Sony does what Nintendon't

Sony has recently finalised its plans to purchase a new semiconductors factory, reports Japanese national TV channel NHK. What makes this acquisition slightly more interesting, however, is that the plant in question is most notable for producing the DRAM chip for the Nintendo Wii U. Our beloved Japanese giant plans to plonk ¥7 billion ($67 million) on the manufacturing facility, as well as another ¥20 million ($193,000) to spruce up its gear.

It's no secret that the other Japanese giant's flagship home console has been having a tough time in the past year. A lengthy software drought combined with a seemingly disinterested market means that the system just isn't selling as fast as it should be. In truth, the Wii U is facing many of the same issues plaguing the PlayStation Vita, so we can't help but feel a twinge of solidarity for the historic company.

Unfortunately, this new facility will predominantly be used for the production of CMOS sensors for Sony's needlessly complicated line of smartphones – but that's not going to stop us from dreaming of playing Nintendo's lauded first party properties on our PlayStation 4. What do you make of this fascinating business move? Do you expect to see Mario making his auspicious debut on a PlayStation platform in the coming months? Stomp on a Goomba in the comments section below.