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Mon 12th December, 2011

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ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I beat Shadow of Mordor this weekend. I actually just bought the Witcher last night, so either that or a playthrough of God of War 3 or something (I try not to do too many similar games in a row).

My wife got South Park Stick of Truth last night and is loving it.



ztpayne7 commented on Review: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PlayStation 4):

@ShogunRok I do have a question. In the trailers, it showed a scene of some type of ritual where one of the characters mouth was covered in blood - it was all sort of grotesque. Do you remember if that sort of thing was in the main quests, or if it's more of a side quest thing.



ztpayne7 commented on Review: Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PlayS...:

FFX is top 3 for me - tried giving x-2 a go and couldn't make it long enough to get one trophy. Just terrible to me.

Not going to double dip, but I believe FFX is one of the best starting point final fantasy games.



ztpayne7 commented on Game of the Month: April 2015:

Didn't play any of these yet so I'm not going to vote.

If I did, however, I'd probably vote Shovel Knight for what I would like to play the most.



ztpayne7 commented on We Could Hear More About PS4's Project Morpheu...:

@get2sammyb well 1, I don't feel that virtual reality games carry over to an e3 presentation very well, and plenty can go wrong (wonder book). 2, I think they need to reinforce the big exclusives with their user base that have already signed on, and 3, I don't think too many (announced) exclusives should be tied to a $200-400+ add-on. I feel like if half of their exclusives announced are for Morpheus only, I think the fan base is going to be very unhappy. I wouldn't be opposed to Morpheus compatible games, but I understand that's not necessarily good for Morpheus.



ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Just started playing borderlands 2 for the first time. Solo which isn't ideal, but I don't like playing with randoms. Really wish I was playing on ps4 but I'm using the free version I got with plus a long time ago.



ztpayne7 commented on It's All Kicking Off! Square Enix Confirms a L...:

I'm ready to be disappointed but if FFXV comes out this year, I will have some faith in them again. I'd also love a KH3 trailer - surely they have enough just to be in trailer stage by now? Similar to the re-unveiling of FFXV. I don't even expect it to come out until 2017.

That's not to much to ask...right??? RIGHT???

Back to my opening statement...I'm ready to be disappointed.



ztpayne7 commented on People Are Going Ape Over This PS Vita Trademark:

Haha. The only way I'd buy it is if they made it streaming only, with l2 and r2 for less than $100. I would love remote play so much more if it had the triggers and clickable r3 and l3. Heck, they could get rid of touch screen controls with that.