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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on The PS2 Rises from the Dead as Retailer Accept...:

The Return of the KING :D My Fat PS2 is still working :P Use it as a DVD player in another room sometimes & play the odd PS2 game now & then & got a PS2 slim in my room to. Wouldn't even sell them for 1 Million pounds :D Saying that i still wish there was a PS4 that could play my PS2(& PS1 & PS3) disc games to. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Erm still playing 'The Order: 1886' :D I say 'Erm' because i have played it 5 nights now since i got it & for about 2 hours of those 5 nights & still haven't completed it(so that is about 10 hours so far) I thought 'The internet' said the game was short?! (Hmm) Anyway LOVING it so far :P What an amazing game. And playing GT6 again a bit with the B-Spec mode but just find the S-Licence just to hard to do :( Oh well.



Carl-G commented on March's PlayStation Plus Freebies Will Be Anno...:

'I am NOT happy about March PS PLUS Line-up at all...' Yep i haven't seen it yet but i am sure nearly everyone will say that whatever it is :D Cool if we find out this week & maybe have a big Firmware update to('I am NOT happy about the New Firmware update at all...') :D



Carl-G commented on UK Sales Charts: PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886...:

Glad it made Number 1 & glad people ignored gaming sites scores to. Maybe i was wrong & not all gamer's are Sheep then :D & it's good News it sold well to because if it didn't then we would just be left with boring COD/BF/AC& FIFA yearly games only to play :-/



Carl-G commented on Heavenly Sword's Art Director Has Returned to ...:

PS4 Exclusive? Oh dear i feel sorry for game companies making PS4 Exclusives now(well & the ones who made PS3 Exclusives to) because the internet(99% of gaming sites & the haters who pretend to own a PS Console) never give them a chance :-/ Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Next PS4 Firmware Update Is Not Too Far Out, S...:

Not to bothered anymore really. Just wanted the MP3 player(we got now) which will do. Maybe DLNA & Suspend/Resume would be cool & make your own Folders i guess & erm can't think of anything else to many games to play at the moment...i can hear The Order calling me again :D so got2go... :P



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

It's been a excellent PS4 gaming week so far ;) Played LOADS(to much really) :D Well a bit of DriveClub(it's getting to hard for me tho) & Towerfall Ascension(brilliant game it is) & Hustle Kings(it's o.k'ish like Pure Pool better tho) & from yesterday the brilliant The Order: 1886 :P (shame most gaming sites are all sheep :D & given it low scores?!) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Review: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (PlayStati...:

I do hate saying this all the time(it makes me look like i only care about Graphics) :D but it just looks like the PS3 game. Where is the Next-Gen looks?! Like say the brilliant 10/10(for me, so far with what i have played) The Order: 1886. Will we ever get something different with these New Fighting games. Rather stick on Tekken 3 on my PS1 really :P



Carl-G commented on Free PS4 Pool Sim Hustle Kings Sneakily Rolls ...:

Hmm i used to love this game on the PS3 but the PS4 version just looks(Graphics wise) the same(Pure Pool looks much better) & it has lots of things missing because it's free + for some stupid reason it won't let you play your music off your PS4 USB drive in game?! If you start playing a track outside of the game(on the PS4's main menu) the music will start playing but if you go into the game the music stops. Hmm crap that :D



Carl-G commented on Wait a Minute, Sony Bought a PS4 for £85,000?:

That so called 'Winner' should be Shot. How can he do that? It's for a good cause & he does that :-/ I knew this was going to happen, people online can't be trusted one bit, oh well. Nice 1 SONY for paying the rest anyway in the end ;)



Carl-G commented on We Need Different Types of Games, Says The Ord...:

Normally i wait a few months & buy a game cheaper(£50 for a game?! Er F-that. 'NO' game is worth that) but the more hate the internet tries to give this game the more i want to support it :D So i will buy it Friday(luckily tho i have some Argos Vouchers so i won't have to really pay full price for it thank god)



Carl-G commented on Resogun Developer's Making Something 'Explosiv...:

GOD i was rubbish at Defender :D Excellent game tho & cool News :P Wouldn't mind the Original Defender on PSN(+ LOADS of Original Old-School Arcade games to. Like some have come to the Japan PSN Store. I got Scramble & Bomb Jack so far) :P



Carl-G commented on Here's One Gigantic List of All The Games Comi...:

"But but the PlayStation(enter number here '_') HAZ NO GAMEZ" :D
'If' R&C & MGSV(+ RE:Zero not on the List tho) come out this year to then it will be an AMAZING 2015 :P Even if not there is still loads i want off that List ;)



Carl-G commented on Pachter: Sony Won't Mind if PS4 Loses the Cons...:

What is more shocking than Pachter opening his mouth now & then :D is USA gamer's(& some UK gamer's & the few Rest of the World gamer's) trusting Microsoft after they tried to DRM all their Loyal Fans with the Xbox ONE?! Hmm can't they see what is coming? i.e they will be restricted(DRM'ed) beyond belief when the next Xbox comes out(or later on with the Xbox ONE once MS have more owners of the Xbox ONE) MS & EA are gagging to do it + i hope SONY end up being number 1 in the USA with the PS4 at the end(but PS USA seem to weak :D to take on MS like with the PS3 vs X360. It's like they never even tried) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: Do Review Scores Have a Future?:

I never have & never will trust Gaming sites reviews of games only because 99% of gaming sites are anti-anything that is PS Exclusive :-/ i.e an average PS only game will get 6 out of 10 but an average Xbox only game will get a 8 out of 10.



Carl-G commented on Review: Apotheon (PlayStation 4):

I tried to like the 3 free PS Plus games this month but didn't(really like the style of this game tho & Transistor looks lovely to) But the good thing about having PS Plus is that you can try these games like demos & keep what you like ;) (because the lack of demos on the PS4 PSN store is sh*t really) + Why are some of these games sooooooooooooooo small(i.e the people on screen etc etc)? & the text to? Do game makers think we all sit 1 inch from our TV screens??? :D



Carl-G commented on Need More USB Ports for Your PS4? Here's a Nif...:

WHY OH WHY didn't SONY put 2(or even 1) USB port on the back of the PS4 i will never know(& people asked for that with the PS3 to) So when SONY(& other companies) say 'We listen to Fans' i just roll my eyes & YAWN! :D



Carl-G commented on Colossal PS4 Sales Propel Struggling Sony to P...:

KAZ iz da MAN ;)

  • i am no expert(like most people make out they are on the internet) :D but i think SONY should just do 1 premium Smart Phone a year now(& say 1 budget 1 to) & bring out some cheaper 4K TV's to(to match other companies 4K TV's in price) & then they should be o.k i think ;)
    (+ about 4K TV's if you look at Argos(in the UK) at the 4K TV's there are no SONY 4K TV's at all :( SONY needs to sort that out ASAP!)


Carl-G commented on Reaction: Why Sony Online Entertainment's Sale...:

In my 17 years of being a PS owner & 10 years of being a PC owner i have never played one of their games so not bothered at all about this(but it seems over the internet people are trying to make SONY look bad(Again, YAWN) about this) 'Sir King GOD KAZ' :D is cutting the sh*t stuff & MS(& their fans) are welcome to it :D



Carl-G commented on Raccoon City Looks Rather Impressive in This R...:

RE2's demo was the 1st demo i played on my PS1 & WOW it was :P Must of played it 100 of times to. This looks cool. Just finished RE1HD PS4 today with Jill. Thinking about trying to do the under 3 hours again(did it on the PS1 version) but not sure if i have it in me :D

  • RE:Zero i have never played so it would be cool if that came to the PS4.


Carl-G commented on PSN Offline Again, Sony Investigating Outage I...:

My non-Fanboy reply is -
SONY needs to sort out Xbox LIVE(that had problems twice last month)
Microsoft needs to sort out PSN

  • PSN seemed to have lass problems when it was 100% free?! So maybe that is what is causing all this stuff(i will do & say anything to get things for free) :D


Carl-G commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Still playing RE1:HD on PS4. Was a bit harsh about the game a few days back but it's sucked me in again :D (still don't like only 6 slots for Chris & the Zombies coming back to life again which is f-in annoying) Oh well & doing a bit of DriveClub but that is getting to hard for me :( Excellent Game tho :P



Carl-G commented on Talking Point: Would You Buy PlayStation-Theme...:

YES YES YES :D I was thinking this the other day when i saw them & heard they are selling really well to. Thought SONY should do this to but i want Crash Bandicoot to if they did do it :P They look cool i think to.



Carl-G commented on Look, The Order: 1886 Isn't All Corridors and ...:

The 1 game this year i really hope doesn't get slagged off 'when it comes out' is this game(most of the time it's just negative stuff from gaming press about this game) :-/ + I want to buy this day 1(to support the game makers) but at £49.99(or Amazon £49.00) it just cost to much :( Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Dragon's Dogma Online Sure Looks Spectacular o...:

:( I got got my hopes up for a few seconds looking at that main pic i.e i thought it was a 4 player split-screen mode game :P Wish most games you could play split-screen in 2 or 3 or 4 player story modes(if you haven't got 3/2/1 local friends at the time the other players could be from online) Oh well.