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Sun 18th April, 2010

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Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb I here you on the digital games Sammy. I am to the point now I add them to my library but unless the game name or description grabs my attention it just stays in my library.

As for what I am playing this weekend, we'll I am in a baseball mood so it will be

RBI Baseball 14 - PS4
The Bigs 2 - PS2

Also cause of Bloodstained I am in a Castlevania mood so

SotN - PS
Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - DS



Tasuki commented on Metal Gear Solid May End Up Being a Mobile Fra...:

I kinda figured that Konami was moving into the mobile market at least that is what it sounded like from Koji Igarashi. It's a shame really but he said it best Konami is a business first and foremost their purpose is to make money and if they have to do that by following the latest money making trends then that's what Konami and any business will do.



Tasuki commented on Good Lord, Activision Made $1.28 Billion in 20...:

@ShogunRok I believe that Hearthstone, Diablo, WoW and Starcraft don't figure into that since those are Blizzard's dealings. Yes the full name is Activision/Blizzard but they are ran as separate entities. Activision has as much to do with Hearthstone about as much as Blizzard has to do with CoD.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@FullbringIchigo That's what I have done as well just hung on to my consoles. The only ones I have ever had to rebut was my SNES, N64 and PS2. My original SNES was stolen from me years ago, my N64 I traded in when the Game Cube came out towards a Game Cube and my PS2 I had to sell cause I needed the money at the time to help cover rent when I lost my job years ago.

As for the libraries for my systems some of the games I don't know what happened to them over the years I suspect that maybe my brother has them.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well after hooking my retro systems up last weekend I am going old school


Sonic Adventure — I have never played this game so I am looking forward to checking it out.
Metropolis Street Racer — One of my favorite DC games going to get much Kudos on this weekend.

Sega Genesis
Batman — A nice action game based off of the 89 movie. I never knew it existed till a few days ago
Streets of Rage 2 — What can I say an old school brawler that never gets old.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft — Now that it's available on phones I have something to do when on my break at work.



Tasuki commented on You'll Play as Darth Vader and Boba Fett in St...:

@Azikira Honestly this is a big deal especially with a new company taking over the series. I was wondering myself if playing as the Heroes (and Villains) was going to return and I am glad this article was created to confirm it. I mean yeah we can assume it would but with a new company you never know.

Also @ShogunRok makes a good point I am sure there are plenty of people who never played Battlefront, the last entry came out during the PS2/Xbox/GC era, there are plenty of people who never owned any of those and began gaming on a PS3/360/Wii.

Any way let's keep the comments about the game itself and not on how the article is written.



Tasuki commented on Ultra Street Fighter IV Gets a Release Date on...:

I was debating on getting this one, I played all the versions of SF IV except the most recent on Xbox 360 but I hate playing fighting games on the 360 cause of the controller. I was thinking this was going to be 60 bucks but at that price I will be picking it up for sure.