We can always dream

Nintendo has not had an especially enjoyable day. The manufacturer slashed its hardware forecasts in the early hours of this morning, with the Wii U’s numbers looking particularly bleak. As a result of the harrowing figures, armchair analysts all over the web have taken to message boards and online forums to speculate how the troubled platform holder can turn its fortunes around. Alas, seasoned industry commentator Michael Pachter’s suggestion may just be the boldest of them all.

Writing as part of a note to investors, the Wedbush Securities executive pointed out that the Japanese giant may improve its outlook by publishing its games on the PlayStation 4 – at least until it has a new system ready to release. “Once Nintendo has a new console on the market, we think that it would make sense for the company to pull all of its software from the PS4 and Xbox One, and go back to being a proprietary software maker,” reads the suit’s report.

According to Pachter, the House of Mario’s current predicament is a result of its “uncompetitive console” and not its “first-rate” software, so it needs to solve that before it can return to profitability. While we can sort of see the analyst’s point – through a very potent microscope, anyway – we just don’t think that a temporary turn as a third-party publisher will do the platform holder any good. After all, we’re still waiting on the Dreamcast 2.

The reality is that the manufacturer would have to learn a brand new set of architectures in an incredibly short timeframe – and that doesn’t even factor in the untold damage that it would do to its brands. With a handful of big releases on the horizon, we still have faith that the company can turn its business around. Let’s not forget that this is the same firm that utterly outmanoeuvred Sony in the handheld space when everyone thought that the PlayStation Vita had the declining market sewn up.

[source gamesindustry.biz]