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Mon 12th December, 2011

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ztpayne7 commented on Stick It to the Man Is May's European PlayStat...:

At first I thought it would make the most sense to give away a game like knack on a rather empty month like may...but then I thought about it, and giving away their first AAA title is something they shouldn't announce til at least E3. I don't know anything about stick it to the man, but I'll check it out if it gets confirmed for the US.

Also, I do want to try muramasa, so I hope we get that over here as well =)



ztpayne7 commented on You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less T...:

Has anyone played world gone sour? I'd never pay much at all for a game like that, but for .99 I think it could be funny. I'll probably pick up the crash games I don't own, although it's still terrible that we haven't gotten them to work on vita in the us (crash or Spyro)



ztpayne7 commented on Rock Band Could Yet Make a Racket on Your PS4:

I loved rock band and would be absolutely on board if two things happen. 1) the price isn't ridiculous and 2) they figure out some kind of legacy mode where your old songs and old instruments work. I don't even mind if it's a handicap (buzz ps2 controllers weren't wireless but they were a cheap option). With as many songs as they released, there will be backlash if there's no compatibility.



ztpayne7 commented on The Amazing Spider-Man Faces His Toughest Test...:

I enjoyed the first, but I felt it had a lot of room to improve. Hopefully this does well. Just don't get it right away. The first game was notorious for ruining the plot of the movie in the first fifteen minutes.



ztpayne7 commented on You Can Access the Second Part of inFAMOUS: Se...:

@JaxonH the only concern I have with the game is I feel like it's gonna be shorter than the other games. I feel like I'm almost towards the end, but I want a lot more. Still have tons of side things to do.

But yeah. I was super hyped for the game, and for the most part I feel like it has met expectations.



ztpayne7 commented on You Can Access the Second Part of inFAMOUS: Se...:

Hmmm. I'm still working on the main quest (not as much time as I'd like) but I think I will wait until it is pretty far along. I think I heard somewhere that the first part of it had glitches, so I want them to iron it out the best they can.



ztpayne7 commented on Who Would Win Wednesdays: Cole MacGrath vs. De...:

Good battle this week! I'm not far into Second Son, but I'd probably say Delsin. A combination of his different styles of attacks, speed, ability to climb buildings in less than three minutes, and less predictable nature makes him triumph over Cole.



ztpayne7 commented on inFAMOUS: Second Son's Day One Patch Adds 5 Ho...:

@PorllM it is included with the limited edition. If you buy it today without a preorder and it's a limited edition copy, it should have it (I think). Otherwise sucker punch has said it's not available to purchase at this time. Which means probably later.



ztpayne7 commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

The review sounded a little more like a 9 than an 8 to me. Either way, can't wait to play this! Unfortunately, a movie that my wife has been waiting for (as long as I've had infamous on my radar) comes out tomorrow so we're seeing that. And Saturday is no good so I won't get to play anything until Sunday =/



ztpayne7 commented on Why Is Sucker Punch Being So Secretive About P...:

I think this is fair. I'm genuinely curious about what the other powers are, but I think they'll be more meaningful if you discover them as it goes. Unfortunately, it's going to take a while to beat the game, because my wife wants to play it and I have to try and not spoil it for her.



ztpayne7 commented on This Sweeping Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer ...:

it depends on how it plays. I tried DA:O, and i hated the gameplay, but I thought what I heard of the dialogue was funny/witty. I played the second and I somewhat liked the gameplay (much better than DA:O), but the locations (namely dungeons and such) were SO bland, and it probably hurt that I missed the first one a little. So I would need a lot of convincing to play this.



ztpayne7 commented on Six PlayStation Hits Arrive in NA's March Play...:

I've only played Tomb Raider but I wanted my wife to play it sometime. I kind of want to check out the PS4 version since I already played it though. Maybe someday. I don't really know much about these games, and I didn't really like the Monster Hunter demo on the wii u, so I don't know if that's for me...