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ReigningSemtex commented on The Last of Us Originally Had an Epilogue That...:

@mistakable Nah still censored in Europe I think it's for factions only so probably not an issue if you don't play online. I have been playing my Europe ps3 copy on factions for the last year and it didn't really bother me too much.
That said I have imported a copy for ps4 for the uncensored online brutality.

I wish us mere mortals could glimpse that vid.



ReigningSemtex commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

Maybe to some this would seem like a slap in the face from Sony not letting the playstation fans decide for themselves but I think they have done the right thing, if every publisher started doing a paid monthly access there wouldn't be much to put on Ps plus.

I personally don't think it will take off for EA people would cancel after shorter periods of time compared to Ps plus because people need Ps plus for the online on ps4, people need EA for....



ReigningSemtex commented on Feature: What Are August 2014's Free PlayStati...:

This is my first month since getting vita and lego Harry Potter just doesn't compete with some of the previous months content not fussed much though I have a backlog and a couple of those games are cross buy.

My time this month will be spent with The last of us remastered anyway :)



ReigningSemtex commented on Evil Dead's Sam Raimi to Produce Movie Adaptat...:

This guy has got his work cut out for himself i suspect it will be hard to capture the feeling of the game it tells the story so well. It could be a big hit with non gamers though I will be going to watch it straight away I personally can't get enough The last of us. Bring on the remaster! :D



ReigningSemtex commented on We're Not Saying It's Doomed, but These DOOM C...:

Well I love Doom for what it is a fun shooter with some nostalgia I personally loved wolfenstein but I think the previous wolfenstein was just as good as the new one. I liked doom 3 and it's awesome because it's really creepy at times but I much preferred the previous doom games in this situation as well so I don't think they could make any decision that would lose me as a fan unless they made it feel like cod or it had a 1d soundtrack or something



ReigningSemtex commented on Feature: What the Heck Is a PocketStation?:

My friend imported one but I don't think there was much he could do with it. On dreamcast I remember when playing resi code Veronica it displayed your health and on sonic adventure you could look after your chao. I might have to get a pocketstation at some point I wonder if anyone has done a backlit mod



ReigningSemtex commented on Watch Dogs Recharges with Single Player DLC on...:

I'm about 33% through this game and there is plenty to do but I still really don't know if I like it that much it's a cool take on a sandbox game but just feels too samey and I feel nothing for any of the characters. I hope when ubisoft inevitably make a sequel they flesh out a more engrossing story



ReigningSemtex commented on Just About Every Japanese Game You Can Think o...:

Great price for house of the dead 4 although I have already got that. Out of everything there I will probably just get parasite eve 2 got a lot of the other games that I'd want and ps3 hdd is full with ps plus games and wallet is nearing empty from the steam sale so probably for the best



ReigningSemtex commented on Sorry, Freedom Wars Will Not Receive a Retail ...:

Is the vita region free? I am still yet to get a vita and stories like this put people off not me I think there is enough games for it to justify a purchase but anyone on the ropes about getting one this sort of thing really is discouraging they should at least reduce the price of the memory sticks to fall in line with regular micro sd prices if they are going to pull this stunt



ReigningSemtex commented on PS4 Firmware Updates Will Add Missing Features...:

It does seem like Sony know they are doing quite well at the moment so they are just taking their time with firmware updates which of course by the time they actually add basic media playback and organisation options we will all be lapping them up and praising the new firmware ;)



ReigningSemtex commented on First Impressions: Testing the Hype in Destiny...:

I have only played 2 matches online and I hope to play much more if the alpha is still on when I get back from work. I didn't care that much about destiny until I played the alpha and now I can't wait until September it's like halo meets borderlands with a dollop of epicness thrown in. The menus and music even feels instantly warming