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Tasuki commented on Poll: Are You Enjoying Overwatch on PS4?:

@Melucine You can indeed get play of the game with a healer. You just have to go on a major healing spree while your group is doing the objective. For example healing a bunch of people while they are taking a point.

@√óMEADx: The bane for me when I play Torbjorn is Reaper with his teleport. People will teleport either next or behind my turret and destroy it that way usually with Reaper's ultimate.



Tasuki commented on Round Up: TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Gets Deep...:

@Octane Transformers Devestation was good at least I felt so, that's why I had high hopes for this game.

Guess we are just doomed to have bad TMNT games.

I will agree with some people here it seems they just wanted this out in time for the movie and right now Platinum is busy with Nier and Scalebound that they probably pass this off to their B team.



Tasuki commented on Promising Looking Online Beat-'Em-Up Absolver ...:

@ShogunRok +1 Couldn't have said it better myself. Honestly people have to get over this oh it's Online only so I will pass. Games are going to be more and more online dependant as time goes on its just a fact. If people don't want online only game then I guess they should just stick with PS2 and older consoles.



Tasuki commented on Round Up: Overwatch PS4 Reviews Are Ridiculous...:

@ScreamAimFire99 I can comprehend just fine, and I did read the original comment. It's you that can't comprehend, my friend. The previous use said

Leave it to Blizzard to generate this much hype though. It's unbelievable how well they can market a game.

Which you replied that's Activision for you. Which if you look Activision has nothing to do with Overwatch.

And no my avatar doesn't cloud my judgement. I just know my game companies. Now we are done.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@rippo1971 Lego Avengers follows the first two Avenger movies and Iron man 3 and Thor 2 I helieve. Gameplay is exactly the same as it is with most Lego games but the story is different. I have not played Lego Avengers yet myself so I can't compare it to Lego Marvel. I still need to finish up Lego Jurassic World myself.



Tasuki commented on SEGA Wants Shenmue HD on PS4 As Much As You Do:

@get2sammyb This will be an E3 announcement .

Slight problem with your article Sammy, NA users have to have both a Dreamcast and an Original Xbox to be able to play both not just a Dreamcast like you lucky Europeans. That's one reason I can see them bringing out a Shenmue collection just for the fact that to play all 3 in NA we are going to need three systems.



Tasuki commented on You Definitely, Definitely Don't Want to Cheat...:

@Cron_13 That is because with Diablo 3 it's not Blizzard's serves they're Sony's and Microsoft's so Blizzard had no control. And Hackers aren't as bad on D3 as people make it out to be. The only way they can ruin the game for you is if you invite them to your group. Just don't invite random people.



Tasuki commented on Star Trek Online to Set Phasers to Fun on PS4:

@FullbringIchigo They could do a monthly fee like World of Warcraft does. The problem I have with F2p microtransactions that are not cosmetic is that it through skill out the window. It's not about which raid boss you kill, it's about how big is your pocket book.



Tasuki commented on Wow, the Overwatch Beta Was Stupidly Popular:

@themcnoisy Afraid not buddy the next time this game will be playable will be when it launches. As for being rubbish with FPS. Blizzard designed this game in a way so that even if your not good at FPS you can still enjoy the game. With a variety of different roles and a variety of characters for each role, there's bound to be someone for you to use to enjoy the game.



Tasuki commented on Competition: Win a Limited Edition Uncharted 4...:

@BigDaddyT0101 No, no you didn't come off that way, I was just saying something before the comment section did blow up with people complaining about the contests being UK only.

And yeah I suspect to that it is shipping cost too and weight as well. I know for Nintendolife it's more due to region locking.



Tasuki commented on Competition: Win a Limited Edition Uncharted 4...:

Let's not try to clutter this comment section with how come this is UK only and Push Square never does US give aways.

Fact is most giveaways the region isn't determined by Push Square it's determined by who gives PS the prizes to give out.



Tasuki commented on Site News: Uncharted 2 Is PlayStation's Greate...:

@VanillaLake Cause when it comes to games like Mass Effect, I don't think it's just up to Sony, it's probably up to EA as well. And with a new Mass Effect coming out, I am sure they will probably want to release a ME collection for the PS4 and charge 60 bucks for that rather then a percentage of that for some updated PS 2 versions.



Tasuki commented on Is Battlefield 5 Turning Back Time to World Wa...:

If it does go back to WWI that would be another reason Infinity Ward is bundling MW Remaster with IW. On the Battlefield side of things it would make sense considering how bad the sales were for Hardline.



Tasuki commented on Video: Overwatch Two Hours of Blizzard's Lates...:

@sub12 I will say, I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. I went in not expecting too much and was surprised. The variety of modes they have and the amount of stuff you unlock is nice. Characters have a variety from easy to use charcters to ones that take a bit to master. Four different roles (Tank, offense, defense and healer) to add variety so even if you aren't good at shooting, you can try a healer.

The beta will be free for all tomorrow for all try it for yourself.



Tasuki commented on Video: Overwatch Two Hours of Blizzard's Lates...:

I am really loving this game. The graphics are gorgeous, it's easy to pick up and play and it's just so addicting.

If anyone is interested the beta opens up for everyone tomorrow regardless if you preordered or not.