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ztpayne7 commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: The GTA V Gang vs. T...:

I'm actually surprised the payday team is winning. Are they that coordinated and good? The GTA team is the right mix of calculating and crazy that they could take a lot out. Plus their extra help. Granted, I'm only halfway through the story...



ztpayne7 commented on Guide: How to Connect the DualShock 4 Wireless...:

@get2sammyb yeah I messed around with it a bit. The best option i found was to unplug the ps4 and then go through the menu. It also helps to have a dual shock 3 handy. The that way you don't have to plug the dualshock 4 back in quickly and can focus on letting it connect.



ztpayne7 commented on The PS4 Dev Team Were 'Dancing in The Aisles' ...:

The E3 price reveal didn't change the fact that I wanted to get a PS4 - but it significantly changed my time table. With the Wii U not putting out anything I was interested in, I sold it and got the PS4 at launch. I have since found a great deal and got another Wii U. The games are a little low right now in quantity, but infamous was worth it to me - not the purchase of the whole system, but the fact that Sony has proven to me that they can bring good experiences with time.



ztpayne7 commented on July's PlayStation Plus Update to Be Fully Det...:

@rastamadeus while I expect Rayman or injustice to be the first ps4 title (unless we wait til December - then it's knack or killzone), I was mainly saying we won't get two at once. That's ludicrous and shouldn't be expected at this point. Ac 4 is possible - especially if they want to promote unity.



ztpayne7 commented on July's PlayStation Plus Update to Be Fully Det...:

@Rapidaz I think you're dreaming at this point. My money is on the fact that a game like Rayman won't be out til at least October and a triple aaa won't hit til November or December. That's to drive holiday sales. And we won't get two in a month cause they won't be able to sustain that yet.

In another note, since those will probably be the ps4 games, I'd like something along the lines of an rpg (tales or ni no kuni) and duck tales for ps3, and something like lbp and muramasa for vita (we haven't gotten any of these for the us)



ztpayne7 commented on Rumour: Is Sleeping Dogs Bringing Upgraded Kun...:

Only two games have affected me in the real world this much- Infamous Second Son (looking longingly at Neon signs as I wish I could absorb them) and Sleeping Dogs (I really wish I could just ram that motorcycle I see...I mean, it's so much fun in the game!!!!)



ztpayne7 commented on E3 2014: Is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Further in...:

I think this will release in 2015. Why? That way, square Enix can say they have a very special rpg releasing in fiscal year 2015...just to get our hopes up about ffxv. But it'll be this instead. And they'll say, please wait and have patience, we'll show ffxv when it's more ready.



ztpayne7 commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

I liked it. Enjoyed seeing batman, metal gear , lbp3, Etc. I thought the dead rising trailer was funny, if not something I'm gonna play.

You know what else was funny?

"Free to play MEANS free to play".
Then, in the trailer...
Some features may require a fee.

Haha. That took down his credibility for me a little.



ztpayne7 commented on E3 2014: Far Cry 4 Unleashes An Utterly Chaoti...:

@Gamer83 maybe it's possible they didn't want to unveil both ac's at once because they didn't want a) confusion of which was for which system and b) a negative reaction if people were more excited about the last gen one. They wanted to ride on the positive good news. Possibly.



ztpayne7 commented on E3 2014: inFAMOUS Standalone DLC First Light I...:

Loved infamous probably more than most, but I think I may hold out on this. While neon was the best power, I probably would have gotten it day one if it was a new power or something. Or if they said how long this was. If the main game was so short I want to see people's reactions first to the length of this.



ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Hopes and Fears f...:

Well, since my dreams of a final fantasy Xv release date have been suffocated, I just want something new. I'd love an rpg that I could be excited about - vita or ps4. Mass effect could be exciting. I dunno. Last year I was super stoked about infamous and I feel they delivered. I just want something else to be excited about. I'm not super hard to please.



ztpayne7 commented on E3 2014: PS4 RPG Final Fantasy XV Skipping E3 ...:

REALLY?! this is the most annoying thing I've heard all year gaming wise. I don't care about the order and batman being pushed back - but I mean this could mean they're not ready to release it in 2015 - which is crazy. Oh, I'm so annoyed right now.