on MS, like it seems SONY PS UK does sometimes? Hmm, Jack was CR*P(i liked him tho) & the New guy seems the same, shame :-/



Carl-G commented on Sony Really Wants You to Pre-Order PS4 Games o...:

Digital game prices will kill the gaming industry one day i bet(once the day comes that the only way you can buy games is digitally) Well that is what i think :D I got Far Cry 4(PS4 disc) for £30 a few weeks back & it's still £54.99 on PSN?!?! Hmm



Carl-G commented on Star Wars: Battlefront's First PS4 Trailer Is ...:

Can't wait to see it running on the PS4 & not some high spec PC like they always show at 1st. Not that really into online multi-player games but LOVE Star Wars so might get it ;) + HAPPY SONY(for PS4) will be promoting it to :P



Carl-G commented on Looks Like Korea's Getting Some PS4 Greatest Hits:

No sh*tty horrible Greatest Hits Color box covers this time then? COOL :D
(that puts me off these cheaper versions every Gen)

  • That 'Sticker'?(hopefully it can be removed) is placed over the best bit on 3 of those Boxes i.e the 'Only on PlayStation' bit :(


Carl-G commented on Review: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (...:

4 player split-screen mode??? On a next Gen Console??? NEVER!!! :D We hardly got that last Gen so i am SHOCKED :D I might buy it just for that. Now if only TimeSplitters(1,2&3FP) could be made for the PS4 with 4 player split-screen mode(with Bots) i would be over the Moon :P (TimeSplitters Rewind maybe 1 day)



Carl-G commented on You Can Buy the Star Wars Digital Collection o...:

I got them on VHS(Original 3) & DVD & Blu-ray :P Not sure i would bother getting it as a download tho, but there are some 'Deleted scenes' for each Film(which i guess are New) which i would love to see tho + i might get them on 4K & 8K Blu-rays in the future :D (if that ever happens)



Carl-G commented on First Impressions: PlayStation Home Has Alread...:

I downloaded it & didn't know what it was about & was shocked :D when i saw it. Thought it was HOME on the PS4 :D I didn't get it tho & deleted it after 5 minutes of being confused + i think HOME did not have a chance anyway with the gaming press never getting behind it(when it came out there was still pure hate for anything PS3/SONY at the time) :-/ Oh well i guess when MS bring out their version of HOME for the Xbox brand every gaming site will say it's the best thing ever :D



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it),Far Cry 4(PS4), Suspend & Resume(then i say 'WOW! again at the speed of it)... :D



Carl-G commented on Push Rewind: Hideo Kojima Kerfuffle, God of Wa...:

I think the main Title is wrong above i.e it should say(& this is for every week to it seems) -
'Push Rewind: Hideo Kojima Kerfuffle, God of War III Remastered Kerfuffle, Battlefield Hardline Kerfuffle & Everything to do with anything Gaming seems to be a Kerfuffle'



Carl-G commented on Uh Oh, Watch PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Take Ove...:

I am SHOCKED i.e about some Negative News about a PS Exclusive from Gaming sites :D Anyway 1 game The Order: 1886(that got LOADS of unnecessary Negative News by the so-called-Gaming press) load times are AMAZING. Really fast loading it has i was well impressed :P



Carl-G commented on God of War III Brings the Brand's Best Boss Fi...:

Brilliant game :P But can't see the point of this(well i guess it's cool for the non-PS3 owners who own a PS4 now & can play it) I don't buy games i have already got last Gen just because they are now in 1080p/60fps or whatever(so what) blah blah blah :D



Carl-G commented on There Was a Line for the PS4's Launch in China:

Hmm there were millions of Articles when the Xbox ONE came out in China on every gaming site it seemed but hardly any Articles about the PS4 Launch. Very odd that. Would be brilliant if it(PS4) did really well over there but not sure if it will or not. Good luck SONY anyway;)



Carl-G commented on The Force Will Block Star Wars: Battlefront fr...:

I am just glad it's not just a Xbox/PC Exclusive really. Oh & hopefully EA don't mess it up & we get a really good Star Wars game + Why can't someone make a game of the Original Film. I have always wanted to play that :P



Carl-G commented on PlayStation Now Streams to UK Shores This Spring:

Shame the PS3 Games i got on disc(& PS3 PSN Games) i can't play for free on PS NOW :( Maybe PSN could read your Trophy List & any game on that Trophy List you could play for free(Yeah i know why would SONY do that because they want your money etc etc) I really won't pay again to play a game i still got on disc for my PS3(i will just play them on my erm PS3) :D Even tho it would be cool playing them on my SEXY PS4 :P Oh well, i still would like to be in the Beta tho ;)
Or better still bring out a PS4 that can play my PS1 & PS2 & PS3(disc & PSN) Games SONY. Can it really be that hard(that's what she said) :D to do???



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Another AMAZING & Diverse PS4 Gaming week this week it has been for me ;) Played the excellent 'Valiant Hearts'(Free with PS PLUS) + Got 'Moon Cresta' off Japanese PSN Store(can't believe it came out in 1980!?) :D Brilliant old-school game it is(rock hard tho) + Got the 'Arcade Pinball' 'Star Trek:TNG' Table which is COOL :P + Just started playing 'CounterSpy'(Free with PS PLUS) Another brilliant game so far :P + :D Looking forward(when i got time) to play 'The Order: 1886' again soon ;)



Carl-G commented on Rumour: This Journo Reckons You Should Expect ...:

This drunk man in the Pub the other day said there will be a big PS4 Exclusive out at Christmas to. I believed him & gave him a Million pounds because he said he had a PSN Code for the game just for me to + He was on Twitter & owned a gaming site(& they are always right in'it) Oh + i gave him my Bank Details to... :D



Carl-G commented on PS4 May Be Getting In-Game Video Chat in a Fut...:

Well if the PS4 is in that Show 'Powers' i will watch it then :D + What next? A PS Camera following around your house for everyone online to see you doing everything in your Life :D (Yep i hate all this social stuff really)



Carl-G commented on February 2015 NPD: PS4 Is Best Selling Console...:

So no real numbers again each month from NPD this Gen then? Hmm strange it happens when the PlayStation Brand is beating the MS(USA!,USA!,USA!) :D Xbox brand. Because NPD couldn't wait last Gen each month to show the World the Xbox 360 sales numbers as it beat the PS3 all the time. Odd that.
Well done PS4/SONY anyway :P



Carl-G commented on Stay Tuned for DLNA News on PS4, Says Sony:

I would like to(i think this is DLNA'ish) :D throw my Pics/Vids/Music from my SONY Smart Phone to my PS4 & view/listen to them on my TV & my Smart Phone could be a Blu-ray/DVD/Music Remote for my PS4 to. That would be cool + i hope the PS5 comes ready with these basic features from day 1. The PS4 would of been perfect from day 1 if it had just the basic things that 'most' tech stuff come with. Oh well, back to 'the games'(which at the end of the day 'IS' the most important thing) :D



Carl-G commented on Feature: What's New in PS4 Firmware Update 2.50?:

Don't like the sound of the 'Dependent on software titles' bit on the Blog for 'Suspend & Resume'? Hmm, i want it to work with ALL games :( (if that is what it means)(+ it took 2 years to implement?! Hmm)

  • I think you can only Delete PS4 Trophy games that are 0%(so any PS3 & PSV games can't be deleted. Shame that if true) Good update tho & hopefully DLNA will come in...2017 or so next :D


Carl-G commented on Over 50,000 People Want Call of Duty: Modern W...:

Rather have COD:MW1 only because they couldn't be bothered patching in Trophies & Rumble for the game when it came out :-/ Saying that the way Activision treat PS Fans with their COD games i wouldn't give them a penny any more anyway :-/



Carl-G commented on Video: Watch As We Recap February 2015's Best ...:

Worse month?!?! Hmm he must own a Xbox ONE i guess :D The Order: 1886 was brilliant i thought :P & RE1 HD to last month was brilliant to & a few other games. I guess most people want the same old stuff like COD/FIFA/BF/AC...Zzzzz :D



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Finished The Order: 1886 & got the Plat :P Really enjoyed that game & will play it again soon(i normally don't play story mode games after i get all the Trophies for them but i want to play it again) + playing GT6 again with the B-Spec mode(the Graphics are still amazing) :P Will play 2 of the free PS PLUS PS4 games next week which i liked, that War/doggy one :D & that Spy one was cool to. Er i LOVE my PS4(& PS3) ;)