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Tasuki commented on Avenge the Death of Your Friends in Diablo III...:

@Beaston61: Same thing here. I got the PC at launch was disappointed like you cause of the AH and the fact that unless I bought another copy I couldn't play with my son. Well I got it on the 360 and had a blast with it. I went back to the PC version after RoS was released and now I am really enjoying the game. However though I will be getting the PS4 version so I can play with my son.

Hurry up and give us a release date Blizz.



Tasuki commented on The Last of Us PS4 Will Boast Enhanced Lightin...:

@Gamer83: Fair enough man I understand where you are coming from. I honesty haven't played Thief I saw the previews but the reviews I read about it made me want to rent it first, I am still waiting for GameFly to send me that one.

As for Indie games yeah I am not to big on them either but Resogun and Strider to me anyway felt more like a big studio release.

I can see your point with The Order, and especially Watch Dogs on that it's hard to tell which way they will go but all we can do is wait and see.

Not sure about you but I am looking forward to MLB: The Show, it's been years since I played a Baseball game and I am really looking forward to it.



Tasuki commented on The Last of Us PS4 Will Boast Enhanced Lightin...:

@Gamer83: I dont know I think PS4's first year is much better then the Wii U's. Alot of good games came out. Resogun was great, I enjoyed ACIV even though it was more like a pirate game then an AC game, I still need to get Tomb Raider, Strider was another good one, and I am looking forward to Infamous when I get the extra cash to pick it up. Not quite sure how you can call that a bad first year.



Tasuki commented on The Last of Us PS4 Will Boast Enhanced Lightin...:

Looking forward to this. This game along almost got me to buy a PS3 several times now that it's confirmed for PS4 I will definitely be picking it up.

I know some people are upset about these PS3 ports but for someone like me who didn't own a PS3 last gen this is great and I hope that more PS3 games will be ported to the PS4.



Tasuki commented on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Soars Straight Pas...:

Doesn't surprise me that they went last gen rather then the current gen. Still It sounds like this will be awhile till it comes out and by then the current gen owners will more then likely jump especially after the holidays.



Tasuki commented on Store Update: 8th April 2014 (North America):

I am tempted to check out Final Fantasy XIV but I already have a pretty big stake in World of Warcraft lol.

As for Wolf Among Us I still need to get episode two lol. So behind in games right now.



Tasuki commented on Store Update: 1st April 2014 (North America):

Hmmm I am thinking I might give MLB: The Show a try. I have never played one of those games in fact the last Baseball game I played was on the SNES and I am itching to play a baseball game and I heard that these are some of the best.



Tasuki commented on Sony Would Like to Publicly Thank You for the ...:

Been a PS4 owner since the NA launch day and I have to say I am really enjoying the system. Heck I am enjoying the PS4 alot more then last gen's systems. I find myself playing video games alot more now. Best purchase I have ever made.



Tasuki commented on Yes, The Last of Us Is Set to Stumble onto PS4...:

Heck Ya!!! This was one of the games that had me regretting that I went with Xbox 360 last gen. So many times I almost bought a PS3 just for this game. Glad to see that its coming to PS4. I will be picking this one up for sure.



Tasuki commented on PAX East Attendees to Score Some Time with Dia...:

@get2sammyb: They had a playable version at Blizzcon last November and it looked great. I didn't get to play it myself but I watched the whole convention on PPV.

@Bliquid: I know that at Blizzcon when the had a playable version of Diablo III on the PS4 One of the developers said at this time they have no plans to bring it to Xbox One. They said of course that could all change but that's up to MS and just left it at that.

@Kohaku: I agree I have Diablo III on the PC only cause I got it for free but I prefer the controller way over the mouse.

@CraZed: Agreed sadly couch coop is the only way my son and I can play the game since we only have one computer.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well I am going to be playing some World of Warcraft this week. I have a druid that I have been wanting to get to max level forever now and I am so close I can taste it lol. Also thinking that since the only two systems I have hooked up now are my Dreamcast and PS4 I might play some Crazy Taxi on my Dreamcast as well. Also getting the itch to play Diablo III again but if I do it will be the PC version since my 360 is packed up. Also I want to see how the PC version is now that they got rid of the RMAH.



Tasuki commented on You'll Be Able to Turn the PS4 Controller's Li...:

Honestly I never understood by people's complaints with the light bar I actually think it's kinda of neat and unusual. I never had a problem with it glaring off of my TV and at night it comes in handy when I am playing in the dark room so I dont wake anyone else up.



Tasuki commented on Rumour: Titanfall 2 Takes One Robotic Stride C...:

I wouldn't mind but honestly I am sure that if it doesnt come to PS4 there will be plenty of other games to keep me interested. Right now it just seems over hyped and if it is it will diminish soon enough.



Tasuki commented on Sacré Bleu! You'll Be Travelling to Paris in ...:

@ShogunRok: What I have gathered is that Desmond's story ended after AC III and honestly that should have been the end of the series but then everyone loved the ship combat in III so it go them thinking hey let's make a pirate based one, which was fine. The fact now that it seems that they want to go back to the roots of the franchise puzzles me especially if Desmond's story is over. I think now they are just milking the series and it's time for them to move on.



Tasuki commented on Sacré Bleu! You'll Be Travelling to Paris in ...:

@Splat: Agree

Honestly I will pass on this one the setting holds no interest for me. I admit the last two AC games for me it was all about the setting. And AC IV it was all about the ship stuff. If I do pick up this one it will be from the bargain bin and I have nothing else to play at the time.



Tasuki commented on PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Project Morpheus...:

It's interesting indeed and something that will put the video game world on its end but honestly I am not that excited about it. Call me old fashion but I rather just play my games on a TV screen with a normal controller in hand. But hey that's just me.



Tasuki commented on PS4 Firmware Update 1.62 Will Improve Your Con...:

I don't mind the updates its nice to know that they are always working on the performance of the system or fixing bugs. And since I always have my PS4 on standby mode I dont have to worry about wasting my precious game time downloading patches and what not.



Tasuki commented on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Director Ko...:

@Reverandjames: I agree with ya it sounds like he's taking the Inafune route. As much as I enjoyed the LoS series I still like my Metroidvania alot more. If he does something like Inafune did with Might No. 9 I will support him just like I did with Inafune.

Still whatever he chooses I wish him luck where ever he goes.



Tasuki commented on Sony's Irritatingly Opposed to Organised Gamin...:

Well I dont own a PS3 but if I did this would drive me nuts. I mean I can understand why they want to make it more like the PS4 and Vita cases to make it more uniformed but honestly to me at least it looks horrible on a shelf when all of the cases clash.

It's kinda weird that they went all uniformed cause they didn't do that with the previous generations and Microsoft isn't doing that with the Xbox 360 cases.