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ztpayne7 commented on PS4 Will Now Automatically Search for Updates ...:

@Section8 I think when the ps4 is in rest mode, it searches for updates or something like that and will install them immediately

What Sammy is referring to is when you first put in a game for a day one patch, you have to manual click check for update. He's saying as soon as he put in the disc for the first time, it immediately started downloading.



ztpayne7 commented on Round Up: Your Ultimate Guide to PS4 Firmware ...:

I asked this on another post but it might make more sense here. Do the accessibility options allow me to change the controls for remote play? Do I change the buttons on the ps4 or the vita? Thanks for any help!



ztpayne7 commented on Round Up: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection...:

Does the 4 player split screen really work? I've only played the original borderlands, but I remember 2 player split wasnt very easy to use. Ended up playing lan with a friend and that worked much better. I've played other games split screen and didn't find it to be a problem in those.

And my tv isn't small per se - it's 39 in.



ztpayne7 commented on First Impressions: Final Fantasy XV Has Massiv...:

Combat - B+ (minor issues like you mentioned. I also had an issue with the room that was swarming with enemies - it's like I was going back and forth between the bleeding out phase and I just wish he was more durable)

Voices - C. Kinda annoying at times and I didn't expect noctic's voice to be so deep. Also, they repeated lines a little too much during battle and at the end of battle.

Music - A+. Just perfect. Little bit of Final fantasy mixed with a little bit of Kingdom hearts.

Big final moment - a+. I just wonder if that will always be a penalty though?

Overall - A. Minor issues aside, I loved my time with it and I can't wait to play the whole game.



ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@SteveButler2210 I've tried playing three on two different occasions, but I just couldn't get into it for some reason. I was really hesitant about 4 and almost didn't play it, but I had gotten it at the store with this special promotion where I only paid .27 cents, so I figured I'd might as well try it and loved it. Maybe I'll try 3 again sometime.



ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I played the FFXV episode duscae demo and absolutely loved it. I would be THRILLED to have a 2015 release, but I know sammy will tell me I'm crazy.

I also finished the other game I've been playing - MGS4. I've only played 1, 2, and 4, but I thought it was brilliant. I thought it had the right amount of fun, I like the amount of styles it allows you to play, and I even thought they explained a ton of stuff. I really liked 1 and I "liked" 2 (gameplay was fun, but the story was just really out there sometimes), but I felt like 4 did a great job of bringing the story together. That, and it had the right amount serious and the right amount comedy.

The big question is: what's next? Options include Shadow of Mordor, KH 2 HD, Type-O, God of War 3...(these are all games I own but haven't played since I bought them)



ztpayne7 commented on Rumour: God of War III Spills Guts on PlayStat...:

I actually haven't played 3 yet, as I'm fairly new to the GOW series and I wanted to take a break between 2 and 3. If I didn't already own it for cheap I'd be interested - I played 2 in its entirety with a dualshock 4.



ztpayne7 commented on This Final Fantasy XV PS4 Video Absolutely Ble...:

Just got to this moment and beat the demo. LOVED it. This looks like it could be my favorite ff since X, which is what I was hoping for.

Fresh new take on the series. And to me, combat doesn't feel quite as much like kingdom hearts as I expected. It's like a mix between the two titles and I felt it was appropriate.



ztpayne7 commented on There'll Be More The Walking Dead Before Seaso...:

@get2sammyb I'm not sure they're going to do it that way, unfortunately. I think that's why they priced the telltale bundle so low a while back (at least in the us) It was basically - pay full price for game of thrones and tales from the borderlands and get the other three seasons (walking dead/wolf among us) for free.

They could always do something like dragon age I suppose. And you never know, because rock band figured out a way for purchases to carry over.



ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I beat dying light this weekend. Really liked it. Still have a bunch of side missions but I will try those in a few weeks.

Just started playing mgs 4 - I had started 3 but really couldn't get into it for some time. It had made me worried that I wouldn't like where the series is heading, but I'm really impressed with 4 so far.



ztpayne7 commented on Why Will PS4 Firmware Update 2.50 Restrict Tro...:

Here's reasons why I have 0% trophies:

My wife forgets to sign in to her profile on a game I won't ever play...
When my PS3 yellow lighted, the person fixing it tried putting in several discs of games I wasn't interested in, that have now forever been on my list...
A game that I loved and played, but the trophy list wasn't available at the time of play and I don't want to replay just for trophies (when the patch came in, it added it to mine)...

So I'm very happy to clean up my list a little.

I have red dead at 1% because I couldn't get into it - but I'm okay with it staying on my list.



ztpayne7 commented on Talking Point: Are You Spending More Money Tha...:

I only go digital if a) the game is not available anywhere else (including telltale - my wife likes to play them when they happen and there's obviously not a disc version at that time) - or b) there is a super great discount - I just bought lbp 3 on ps4 because it was only 24 dollars.

As a whole, I don't really like the nature of all digital - I like having the games to display or trade in depending on how I felt about them.



ztpayne7 commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy XV PS4 Demo Impression...:

@NomNom gotcha. Thanks!

@kupo haha i thought of that. But I don't know if that's going to be a widespread problem. Some games around here never had trade values that high, and if they did, it was just store credit. Also, I really really want to like type - 0, but something about the videos I've seen doesn't click with me. I dunno why.



ztpayne7 commented on Round Up: Final Fantasy XV PS4 Demo Impression...:

I just want to know how much it'll cost for me to buy the demo off someone. Or if it'll even be something I could purchase directly from the store. I know they said you had to preorder the other game to get the bonus, but they've said a lot of other things, too.



ztpayne7 commented on Here's PS4 Firmware Update 2.50's Full List of...:

Deleting trophy data with 0% is an awesome little bonus. My wife accidentally started Game of Thrones on my profile on Thursday and so now I was going to permanently have that on my account, when I'm never going to play it (She loves telltale, so I just watch her play)



ztpayne7 commented on Rock Band 4 Brings the Band Back Together on P...:

Yes yes yes!!! This was exactly what I wanted. DLC transfer. Working hard on bringing instruments over. Create one great game and then add new content to it over the life of ps4.

My only three absolute day one games right now are final fantasy XV, kingdom hearts 3, and rock band 4. (Other games depend on reviews, but uncharted 4 may be likely, too)



ztpayne7 commented on Virtual Reality on PS4 Just Got Way Better wit...:

@BLPs I wouldn't necessarily buy project Morpheus, but I also think nintendo gets some free passes where it should. And I say this as a ps4, PS3, wii u, vita, 3ds, and former wii owner. You spoke about how long it took them to get to HD. It is completely unforgivable and behind the times to not have an account system that keeps track of your downloads. Seriously - I don't trust in the company at all with this - if my wii u fails, I expect that I'll lose all my digital downloads. I sold my wii u at first to fund the ps4, and later also got a wii u when they had games I wanted (for Christmas). For those saying that Nintendo can put the games back on your wii u - I lost every game I ever bought, which simply wouldn't happen even on the PS3 and 360. I talked with a nintendo rep and he didn't care one bit.

Sony isn't perfect and I don't dislike them or nintendo. But Nintendo has its issues too.