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Tasuki commented on Yoshida: DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Delayed on...:

It is a disappointment but I can understand them that they want to put out a working game rather then a broken one. I guess I will just wait till this game hits the bargain bin and hopefully by then it will be fixed.

This can't be good for Evolution Studios though.



Tasuki commented on PS4's Free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Has Been...:

@3Above: If Sony is smart they will dissolve Evolution Studios. At this point their name is tarnished and any other games they make after this will not be big sellers due to people remembering this fiasco. As they say your first impression is the most important one and sadly Evolution Studios did not made a good first impression.



Tasuki commented on PS4's Free DriveClub: PS Plus Edition Has Been...:

For those of you who are blaming Sony, I hope you guys realize this is Evolution Studio's problem they made the game Sony just published it so the server problems are all due to Evolution not Sony.

Sadly this is going to hurt Evolution bad Sony would be wise to distance themselves from Evolution if they know whats good for them.

@rastamadeus: I totally agree.



Tasuki commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

@DualWielding: Yeah Driveclub is understandable but people complaing that every game is an indie or that every month the free games are junk is another thing.

Drive Club was the exception but the other games they don't have to give them to you. As I said your paying for the Multiplayer the free games are just a nice bonus.



Tasuki commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

I just don't understand how anyone can complain about a free game. Granted I downloaded a few free PS+ games and deleted them right after I tried them but come on they are free it's not like you actually paid $60 for them.



Tasuki commented on Review: The Legend of Korra (PlayStation 4):

Hmmm I need to get back to this series. I really enjoyed Avatar the Last Airbender alot and I enjoyed the first season of Korra but I never got to the other seasons due to other things. Once I catch up on those I will probably be picking up this game cause I have heard alot of good things about it.



Tasuki commented on Why Is Sony Taking So Long to Release PS4 Firm...:

Honestly it doesnt matter to me when the updates roll out as long as they roll out. I dont mind small monthly updates or huge quarterly updates for example as long as they are adding features that people are asking for and improvements who cares how long it takes them to release an update. Unless of course its one to fix a hack job or something along those lines.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: How Does Sony Solve a Problem L...:

I think SOny is doing just fine and this is just another desperation attempt by MS to get more XB1 sales. For Sony to copy them would be a mistake. If anything I think they should bundle a few games with the PS4 maybe like Knack and Resogun something like that.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@get2sammyb: Not yet as @sinalefa said not till November. I am surprised you didnt get the MK 8 bundle when it was available or wasn't that one available in the UK?

I would keep my eye out for holiday bundles Sammy you can get some great deals with those.

I have no complaints with the Wii U especially when a few of my coworkers come over for our weekly game night, the Wii U always seems like our go to couch co-op system. :D



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Here is what I will be playing in between work this weekend.

DS -Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin- Just about to wrap this game up just in time for Halloween.

Wii U -Mario Kart 8- I have been having the itch to play this game again so it looks like I will be hitting the race track this weekend.

PC -World of Warcraft- The preexpansion stuff is out now and its time to start going after the Iron Horde.

That's probably it for now if anything changes I will of course add it on later.
Hope you all have a great weekend. :D



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: Do You Ever Stump Up for Season...:

The only time I bought season passes is for the WWE games (mostly for all the roster additions like Paige will be for WWE 2K15) and Telltale's The Walking Dead. I usually just wait for a GOTY edition like I did for Borderlands and Arkham City to come out.



Tasuki commented on Could Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas HD Be on t...:

Honestly I would rather see an updated version of Vice City rather then San Andreas. I can understand the reason behind SA because its the same city as GTA V.
I could never get into SA personally and enjoyed the characters and ciy alot more in VC. I am hoping that GTA 6 will be a return trip to VC since GTA IV had a revamped Liberty City and GTA V had a revamp SA. Its time now for a revamp Vice City.



Tasuki commented on Wild Season Is the PS4 and Vita Harvest Moon T...:

I am such a sucker for these types of games. My favorite Haverst Moon games was Save the Homeland on PS2. It would have been nice if Story of Seasons (The new name for the Harvest Moon series) would come to PS4 but I guess it's their lost. I will be checking out this game for sure. I really enjoy games like this just to take a break from ultra serious games like GTA V.

@dustinquickfire: Cheers mate the game looks like it will be a great one.



Tasuki commented on You'll Be Able to Play Dead or Alive 5 for Fre...:

I never could really get into Dead or Alive the only reason I played it back in the PSone days I think it was, was because it had the reemergence of Ryu from Ninja Gaiden in it and since I didn't own an Xbox.

Still I think I will wait till MK X comes to PS4 for my fighting game fix unless by some chance Capcom releases SFIV on the PS4. :D



Tasuki commented on The First of November's Free PS4 PlayStation P...:

I am really enjoying alot of the games that PS+ has to offer. People say that they need to offer AAA games like Knack or Thief but honestly there are a bunch of games that play and even feel like an AAA game. Games like Dust, Resogun, Strider just to name a few and others that are great games as well like Splunky and Velocity.

Honestly I think that people that are complaining are just tired of video games in general and just need to find something else to do.

Besides how can you complain for something you get for free?



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well due to work tomorrow and birthday celebrations today, not too much gaming for me this weekend might sneak in the following

DS — Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin — Still continuing with my retro Halloween marathon.

PS4 --Dust: An Elysian Tale — Hopeing to finish the story on this one this weekend then I can go trophy hunting.

PC — Heroes of the Storm — Blizzards entry into the world of MOBAs. Been playing this one for a few months off and on and it is a really fun game. Great too when you don't have alot of time to game since the battles are quick.



Tasuki commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

@Dodoo: I only played PGR and PGR 4. I didn't own an Xbox but my friend did and almost every time I went over to his place we would play PGR. I just recently picked up PGR 4 about six months ago for the 360 and its one of my favorite racing games. That's why I had high hopes for this game I need a racing game like PGR on my PS4.



Tasuki commented on Guide: How to Take off Your Training Wheels in...:

@get2sammyb: I still have high hopes for this game being a PGR fan. I have never been a big GT fan just too much to worry about I just want a game that I can race in.

I guess this was one of the moment that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't for the publishers. If they would have delayed the release again they would have people complaining about that so instead they released a broken game.



Tasuki commented on Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail (PlayStation 4):

@rjejr: Its available on Xbox 360, and PC via steam and as well.

Another great indie title. I played through this game a bit on the PC before my vid card blew up so glad that it came out on the PS4 so I can finish this great game.

Honestly if you have a PS+ sub you would be a fool not to at least give this game a try.



Tasuki commented on DriveClub v1.03 Patch Begins to Put PS4 Racer ...:

@Midzark: That's how I feel too. I am wondering if due to the sub par reviews they got they figured that the wont get the sales they thought they would so they are trying to get as much for it now as they can.

Still I wont pay full price for this game I will wait till either it hits the bargain or th PS+ version is out or I find a cheap used copy.