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ReigningSemtex commented on The Zombie Invasion Continues With Resident Ev...:

I am hyped after the trailer, I would rather of had a sequel for my 3ds but nevermind.

So anyway looks like the bracelets are some sort of device that maybe contains some form of temporary antidote to stop people from turning and at the end of the trailer it looked like there was a guy on his walkie-talkie and another dude behind the zombie the girl points at looks like he is about to swing something. I hope capcom are finally going to start to figure out what resi fans want and learn what fans loved about revelations and hated about resi 6.

With REmake HD coming soon at least I know there is definitely 1 Resident evil on the way that I will love.



ReigningSemtex commented on The Last of Us Remastered Reloads with Two Tre...:

Luckily for me (and some might say stupid of me) I bought a PAL copy of The last of us but also ordered a NTSC copy for the uncensored online.

I am able to play factions online with the NTSC version but I had to download the maps on my UK account with my PAL game then I put in the NTSC version and it loaded up factions. Hope that helps someone.



ReigningSemtex commented on The Last of Us Remastered Reloads with Two Tre...:

@tulaib_100 it's really not hard to create a account in the region you need it to be in to download the maps. I got a American TLOUR disc and I just created an American account got the maps then logged back into my UK account everything is fine.


My bad spoke too soon it doesn't let me get into factions on my UK account. Damn must be some workaround.

Great that naughty dog released some free maps although I was pretty appalled by the amount of dlc they are selling for this on the store £25 for some masks... really?



ReigningSemtex commented on Weirdness: 16-Year-Old Makes Minecraft in Tria...:

@charlesnarles not everything has to be pixel perfect I don't play games for the graphics yeah sure it's a factor I think about but surely it's all about how fun a game is to play.

If I cared that much about graphics I wouldn't be gaming on consoles. I don't think Bethesda are losing any sleep about a game having worse graphics then their games lol



ReigningSemtex commented on Weirdness: 16-Year-Old Makes Minecraft in Tria...:

@charlesnarles I don't know why you wouldn't respect minecraft it was the little indy dev that brought out a multi million selling game that kids and adults all over the world play and encourages kids to be creative.

I have upmost respect for minecraft even though I don't play it they made a game accessible to everyone on a huge host of systems and they struck gold.



ReigningSemtex commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

Can't say I blame square-enix for not just coming out with 'hey its only timed' because they obviously had some dealing with microsoft and everything was probably supposed to stay hush hush for microsoft's sake

Think about thousands of gamers thinking of getting a xbox one just to play tomb raider (and maybe a few others) and then a day or so later everyone finds out its timed, problem solved don't have to buy a xbox one now

Once the cat was out of the bag that no doubt massive investment they made started to look like a huge expensive mistake on both square-enix and microsoft's part and alienated fans of the series.



ReigningSemtex commented on Can't Find a Multiplayer Match in The Last of ...:

I tried factions the other day after finishing the campaign again and I couldn't find a match and spent almost an hour trying so I'm glad this patch is happening. Still absolutely gutted my factions stats don't carry over from the ps3 version :'(



ReigningSemtex commented on You Could Get a Sequel to Xbox One Exclusive R...:

I will be playing ryse when it is out on pc, wouldn't grumble at a sequel to it on ps4 the more the merrier. Crytek going free to play though... really? I cringe when I read free to play because they aren't games with 'gamers' in mind usually just trying to sell silly amounts of micro transactions to casuals



ReigningSemtex commented on Feature: Why You Should Try The Last of Us Rem...:

Factions was the main thing keeping me playing my ps3 so I am happy to be playing this on ps4. I am yet to try factions on ps4 as soon as I get that grounded+ trophy I am going straight back to factions naughty dog made a great online this time and I was sceptical before, even after playing and loving online modes on uncharted 2 and 3



ReigningSemtex commented on PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust:

Good on them I think they have been impressive lately reassuring people they are for gamers and fairly regular sales on Ps store i like sony's image recently. I could have a few moans here and there but when all is said and done the second I get in from work I am powering up my ps4 and playing The last of us all night tonight. I am glad I got ps4 before xbox one.



ReigningSemtex commented on The Last of Us Originally Had an Epilogue That...:

@mistakable Nah still censored in Europe I think it's for factions only so probably not an issue if you don't play online. I have been playing my Europe ps3 copy on factions for the last year and it didn't really bother me too much.
That said I have imported a copy for ps4 for the uncensored online brutality.

I wish us mere mortals could glimpse that vid.



ReigningSemtex commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

Maybe to some this would seem like a slap in the face from Sony not letting the playstation fans decide for themselves but I think they have done the right thing, if every publisher started doing a paid monthly access there wouldn't be much to put on Ps plus.

I personally don't think it will take off for EA people would cancel after shorter periods of time compared to Ps plus because people need Ps plus for the online on ps4, people need EA for....



ReigningSemtex commented on Feature: What Are August 2014's Free PlayStati...:

This is my first month since getting vita and lego Harry Potter just doesn't compete with some of the previous months content not fussed much though I have a backlog and a couple of those games are cross buy.

My time this month will be spent with The last of us remastered anyway :)



ReigningSemtex commented on Evil Dead's Sam Raimi to Produce Movie Adaptat...:

This guy has got his work cut out for himself i suspect it will be hard to capture the feeling of the game it tells the story so well. It could be a big hit with non gamers though I will be going to watch it straight away I personally can't get enough The last of us. Bring on the remaster! :D