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Thu 12th September, 2013

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ReigningSemtex commented on Apparently, People Buy PS4s Over Xbox Ones and...:

Performance in games is important but I personally bought a ps4 because it was more powerful than the xbox one and cheaper I also really enjoyed my ps3 the last few years with games like uncharted, God of war and the last of us ps4 seemed a solid choice



ReigningSemtex commented on Rise of the Tomb Raider Could Still Plot Lara ...:

Really enjoyed the last game so I will be buying it on xbox one (as much as I don't want to support this type of shady deal) I can't imagine getting it again on ps4 unless it had a decent online that I would want to play with friends, which let's face it its doubtful



ReigningSemtex commented on Sony Suggests It Will Be Streamlining Its Day ...:

I remember attempting to play littlebigplanet on ps3 after it had been out for quite a while, my god the updates, there was so many and it took so long. Moving over from xbox 360 to ps3 I really noticed updates and downloads seemed to take forever on ps3 compared to 360. The updates really don't bother me on ps4 and I would say it's quicker to install games and updates on ps4 than it is on xbox one



ReigningSemtex commented on This Is What Happens When PS4 Share Play Goes ...:

The naivety of the kid and the fact that he was trying to glitch makes me not want to feel sorry for him but I can't help feel bad for him I would hate to lose a couple of months game progress. Lesson learned son don't share play with anyone you can't have words with in person if they mess with your stuff ;)



ReigningSemtex commented on We Need Different Types of Games, Says The Ord...:

That might be true about the short length of COD4 and a game should be about quality and not quantity but let's not forget COD4 had a great online mode to back it up whereas the order doesn't, I sense bargain bin prices for this game soon, having said that I would rather no multilayer then something tacked on like the Tomb Raider multiplayer



ReigningSemtex commented on Ubisoft Admits Difficulties Developing Assassi...:

@DrJoeystein the ironic thing is I remember everyone had fears of rogue being sub par quality because of lack of info and footage and when it released most people thought it was a pretty solid entry in the assassin's creed franchise and unity got panned by critics.
I think it sold based on the name and people wanting something to play on their new consoles and ubisoft wanted that xmas money whether they were ripping people off or not they wanted that pay day and that's pretty much a terrible way for a company to operate and a massive middle finger to gamers



ReigningSemtex commented on Ubisoft Admits Difficulties Developing Assassi...:

@DrJoeystein 'pe rcent'

All I am hearing from this is Ubisoft saying 'yeah we know it wasn't ready but you suckers bought it anyway'

I refuse to buy anything that broken on launch and I wish it hurt their sales more to teach them a lesson, if you can't put out a working game annually don't release it annually



ReigningSemtex commented on Pachter: Sony Won't Mind if PS4 Loses the Cons...:

@Faruko couldn't agree more pachter is a nobody and should be treated as such.

The guy just says his opinions all the gaming press reports it, well I would rather listen to the opinions of anyone here on push square ya know gamers, I get sick of the attention this idiot gets



ReigningSemtex commented on Talking Point: Do Review Scores Have a Future?:

Review scores are very handy especially for games that weren't on your radar to get noticed for example I wasn't that interested in evolve I saw the scores start to come back with a positive 7 or 8 out of 10 and it made me consider getting it.

I mainly only read reviews on games I was already considering getting for more opinions on it, what works and what doesn't.
Personally I don't want review scores to go anywhere but I understand people take the reviews too seriously sometimes and forget it's just 1 persons opinion



ReigningSemtex commented on EA: Games Are Still Too Hard to Learn:

I can see the point most people in my family wouldn't have a clue and moan about there being too many buttons :) but I personally think most games are already dumbed down enough these days, spamming what does what every couple of seconds and glistening objects and stuff like that annoys me



ReigningSemtex commented on How Does The Order: 1886 Look So Darn Good on ...:

It looks amazing but I will wait for the reviews before I rush out and buy it because by the time I get round to playing it it will probably be reduced in price anyway.

If it is lauded as the bestest ps4 game ever than obviously I will rush to get it lol.



ReigningSemtex commented on PSN Offline Again, Sony Investigating Outage I...:

@SteveButler2210 Thank you I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it slightly crazy that you can be penalised for putting 2 words that aren't offensive next to each other just because one of them is god, religious beliefs have no place in the gaming community.

@Jaz007 well the word 'crap' is used 3 times (4 now) in comments in this article and where I come from that's considered more offensive then damn or god. Still I guess I can't blame you for reporting me you were probably bored without psn.