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Male, 26, United Kingdom

hello i have problems with my spelling as i have Dislexia i triy my best to spell so please dont go on about it. I enjoy games some of my favrot searies are METROID. Monster Hunter. Phantasiy Star Online. and more lol concels i have WiiU, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Vita, PC, Phone,

Wed 16th May 2012

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Volmun commented on TGS 2015: For a Vita Game, Digimon World: Next...:

@whywai88 basically the point i was trying to make Thanks for wording it out better

@JaxonH well if other Digimon games are to go buy id say the two are not really comparable as there both good although Digimon often vairys allot in gameplay to Pokemon (in mainline games not spinoffs)

@godslayer1975 I Have Both Vita (3G) and 3DS had both from there initial lornch days and have a New3DS Too and I Disagree with the whole point of Vita being better in Every Way for several reasons The controls are rather Iffy.. the shoulder buttons being the worst offenders and the touch screen and touch pad iv had them be totally unresponsive several times also that its the 1st had held machean iv ever had to give me hand cramps i can only play on it with a special harnice thing that Makes it more like a controller shape. Also i do have PSTV too (Got it when it dropped to £40 ish or was it £25.. cant remember but Yeah im quite happy with that love playing SoulSacrfice and Freedom wars on the TV as there touchscreen uses were minimal its not a problem.



Volmun commented on First Impressions: Our First 50 Hours With The...:

Im very tempted by this.. but at the moment can not afford it Im glad that thay made it Free Online (Subscription Free) One thing thow (iv probably missed it sed somewhere) But Do you Need PS+ to play the game? or is it a bit like Destany in that you can Play it but are restricted to solo Play.



Volmun commented on This Was Supposed to Be Your Very First Look a...:

some of the inviroments looks allot brighter (some more intresting) and allot ritcher coloures also some more modernish guns (mostly the duble barreld shotgun)
The difrnt inviroments may well be coming DLC.



Volmun commented on Capcom: PS4 Remasters to Represent Key Part of...:

A MegaMan Legend's 1&2 HD remake wit MissAventurs of Miss Tron Bonne wouldn't go unapreciated by this Fan (like it'd Ever happen...)


And Yes i am well awere that the US got TB on the PS Stor.. I however am in the UK.. So dont say "But its in the Store already"



Volmun commented on Del Toro Says His Collaboration with Hideo Koj...:

ik ppl will scoff and pick over and tell me im wrong but.. i feal thay shuld Continue this project just remove the Silent Hill Branding off it make it its own thing just so what work has been done is not dead and burryed.



Volmun commented on Sony's Been Trying to Make a Super Smash Bros ...:

I can see it working going off the Sub Space emicery (how ever its spelt) the story mode from SSBB (the Wii Games to ppl who dont know) but for me id just mutch rather have a new Game over a Film baced off a Game... its why i dont like the Idea of a Zelda or Metroid Film.



Volmun commented on Toukiden: Kiwami PS4 Gameplay Hacks and Slashe...:

@BertoFlyingFox if i recall God Eater tryed to do the multiple aria thing but the inviroments were very dull also if i recall from the Vita demo of the original of Toukiden it did have multiple locations per map dunno about being able to capter the monsters/demonds or not

  • I realy like Soul Sacrfice but I get what you mean its still no Monster Hunter (lol iv played/got all the games that have come to the UK)


Volmun commented on Titanfall 2 Mechs Its Way to PlayStation 4:

@General_Spiller uhhg I think I vometed in my mouth reading what EA will more than likely say lol - Not that intrested in titanfall now tbh after hearing you can litrly do nothing and win in the campain mode.. I was origanly intrested thinking itd be like ArmerdCore only with On foot FPS Action Still wate and see how 2 will look.



Volmun commented on Toukiden: Kiwami Looks Pretty and Peaceful on PS4:

planing on getting this on PS4 when it gets here Next week or the week after I was tempted by the original on Vita but it just wasnt original enuff to make me buy it as I had Soul Sacrfice and Ragnarok (i think) by that time.



Volmun commented on First Impressions: Is Resident Evil: Revelatio...:

@get2sammyb idk really Charm? I supose but from what iv seen (and iv not been folowing it too closely ) Rev2 looks like a lot more generic Modern RE game again il be getting it still just as of yet hasnt pulled me into it as mutch as 1 did.. tbh thinking about it with 1 I think it was the fact it was so impreciv for a hand held game Shame thay removed close to all the Puzzles in the "HD" remake