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Wed 18th Sep 2013

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Xaessya commented on Talking Point: How's Your PlayStation VR Hype ...:

Not to poop on PSVR but there is a fun VR game on Steam for Vive called Tabletop Simulator where you can play a large amount of community and built in games like Uno, Dungeons and Dragons, Yugioh, Pokemon Trading Cards, and now Cards Against Humanity.

I think this should come to Rift and PSVR because I think this is the best VR game!



Xaessya commented on Persona 5 Rated Mature in North America:

Does have mature things happening in P5 but it stays off screen, suggested, or is exposed in dialog.

I think the coffins and shooting themselves was odd and not dark. It might have had more of an impact if your character reacted to any of it but he had a blank expression like he didn't care (which I think he been experiencing the dark hour since childhood which is maybe why?) Also they never really said why their summon equipment had to be guns :I
And then there is Chidori and Fuuka >:3

@Frank90 @Feena @Ralizah
Atlus is basically (in my opinion) the only ones keeping the turn base RPGs alive! Although I think that might be why their games don't sell that well? (compared to other RPGs) It seems to be a dying genre :/

I will assume you guys already down with Atlus games but if not, I suggest you guys get SMT4, Devil Survivor Overclocked, Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (If you like the Etrian Odyssey games but want Persona characters) Etrian Mystery Dungeon (All for 3DS)
And my favorite unknown gem, Dokapon Kingdom! (For PS2 and Wii)
Its a board game RPG hybrid which can be alot of fun if you got friends to get into with, I suggest looking it up! (although it does have a kid-ish style)