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Sun 18th Apr 2010

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Tasuki commented on Microsoft Didn't Expect Sony to Ditch 4K Blu-r...:

I agree with @get2sammyb while it's nice to have the option everyone I know including myself dont use discs anymore. All my friends, coworkers, family stream everything. The only one that still buys discs in the people I know is my mom and that's cause she likes having a physical copy. I don't even remember the last time I bought a movie on Blu-ray.

I could see Sony not wanting to add something that very few people would use and cause the price of the PS4 to go higher.



Tasuki commented on Former Sony Exec Jack Tretton Details What Wen...:

Lol loved the Titanic quote as I was thinking the same thing. Their ego was so inflated that they thought they were unsinkable, yet they didn't see the iceberg that was MS.

I remember wanting one but that price killed it for me, then all saw all the third party games I wanted to play were on 360 so I went with them.



Tasuki commented on Yakuza 0 Grabs a Day One Edition on PS4:

I hope they release a Yakuza remaster collection for the PS4 or the very lease release the PS2 versions on PS4. The prices for Yakuza 1 and 2 are a bit high and for someone like me who wants to play the game a release would mean I wouldn't have to pay the rediculous prices.



Tasuki commented on Ogle Rise of the Tomb Raider's Assets on PS4 Pro:

@wiiware I like how you say the Square made it exclusive. From what it sounded to me MS panicked with UC4 coming out so they approached Square with the offer first. Square just being a business made a wise business decision. A guarantee X amount of money just by releasing RotTR on Xbox One first smart business move.

I find it funny that Activision made a similar deal with the CoD franchise starting with Black Ops 3 and I don't see the negative reaction that Square or TR got. Ah gamers you are a fickle bunch aren't you?



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@themcnoisy SC III was also in arcades but yeas as home console go PS2 was the only one. And yeah you aren't the only one who found those problems with 3 which is why 3 is the black sheep of the series even the prequel Soul Edge was better them SC III.

And SC 2 on the GC was the best version. I played all 3 and 2 just ran and looked better on GC. Of course then there was Link.



Tasuki commented on Hardware Review: PS4 Slim - Size Matters:

Unless something happens to my launch PS4 then I won't be getting this. I would just get the Pro instead. However maybe if there is a good Black Friday sale on the Slim, I might get one for my son.



Tasuki commented on Job Losses at London Studio as PlayStation VR ...:

This sounds more like people who were hired on for this project and, they probably knew that. Kinda like how stores hire holiday help around the holidays and after the holidays let the people go. Companies disclose that when they hire these people and they know that their jobs may not be permanent.



Tasuki commented on PSN Down For Third Time in Two Weeks:

Yes please, I know we are all upset but cursing and insulting others here is not the way to go. Neither I nor @ShogunRok want to have to be handing out a vacation from the site.

Goes back to playing Mega Man on the Genesis



Tasuki commented on The Battlefield 1 Beta Ends This Thursday:

I tried it and liked the setting, loved the graphics, the game play though, I wasn't a fan of. I know a big part of it is having people you can group with which I do not and that's a deal breaker for me.



Tasuki commented on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered to Get...:

@TomKongPhooey Still not sure they have already gone on record saying that it won't ever be sold seperate, so imagine the backlash they will get if that was to happen.

You could also just buy the deluxe edition on day 1 download MWRM and then trade in IW. I am sure alot of people will be doing that.



Tasuki commented on Play Overwatch For Free on PS4 Next Week:

@Bliquid Just cause I said it's overrated doesn't mean it's a bad game nor do I hate it. I play it alot in fact and it's one of those games that I will play on and off again as long as the servers are up.

But let's face it if anyone else but Blizzard made this game they would be getting slack. For one thing it's very simplistic which is not a bad thing and I know Blizzard wanted a game that everyone could get into. There really aren't that many maps and the variety of game types is small. It seems that it's either an escorts mission or a capture the flag type and sometimes it's a combo of the two.

Yes I know Blizzard has long term ideas for this game but I just can't help feel that if any other company made this game it wouldn't be as big as it is, but because it's Blizzard....



Tasuki commented on Play Overwatch For Free on PS4 Next Week:

@Bliquid I love the game but I have to agree with@Bad-MuthaAdebisi and that it is overrated but then again it seems every Blizzard game is but that's just the nature of the beast when it comes to a game by Blizzard.