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Sun 27th Oct 2013

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Carl-G commented on PS4 Wins the All-Important December NPD:

"Not a massive surprise" Hmm, well according to 'The internet' the New PS4 Slim wasn't going to sell well and 'The internet' said the Xbox ONE S was better...Oh dear, 'They' were WRONG(Again)



Carl-G commented on Feature: 5 PS4 Firmware Updates Sony Needs to ...:

Maybe be able to read/play other external hard drive formats would be cool. Can't really think of anything else because I am happy with what the PS4 can do as it is + play all my PS1 & PS2 & PS3 Discs...I know impossible, shame that



Carl-G commented on What If Horizon: Zero Dawn Was a LEGO Set?:

WOW that is well COOL I would LOVE LEGO to do some other PlayStation Exclusive set in the future LEGO & PlayStation are my favourite two things in Life Oh and Star Wars and a few other things to



Carl-G commented on Review: Lara Croft Go:

I can't see me ever given SE any money anymore because they made PlayStation owners wait a year for their last TR Console game :-/ NOPE I can't forgive and forget, Happy Christmas



Carl-G commented on Uncharted 4: Survival Will Buddy Up on PS4 Nex...:

Just started to play the Story mode and the game is AMAZING + Was looking for this mode to So cool it's coming next week so I can play it with my Nephew online But still would LOVE a 2 player split-screen mode and even a 4 player split-screen mode with Bots because that would be MEGA-COOL. Oh well you can't have everything I suppose



Carl-G commented on Hands On: Getting Creative with LEGO Worlds on...:

I NEED to build me some Classic LEGO Space stuff Considering over the past year and a half I have bought every real set from 1978 to 1982 I just HOPE they include EVERY LEGO Part ever made in every colour to(so Old Grey to then for the old space stuff)



Carl-G commented on Feature: The Five Best Trailers of PSX 2016:

I couldn't vote because there are TO MANY I LOVED + Vane's art style is LOVELY I like the look of that game + I can't wait to play Crash again(and even more now I just started Uncharted 4 and THAT AMAZING bit in it with...well I won't say. I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't played it yet. What an AMAZING Game so far it is)



Carl-G commented on Hands On: Losing Our Minds with Crash Bandicoo...:

This looks AMAZING The 1st one was hard tho :-/ Because you couldn't see Crash shadow when you jumped but I saw in the updated version he has a shadow now. So the 1st level should be easier near the end bit then



Carl-G commented on The PS4 Absolutely Killed It in the UK Last Week:

See internet Fanboyz if SONY do a Firesale like Microsoft has done in these past 4 months then SONY can Win to It has NOTHING to do with 'The Xbox ONE S is better and can play 4K Blu-ray's' blah blah blah



Carl-G commented on PS4 Hardware Bundles Dip Below £199/$249 for ...:

I am glad SONY are finally taking on MS price wise (even tho it's just for this Black Friday I guess) MS have been selling their Xbox ONE's for $1(it seems) for the last few months + I don't even think the PS3 is £199 in the UK yet to



Carl-G commented on There's Excitement for a The Last of Us 2 Reve...:

NO NO NO :-/ They should do it at E3 next year i.e when SONY is just about to say that is all we have time to show at their E3 Show then they say, oh one more thing and the Last of Us theme tune plays and the number 2 pops up on the screen then they would have won E3 easily



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: Is Sony's Fall PS4 Exclusives S...:

To many games out this time of year but i still would of liked GT Sport to of come out before Xmas just so it would look good in people's eyes and not seem that it's just MS that bring out their big games around this time. Saying that this time is the only time MS bring out any big games all year so it's a loooooong wait each year for Exclusives if your a Xbox owner



Carl-G commented on Guide: The Best PS4 Black Friday Deals 2016 in...:

I can't believe after just 3 years out the PS4(& X1) are so cheap?!?! I still don't regret buying my PS4 day 1 tho. Got 2 games last night for cheap off of ShopTo So my Xmas is sorted. Oh dam I forgot about Family's presents



Carl-G commented on Feature: 10 Games We Wish Would Be Patched for...:

None of them Only because I am not bothered about playing a game I have already finished just because it looks better etc etc. Future PS4 games is what excites me i.e I am not one of these sad internet people who is obsessed by framerates etc etc in the first place.



Carl-G commented on PS4 Slumps to Yet Another NPD Defeat in October:

Slump? That sounds very n4g/VGChartz 2 things to remember is people have been waiting for the Pro for the last few months and MS have been selling their old Xbox ONE's for $1(it seems like) So from now on with the Pro out I can't see MS winning for a while.



Carl-G commented on PS4 Slumps to Third Successive NPD Defeat:

I am SURE if SONY did as many Firesales as MS have done these past 3 months they would of Won it to + If SONY are going to release a PS Slim next Gen then don't do it the same time as announcing a better version to?! People will wait for the better version like with the PS4Pro and the PS4 Slim at the moment.



Carl-G commented on Review: FIFA 17 (PS4):

The Demo was ok but when I heard the commentators say a few things that they said in FIFA14!?!? that made me laugh



Carl-G commented on PS4 Slim Sales Off to a Slow Start in the UK:

I find it astonishing UK gamers trust Microsoft still. I wouldn't buy a Xbox if it was for erm free Can't they remember that Microsoft tried to DRM them with the original Xbox ONE's idea? Hmm, oh well they will suffer 1 day.



Carl-G commented on Guide: How to Transfer PS4 Data to a New Console:

I wish you could just pull out the hard drive from 1 Console and stick it into a Newer Console and it would just work like that. It took years(it felt like it) for me to transfer my stuff from my old PS3 to my newer PS3 and that has put me off doing it again for life :-/ When I get the Pro I will get a 2TB Hard drive then just download all my stuff again and load up my discs etc etc and all my game saves are on my memory card to.