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Thu 12th September, 2013

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ReigningSemtex commented on Feature: What Are August 2015's Free PlayStati...:

One thing I like about games with gold over ps+ is even if you stop paying for gold you can still access and play the games, I certainly don't think it's better but I have been happier with the selection of games on gwg lately. This month's ps+ is slim pickings for someone that already had ascention 😕



ReigningSemtex commented on Review: God of War III Remastered (PS4):

I agree with this score they priced this far too high especially when you compare to halo master chief collection or the upcoming uncharted Nathan Drake collection, will definitely still buy when the price is reduced



ReigningSemtex commented on Sony: Backward Compatibility Is a Requested F...:

I would like the previous gen to be compatible with all current gen consoles from now until the end of time but let's face it that won't happen.

It's always nice to have the option to use backwards compatibility as opposed to not having it at all, but your right the people who were moaning about current gen not being backwards compatible are the same people who didn't raise an eyebrow when I told them it was happening on xbox one (and they are also xbox one and 360 owners obviously)
What happened to that awesome library of games you had for 360 that you were desperate to play on your xbox one bro?



ReigningSemtex commented on E3 2015: Oh No, the PS4 Port of Final Fantasy ...:

Just throw it on the disc as extra content for the 20th anniversary remake square enix, most people don't care for another port of ff7 there's many other ways to play it and the best way is arguably the pc version with tifas bootleg mod the ps4 port was never going to be better than that and most will just play it on vita or ps3 anyway



ReigningSemtex commented on Konami Fired Hideo Kojima, According to Voice ...:

@Quorthon That would be unthinkable of nintendo to do that, but then this was unthinkable for Konami. It will be weird to think how Nintendo will be once miyamoto steps down.

I hope kojima and his staff either develop and publish there own games or work freelance because I think they would be better off not being tied down to companies like Konami