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Tasuki commented on Don't Get Your Hopes Up for an Uncharted Game ...:

In truth it depends how it's handeled. If they do it with an offspring or maybe where Drake takes up a role like Sully that as a mentor to someone who he passes the torch to would be good and keep the story going. Then again, you could have another case of James Bond syndrom.



Tasuki commented on Review: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection...:

Being that I had a 360 instead of a PS3 last gen, I am looking forward to this. I have heard great things about this series and I enjoyed TLoU so I can't wait to play these. The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that Transformers Devastation is coming out too and right now that is higher on my list for must play now. Maybe Santa will be nice and I will get Uncharted for Christmas.



Tasuki commented on Laura Lays the Smackdown on PS4 Exclusive Stre...:

@sinalefa Actually there is a ton of source material out there that states Blanka's style is capoeira, I think even in one of the instructions it says that he learned it from an old Brazilian master. Also look at Blanka's stance you can see its clearly inspired by capoeira. I think the main reason people don't see it as capoeira is because SF is mainly in 2D plus the restrictions on animations that the older hardware had compared to Eddy Gordo in a 3D environment on the Playstation makes people not realize that Blanka uses capoeira.



Tasuki commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

Gees I have an afternoon off from work and decided to get in some game time and everyone goes crazy. :/ Not cool guys. From this point on I will be deleting any more comments about said subject and people will earn a vacation from the site . You have been warned from @ShogunRok and now me.

Thanks for understanding.



Tasuki commented on Review: FIFA 16 (PS4):

@ShogunRok Great review.

The FIFA games have always been my favorite sports series, so easy to pick up and play. I just bought FIFA 14 about a month ago so I am not looking for a new FIFA yet , but I might download the demo and see how it plays compared to 14.



Tasuki commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

@Gamer83 With Battlefront coming out in November I doubt that the free games will be worth any good. With Starwars Battlefront coming out I am sure their PS+ sales will go up for nothing more then Battlefront fans wanting to play the game online. So Sony won't have to put much thought into the free games.



Tasuki commented on Soapbox: PSone Has Just as Much to Offer Today...:

I still play my PS one games although I use my PS2 since I don't own a PS one anymore. Some of the games I still play on it are

Castlevania: SotN
Metal Gear Solid
Spyro the Dragon
Tekken 3
Legend of Dragoon
And a few other odds and ends.

Still one of my favorite systems around.

Great article I might add as well.



Tasuki commented on A Very Happy 20th Birthday to PlayStation:

Man seems like so long ago lol time sure flies. I just started my senior year in high school so I really didn't have time for video games at the time so I actually didn't get mine till FF VII came out in 97. My friend had one so I play it on occasion when I went over to his place.

It's amazing how far Sony with the Playstation to become so dominant in the video game industry.



Tasuki commented on Feature: Eyes On with PlayStation VR at Canada...:

Sony can't market things right, that's what happened with the Move and the Vita. I mean if they don't say you need the move controllers and the PS4 camera too, people are going to be disappointed cause it will either

A) Cost alot more then people thought

B)Not work properly without the other paraphernalia and people will be disappointed.

Yeah so far this thing is on a fast track to flopsville. Say hi to Move and Vita for me.



Tasuki commented on Rumour: There Are No Plans for Another Major M...:

Well, Konami is first and foremost a business and there goal is to make a profit. If you honestly think about it will a Metal Gear game be profitable for them without Kojima? Alot of fans have spoken out saying that now that Kojima is gone they consider V to be the last MG and the series is over. Why spend millions of dollars on something that you probably won't get a good return on?

People need to remember that these companies first and foremost goal is to make money, it's how they pay their employees, feed their families etc. They go where the money is now even if that may be another Avenue of business.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Single Player


Mega Man Legacy Collection — I finished Mega Man the other night so I started on Mega Man 2 yesterday, going to wrap up Wily's Castle then it's onto Mega Man 3.

Diablo III — Need more loot lol, looking for a set piece that keeps alluding me, plus this game is to much fun.



Halo — Yep still having fun with this one


Diablo III — Started a new run with the guys from work, decided to go with a Witch Doctor.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Is a Video Game?:

Games like The Walking Dead, Phoenix Wright, etc still are considered games to me. They are on a screen, you minipulate the images and the outcome by pushing buttons if it was a movie you would have no control of it and you would just sit and watch it.

What about the old text based PC games form the early 80s? People consider those video games, and there is even less "gameplay" in those. Or the old point and click games? What about Carman Sandiego? Oregon Trail?

I think the ones that are claiming stuff like TWD and Everyone's gone to Rapture are young ones who grew up in the PS One era so nature there weren't too many text based games then.