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naruball commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

Though there is little to no doubt that this will be a huge flop, I can't wait to watch it. Anna Torv is hands down my favourite voice actress from any video game I've ever played. There's something incredible about her voice. Blu-ray for me.



naruball commented on Review: Child of Light (PlayStation Vita):

I have to strongly agree with you.
I think Matt's review is great, but you have a very good point. The expectations from the psvita are much lower in terms of performance than the ps3 and of course the ps4 versions. That's why the wii version of games that were also available on ps3/xb360 did not automatically get terrible scores. Neither did the exclusives.

Take Xenoblade for example. Terrible looking game on the wii, but still the highest rated (J)RPG of the previous generation. Most reviewers knew that that was the best the wii could do and judged the game based on the limits of the wii hardware.

It should be the same with vita and 3ds games. Yes, games look great now as opposed to nds and psp games.Does that mean we should expect them to look or be as smooth as the home console versions? We didn't do that with psp nor ds (comparing nds games with ps3 games).

It's just not what people should expect. The technology is simply not there. If indies don't get any flack for not looking great, neither should games on psvita from bigger publishers.



naruball commented on Ubisoft Wants Just Dance To Join League Of Leg...:

Perhaps you're right but I've been playing Just Dance 2014 for a while and it seems to me that you can do silly moves and still get points, but in order to get perfect scores you really need to pay attention to detail. I played a few rounds with my friends recently and they kept complaining about getting lower scores than me though they were doing the same moves.
I think the tracking is not bad at all.



naruball commented on Store Update: 25th June 2014 (Europe):

Good to see a lot of games released on ps mobile, but seriously, who buys them? I haven't seen any good ones on the store and have yet to hear a single person talk about them apart from life of pixel.



naruball commented on Soapbox: Was Dragon's Crown Just A Joke That N...:

Great article. I think it's very well written and you do have a point.

I've been playing Dragon's Crown the last 5 days and I have to mostly agree with all your points. Yes, it is comedy and the game is absolutely great, so getting a lower score for its art is quite silly to me, as it's clearly not meant to be taken seriously.

Having said that, I also agree with the point you make in the penultimate paragraph. I've seen many movies and tv shows where they show boobs as a parody but at the end of the day, it's still boobs that do in fact attract an audience. Just because some of you might find them way too big to be attractive, it doesn't mean everyone feels this way or that whoever makes this decision to include them as a prominent feauture is not aware that there is an audience for that. As a matter of fact, check almost any anime. Anime like Fairy tail. There are many main characters with just as big boobs as the sorceress'.

If you make a game full of gore and say "but it's parody", it doesn't make it any less gore. As for The amazon's thighs, I've read quite a few positive comments around the web and people saying they'd buy the game for that reason alone.

The game is still great and that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned.



naruball commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Show...:

I'd rather they kept as it's been so far. There's a time and place for everything and E3 should stay a live event. Part of the fun is watching a disaster happen.

They can have digital events before Christmas if they want, but not at the expense of a proper E3 event.



naruball commented on Nintendo Thumps PlayStation in E3 2014 Twitter...:

Thanks for providing this list. People who were interested in Ninty games in the first place thought that Ninty won E3. In reality, if you go by opinions, everyone's got one so I can say that EA won.

If we go by facts, then yes, Sony did win. They had a combo of the most exclusives and 3rd party support, which Ninty lacks.

Saying that "x company won IMO/for me" is fine. But saying that it was "not even close" or "hands down" is silly. All 3 companies had good presentations.

As for how Ninty did better on Twitter, that's easy. More gameplay and more need for good games from wiiu owners. Same as vita owners who post everywhere, despite the small install base. And surely, the Smash Tournament helped a lot.



naruball commented on Sony: PS4 Is the Best Place to Play for Innova...:

I fail to see any arrogance. Is there a quote that is missing? Cause everything mentioned here is absolutely fine.

As for who had the better E3. Depends on the games you like. I much preferred Sony's over MS' and NInty's.



naruball commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

Wow, dude. So everything was terrible, huh? Your definitition of terrible is massively diffrent from mine. Sure, I don't care about The Order or Uncharted, but I still recognize that there's a huge audience for them. In other words, I would never call them terrible.
As for the letters, it was painfully obvious that the letters were presented that way as a joke and in order to make it even more obvious for people who don't get jokes, the presenter himself pointed out that it was a joke. How anyone could have missed that is beyond me.



naruball commented on June PlayStation Plus Freebies include PixelJu...:

As if online people would ever be satisfied with anything. For £40 a year, the ps+ subscription is a steal. I read some of the complaints and some people seem entirely out of touch with reality. AAA titles for ps4? You think they have unlimited funds to secure such titles? Hint: they don't.
Knack might not even be eligible due to its extremely low meta, which pretty much only leaves Killzone and Infamous as options.



naruball commented on Sony's Square Enix Stock Sales Don't Spell Dis...:

They weren't doing Sony a favour those 20 years. FF7 came out on the more popular platform which also supported cd, something that n64 lacked. The game couldn't have been released on n64. Same with 8-9. 10-12 were released on ps2, the leading platform. 13 was a multiplat, because the ps3 was not doing great. It couldn't have been done on wii due to weak hardware. 15 is again multiplat, since they thought the xbone would do well. I don't see the 20-year preferential treatment you speak of. They always made a decision from a business perspective. Nothing more. Same with Dragon Quest. It's always released on the most popular platform.

About your second point. So, if Sony wanted to sell their shares, would no one apart from SE want to buy them? I admit I don't understand how that works, so please enlighten me if you do.



naruball commented on Sony's Square Enix Stock Sales Don't Spell Dis...:

Them getting a cut doesn't have anything to do with SE showing gratitude. It's not like they chose to give them a % of the gains. As for Bravely Default, a) we'll never know, b) had it been a multiplat game, it would have sold more.

They claim that they are helping Sony now that the company is not doing well, unlike them, like Sony helped Square in 2001. I fail to see how.



naruball commented on Sony's Square Enix Stock Sales Don't Spell Dis...:

Gotta love the internet. A place where people can just call others "mad" and "childish" just like that. I'm sorry to disappoint you but despite your assertions about my personal feelings about this, I was simply stating Sony's perspective over their treatment by Square Enix. As a company which saved Square Soft from bankruptcy, claiming that they are showing their gratitude by letting them sell their shares is ludicrous.
And as a company Sony is not receiving any preferential treatment by them. If they truly wanted to show appreciation to Sony, they would have developed either exclusive games for them as they used to or at least port their games to psvita. As for me, I have a 3ds and can play these games anyway, so it in no way bothers me on a personal level.
There's nothing childish about my statement; just pointed out that even with the multiplat titles, the ps4 won't get the same boost. In other words, there is an apparent discrepancy between words and deeds when it comes to SE.



naruball commented on Sony's Square Enix Stock Sales Don't Spell Dis...:

Thanks for all the ps exclusives, Square. You know, Kingdom Hears Dream Drop Distance, Bravely Default, Final Fatasy type 0/Agito, Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15 being ps exclusives... You sure know how to show your gratitude.



naruball commented on Sony: The Economics Don't Work for Blockbuster...:

I think people who haven't actually used one probably don't know how awesome it is from a hardware perspective. The screen is amazing and holding it feels natural(?). The UI is the best I've ever had the pleasure of using and there are games for everyone and any kind of taste.
I also have a 3ds and sure it has more AAA games, but I really hate the hardware. It's just really uncomfortable to use so I stopped playing any games on it since I beat Naruto Powerful shippuden.
I'm sure the vita would have done great had it not been for this doom and gloom it's been getting even before it launched. It deters people from giving it a chance. At the moment, it has so many game I wanna play that I'm trying to force myself from buying new games, so that I can actually play the ones I've bought already.
As for the ports, I'm sure not everyone has played games like FF10 or persona 4 and they are definitely worth playing.



naruball commented on Sony Wants PlayStation 4 to Be the Perfect Pla...:

I guess the frustration comes from the lack of AAA titles. So far there's only been Knack (considered a bad game), Killzone (considered good, but not great), and Infamous (great but not excellent).
People seem to have unrealistic expectations and expect the next Uncharted or The Last of Us to drop at launch, which almost never happens. There are millions of people who bought a ps4 at launch or close to launch and are getting tired of hearing about more indies, while the AAA game department is lacking. Sure, indies don't take anything away from big budget games, but an early adopter checking for news about exclusives that put the ps4 hardware to good use, surely gets dissapointed at some point. As in "I could be playing this on my ps3. What's the point of upgrading?". Not saying I agree with them; I just get where they're coming from.



naruball commented on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Bursts ...:

Sad that there is no psvita version announced. I remember Bandai stating that the next Naruto game would be also available on the vita (though they did say that it would be Naruto:UNS4, so whenever that is released, it may be available on vita too).



naruball commented on Magic 2015 Plays Its Hand on Everything but Pl...:

I don't even have words to express my disappointment in the developers. That is simply disgusting and a slap in the face for Magic fans like me who have played every Magic game released on ps3 and bought all the expansions. It's the game that brought me closer with my current best friend.

Ms can go... Well, they know what to do. But thanks, Ms. This makes my decision to never pay for a product you sell easier.



naruball commented on This Bound by Flame Trailer Heats Up the PS4 R...:

Not only does it look like an awesome game, but that's what a trailer should be about. Gameplay, not cutscenes that are by no means an accurate representation of the game. Think I'll wait and get it whenever I buy a ps4.



naruball commented on This Mad Mathematical Formula Proves That Play...:

I thought it was incredible and only did badly because people hated it without giving it a proper chance. Too similar to Smash, not similar to smash. You name it. I played quite a few hours (at least 15) and had tons of fun. Don't really like multiplayer and my friends didn't wanna play it, so it lost its appeal to me, but overall it was great.



naruball commented on Feature: 11 Games We Want to Play with PS4's V...:

What they need to do is announce a Sword Art Online game exclusive for ps4 compatible with the Virtual Reality headset. The internet would explode and it would help both the anime/game (Sword Art Online) and the ps4/VRset take off.

Then again, that makes too much sense, so I don't see it happening. All I can hope for is a move like success.

As from the actual available games at the moment, I'd go with Skyrim. Didn't enjoy the Unfinished Swan and can't think of anything else that would make much sense.



naruball commented on Sources Suggest PS4's Virtual Reality Headset ...:


Sorry to be "that guy", but "mea" in "mea culpa" means mine/my. So saying "my mea culpa" is a pleonasm. Just in case you wanted to know.

Anyway, on topic. I seriously can't wait for this, though Sony's lack of success with 3dtvs and Move is a concern at the moment. Their brand is not strong enough to introduce something so big and succeed. Had it been Apple, people would be all over this.



naruball commented on This Is an Expensive Way of Saying PlayStation...:

There's a reason companies make this kind of ads. I remember seeing one for COD with several celebrities for a freaking dlc. It gets people talking. Lists don't help as much. if they or pure value did (matter), they'd have more than a mere 1m ps+ subscribers before the release of the ps4 (and making it mandatory for multiplayer).