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Fri 8th Jul 2011

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naruball commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Just Platinumed Infamous 2 and got back to gauntlet.

Thinking about getting back to Tearaway or Until Dawn. it's such a shame that I can only play Until Dawn late at night, because if it's not dark enough, it breaks the immersion.



naruball commented on Behold the Mighty No.9 Trailer People Are Tear...:

Also hilarious how people (including pushsquare reviewers) have been giving free passes to indie games with the worst kind of graphics but then a game like this is about to come out and all they have to say is how bad it looks. The gameplay seems great, so I don't see the issue here.

Hate bandwagons are absolutely hilarious.



naruball commented on Street Fighter V Has Not Flopped As Hard As Yo...:

I had no doubt it had sold better than the internet was claiming and it's good to see some official numbers so that people can stop calling it a flop. Or maybe they'll keep on hating. Who knows.
Here's hoping it keeps selling when it receives the additional modes.



naruball commented on We're Not Entirely Sold on Star Ocean 5's Engl...:

There's definitely good and bad voice acting no matter the script. Ellen Page did such a brilliant job with Beyond that anyone who wants to do voice acting should watch her performance first and see what real voice acting sounds like.



naruball commented on Talking Point: What's Gone Wrong with PlayStat...:

@JoeBlogs I'm sure Sammy doesn't mean or suggest that indies aren't good games or anything. But the thing is, you can play Broforce or similar indie games on ps3. Indie games tend to have a small budget and they don't take advantage of the ps4 hardware. What's the point of gaming on a ps4 if all you do is play games that play and look exactly the same on last generation consoles?
Offering almost only indie games on ps4 is a bad strategy. They need to throw in some currently cheap AAA games. Not get rid of indie games altogether. One AAA game every 4 months would be a good start.



naruball commented on Sony Shuts Down DriveClub Developer Evolution ...:

@kyleforrester87 I wasn't talking about the gamers, but specifically about 1.the developers finding a job, 2.the comparison with Lionhead (the "wait, why did they offer a job to former Lionhead employees if they were gonna shut down Evolution?"), 3. the decision not making any sense (it does).

But, yes, obviously, the gamers lose in this case, and specifically the fans of Driveclub.



naruball commented on Sony Shuts Down DriveClub Developer Evolution ...:

Overreaction at its finest.
a. Sony has already stated that many of the former Evolution employees will work in other Sony studios. Most likely on GT7.
b. The employees formed/are forming a new studio and said they'll be working on a ps4 vr title. Shows that things between them and Sony are not bad at all.
c. Lionhead Studios former employees could help another Sony team with an RPG they're preparing. Perhaps there is no need for Driveclub AND GT7/GT Sport. Different experience so I don't see the point in comparing them.
d. Having a company in the UK is becoming unprofitable, so why not ask the employees of one of your UK studios to work somewhere else instead of lose money? It's business.
e. Unlike Lionhead developers, they knew they'd be shut down and they also got to release their game and fix it. It looks good on their resume, while Fable: Legends will remain a failed project no one can brag about.



naruball commented on Talking Point: What April PlayStation Plus Fre...:

What's the point, really?
No matter what we want, we always end up with games we haven't asked for. Instead of getting disappointed month after month, might as well not give it any thought and when they come out we'll either get pleasantly surprised, or more likely at least not disappointed if we had no high hopes for anything.



naruball commented on God of War Maker Hiring for Massive PS4 Exclusive:

I'd love a new god of war game but with a different protagonist and new set of gods. Kratos story has been told and at this point if they bring him back, it will feel forced just like Ascension did. It'd be a shame for sure for this ip to die because of the story, as the gameplay has always been top notch.



naruball commented on Rumour: Capcom's About to Pull the Trigger on ...:

@JaxonH It wasn't a personal mission. You asked for examples. I provided several to make sure you wouldn't dismiss all of them and you'd listen to reason. You took it the wrong way. You started off super defensive, asking me to use google, which I then did. I never said I had the numbers, only that vgc cannot be trusted unless a company makes an official report and vgc adjusts its numbers.

There's no point to continue this as we'll just end up upsetting each other more.
Have a good day.



naruball commented on Rumour: Capcom's About to Pull the Trigger on ...:

@JaxonH It still doesn't make it any less of an ad hominem attack. I could call you all sorts of names for not listening to reason, but I will not.

"LOL VGchartz.
Sorry, no comment on any number they would put out there."

Christian Svensson
Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President (Capcom),_UMvC3_has_sold_less_than_30,000k_in_US_in_its_1st_week._Is_this_true,_Capcom?pg=2&pageSystem=full



naruball commented on Rumour: Capcom's About to Pull the Trigger on ...:

@JaxonH Lol! Oh, man. You're hilarious. Really. Don't ever change no matter what people tell you.
Vgc changes its numbers all the time after NPD reports are released. If that doesn't tell you what the more trustworthy source is, I don't know what will. Look at the sample and the methodology each tracker uses. You know what Sony, MS, and Ninty use? NPD, not VGC. ("VGChartz had 2-3% of the North American market as a sample at the time, whereas by estimate, NPD might have 60-65%.")

But you asked for examples, so here are some.

1. "One good example is the Ben 10 series of games from D3 Publisher. VGChartz has the series listed at 590,000 sold worldwide to date. But when Gamasutra interviewed D3's Yoji Takenaka last week, he specifically said: "Ben 10 is selling well over a million units right now, since last Christmas."

2. In particular, the site widely and loudly disseminated to the media its worldwide Day 1 Metal Gear Solid 4 sales, explaining:

"VGChartz can exclusively reveal that first day sales of Metal Gear Solid 4, released on June 12th 2008 in most major markets worldwide, were an impressive 1.3 million units."

The headline actually originally read 1.5 million, but was changed by a not insignificant 200,000 units after publication. Even more surprisingly, the figure debuted just 48 hours after the launch of the game - not a lot of time to compile data from retail sources.

I asked Brett Walton about the change, and why this figure was not advertised a little more prominently as an estimate, given the short amount of time to get real data, and he explained:

"It was based on first day Japan sales, first day America sales, and from that projecting for Europe / others which we didn't get direct day 1 for. We projected Europe would be ~20% higher than America given the larger install base and based on previous game releases, but it turned out at 430k for the week vs 510k for America - whereas we estimated it at more like 600k given America and Japan figures."

Firstly, Walton freely admits the numbers were based on zero actual data for the entire European market, just pure extrapolation. It's also very unclear how far the estimates for launch were based on real retail data for Japan and North America.

It's a reasonable figure, of course, because the VGChartz folks are smart people. But it's not a real figure. It's a educated guesstimate, and it's much more of an estimate than the subsequent Chart Track data for the UK, for example."

3. "Sony just announced they have sold 38.1 million PS3's worldwide since launch but VGChartz lists PS3 sales at only 36.1 million. That is a two million unit discrepancy."

4. "For what i read it's more accurate if you choose a random number. That is what an Atlus staff member said in their forums."
You can look this up yourself.

5. Atlus spere.
VGC: 560k
Atlus: 350k
Your hypothesis about assuming that all games are undertracked is not only extremely flawed but has been proven wrong.

There have been similar problems with many other games, especially Gran Turismo games. They also tend to overtrack niche games.

Please tell me how that crow tastes. Better yet. Don't. Instead of copying what I say, try to do some research before you make claims and accusations. I had no issue with Bayonneta selling as you somehow imagined. I simply stated that you can't treat vgc as an official source. Their numbers are estimates, and currently advertised as such.



naruball commented on Rumour: Capcom's About to Pull the Trigger on ...:

Again, you don't know if it's close enough.

There have been developers who have made fun of vgc numbers, npd always shows that many titles are overtracked or undertracked even by hundreds of thousands, and Bayonetta was one of those whose first month sales were massively overtracked by vgc as shown in the npd report.

Feel free to believe what you want, but unless Ninty or any other developer states they've sold x number of copies, don't state it as if it were fact. A simple "if vgc numbers are correct, Bayonetta 2 has actually sold over 1m copies, so it seems to have done well" would have been better and you'd avoid possibly spreading misinformation.

But, obviously, you can do whatever you want. This is last reply on this topic.



naruball commented on Review: Alekhine's Gun (PS4):

Graphics seem fine to me. I simply don't get why 16bit/8bit indie games get a free pass for graphics and the bit more ambitious games get penalized for not looking like uncharted.

Aren't reviewers forcing indie developers to make retro looking games only? For the record, I'd much rather see games with "garish graphics" than 16bit games.

As for the rest of the review, it looks great. The game, not so much. 2 seems absolutely fair. If the gameplay isn't fun, there's no point playing it.



naruball commented on Review: Action Henk (PS4):

Nice review! I knew the game would turn out to be good. Was hoping it'd win, but then again, it stood no chance against Broforce. May get it when I beat a few games from my backlog.



naruball commented on Review: Heavy Rain (PS4):


I have to disagree. I played Golden Axe recently and not only does it look ancient, but it feels really uncomfortable. Like the characters move too slow or have very few options in terms of what they can do. It really felt like a chore having to play it again. Those games aged bad. Heavy Rain not so much. Actually, not at all, imo.

Mario games (at least Super Mario 3) have aged better than Golden Axe and are still enjoyable to this day. But streets of rage, TMNT and the like have aged terribly.