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Male, 23, United States

I'm a beginner concept artist, I'm a PlayStation and Nintendo fan. I Don't hate Xbox, it just doesn't appeal to me.

Tue 19th Nov 2013

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Spidernoir commented on Why Is Sucker Punch Being So Secretive About P...:

I want to believe you and I understand that's your opinion and all. (The gameplay bit is understandable).

It's just when you talk about screen tearing, blurry textures and frame drops etc. I can't help but feel you're talking about the stream itself and not the game.

I highly, very highly doubt Sucker Punch would ever release a game that isn't in top notch form. I highly doubt Sony would allow them to release a game that does all of what you described. It would be like Nintendo releasing a Mario game that wasn't as good as it could possibly be.



Spidernoir commented on PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Goes Gold:

I pre-ordered, not because I want the goodies or whatever, but because I know full well if I don't pre-order it now, I won't be able to buy it for another 3 months or so.

That and this game is the primary reason I even got a PS4 so early.



Spidernoir commented on Weirdness: This Is What The Legend of Zelda Wo...:

Actually Nintendo Fans DO say they would like some PS exclusive games on Nintendo consoles: Ex:Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter and Sly Cooper.

It's just most PS fans own Nintendo consoles and most Nintendo fans own Sony Consoles. Granted I'm talking about Fans not fanboys.



Spidernoir commented on Pass the Time with This Lightning Returns: Fin...:

It's SE, the only time they seem to get FF right, is when they do MMORPG's or when they do a Action RPG Final Fantasy.

I've always hated turn based, it's what puts me off of Final Fantasy games except Crisis Core and the upcoming FFXV.



Spidernoir commented on Reaction: PlayStation Now Clears the Cloud on ...:

"Why buy the console when you can just buy the TV"

I'd say cost and technology plays a factor.

You'd rather get the console, as that's the best experience, as Sony said.
Probably because the service was created primarily for the PS4 and Vita.

TV streaming is good, but probably not as good as a game device that is created to do that.

Not to mention most people who own a PS4/PS3 probably already have an HDTV, so why buy another TV just to stream games ?

I see the TV bit targeted more towards the causal market.



Spidernoir commented on Sucker Punch: You'll Need to Play inFAMOUS: Se...:

The thing about inFamous is that in reality, there's no such thing as good or evil.

There's merely type 1 Anti-Hero and type 4 Anti-Hero. Type 1 is what Positive Karma Cole is, Type 4 is what Negative Karma Cole is.

inFamous doesn't really have an evil side IMO. Most of "evil" Cole's actions at the core were beneficial. Even the Evil Ending in 2 wasn't really evil, he had to make a hard decision, conduits lives or the humans lives. Even the good ending was morally ambiguous, he sacrificed other people without asking them if they wanted to live or die, he made the decision for them, thus killing innocent conduits in order save humanity.

The neutral decision would have been to do nothing. Let the plague run its course.

The whole point of inFamous is that no matter how hard you try, you can't save everyone.



Spidernoir commented on Soapbox: Assassin's Creed's Modern Day Compone...:

For the first few games, it was cool , gave us a bit of back-story and modern plot. For 3 it started going down hill, the modern story and gameplay felt like it was forced in and didn't blend well. The ending was complete BS.

For 4 it was just what ? You play as a faceless man/woman, I was hoping they would show the face at the end. Not to mention the entire thing felt out of place and rushed.

Or am I missing a comic that explains the post events of 3 ?



Spidernoir commented on Whoa, the PS4 Sold Over Half a Million Units i...:


That comment confused me too, a few games come out each month.

I still haven't bought Killzone Shadow Fall, Lego Marvel, Knack. Still need to finish Escape Plan, Trine 2, and Contrast.

FFXIV Beta comes out in Feb for PS4, Rayman Legends is coming to PS4 in Feb as well.

He did say AAA, however I assume a lot of PS fans play non AAA games as well, if so the coming months should be fine.



Spidernoir commented on Feature: Five Hotly Anticipated PS4 Games That...:


I can understand what you're saying. I can agree with that. Personally I'm neutral; however I have to opt mostly for digital due to location.

For me, plus is a life saver, as I'm on a very tight budget, and plus allows me to get games I otherwise couldn't afford at the moment by bringing them down to my price range.

For me buying a year subscription pretty much raises the chance of me being able to score discounted games; I otherwise wouldn't have been able to get until somewhere down the road. (FFXIV comes to mind).

The added bonus being most of the games I have on plus I haven't played before.

My most anticipated games in order:

Second Son

Order 1886

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantsy XV



Spidernoir commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 3 Games of ...:

Personally I don't feel TLoU was truly GOTY, it's a really great game, I enjoyed every moment of it, but it doesn't feel like GOTY. BI was the same feeling for me. The most powerful moments we're the story/cutscenes not the gameplay for the two games. However out of the two, I felt TLoU was better.

DmC crossed my mind but while it was a really amazing game to me (gameplay wise, I love hack n slash) it was not GOTY worthy. (no I don't care they gave dante a new look, I was never attached to the old dante).

In order for a game to be truly GOTY material for me, it has to have amazing gameplay AND story, not one or the other.



Spidernoir commented on Soapbox: Why There's No Real Rush to Upgrade t...:

I won't lie I bought my PS4 ahead of time due to Order 1886, Rayman Legends, FFXIV, Second Son and KH3.

If I had waited I wouldn't have been able to get one or even want one. For once most of the games I want come out EARLY next year instead of in the middle.



Spidernoir commented on Soapbox: Why There's No Real Rush to Upgrade t...:

I think having to pay for mutiplayer was fine. The funny thing is I actually forgot the PS4 needs a plus sub to play online multiplayer and barely remembered when I got my ps4 yesterday, luckily I bought a year of plus this month.

That said I agree completely, unless you're into RPG's, MMO's and Action Adventure (which is mostly what's on the PS4), you're better off waiting till next year.



Spidernoir commented on Feature: For the Buyers - Push Square's PlaySt...:

Mom got me FF Reborn early (along with PlayStation Plus for a year, so I bought the game for 10.00) for my ps3 so I can continue it on my PS4 when it comes out.

Loving it so far.

I already got my friends a few games as well.