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naruball commented on Magic 2015 Plays Its Hand on Everything but Pl...:

I don't even have words to express my disappointment in the developers. That is simply disgusting and a slap in the face for Magic fans like me who have played every Magic game released on ps3 and bought all the expansions. It's the game that brought me closer with my current best friend.

Ms can go... Well, they know what to do. But thanks, Ms. This makes my decision to never pay for a product you sell easier.



naruball commented on This Bound by Flame Trailer Heats Up the PS4 R...:

Not only does it look like an awesome game, but that's what a trailer should be about. Gameplay, not cutscenes that are by no means an accurate representation of the game. Think I'll wait and get it whenever I buy a ps4.



naruball commented on This Mad Mathematical Formula Proves That Play...:

I thought it was incredible and only did badly because people hated it without giving it a proper chance. Too similar to Smash, not similar to smash. You name it. I played quite a few hours (at least 15) and had tons of fun. Don't really like multiplayer and my friends didn't wanna play it, so it lost its appeal to me, but overall it was great.



naruball commented on Feature: 11 Games We Want to Play with PS4's V...:

What they need to do is announce a Sword Art Online game exclusive for ps4 compatible with the Virtual Reality headset. The internet would explode and it would help both the anime/game (Sword Art Online) and the ps4/VRset take off.

Then again, that makes too much sense, so I don't see it happening. All I can hope for is a move like success.

As from the actual available games at the moment, I'd go with Skyrim. Didn't enjoy the Unfinished Swan and can't think of anything else that would make much sense.



naruball commented on Sources Suggest PS4's Virtual Reality Headset ...:


Sorry to be "that guy", but "mea" in "mea culpa" means mine/my. So saying "my mea culpa" is a pleonasm. Just in case you wanted to know.

Anyway, on topic. I seriously can't wait for this, though Sony's lack of success with 3dtvs and Move is a concern at the moment. Their brand is not strong enough to introduce something so big and succeed. Had it been Apple, people would be all over this.



naruball commented on This Is an Expensive Way of Saying PlayStation...:

There's a reason companies make this kind of ads. I remember seeing one for COD with several celebrities for a freaking dlc. It gets people talking. Lists don't help as much. if they or pure value did (matter), they'd have more than a mere 1m ps+ subscribers before the release of the ps4 (and making it mandatory for multiplayer).



naruball commented on Video: Watch As We Recap January's Best PlaySt...:

And with this video Ben became my favourite push square staff member. That was seriously funny and insanely entertaining. Looking forward to the next one. I might even go back and watch the rest of the videos he's made.
Sammy, you need to step your game up. You got proper competition now.



naruball commented on Weirdness: This Is What The Legend of Zelda Wo...:

I for one really enjoyed the article. The cover looks awesome. I've never played a zelda game and probably won't any time soon, as I can't justify a wiiu purchase, but would buy it if it came out for ps4 for sure.



naruball commented on Sony's New Vita Bundle Will Allow You to Flaun...:

I disagree. These are some pretty awesome games. I've played almost all of them and some of them are absolutely fantastic. Limbo is superb, Thomas was alone is amazing, Velocity is a great game, Hotline Miami is addictive as hell. Total recoil is a fun game (100%ed which took me over 15 hours). Superfrog is an alright platformer, Coconut dodge more of a mobile game and cloud God quite fun. I wouldn't write them off if I were you, just because they're indie games. As for the bundle itself, I don't think it's great, as there are other much better ones at the moment.



naruball commented on Talking Point: Will Someone Please Frag Online...:


I still consider Naruto: UNS 2 a 10/10, but I'm glad they dropped the online trophies. I only platinum games that are my favourite (e.g. all Naruto games), because I feel like I haven't completed a game until I get a platinum (only have 9 platinum trophies though).
Ni no Kuni was one of my favourite games, so I spent an insane number of hours grinding just to get a platinum. With the rest of the games, I just play for fun. But with some, I just have to beat them completely (even some psp games that don't have trophies).
Then there are people addicted to trophies (and I mean a lot of people). Telling them to just enjoy the game isn't gonna work. I think developers should listen to people's feedback, even if it's something seemingly meaningless to you or them.



naruball commented on Talking Point: Will Someone Please Frag Online...:

Guess it's a way to force people to buy the game at launch when there are enough people playing online. I always buy Naruto games at launch, because of fear of the online community being dead in a month or two or only hardcore players competing (which is not fun for me, as I'm pretty average at fighting games and hate spammers). At the launch of the game, there are all kinds of levels, so it's more fun.
I'm really glad they dropped online trophies with Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (hated forced multiplayer in 2).



naruball commented on Japan Studio Planning Large Scale Properties f...:

I'm probably one of the very few people who loved Desity of Spirits. I didn't stop playing it or sleep properly throughout the beta. And I don't even play mobile games.
Believe it or not, it's the game I'm looking forward to playing the most in 2014.



naruball commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation Vita Games ...:

Ok, I haven't played quite a few games from the ones listed but for me it is:

1. Tearaway (masterpiece and for its price, I don't mind that it's a bit short)
2. Rayman Legends (best platformer I've ever played, but ruined a bit because of Murphy).
3. Soul Sacrifice (addictive as hell)
4. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD (only 4th because I beat it before)
5. Guacamelee (everything works perfectly)
6. Thomas was Alone (charming and simple game; the narration makes all the difference)
7. Velocity Ultra ( don't like the genre, but it's definitely a good game)
8. Hotline Miami (surprisingly good and... infuriating)
9. Rainbow Moon (I've played it for about 4 hours now and still don't get the high score it got here)



naruball commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 3 Games of ...:

Thanks, Sammy. That's actually good to know. I sort of figured it out, since it it is listed in the poll, but still nice to know that it got some votes. I have no problem with TLOU being GOTY. I've mostly heard great things about the game, so I have no doubt that it's great. I was tempted to buy it for my best friend, but wasn't sure if he's a fan of the genre.

Congrats to Naughty Dog once again for what seems to be a great game!



naruball commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 3 Games of ...:


I'll ignore the personal attack, since this is a great site and I don't wanna contribute to a heated discussion.

However, if you don't understand the problem with this sentence (I don't mind opinions. When a person says, "Batman Arkham Origins is among the best games of the generation". I seriously think something is wrong with that individual), then I guess there's nothing to talk about. Quality is subjective. You can agree with TLOU as the game of the year and I can disagree. The point is to respect other people's opinions and to realize that no matter how bad or good a game is in your opinion, it might be a masterpiece or something terrible for someone else.



naruball commented on Whoa, You Can Buy a PS3 for £99 in the UK Box...:


Or wait yet another year and the console and games will be ever cheaper. Of course, the more you wait the cheaper they'll get, but how much cheaper and at the end of the day, is it really worthy? When do you stop waiting? What's cheap enough? I buy most games for most games for a £10 or less, so I don't like spending much money anyway, but I really don't see the point of waiting any longer. £89 is an insanely good price.



naruball commented on Game of the Year: Best PlayStation 3 Games of ...:

Same here. Though for me, along with Journey, Ni No Kuni is the game of the generation. It most certainly did not get enough love from jrpg or other gamers/reviewers. Can't believe it wasn't even mentioned.

Guess shooters dominate everything. Sigh...



naruball commented on Talking Point: Is PlayStation Plus Helping or ...:

For anyone assuming we're getting Tearaway for free in a couple of months, I have three words for you: Little Big Planet. It's been over a year since it's release and it still hasn't been part of the free game ps+ service.



naruball commented on Rayman Legends Makes History on PS4 in Late Fe...:

It's Lucy Lawless from Xena: The Warrior Princess
I've been playing non stop the vita version since it received a discount on psn store 3(?) days ago. I absolutely love everything about the game. I mean fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to me this game screams "masterpiece". I played Mario 3d Land about a week ago and it felt like a chore. Then I started playing Rayman and I haven't been able to do any uni work. I find it that good. And not in a , "Oh I really like Knack, though no else does" kind of way. I find it technically good.
Have you played the level with the "eye of the tiger" music. No idea about the console version. Platforms don't make much sense to me on a big screen.



naruball commented on Europeans Can Now Pick Up a PS4 and Vita Bundl...:

That's a very clever move, actually. Demand for ps4 is huge, so these bundles will sell well/out no matter how much they cost. If someone wants a ps4 and it's sold out everywhere, they'll probably buy this bundle and then maybe try to sell the vita on ebay. Some others will give it a go and realize just how good the vita is. Either way, Sony is not losing any extra money and they give a hardware boost to the vita.



naruball commented on PS4 Shooter Resogun Reloads in Gigantic Europe...:

Worst update so far for me. Don't have a ps4 or can afford one any time soon, so it's hard to get hyped for the first two.
Don't care for psp games and GTA games especially.
Don't like racing games or Sonic.
I already bought and beat Guacamelee (awesome game).
So, again, nothing for me, though no complaints here. PS+ is amazing and I don't have enough time to play all the games I've received so far, so it's all good.



naruball commented on PS4 to Take Centre Stage During Sony's GamesCo...:

Well, they did say that Gamescom would be a psvita event, so actually this is terrible news for psvita. They said that E3 was all about ps4 and Gamescom would be about psvita; I guess psvita will once again get no love. Thanks Sony. That's brilliant.
They have no one to blame but themselves when none of their first tier studios ever worked on psvita. What exactly did they expect? People to buy a vita for the indies? Gimme a break.



naruball commented on E3 2013: PlayStation Vita Set for 'Surprisingl...:

I'm with @Gamer83
GT6 would have made some people buy a ps4 and that's what the ps4 needs. Momentum. Part of the reason Wii sold so well was the the hype, the word of mouth, the shortages. The hardcore gamers who'll buy a ps4 with no games available simply aren't enough. They need to also target the undecided and avoid a WiiU failure, which seems quite likely.
God of war, beyond, Gt6 and even Sly or Puppeteer should have been ps4 launch titles.



naruball commented on What Does a Year of PlayStation Plus Look Like?:

For me ps+ has been the greatest thing about this generation. It's simply superb. It never ceases to amaze me how many great titles we get for such a low price. And the discounts sure as hell make it worth it and show that's definitely not just a rental service.