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Male, 23, United Kingdom

hello i have problems with my spelling as i have Dislexia i triy my best to spell so please dont go on about it. I enjoy games some of my favrot searies are METROID. Monster Hunter. Phantasiy Star Online. and more lol concels i have WiiU, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Vita, PC, Phone,

Wed 16th May, 2012

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Volmun commented on Guide: Ghost Hunter - Where to Find All 50 Dea...:

@Munkyknuts well theres a few more than 50 in the game I have the trophy and flund sevral after it something sed theres about 60ish in total and some are not collectable at the moment (theres a few on Earth at Kings Watch or something that you cant get to without glitching)



Volmun commented on Themes Aren't Just Coming to PS4, They're Comi...:

@Jazzer94 lol the odd thing is I didnt feal the Nintendo macheans needed them (althow im happy the 3DS is getting it) I felt the PS4 did need it. I find it odd there doing it for Vita thow as is sed in the articall oh well lol Id like a Soul Sacrfice Delta theam.(allong with a PS4 Soul Sacrfice I can dream lol)



Volmun commented on Gamescom 2014: PlayStation TV Changes the Chan...:

@RawShark iid mostly get one to play Soul Sacrfice tbh as that game dosnt realy use the tochscreen or pad for eniy of the actual gameplay but as you sed unsure how Tearaway and LBP will work on it (didnt thay say some games would be incompatable befor?)



Volmun commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

"this potentially sets a dangerous precedent, with other major publishers likely to create their own custom subscription services separate from PlayStation Plus if this proves popular."



Volmun commented on Could Knack Possibly Make a Comeback? PS4 Arch...:

Althow I have mones about KnacK I would like to see a 2nd game (the fixed camra and (not sure how to word this right btw) the continus coridore lvl format blending into oneanother) id hope for a more open world in the 2nd if its made.

-I think one of the problems for me was that I was very hiped for KnacK (actualy being one of the games I got a PS4 for)



Volmun commented on LittleBigPlanet 3's Public Beta isn't Starting...:

Im hopeing to get a Beta code as I was in the LBP2 LBPVita and LBPKarting Beta's just hopeing i get into the 3rd lol (i actualy got the Beta Bug Blaster from the Vita Beta sadly dosnt work on the PS3 games... only LBP Vita)



Volmun commented on Soul Sacrifice Delta:

Awsome game and its good theres a data trancefer that actualy changes the entro vs Liviathan



Volmun commented on Your Dynasty Warriors 8 PS3 Save Is Now Free t...:

Thats a pritty handy i never got around to getting DW8 So i might get this Extream Legends one.. althow been dubius of the EXvers sins the orignal EX L on PS2 was quite awful compered to the one it was baced off.



Volmun commented on Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Still Looks Absolutely...:

@get2sammyb yeah same here last FF game i got was 11 (played it for about a month then that was it lol) and a beta of 14 the recent FF games really have bot intrested me in the slightest but this one really got my atention (probably as it showed a huge boss lol) still id like to see some actual gameplay.