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Sun 18th Apr 2010

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Tasuki commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Needs to Change Its Refund P...:

@Anchorsam_9 Refundable no (unless the game totally doesn't work)able to trade in for credit in your PS Wallet sure.

@crippyd That reminds me of when my Xbox 360 Account got hacked and the hackers used my CC which I stupidly left on my account to buy a bunch of games. It ended up me going through my bank and my bank threatening legal action against MS for me to get a refund. One reason why I don't use a CC for online purchases now.

@JoeBlogs With physical you can still get your money back some how. Either trade it in to places like Gamestop, you can sell it to a friend, or even sell it on something like Ebay or Craigslist and still get your money back.



Tasuki commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

@Gamer83 That is true, I don't think I have ever paid full price for a XBL Gold or PS+ card. I have my PS+ and XBL Gold paid up till around Christmas and then at that time of the year several places like Best Buy, Gamestop and even online sites have the cards on sale for a good price.



Tasuki commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

@Gamer83 How can you guarantee that? You work for Sony now?

In the past six months, my Netflix went up a dollar a month, the place I work at has risen prices on things 50 cents, everywhere you look prices have been going up slowly. It's inflation which is just basic economics.



Tasuki commented on PlayStation Plus Price Increase Confirmed for ...:

@TomKnows So you going to boycott your phone company when they increase your phone bill? How bout your local dairy when the price goes up on milk? How bout the gas station when gas prices increase? It's called inflation compare the price of alot things to their price now to what it was 5 years ago. It's nothing to do with greed.



Tasuki commented on Gamers Demanding a No Man's Sky Refund Aren't ...:

Another game over hyped and now people are disappointed. I knew this was going to happen and I kept telling people that it's over hyped and they kept telling me oh no its not. Now all those people knew I was right.



Tasuki commented on Sony Really Needs to Address This PS4, Xbox On...:

@KratosMD It can happen both ways too, yeah PS4 could lose sales but then again so can Xbox One. How many people bought an Xbox One to be able to play with their friends?

Right now that would be the main reason I get an Xbox One is so I can play games like Neverwinter, BO3, Rocket League etc. with some friends who got Xbox Ones this gen instead of PS4.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@sketchturner I am in the same boat as you man. I only occasionally played CoD games like when I would go over to friends houses and such. Decided to pick up BO3 and I am enjoying it alot. Though the rocket jumping tends to get on my nerves after awhile which is why I am looking forward to MW Remaster. Still though I can't belive how much time I sunk into it so far.



Tasuki commented on Battleborn Flopped Incredibly Hard, But Take-T...:

@sketchturner @dryrain Exactly that is what hurt it the most. I know they are different kinda of games but look wise the do look similar. A handfull of colorful characters on teams in a shooter. Gearbox should have advertised it more showing how it's different then Overwatch and that may of helped it and maybe showed more of the humor in advertisement.

Most people.I talk to about this game they usually say that its an Overwatch clone which I tell them that it isn't. Either that or they tell me yeah I was going to get it but Overwatch was releasing at the same time and I didn't need two of the same game.



Tasuki commented on SEGA Wants All Numbered Yakuza Games on PS4:

This would be smart of Sega as it would no doubt boost sales for Yakuza 0 as it can be hard and expensive to get the Yakuza games at least here in NA, not sure about Europe.

The first one is cheap usually going for $20 or less the second one however usually goes for $$90+ and the third one can be a bit hard to find as well. The only ones that are pretty easy to find are 4 and 5 and even though 4 has a recap where you can see what happens in the previous games I like many out there want to experience this series from the beginning on my own.

If anything maybe bring the first two out as part of the PS2 on PS4 game selections and maybe 3,4,and 5 in a remastery bundle kinda like the Borderlands Handsome Collection or the Arkham Collection.

Anyway I do hope there is some truth to this. I would buy them day one for sure.



Tasuki commented on Shenmue Sub-Director Searches for More Sailors...:

@sajoey Ah ok. I would like to eventually get the DC copy of Shenmue II since I am odd and like having games in a series on the same platform but it's just hard for me to find one here in the States. Lucky for me I do have an Xbox but still. Guess I am just odd.

@get2sammyb Oh I will, I will. Shenmue is one of my bucket list games that I have been trying to get for years now. Now I just hope I can find a copy of II.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Oh wow, this week just flew by for me but I gess that's what happens when you have a goofy work schedule like I do. As a result I missed the deadline to get my WAYP in so I will just post it here.

So a bit of a variety for me. Since it's 100+ degrees here nothing to really do but stay inside. So I will be playing the following.

PS4 — Overwatch, Black Ops 3 and Neverwinter.