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Talking Point: How Has Xbox One's Reveal Affected Your Anticipation for PS4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Microsoft’s just tied a big green bow around its Xbox Reveal event. As expected, the press conference raised the curtain on Xbox One, the next generation console from the Redmond-based manufacturer. Throughout the conference, the company touched upon many topics, including television, music, movies, and, well, a few games. But how has the reveal affected your excitement for the PlayStation 4?

There was a massive disparity between the North American firm’s press conference, and Sony’s earlier in the year. While the PlayStation maker focused fairly firmly on games, Microsoft placed much of its attention on media, spending the opening 30 minutes on television, before cycling right back around after a brief interlude for Microsoft Game Studios.

However, it did show some pretty impressive technology. The ability to cycle through television channels on the fly with Kinect seemed neat, if not necessarily our first point of interest when it comes to next generation gaming. It confirmed that there’ll be a Blu-ray player in the console, and that the system will ship globally later this year.

As for games, it announced a special relationship with Electronic Arts, but it wasn’t entirely clear what this will entail. FIFA 14 will get exclusive Ultimate Team content on the Xbox One, but the game is still coming to the PS4 as confirmed by the publisher this evening. Call of Duty: Ghosts, meanwhile, will net timed exclusive content on Microsoft’s machine – but, again, this is coming to the PS4, too.

The presentation offered a stark contrast to Sony’s, which was practically bulging with games. As a reminder, the Japanese giant trotted out Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, Knack, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and many more – some of which received stage demonstrations. At least the Xbox maker had a box to reveal, something that was missing from Sony’s presentation.

So, how has it affected your hype for the PS4? Are you more excited for Sony’s machine than ever before, or has Microsoft caught your attention? Perhaps you’re not particularly interested in either system – particularly with the PS3 maintaining plenty of momentum. Feel free to speak your mind in the comments section, and place a vote in the poll embedded below.

How has Xbox One's reveal affected your anticipation for PS4? (70 votes)

Massively, I'm now much more interested in Microsoft's machine


I don't really care about either system


It hasn't, I'm still buying the PS4 on the day that it releases


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User Comments (65)



Sanquine said:

Sony is the way to go! Did you see all those games at xbox one? I didn't saw them:P Sony has proven it is all about games. Microsoft is not the king of the living room because what if i want to watch my favorite serie everywhere else in the house? Apple tv microsoft



rawr1234 said:

Couldnt stop laughing it might aswell be 'skybox' and the name? xbox one? wtf



Holyfire said:

PS4 n 720 wont be affordable either way. Got my WiiU n PC. Im set. And an awesome array of titles to look forward to



Epic said:

It made me more excited of the PS4 because I didn't things of the Xbox One :
They didn't show any exclusives.
Fee for trading/selling/lending games to a friend.
Its more an entertainment device than a gaming console.
Still the fact I need to pay for Xbox Live.

Things that I liked:
The controller
The Xbox One looks good.

At this rate I might end getting a PS4 and a Wii U.



Squiggle55 said:

I was not very impressed at all. I was secretly hoping for some sort of secret breakthrough in kinect technology and virtual reality gaming or something big like that. What it boiled down to was a pretty cool entertainment box for controlling your TV, and probably a little bit better social integration with your TV than the WiiU, and 15 yet to be named exclusive games.

The big partnership with the NFL may be pretty misleading because it means nothing if they don't get the contract for Sunday Ticket that they didn't mention.

Ultimately I don't care about waving my arms around to control things, I'd rather press a button, and I think Sony has better focus on the gamers this time.

I think the big thing that Microsoft is missing is off-tv play. Sony and Nintendo both have it figured out. I don't need something that recognizes my arms waving around, I need to be able to still play my games if the wife and kids are using the TV.

best joke on Twitter from Gamasutra: "Someone in the audience should have yelled 'Xbox, Play Games!'"



JGMR said:

I will never, EVER buy a console by these criminals again. I owned a fairly large amount of good (not hyped) ---SCRATCHLESS--- 360 games (like Tales Of Vespria). And one day the console decided to leave marks on all my discs without me noticing it until I started to pay attention. I was mad as hell, and decided to sell the stuff immediately. I read that it still a "unsolved problem" which is absolutely unforgivable. Never had any problems with a SONY or Nintendo console, and that's what I stick with... -end of rant-



DeHorror1975 said:

I totally agree with the above. I warched the entire event and I was waiting for some big exclusive surprise...nope! Not one thing at that presentation impressed me. The only thing I felt would be talked about were the sports games because I know how popular they are, however not with me. Sony has so many awesome exclusive games going on it isn't funny. I was in shock at the end of the xbox event, I really, really thought they would have a secret weapon. Wow!



rjejr said:

I don't think the reveal revealed anything except that MS is going after the fantasy football crowd. I don't know how big that market is compared to gamers but some of those fantasy players are way obsessed. They also mentioned the Superbowl, and had Roger Goddel, so this could become the Bloomberg terminal of sports news junkies. Bad timing on Tyson Chandler though.

On to E3. where the big 3 will hopefully all unveil some games. And pricing.



IIaprghwrughapiw said:

I'm a Wii U owner, so I wasn't sure if I had the need or even wanted to buy another console. I saw the PS4 event back in February, and it was interesting to say the least. None of the exclusives other than Knack (I don't think the other games are bad games, of course) interested me. I really didn't like the idea of streaming, and I thought, and still think it wouldn't work unless Sony does it right.

The Xbox One's hardware appeals to me much more. Similar specs to PS4, and simple and instant, rather than simple and elegant, I like that. Motion and voice controls aren't exactly appealing, but surely there is an option to use the controller.

In the end, it all still depends on the exclusives will get on the consoles. I'll stick with my Wii U, unless I really like the exclusives, and I have enough cash. If they both equally have a great number exclusives I like, I'll probably get the "One" out of the two.

Hopefully, it doesn't have Always-online. They really need to clarify that.



DeHorror1975 said:

Why do people keep saying the specs are the same? We haven't been giving full disclosure on the specs and I didn't notice the 8gb of GDDR RAM being a 5 instead of a 3, also the Tflops were much higher on the PS4 so how are these specs very similar?



get2sammyb said:

@DeHorror1975 I'm curious how much RAM the operating system is eating up. It's got to be biting into the console's resources having that constant ability to switch channels, etc.



Gamer83 said:

The important thing is, it didn't make me not want the Xbox One, but it didn't have any effect on my anticipation for PS4 at all. My plan since February has been to go with PS4 first and that hasn't changed now. Barring stupid pricing by Sony or a stunning announcement from MS that nobody sees coming, I don't think E3 will change things.



FullbringIchigo said:

yes it has it's made me even more excited for the PS4

honestly the whole presentation was boring, it was all about TV and sports



irken004 said:

I dislike sports games, and CoD Ghosts will be on PS4, so no I don't want an Xbox One. Silly name as well



rastamadeus said:

Terrible name, the pad looks poopier than ever and the console looks ghastly. Still wont be getting a PS4 for a good year mind.



hYdeks said:

terrible name, ugly controller and system look, having to install the games on the hdd defeats the purpose of discs, fee to pay just for used games OR borrowing a friends game,no touchpad/screen on the controller, no backwards with 360, colour me unimpressed. This was almost a complete joke.

I have a feeling Wii U is where my loyalty will be at, maybe PS4. Least PS4 controller was more impressive looking than "the ones" stupid remake on the 360 controller.



Splat said:

My plan was to stick with the PS3 pass on the next XBOX and Wii U and get a PS4 a few years down the road. Nothing has changed...



BenTarrant said:

In all honesty it focused too much on gimmicks for me to be swayed. It's innovative and a progression however the lack of focus was pretty disappointing. I think concrete judgements should be left for after E3 and all aces have been played. I'm still sold more on the PS4 but will be open minded until all the cards are on the table, especially considering both have near identical internal architecture.



JavierYHL said:

hmm xbox one getting fifa exclusive content is a surprise for me...EA should know fifa sells better on playstation consoles...



rastamadeus said:

@sammy760 all the EA stuff wasn't "in game footage" as claimed either. It was in game graphics but it wasn't in game gameplay. Had to laugh when the EA guy said "This is how FIFA will play on Xbox One..." (terrible name) as it'll play EXACTLY the same on PS3, PS4, Vita, 360, Xbox One and Wii U.



rastamadeus said:

@BenTarrant I felt a little similar with the PS4 to be honest, during the social side of it. I couldn't give a rats booty about social connections, I buy a console to play games. That's it. But I know I'm in a worryingly growing minority on that one though.

@get2sammyb Why no option on the poll for getting a console later on after launch? Anyone who gets a console on launch is off their head. I know that from doing it too many times and being stung each and every time.



rastamadeus said:

@sammy760 I hope he's not. I can't take the man seriously as he looks like a new Kevin Eldin character and keep expecting him to say something funny.



InsertNameHere said:

@rastamadeus At least the social features had something to do with games. The Xbox One (horrible name) seems to be more focused on competing against Directv and Comcast.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus Sony conference 20 min about social crap. 100 min gameplay and developers speaking. XBOX > TV > American sport balblab NFL



Ps4all said:

Sony's stock rose 10% following Microsoft's press confrence. 'nuff said.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus I also didnt like the social stuff, but i like games. I give about a zero F*** about social media ( I have twitter but thats because the girlfriend forced me)



Sanquine said:

@lvnlavitaloca Can also because of sony breaking up plan of that loeb guy.... Hope not.. A*hole loeb wants to make an empty shell of the company.



Ginkgo said:

XBox One reveal from the bits I have read didn't grab me. They certainly took the term "box" seriously in the design. The force feedback triggers are an interesting idea though and buy Skye was inspired.

I still say the Sony's biggest selling point is their streaming technology. If it works as toted, then the applications for this are huge. Way beyond what they have shown so far. It just opens the door for so much content.



MadchesterManc said:

I had an hour long conversation on the phone with my Xbox-loving chum after the conferance had finished. After much musing we both settled on a rather important point. How the hell is this gonna work in Europe, Asia etc? How will this play out in the UK with Sky and Virgin Media? Will those same cable features be available here too? and how much extra on top of the Live cost as it is now will it be with all these new servers n cloud features?

In all honesty I was seriously underwhelmed by the whole thing. M$ could have come out n laid all the rumours to rest but they didnt. Instead we got a half-assed stage show full of sports, cable TV and pre-rendered game footage. Oh n the console looks like a VHS player. Yes! I said VHS! lol

That Xbox1 reveal was quite possibly WORSE than thier E3 conferance last year...



3Above said:

To me the cable and NFL stuff is a gimmick. It all looks cool but realisticly that wont work in most of the world. And since they didnt even mention satellite providers its even more closed of from the world out side of America. And the 8 Gb of ram are DDR3 per IGN.



Gamer83 said:

Just gotta say for those bashing the name... It isn't any worse than PS4 or especially Wii U.



Savino said:

Why I would buy a expensive remote control? I already bought Wii U for that....
crappy nintendo son of a bloody...



InsertNameHere said:

@Gamer83 It's ridiculous because they took 359 steps backward and named it Xbox One. PS4 is easily the best console name, with Wii U coming second - even Ouya is a better name than Xbox One.



Gamer83 said:

Sorry but you guys are looking way too much into a name if the logic is 'it takes 359 steps back.' It's just the name of a console. I still maintain, it doesn't sound more ridiculous than Wii U does, but in the end that's not the reason people over the age of 5 get a console.



CanisWolfred said:

Now that both have successfully underwhelmed me, my decision to skip this generation has never been easier. I'll just get the Wii U, the last of the last gen consoles, and be done with it.

...oh alright, I'll wait until E3 before my decision's final, but it better be amazing to convince me otherwise, damnit!



BlueProxy said:

I see serious privacy issues with the kinect being mandatory to even run the box, and "always on" listening for you to say "xbox on". Saying xbox this and that is weird enough, and making random gestures on top of it.

And 15 exclusives... we'll see. Maybe for the life of the console. Wouldn't be surprised if more than half will be shooters and sports, with the rest new versions of existing games. And the vents on that thing, geez! How bad is the heat that you need to go to such extremes...



Zombie_Barioth said:

Wasn't really interested in the Xbox before but I was hoping the reveal would at least make me reconsider things....nope. My gaming setup is at my desk so sharing screen time isn't a concern and I couldn't care less about TV and social networking functions on a console.

None of the new consoles have really grabbed my attention yet though, I'll wait for more games to crop up and maybe a nice bundle before making my choice.

Hradware-wise I'm not all too convinced the GDDR5 RAM will make that big a difference, its faster sure but then PCs are still stuck with DDR3 just like the Xbox one. The main reason for using GDDR5 over DDR3 in the PS4 is it uses an APU, APUs don't have their own RAM for the GPU so they use whatever system memory is installed. If Sony plans to cross-fire the integrated GPU with a dedicated one developers will only have about 4-5GBs to work with.



BrianC6234 said:

It didn't make me want the PS4 more. I already knew I only want the PS4. Microsoft just doesn't have many games. They can't buy up all of the third party games. They seem more interested in going after people who watch TV now. I hardly watch TV now so no thanks.



Trikeboy said:

I own a Wii U, PS3 and a high end PC. I don't need Xbox One so no, I won't be getting it. I was unimpressed by both PS4 and Xbox One reveals but at least Sony showed games. Sorry guys but "Next Gen" sucks. They have realised that they can't get by saying it will have better graphics anymore because there really isn't much more they can improve. They fell back on other things to make buying the machine worth buying and they are features that most will probably never use.



get2sammyb said:

@MadchesterManc They're saying all the TV stuff will be US-only at launch. UK is an important market, so I'm sure they'll target it here, too. Elsewhere, though, it's going to be TOUGH.



Daniel_The-Rod said:

I tried to warn them ALL! But it seems that they will be forgotten. JOIN US NOW! Or get forgotten. I am Daniel, THE ROD! And don't you forget it.



Holyfire said:

Yeah Sony tends to say a hellava lotta things. They've delayed a price reveal for a while now. If PS4 was gonna be a cosy and comfortable 400US. Think they woulda just said it by now. They don't want to break their hype run they've got going



Solatorobo said:

I may not be buying PS4 day one, but I said it anyway because ol' MS shot themselves in the foot yesterday.



doctor_doak said:

All Sony has to do is to not force a daily internet connection with the PS4 as far as i'm concerned, or impose any other DRM trojan horse. If they also do not impose a fee on 2nd hand games...Sony wins the majority of console gamers next gen I think.

I thought my choice of console (I only plan on buying one) for this upcoming gen might not be so straightforward. As it is at the moment, Sony are the last man standing. So they, in Steven Bradbury fashion win the race by virtue of not falling over.

It's just...I mean, if you're a 15-40 year old American male who has a deep love for multimedia apps, Call of Duty, Madden, live 'American' sports, mediocre system specs, consoles that look like VCR's, and always online DRM...and you don't mind being spied on 24/7 with a COMPULSORY kinect, and you don't mind Microsoft controlling EVERY aspect of your home entertainment, then the XBoxOne is the system for you. Personally, it's like Microsoft took a list of everything I DIDN'T want, and put it into their next console. I mean, since 2001, things have changed dramatically in the console gaming sphere, where I don't think it even makes sense to talk about Sony vs Nintendo vs Microsoft anymore, because they are so clearly differentiated in what they do and who they target. Sony seems to be the only one of the three focused on bringing the best possible console GAMING experience to the world at this stage...So again, the choice is straightforward. The PS4 is the only console I have anticipation for, and i'm prepared to spend a bit extra to get a GAMES focused experience.



Kor-Meteor said:

I was really excited for the XBOX reveal, but I was not blown away by anything. The only thing that surprised me is you only have to buy XBOX LIVE once, and it counts for 360 and XBOX 1 for both systems since they use the same accounts, but frankly I am sick of paying for LIVE at this point, and online gaming. The PS4 had some really cool features, and I will probably go with the Playstation. Unless something amazing happens @ E3 I can't envision Microsoft feeding my appetite anytime soon. Besides, Sony has the Show!



RiseUp44 said:

I signed up for the first to know thing at GameStop so I can be emailed as soon as the PS4 is open to pre order. I was planning on getting both but now I am considering not pre ordering a new Xbox and instead pre ordering a second PS4 so that when they sell out I will be able to maybe make a few bucks and sell one to someone that really wants one. Unless Xbox One really does a complete turn around at the E3 event they are going to be in trouble in my opinion, this weeks event was disappointing.



Hokage17 said:

@Squiggle55 Man i completely agree with you here. The whole time I was waiting for MS to show some type of virtual reality Kinect type of thing and all they did was promote cable television. Also that joke was hilarious, Xbox play games. lol



Reverend_Skeeve said:

As I said before, I'll get a PS4 and skip the X1...I'm gonna miss Gears of War and I love Halo, but the X1 is too big brotherish for my taste. Sure, Kinect can work nice and the new one seems to be even better, but I don't want a system that forces me to use it. I pray to [please enter your prefered divine entity here] that Sony makes the use of their next PSEye optional.

Besides, the seemingly better GPU and faster RAM in the PS4 doesn't hurt either...

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