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Sun 18th April, 2010

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Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I will be hitting the streets of Los Santos as well this weekend in GTA V on the PS4.

If I am not busy boosting cars and running from the law I might see continue some more car hi jinks but on the race track instead in the form of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U.



Tasuki commented on Ever Wanted to Know Why You Can't Change Your ...:

The very least they could of let people changer theirs that wanted to when the PS4 came out, I know a bunch of people that made their user name years ago when it meant something to them but now not so much.

As for mine I like mine.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are Your PS4 Launch Memories?:

I remember preordering the PS4 back after that awesome E3 announcement. I paid it off little by little so that when the day arrived I could just pick up the system and game. I had to work that day as 3 other of my co-workers requested the day off so they could get their PS4s and play all day long. That was the longest day of work for me ever lol. At 5 o'clock I punched out and drove over to Gamestop immediately, went in got my PS4 and Assassin's Creed IV and ran home to start it, I think that was the fastest I ever went into a Gamestop and left lol. Lucky for me I had the next two days off from work so I spent the night playing AC IV, Resogun and Contrast as well as the next 2 days. It was then that I was glad that I came back to the PS family.



Tasuki commented on Happy Birthday to You, PlayStation 4:

I have to say I have been pleased with the year so far. Alot of great games came out like Resogun, both Infamous titles, Strider, Dust and a bunch of others that I know I am forgetting. Yeah there was the problem with Driveclub but that has only been the only really big problem. I am looking forward to the PS4s second year.



Tasuki commented on Celebrate 20 Years of PlayStation with This Pu...:

Ah I still remember the day buying my Playstation which was the first console I ever bought with my own money, before that I was a kid and every console I got was either a birthday gift or Christmas gift.

I remember getting paid from my first job (stocker at Kmart) and going into Circuit City the day after payday and plunking down the cash on the counter and then being handed the PS. Such an awesome feeling.



Tasuki commented on Review: The Wolf Among Us - A Telltale Games S...:

I have been playing The Wolf Among Us the last few days, just finished episode 3 and I have yet to experience any glitches.

@gbanas92: Could it maybe only affect a few copies or something along those lines? Cause between myself, my son and his mother we have put in over 20 hours of the game and have not ran into any of those glitches you speak of.



Tasuki commented on Feature: What's the Status of DriveClub on PS4...:

I still want to play this game but I will wait till the PSN edition comes out, if it comes out or I can get this game in the bargain bin.

At this point I think the ship has sailed for many people on this game. Even if they fix it and get it to what it was suppose to be people are still going to feel burned by this game. I would be interested to know how many copies of this game have been traded in to places like Gamestop or similar places like that by angry buyers. Better yet how many preorders were cancelled etc.

The best thing that Evolution Studios can do is just hand over the game to someone else to fix and dissolve. Then take what they have learned from this fiasco and apply it to other games under a new studio name.



Tasuki commented on Sony Hasn't Forgotten About the Kids This Chri...:

@get2sammyb: Ok thanks :) I wasn't sure but I have become accustom to you reporting on bundles in Europe which makes sense cause you are based there. I just wanted to make sure before I told my friend about these deals who was looking for PS4 bundles for her son for Christmas.



Tasuki commented on Sony: We're Working to Resolve PS4 Rest Mode F...:

I had that issue happen the other day luckly I found the steps that Pushsquare listed in an article and everything worked fine after word. Until they fix this issue I am not putting mine in rest mode.



Tasuki commented on Feature: How Has the PS4 Fared in Its First Year?:

Honestly I would give it an A-. I mean it had a decent first year but then again no console ever has a great year. There were some great games on it like Resogun, Infamous Second Son, Thief and AC IV that made it a good year. Sadly though there have also been alot of delays Driveclub, Batman Arkham Knight but that just means that 2015 will be even better.



Tasuki commented on Push Scare: Share Your Most Harrowing PlayStat...:

I will never forget the first time I played Resident Evil 2 on the PSone and that lasher I think its called appeared on the ceiling and fell onto us.

I was playing RE 2 over at a friends house while spending the night (we rented a bunch of games and movies and loaded up with soda and snack foods). We decided to pop in RE 2 and play it with the lights off. Everything was fine then the lasher appeared and freaked us both out. Needless to say we didn't need caffeine to keep us up anymore that night.



Tasuki commented on Push Scare: Share Your Most Harrowing PlayStat...:

@Azikira: I tend to frown on it as a form of self advertising. It can be hard for me to defend an advertisement like yours to someone I repremend for say creating a thread to advertise. That's why I ask for you to please advertise in your signature. I hope you understand the complex nature of this.



Tasuki commented on Yoshida: DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Delayed on...:

It is a disappointment but I can understand them that they want to put out a working game rather then a broken one. I guess I will just wait till this game hits the bargain bin and hopefully by then it will be fixed.

This can't be good for Evolution Studios though.



Tasuki commented on PS4's Free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Has Been...:

@3Above: If Sony is smart they will dissolve Evolution Studios. At this point their name is tarnished and any other games they make after this will not be big sellers due to people remembering this fiasco. As they say your first impression is the most important one and sadly Evolution Studios did not made a good first impression.



Tasuki commented on PS4's Free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Has Been...:

For those of you who are blaming Sony, I hope you guys realize this is Evolution Studio's problem they made the game Sony just published it so the server problems are all due to Evolution not Sony.

Sadly this is going to hurt Evolution bad Sony would be wise to distance themselves from Evolution if they know whats good for them.

@rastamadeus: I totally agree.



Tasuki commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

@DualWielding: Yeah Driveclub is understandable but people complaing that every game is an indie or that every month the free games are junk is another thing.

Drive Club was the exception but the other games they don't have to give them to you. As I said your paying for the Multiplayer the free games are just a nice bonus.



Tasuki commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

I just don't understand how anyone can complain about a free game. Granted I downloaded a few free PS+ games and deleted them right after I tried them but come on they are free it's not like you actually paid $60 for them.



Tasuki commented on Review: The Legend of Korra (PlayStation 4):

Hmmm I need to get back to this series. I really enjoyed Avatar the Last Airbender alot and I enjoyed the first season of Korra but I never got to the other seasons due to other things. Once I catch up on those I will probably be picking up this game cause I have heard alot of good things about it.



Tasuki commented on Why Is Sony Taking So Long to Release PS4 Firm...:

Honestly it doesnt matter to me when the updates roll out as long as they roll out. I dont mind small monthly updates or huge quarterly updates for example as long as they are adding features that people are asking for and improvements who cares how long it takes them to release an update. Unless of course its one to fix a hack job or something along those lines.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: How Does Sony Solve a Problem L...:

I think SOny is doing just fine and this is just another desperation attempt by MS to get more XB1 sales. For Sony to copy them would be a mistake. If anything I think they should bundle a few games with the PS4 maybe like Knack and Resogun something like that.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb: Not yet as @sinalefa said not till November. I am surprised you didnt get the MK 8 bundle when it was available or wasn't that one available in the UK?

I would keep my eye out for holiday bundles Sammy you can get some great deals with those.

I have no complaints with the Wii U especially when a few of my coworkers come over for our weekly game night, the Wii U always seems like our go to couch co-op system. :D



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Here is what I will be playing in between work this weekend.

DS -Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin- Just about to wrap this game up just in time for Halloween.

Wii U -Mario Kart 8- I have been having the itch to play this game again so it looks like I will be hitting the race track this weekend.

PC -World of Warcraft- The preexpansion stuff is out now and its time to start going after the Iron Horde.

That's probably it for now if anything changes I will of course add it on later.
Hope you all have a great weekend. :D