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Thu 12th September, 2013

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ReigningSemtex commented on November NPD: PS4 Loses to Xbox One for the Fi...:

I'm glad xbox one got a win finally I think Microsoft have been pulling out all the right moves lately to try and get xbox one out there and at the moment it has some good games I can't get on playstation so I think it deserves this one right now



ReigningSemtex commented on Street Fighter's Natural Home Is on PlayStatio...:

When I think about the natural home of street fighter I think of arcades and then the snes, PlayStation was the first time I played tekken so playstation to me is the natural home for tekken.
In fact at the time the ps1 was getting inferior ports of street fighter while the saturn had almost arcade perfect ports of alpha 1, 2, 3 vs xmen ect



ReigningSemtex commented on Why Is the Developer of Titanfall Fronting a P...:

Titanfall is actually really fun to play and I personally would much rather play titanfall than any call of duty, that said they should add some more content include a single player campaign maybe some co-op stuff, hell just bring out titanfall 2 and include all that. £40+ is way too much for any online only game though because years down the line that disc is useless I waited until titanfall was £15 on xbox one and the maps were an extra £6.



ReigningSemtex commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid (PSone):

I am a proud owner of both mgs on ps1 and twin snakes on gamecube.
Hats off to kojima mgs had so much replay value and helped secure the ps1's success it's a quality game offering what no other games offered at the time.



ReigningSemtex commented on Ever Wanted to Know Why You Can't Change Your ...:

I have been waiting to change my psn name for years now, sony's excuse seems kind of daft to me because like others have said (and this is certainly true in the days before ps+ was a necessity for online gaming on ps4) people could make multiple profiles for free so that makes sony's excuse completely void.

If they charged people to do it then maybe it would only be the people that really want to change their psn ID doing it, or trolls with money to burn.



ReigningSemtex commented on Talking Point: Is This Gaming's Most Disappoin...:

First year with a new gen is usually a bit slow but there really has been a lot of software related issues with the consoles and the games. Nearly everything that has been hyped has been delayed or released with issues, or in the case of drive club delayed (for a year) then released with issues. I just hope people are voting against this kind of practice of releasing unfinished games by keeping their money in their wallet.



ReigningSemtex commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

Only ever bought a season pass for uncharted 3 and that was a mistake because 2 of the packs were old maps I had played plenty of times on uncharted 2 so it felt like a waste of money. No more will I pay for dlc without knowing what it is.



ReigningSemtex commented on When the Heck Is PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 Depl...:

Xbox one just got a plex app with 360 to follow dnla is quite important to a lot of people it would be nice if there was some way of viewing/listening to media on sony's super console (that has much less functionality then their predecessor) it's been out almost a year now some extra functions are needed.