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Sun 27th October, 2013

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Carl-G commented on Review: Minecraft: PS Vita Edition (PlayStatio...:

Surprised MicroSoft haven't changed the name yet to - MicroCraft or MineSoft :D

  • Can't Lego do a version with erm Lego & make it look like real life Lego? I would buy that just because it was in a Lego World :P


Carl-G commented on PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Will Release on 28th ...:

Happy about the YouTube bit :P The Folder bit sounds o.k to but would of liked a PS3'ish way of doing it really but it will do for now. Share Play sounds cool(not sure i will use it much tho) USB Music play is cool(but odd) :D Why can't i just do it the(again) PS3 way i.e have my MP3's on my PS4 hard drive(& soon? Videos & Photos like(er again) the PS3, But again it will do, so cool for now. I just hope after this update SONY could do a smaller monthly update for a bit to give us stuff a bit quicker like DLNA & Suspend/Resume Game & Pause Downloads & the other minor things can come whenever after that :D



Carl-G commented on Yes, There Will Be Exciting Game Announcements...:

A New PS4 will be revealed with full PS1 & PS2 & PS3 disc playback to celebrate '20 years of PlayStation' :P :P :P (well that was the dream i had last night) :D

  • For the last 2 years i stopped getting hyped about all these shows(i LOVE them still tho) & i don't get disappointed now after each show. What comes, comes :P


Carl-G commented on Review: DriveClub (PlayStation 4):

I am just going to wait for all the weather stuff to be ready & any extra(free) DLC cars & extra(free, if any) DLC tracks then buy the game(if i like the PS Plus version that is) Not going to buy any DLC tho. Never do with games because it just makes game makers leave things out to rip(Gullible) people off even more(like Destiny etc etc) :-/ (+ it must be working because it seems every game has DLC now, oh well)



Carl-G commented on Pachter: PS4's American Winning Streak Ended i...:

That can't be right?! I never bother reading what that guy says because he seems wrong 99% of the time :D + Competition is good but when it involves Microsoft it's not :-/ I pray for the day they leave the Gaming console world so i really don't want the X1 to start beating the PS4 in the US & UK :(



Carl-G commented on UK Sales Charts: FIFA 15 Brushes Aside Alien: ...:

Not bad number 5 for DriveClub. Didn't even think it would make top 20 :D the way it's all gone last week. I am just waiting for the PS PLUS version & will buy it soon(when cheaper) because i buy nearly all PS Exclusives whatever the internet say about them(i.e mainly negative pointless stuff normally)



Carl-G commented on DriveClub's Servers Appear to Be Still Smoking...:

They have never had any big problems with their past games(can't think of any) So i am not going to slag them off like most of the internet is doing + At least everyone can join the online 'MoanClub' this week :D



Carl-G commented on DisasterClub? Sony Delays DriveClub: PS Plus E...:

It happens to 99% of games nowadays that have any online features. It's funny how people quickly forget past games(i.e GTAV's online game was a MASSIVE mess to + the last SimCity to + FIFA15 last week to etc etc) :-/ So it's 'NOT' just SONY who mess it up now and then. Saying that i wish they would get it right nowadays, oh well.



Carl-G commented on Round Up: DriveClub PS4 Reviews Target Pole Po...:

I don't read or ever bother going by what any online game reviews say. But what i do, do is always add '2 points' to all 'PS Exclusive' reviews i see because i 'KNOW' that if it said 'Xbox ONLY' on the box it would get higher scores from 99% of gaming sites. Xbox only games just seem to have to be average and they will always get a good score. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on When the Heck Is PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Depl...:

'Share Play' sounds cool 'but' i am not going to say it again(i.e 'WE' all want MP3/DLNA&Folders 1st SONY, i think) (DAM i said it again) :D + Been playing 'Pure Pool' a lot & it's just sad that i can't play my own music while playing the game on my PS4 :(



Carl-G commented on Ubisoft Locks Assassin's Creed Unity's PS4 Res...:

That main picture is the guy saying - "Sorry Love, the PS4 version is 900p to" :D

  • "to Avoid Debates & Stuff" Hmm it seems to of made things worse looking around other sites today :D I hope this is not going to happen again this gen :-/ Last Gen the PS3 Multi-format games could of looked so much better but game companies seemed to be scared of MS(just play KZ2 then MW2 on PS3 & you will see the difference) Oh well.


Carl-G commented on PS4 Takes the Gadget of the Year Gong at the T...:

I think the PS4 console is perfect(it looks SEXY AS FUNK) :P Well 1 thing would of made it perfect'er & that is having say 2 USB ports on the back. If SONY can waste money on putting a stupid Cam port on the back then they could of at least could of put a USB port at the back :-/ Oh well + The DS4 pads Battery should be a 2000mAh to & not a pathetic 900/1000mAh :-/ + The DS4 Pads still get worse over time :(
Apart from that i LOVE my PS4 :D



Carl-G commented on Review: FIFA 15 (PlayStation 4):

Sick to death of EA servers(when playing FIFA14) :-/ + The FUT App is CR*P(both FIFA14 & 15 as i have tried it last week & it is dreadful) :-/ So i am giving a miss to FIFA15. Shame because i like FIFA games. Oh well. EA(again) won't be getting my money(unless their next few games work like they should do in the future)



Carl-G commented on This Enormous PS4 Bundle Is Bordering on Parody:

SONY still need to match the X1's price in the UK now :( It's £329.99 now the X1(+ with a free game for now) I have always said that if a family(well most of them) walk into a shop they will go for the cheaper console in the end. SONY need to have at least a basic £329.99 PS4 out over Xmas as well then as well as these bundles if not MS will catch up in sales. Oh well.



Carl-G commented on This Is One of the Best PS4 Deals in the UK So...:

Shame that FIFA15/PS4 deal last week for the PS4 wasn't longer before because(not sure if true) the X1 console sold more last week in the UK :( SONY(by themselves) need to do some cool(cheaper) bundles 'NOW' to stop the rise of the X1 more in the UK. I guess UK gamers have short memories then & forgot how MS tried to DRM them last year, oh well they will get a shock 1 day(i said that the day MS said they were going to make game consoles & last year it nearly came true) :D



Carl-G commented on Sony Shutting the Door on PlayStation Home Nex...:

I bought a Kitten & little Sack-boy in HOME :D Will have to say my goodbyes soon then to them(what do you mean they are not real) :D

  • I will never forget my 1st time in HOME & dancing(in US HOME it was) to some cool dance track, it was just soooooo funny & felt odd doing it(i even recorded it on my old phone a video of it, sad i know) :D


Carl-G commented on Poll: Are You in Tune with the PlayStation TV?:

It's cool but the 'main' 'PSVita' games i wanted it can't play on my TV so that has put me off it :( i.e PSVita's LBP & Uncharted & WipeOut & TearAway(i know that would be difficult that 1. But WipeOut can't be that difficult to make it work on this???) :( I guess KZ:M is playable(as 1 of the big PSVita games i would of liked to play on my TV) Oh well.



Carl-G commented on Soapbox: Please Protect Me from the Purgatory ...:

It's just the PS3 Store & it's patches/updating i hate. For me the PS3 PSN Store is dreadful :-/ Sooooooo slow :( After using the PS4's PSN Store i 'HATE' visiting the PS3 one now + the downloads seem slow to & patch updates etc etc on the PS3 vs the SEXY PS4 :P (i don't dread updates/patches no more because of the PS4) + The other stuff on the PS3 are cool tho & work fine like the XMB it always fast & ok & the gaming side has been brilliant over the years on the PS3.



Carl-G commented on Shuhei Yoshida Congratulated Phil Spencer Over...:

I would rather knock down the bridge Microsoft was standing on :D + MS just saw how lovely Shuhei is & are just trying to con everyone(it seems to be working) that Phil(Spencer) is a good guy & MS can be trusted again with their Xbox brand. Hmm i don't buy it at all.



Carl-G commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

I don't trust MS. Minecraft PS Fans should make the most of the game now because i am sure MS will do something soon to spoil their fun. Was(well i tried to get into it, but couldn't see the point of the game. Just seems like a PC'ish boring game) thinking of getting Minecraft(had the PS3 demo & PS4 demo on my PS3/4) But as soon as i heard MS bought it i deleted both Demos :D (i can't bear to give money to MS)



Carl-G commented on Feature: No Games November - PS4's Lineup Is S...:

Only 2 games(which is enough for me) on that list i want & that is FC4 & LBP3 :P

  • "It’s something that both the PlayStation 3 and Vita have gone through, as well as rival formats such as the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS" Hmm it's funny how the Xbox brand never gets unfairly treated for it's lack of Xbox games to at 1st(the Xbox ONE has way less games than the PS4 so far) Odd that...i wonder why... :D


Carl-G commented on August NPD: PS4 Outshines Xbox One for Eighth ...:

PS4 = 190k X1 = 160k NPD(i saw on another site) Seems to close to me :-/ SONY needs to do some good bundles i think over now until Xmas or MS could win a month in the USA :-/ Yep I can't even stand them(MS) winning a single month :D