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naruball commented on Talking Point: What's Your Favourite PSone Game?:

Easily "Tomba!"

Words can't describe just how much I loved this game. I played it again when it became available on the vita and loved every second of it which almost never happens to me with old games/game I have already played.



naruball commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Just finished the third part of 400 Days and though I get what you mean, I still don't like the characters. I'll try to avoid spoiling it to anyone who hasn't played it yet, but let's just say I didn't really like the black teenager or the Asian criminal, especially the way he escaped. I did find the drug addict's story quite interesting, though.

As for the rest of the comments:
1. I think some of you are using the word "hypocritical" incorrectly. Hypocritical would be if people like Push Square reviewers gave a great score to Drive Club because it's a Sony exclusive and terrible to COD:AW because it's not despite both of them having similar online problems (I heard it's worse with DC). In that case, they would be inconsistent and it would be hypocritical of them to do so. But if at some point the change their review system across the board, then it's a change for the better. What should they do to avoid being called hypocritical? Never change/improve?

2. Bugs/glitches etc. I don't think it's due to lazy developers but because of the little time they have to make the games. Remember when Sony forced Nihilistic (or whatever they were called) to make COD vita in like 6 months? Of course a game made like that will end up being a mess. Same with Ubisoft and AC. Obviously Ubisoft wants to make as much money as possible and they know that by delaying a game and missing the holiday window, they will lose millions. At the same time, with what they are doing they're running their series to the ground.

I'm glad reviewers have finally become less forgiving and hopefully they will affect sales enough to force companies to give developers time to both make and test their games.



naruball commented on November's PS Plus Offering Is an Indie Game E...:

Maybe I missed it, but did anyone take into account that since the launch of the ps4 the ps+ subscribers increased by ... like a lot? Last time they made a statement about it, they said that that half the ps4 users had ps+ and suggested that before the launch of the ps4 there were less than a million ps+ subscibers.

Do people understand what these numbers mean at all? No? ok.

Every time Sony was giving away a game, it was was given to less than a million people out of like 70m ps3 and psvita owners. Because it was given to such a small number, it worked as a promotion of the game. People would try it out, recommend it to friends or make positive comments about it online, which leads to more sales for the game.

If now the game is being given to more than 4m people, which company would be willing to give their game for free to that many people? And if they did, how much money would they ask from Sony? The new subscribers also affect the free ps3 games, because they likely also have a ps3 and they are unlikely to purchase an AAA ps3 game if it's given to them for free.

Feel free to yell a Sony all you want. But how about we have some realistic expectations? At any rate, I still think they should give either Knack or Killzone (ps4) this month considering the whole mess with Drive Club. Other than that, it has been an overall good year for me, because as soon as ps subscribers rose, I knew we wouldn't get many AAA titles. I don't have a ps4 and still think it's worth it. Feel free to disagree, but consider the numbers from a business point, for a change.



naruball commented on PewDiePie Kickflips PS3 Classic Skate 3 Back t...:

Don't like the guy. I gave him a fair chance but I found his voice incredibly annoying. After hearing him scream while playing Deadpool, I decided to never watch any of videos ever again. But they still show up on what's new/popular on youtube. I ended up watching one more titled something along the lines of "I'm leaving". A video in which he explain how he'd be gone for a single week. If that's not incerdibly obnoxious, I don't know what is. Kim Kardshian has huge influence on young girls, but I still have no respect for her.

This is not blind hate. I gave both of them a fair chance and simply found them annoying. I don't think they do actually do anything to deserve any respect.



naruball commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

I disagree. In order to call someone's actions hypocritical you need to compare reactions to a similar situation. It's like saying "killing someone is bad". What if someone kills someone in self defence? Is that the same? Would someone calling both people "murderers" be right? Of course not. Point being: context is everything. When Sony does something similar and people say it's fine, feel free to call the hypocrites.

I, personally, don't like paid third party exclusives whether they are timed, permanent or just dlc. If you feel differently, that's fine but before you call someone a hypocrite consider whether the situation is actually similar enough to warrant such criticism.

That's absolutely fair. Their action is a slap in the face of fans and rewarding them with sales is only sending the wrong message. So don't feel any pressure to buy it. Wait some time and if you feel differently at some point, there will always be (second hand) copies you can buy.



naruball commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

Not everyone can afford a second console. Fable was a huge miss for me (as ps3/pc gamer) but I didn't buy an entire console for one game.

As for Dreamfall Chapters, can you honestly compare it with Tomb Raider? TR is one of the biggest franchises in video game history with a long success on ps consoles. The other a game some people have heard of, which could turn out to be terrible. Not even remotely the same.



naruball commented on Don't Worry, Crystal Dynamics Considered Your ...:

I feel almost the same way. I was never a fan of TR but I find this decision a slap in the face of loyal fans who made TR the franchise that it is today. I would suggest you buy the game used to play it and not give them a penny. That's what I'm planning to do with any Square Enix game from now on, as they are the ones who made that decision. I'm sure Crystal Dynamics had no say in this and are getting a lot of heat because of SE's moronic decision.



naruball commented on Soapbox: Here's Why I Will Be Playing Journey ...:

Sigh. And here was I thinking we had a great community here

You don't have to like the game but insulting it the way some people have is pretty disappointing to say the least. Can we just say that it's not your cup of tea and leave it at that?



naruball commented on Soapbox: Here's Why I Will Be Playing Journey ...:

Journey is easily the most amazing video game I've ever played. It's the closest thing to a masterpiece I've ever experienced. I've played hundreds of games but never been moved by one. I don't care much for art and expected to hate it.

I tried it with great speakers and the lights off. It's such an amazing experience that there is no way to explain to someone just how good it is. You just get find yourself lost in a different universe as if it's an out of body experience.

Having said that, two of my best friends played it once on my ps3 and were bored to death. All I could hear was "where am I supposed to go?", "do I get to kill that thing?", "are there any more cool dragons?". "What's the point of the game". So, I'd say if you play it with that kind of mindset, you certainly won't enjoy it.



naruball commented on Gamescom 2014: This Is the Tomb Raider Game Yo...:

I must be the only one here who never liked the Tomb Raider franchise but fully enjoyed Guardian of Light. Played it with a friend and loved it. Having said that, there's no way I'm buying this. Not after SE's disrespectful decision. I really hope this and every TR game flops until SE sells the ip to a more worthy publisher. From now on I'm only buying used copies of SE games.
And no thank you, Square Enix. I will not be excited.



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

Yeah, I know what you mean about old times and dicovering hidden games...

As for jrpgs, I didn't mean that if you don't like them, then you're tastes are limited, but that your tastes may be limited and JRPG's would be an example. I, for example, don't like sports, fps and racing games so unlike some people, I don't get to enjoy games like Uncharted (though it is a 3rd person shooter), Killzone or Borderlands, all of which sound great. Same with Fifa games, football manager and all the racing games on vita that have incredible replay value.



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

Seems to me that it's a combo of you being insanely good at games (never heard anyone platinuming those two games so fast- it took my more than 50 tries to beat certain speed levels on Rayman Origins) and your tastes in video games being quite limited. There are just too many good games available at the moment and you're the first person I've heard saying that he's that invested in the console (spending hours on the ps store) and not having a huge backlog already. Especially when it comes to JRPg's like Persona 4 Golden that take more than a 100 hours to beat or even Rayman Legends (I've lost count of how many hours I've spent playing it and still nowhere near unlocking the last character).



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

Read your own sentence again:
"There's no point in having a discussion with you when you actually think that the 3DS is still a bad console despite it being massively succsessful."
You assume that just because it's selling well it's indisputably a good console. The basis of your argument is that "Every product that sells well is good and every product that sells badly is not?", no matter how many times you deny it. (hence also why you also brought the bad psvita sales into this)



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

1. I made the same remark about 3ds hardware and you called such an opinion "ridiculous". You replied to both of us.

2. "There's no point in having a discussion with you when you actually think that the 3DS is still a bad console despite it being massively succsessful."
Do you listen to yourself? Why would the sales of a console change my perception of the console? Would I enjoy Transformers just because it made a lot of money? What kind of logic is this?

Are you actually saying that every product that sells well is good and every product that sells badly is not?



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

Can you give us a list of the ps vita games you've played? Maybe we could recommend a game or two that you've missed so far. For example, have you played Soul Sacrifice? I played that game for more than 100 hours. Destiny of spirits around 700 so far and games like Rayman Origins took me months to platinum.



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

Your logic is deeply flawed.
1. You called my opinion on 3ds hardware "ridiculous", so your comment was most certainly out of line, as I was only expressing my opinion. Just the way I don't try to offend you for both thinking that the 3ds hardware is good or that the 3ds games are better, so should you respect other people's opinions and not call the "ridiculous". You weren't just expressing your opinion; you were also criticizing others'. Huge difference.

2. "Nearly 50 million people can't be wrong". Yes they can. Your statement suggests that whatever sells well is necessarily a quality product, which is far from the case. I bought a 3ds and I'm not happy with it. Does my purchase mean that I consider it a good product? What about Michael Bay movies? "They made over a billion, they can't be wrong". What about Call of Duty games? Or Watch Dogs, which had incredible sales due to hype and left people who played it disappointed. How many times have COD fans complained about the franchise and then stated that they're buying the latest game anyway? In other words, 50m sales can only be an indication of quality and nothing more.

Also: you know you've lost an argument when you feel the need to point out one's spelling mistake.



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:

So let me get this straight. Me expressing my not-so-positive opinion on 3ds hardware is ridiculous. You saying that it has tons of better games for it is not. I hope the irony is not lost on you. I'll give you a hint: they are both opinions to which we're entitled. Just the way you enjoy 3ds games more than psvita games, I enjoy the vita hardware more than the 3ds hardware. For me, holding a 3ds is awkward. For you, it isn't. Simple as that.

Having said that, your last statement is a perfect example of ignorance. Saying that "all it has right now are shoddy ports and remakes of old games" is a gross exaggeration. Not only does it have several exclusives (Uncharted, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenaries, Gravity Rush among others), but in terms of hardware, it can run games that 3ds cannot. The fact that it was "marketed as an HD gaming machine" is irrelevant as it does not affect my experience as a gamer one bit.



naruball commented on Reckon the PS Vita's Got No Game? This Three H...:


Couldn't agree more. The 3ds hardware is just terrible imo. I bought one for Pokemon x/y and Naruto and though I did beat the Naruto game, I found it hard to keep gaming on 3ds, knowing that I had a vita waiting for me which felt 10x better to hold. The UI is also better on the vita and so is the ps store vs the 3ds' online store. The latter is just horrendous. The prices are bad, navigating it is hard and all I ended up doing was downloading a few demos.

As for the games, it all comes down to tastes. I prefer the vita games. Not only do they look better, but there is more variety as far as I'm concerned. Even the supposedly good 3ds games like Mario 3d land didn't do it for me. Though I have to say, I really like the 3d effect that some games implement well (Pokemon not being one of them).

At the moment I have enough vita games to play for years and I have yet to buy some that I really wanna play (Freedom Wars, FF 10, and Soul Sacrifice Delta being the ones I want the most).



naruball commented on You Could Get a Sequel to Xbox One Exclusive R...:

I get the hate for this game but all I know is that I'm excited for it and will definitely buy it on Steam in about a year, when it'll cost less than a 10er. Even if the gameplay isn't great, I can still enjoy it as if it were an interactive movie.

If the sequel comes to ps4 as well, I'll definitely buy it at some point.



naruball commented on Review: DayD Tower Rush (PlayStation Network -...:

Thanks. I bought that game years ago and absolutely love it, though I do find it extremly difficult. I think I only once managed to beat a level and that's it. Way too hard for me.

Thanks. Never heard of that one. I looked it up and it seems like it's a psp/mini game. I was hoping for more vita tower defence games (with trophy sets and all). Since I've already played PixelJunk Monsters, I saw Day D as my only other option but based on the review, I think I'll wait instead.



naruball commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

Though there is little to no doubt that this will be a huge flop, I can't wait to watch it. Anna Torv is hands down my favourite voice actress from any video game I've ever played. There's something incredible about her voice. Blu-ray for me.



naruball commented on Review: Child of Light (PlayStation Vita):

I have to strongly agree with you.
I think Matt's review is great, but you have a very good point. The expectations from the psvita are much lower in terms of performance than the ps3 and of course the ps4 versions. That's why the wii version of games that were also available on ps3/xb360 did not automatically get terrible scores. Neither did the exclusives.

Take Xenoblade for example. Terrible looking game on the wii, but still the highest rated (J)RPG of the previous generation. Most reviewers knew that that was the best the wii could do and judged the game based on the limits of the wii hardware.

It should be the same with vita and 3ds games. Yes, games look great now as opposed to nds and psp games.Does that mean we should expect them to look or be as smooth as the home console versions? We didn't do that with psp nor ds (comparing nds games with ps3 games).

It's just not what people should expect. The technology is simply not there. If indies don't get any flack for not looking great, neither should games on psvita from bigger publishers.



naruball commented on Ubisoft Wants Just Dance To Join League Of Leg...:

Perhaps you're right but I've been playing Just Dance 2014 for a while and it seems to me that you can do silly moves and still get points, but in order to get perfect scores you really need to pay attention to detail. I played a few rounds with my friends recently and they kept complaining about getting lower scores than me though they were doing the same moves.
I think the tracking is not bad at all.



naruball commented on Store Update: 25th June 2014 (Europe):

Good to see a lot of games released on ps mobile, but seriously, who buys them? I haven't seen any good ones on the store and have yet to hear a single person talk about them apart from life of pixel.



naruball commented on Soapbox: Was Dragon's Crown Just A Joke That N...:

Great article. I think it's very well written and you do have a point.

I've been playing Dragon's Crown the last 5 days and I have to mostly agree with all your points. Yes, it is comedy and the game is absolutely great, so getting a lower score for its art is quite silly to me, as it's clearly not meant to be taken seriously.

Having said that, I also agree with the point you make in the penultimate paragraph. I've seen many movies and tv shows where they show boobs as a parody but at the end of the day, it's still boobs that do in fact attract an audience. Just because some of you might find them way too big to be attractive, it doesn't mean everyone feels this way or that whoever makes this decision to include them as a prominent feauture is not aware that there is an audience for that. As a matter of fact, check almost any anime. Anime like Fairy tail. There are many main characters with just as big boobs as the sorceress'.

If you make a game full of gore and say "but it's parody", it doesn't make it any less gore. As for The amazon's thighs, I've read quite a few positive comments around the web and people saying they'd buy the game for that reason alone.

The game is still great and that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned.



naruball commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

I'd rather they kept as it's been so far. There's a time and place for everything and E3 should stay a live event. Part of the fun is watching a disaster happen.

They can have digital events before Christmas if they want, but not at the expense of a proper E3 event.



naruball commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

Thanks for providing this list. People who were interested in Ninty games in the first place thought that Ninty won E3. In reality, if you go by opinions, everyone's got one so I can say that EA won.

If we go by facts, then yes, Sony did win. They had a combo of the most exclusives and 3rd party support, which Ninty lacks.

Saying that "x company won IMO/for me" is fine. But saying that it was "not even close" or "hands down" is silly. All 3 companies had good presentations.

As for how Ninty did better on Twitter, that's easy. More gameplay and more need for good games from wiiu owners. Same as vita owners who post everywhere, despite the small install base. And surely, the Smash Tournament helped a lot.