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Thu 12th Sep 2013

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ReigningSemtex commented on Soapbox: Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy (A...:

Naughty dog are my favourite playstation developer's but they are also guilty of spoiling multiplayer games with microtransactions it happened with the last of us, uncharted 2 and 3 with overpowered weapons and map packs that split the community smh I wonder if it will ever end while there is always someone with more money and time then sense paying for these things



ReigningSemtex commented on UK Sales Charts: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Fa...:

I am kind of glad it's sales are declining because it's better to put out a game when some real improvements have been made instead of re-skinning previous work, and after the monstrosity of bugs and glitches that was happening in the last assassins creed release I am glad gamers are possibly becoming cautious to this sort of thing



ReigningSemtex commented on Soapbox: Why Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Colle...:

I know the feeling, I have so many games I need to finish and everything being open world is cool and I wouldn't mind seeing uncharted expanding the area's you can explore but I am enjoying playing through the trilogy again and have put my other games on hold because I know I will finish uncharted first



ReigningSemtex commented on Poll: Which Uncharted Game Would You Crown as ...:

Uncharted 2 was my first uncharted and I felt the setting and story was better in 2 than uncharted 3.
I felt the original uncharted was the weakest of the three but it was finding it's feet, by the time uncharted 2 and 3 came along they had refined the gameplay



ReigningSemtex commented on Guide: Where to Find All 61 Treasures in Uncha...:

I managed to find about 45 on my first play through on crushing so I will have a play through on easy to clean up the rest of the collectibles and trophies.

Admittedly I had already played drake's fortune before so I managed to remember a lot more than I thought I would. If I remember correctly uncharted 2 had some of the most hard to spot treasures hiding in trees and stuff. Treasure guide incoming for uncharted 2 too @pushsquare?



ReigningSemtex commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

Install base definitely makes a difference. I have to agree though xbox one has more first party exclusives on its system then Sony has on the ps4 so far, I always buy multi platform titles for the ps4 mainly because the games usually look slightly better and most of my friends have a ps4
basically because install base matters