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Mon 12th Dec 2011

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ztpayne7 commented on Poll: What Do You Think of Final Fantasy XV on...:

Only 3 hours in - but excited to play a lot more! So far, it is in my top 4 Final Fantasy games. We'll see how it fares within that top 4.

I will say, the most disappointing thing is that I know way more about this game than I do the other three in that list. Each moment was a surprise journey and I'm waiting for certain events I know about to transpire (popular things like from trailers and such)



ztpayne7 commented on Review: Dishonored 2 (PS4):

The reason I disliked Dishonored 1 was because I felt like playing stealth was super difficult and it resorted to hacking, which was okay, but like you said, it makes you feel like you are not the master assassin. Doesn't sound like this one is any different so I'll probably pass.

Now I felt MGSV gave me the tools I needed to be good at stealth.



ztpayne7 commented on Feature: 10 Games We Wish Would Be Patched for...:

Wouldn't Rocket League not be able to boost up to 60 frames per second? I thought multiplayer games aren't allowed to have an advantage.

I don't have a pro, or a 4k tv, or the game I'm going to mention (traded it in), but I would definitely want the Witcher as it is one of the best games I have played in a long time.



ztpayne7 commented on Soapbox: Skyrim Still Has Plenty to Offer Five...:

I have other games that I want to finish...but I just keep going back to Skyrim instead. It's just such a good game. To be honest, it's a little weird not getting trophies for the game (I'm playing this time with a couple of mods), but if any ps4 game was worth playing again without trophies, I would definitely say Skyrim is it.



ztpayne7 commented on Review: Viking Squad (PS4):

So two questions:

Would you personally say this is better or worse than Castle Crashers?

What is this 3 lane system exactly? Is it kind of like old school Little Big Planet? (Well, if LBP was a fighting game with vikings)



ztpayne7 commented on Review: Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4):

@FaultyDroid @NinjaWaddleDee I'm only about 2 hours in, but I would say that you don't need to play the first if you don't want to. Maybe that'll change later in the game. I played when it first came out on ps3. I don't really remember much from the game in terms of supporting characters and I don't feel lost.