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Fri 8th Jul 2011

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naruball commented on Soapbox: No Man's Sky on PS4 Is the Biggest Di...:

No man's sky is not your average indie. Had it been, it would have been praised to death by reviewers and gamers.

It is perceived as an AAA game, especially because of the hype surrounding it and the fact that it's a partnership with Sony. For some reason people keep forgetting that it was made by a tiny team which can only do so much in a such short time.

The most obvious thing to notice is the complaints about its graphics. When was the last time you heard reviewers or gamers complain about an indie game's graphics. They always get a free pass.



naruball commented on Sonic Mania Is the PS4 Sequel You've Spent You...:

@themcnoisy Thanks for your reply. Always interested in civil conversations.

I, too, prefer 2d Mario. it's not just about 2d and 3d or graphics. I think newer games play better than old ones. I prefer New Super Mario bros to Super Mario Bros 3. I would have no interest in a Super Mario Bros 4 game, but would play New Super Mario Bros 2 in a hearbeat.

As for I am Setsuna and the Bravely series, I don't think they are doing as well as Final Fantasy mainline games (and I think comparing FFXIII-2 or 3 with Bravely Default 1 is a bit unfair - I've seen it brought up several times). I plan on playing both, but I'm way more interested in XV.



naruball commented on Sonic Mania Is the PS4 Sequel You've Spent You...:

@Drawfull I'm 30. I grew up playing Mario, Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Castlevania, TNTM, etc. They were great back then, not so much now. Not just in terms of graphics, but in terms of pretty much everything.

Not speaking for everyone, just myself. 8/16 bit music sounded that way because that's all the Ninty and Sega consoles could do at the time. The games were short for similar reasons. There was little to no voice acting. The story was usually basic and cliche. Games evolved and now we get some incredible experiences.

Yes, the latest Sonic games have not been great for a number of reasons. They should identify those reasons and try to make a good game. The problem is not 3d or graphics. The problem was that mediocre teams developed them, that they rushed some of the games, that they made too many and there was little quality control. Had they had gamers properly test them, they would have never released most of the Sonic games that they made.

I don't like the idea of a reset. A reboot like Tomb Raider is fine. But if Final Fantasy XVI were to go back to its Final Fantasy I roots and look like a retro game, I simply would have no interest in it. Sure, most of the Final Fantasy games after VII weren't as well received and all 3 XIII seem to have damaged the brand. Does that mean we should go back 8bit?

I don't think so. If others do, then good for them. They have their opinions and I'm not going to attack them like some people are doing here.



naruball commented on Sonic Mania Is the PS4 Sequel You've Spent You...:

@GlynCR Nope. Where did I say that exactly? Why make such an assumption? How about a good modern looking Sonic game?

Look at Super Mario Bros games and Mario Galaxy. They made a modern looking game (at the time) that was a step forward AND a great game.

If they make a Super Mario Bros 4 game with NES graphics I'd feel the same. In other words, good for people who are into retro games, not for me.



naruball commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Just Platinumed Infamous 2 and got back to gauntlet.

Thinking about getting back to Tearaway or Until Dawn. it's such a shame that I can only play Until Dawn late at night, because if it's not dark enough, it breaks the immersion.



naruball commented on Behold the Mighty No.9 Trailer People Are Tear...:

Also hilarious how people (including pushsquare reviewers) have been giving free passes to indie games with the worst kind of graphics but then a game like this is about to come out and all they have to say is how bad it looks. The gameplay seems great, so I don't see the issue here.

Hate bandwagons are absolutely hilarious.



naruball commented on Street Fighter V Has Not Flopped As Hard As Yo...:

I had no doubt it had sold better than the internet was claiming and it's good to see some official numbers so that people can stop calling it a flop. Or maybe they'll keep on hating. Who knows.
Here's hoping it keeps selling when it receives the additional modes.



naruball commented on We're Not Entirely Sold on Star Ocean 5's Engl...:

There's definitely good and bad voice acting no matter the script. Ellen Page did such a brilliant job with Beyond that anyone who wants to do voice acting should watch her performance first and see what real voice acting sounds like.



naruball commented on Talking Point: What's Gone Wrong with PlayStat...:

@JoeBlogs I'm sure Sammy doesn't mean or suggest that indies aren't good games or anything. But the thing is, you can play Broforce or similar indie games on ps3. Indie games tend to have a small budget and they don't take advantage of the ps4 hardware. What's the point of gaming on a ps4 if all you do is play games that play and look exactly the same on last generation consoles?
Offering almost only indie games on ps4 is a bad strategy. They need to throw in some currently cheap AAA games. Not get rid of indie games altogether. One AAA game every 4 months would be a good start.