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Sun 18th April, 2010

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Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well my PC is still out of commission, (Not quite sure when it will get fixed since I have hit a bit of a financial SNAFU) so I will be sticking with the consoles and handhelds again.

Xbox 360 — Left 4 Dead and NFL Blitz (Picked up these both for 5 dollars each as part of XBL Gold with Games sale)

PS4 — Maybe some NBA 2K14 with my son

Wii U — Mario Kart 8 (online) Not sure why but I find Online mode very relaxing. Also I picked up AD&D Chronicles of Mystara for $1.75 due to Capcom's eShop sale and the Digital Deluxe Promotion.

3DS — Warioland II I am still hooked on this game. I usually play it at night when I am relaxing in bed.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

I dont like the term Indie as well. To me it doesn't matter if the game is an Indie game or a big budget game as long as I enjoy it that's all that matters to me.

I have played some Indie games like Resogun and Dust: An Elysian Tale, Shovel Knight and Strider that are just as good as some big budget games while I have played some big budget games that to me were worse then some of the Indie games out there.



Tasuki commented on Feature: What Are September 2014's Free PlaySt...:

@ToOGoodOfAPlaya: I can assure you that I am not singling anyone out. The reason I "chime in" as you put is because contrary to popular belief I am not around the forums 24/7 I do have other things in my life to do. I call it when I see that is all. I apologize if it seems that I am singling you out or anything like that.



Tasuki commented on PSN Temporarily Offline Again as Attacks Ramp ...:

@Gamer83: You do realize that this kind of attack could have happened to Microsoft as well, but for whatever reasons the hackers didn't go after MS. Several other companies were attacked by these guys, Blizzard, and League of Legends were victims too, so I hardly can see how XBL is better in this instance then PSN.



Tasuki commented on PSN Temporarily Offline Again as Attacks Ramp ...:

@thedevilsjester: I am not making any assumptions I am basing the fact that Sammy has said several times to knock off the PS VS Xbox stuff granted it was not directed to you but it was directed at the person you were commenting too. It's just a case of letting sleeping dogs lie.

Now I wont continue this discussion with you any longer if you wish to discuss it or your thoughts please use the contact from I linked above, as you are right this is derailing the thread.



Tasuki commented on Push Rewind: PSN Downtime, Awful Avatars, and ...:

@eLarkos: It was mostly because of people who have no life outside of PSN. Most of those comments were made by new users probably found their way to PushSquare when they googled what was up with PSN since Sammy was one of the first to report on it. Since they couldn't go online they figured they would just hang out here until the servers were up and running again.



Tasuki commented on Is PSN Offline? Yes, and the Scheduled Mainten...:

Ok guys time for a little warning, I know we are all upset about not being able to get online but please watch the language, This is a warning and if I have to edit anymore posts then there will be consequences.

Thanks for understanding :)



Tasuki commented on Not Even Sony Understands Why the PS4 Is Selli...:

I have to agree with what has been said already by a bunch of people. People were ready for the next gen consoles MS screwed themselves up so badly with Mattrick's policies that alot of Xbox 360 owners, myself included didn't want to deal with that b.s. The Wii U while I will say has great first party games like Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World out right now and great ones like Zelda Wii U coming out sadly they lack in the third party area so if people want to play the latest Assassin's Creed or Arkham game for example they are going to have to choose either an Xbox One or a PS4.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well since my vid card is going out on my PC and not having the money to get a new one right now my choices are limited.

PS4- NBA 2K14 with my son

Wii U- Mario Kart 8 online even though I am not too good I still have slot of fun with it.

3DS- Warioland II got this free from Club Nintendo and decided to give it a try and now I am hooked on it.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well thankfully my stomach problems from last week are gone so now I can game.

With that said since I am working this weekend not much time for games so I will probably be working on some stuff on World of Warcraft before the next expansion comes out November 13th.

On the PS4 front probably some NBA 2K14 with my son.

Might also play some Mega Man Unlimited on the PC since I can use my PS4 controller on that game. XD



Tasuki commented on Rumour: PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 to Add Dashbo...:

I rather have it where I can organize my games and apps before I can change the theme, or at least at the same time.

@mitcHELLspawn: We are all gamers here so you are free to speak your mind. The only problem we have is when it turns into a flame war and then we have to step in to stop it.



Tasuki commented on Reaction: Why Lara Croft Will Still Raid PS4 i...:

So now the Sony fanboys hate Square Soft (or Square Enix or Squniex or whatever you want to call it) yet when Sony did the exact same thing to Nintendo years ago with Final Fantasy 7 it was ok. This just proves more then ever that Square doesn't care about gamers it just cares about money and really goes with whoever backs up the biggest dump truck of money to their front door.

Still it does sound like a time exclusive kinda like the GTA games back during the PS2 era how Sony would get them first then six months to a year later Xbox and PC would get them. Hopefully that is right and we do see it come to PS4 at some point. I guess this just means I dont have to worry about getting this game now anytime soon.



Tasuki commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Yeah nice to see this article again Sammy. I love reading what others are playing over the weekend and heck sometimes it gives me an idea on what to play :).

With that said I will be playing World of Warcraft so close to getting another maxed level character in that game as well as an achievement that I can taste it lol.

On the PS side of things might play a few games of NBA 2K14 with my son, we are both really hooked on that game, I haven't been this hooked on a basketball game since NBA Live 98 on the Playstation, yeah its been awhile.

Also might have a few friends over tonight so that means some couch multiplayer madness with some Mario Kart 8 and NSMBU on the Wii U and some Fist Puncher on the Ouya.



Tasuki commented on You Won't Be Able to Transfer Your Destiny Bet...:

After playing countless betas I knew this was going to happen. If you have ever partook in a beta then you would have know that too. I can understand why some people who this is their first beta would be disappointed cause I will admit I was too when I did my first beta test.

I am pretty much the same way as @get2sammyb I just play the beta a bit just to see how the game looks but I expect changes from that to the main game. Also I don't want to be bored of it when I play it for real and be like oh I have to do this again, yawn.



Tasuki commented on Sony: We Want to Make PS4 Players Feel Special:

Well I would say that I am happy with my PS4. Even though I don't have alot of money to buy games for it their selection of PSN+ Freebies have kept me busy. I am really glad I came back to the PS brand this gen and honestly can't wait to see what the futures has for the console.



Tasuki commented on Sleeping Dogs Is Kung-Fu Kicking PS4 with All ...:

Nice. Put me in the group that liked Sleeping Dogs more then GTA V. While yes the story and the amount of things that GTA had to offer was better then Sleeping Dogs I have to agree with Sammy and say that Sleeping Dogs played better.

Hopefully between Destiny and Diablo III I will find time to get this one.



Tasuki commented on Grand Theft Auto V Is Still Going to Jump Star...:

I can't wait for this one. I have been having an itch to play this game again but I recently traded in my 360 copy since I plan on getting this one. It will be nice using a PS controller again for a GTA game.