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Mon 31st May 2010

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Splat commented on Video: What Does the Nintendo Switch Mean for ...:

I'm actually glad it's Nintendo doing this and not Sony. I have very little interest in mobile gaming.

If I do get the Switch I bet it rarely if ever leaves it's docking station.

Even if I don't get one I'm happy Nintendo fans are finally getting more 3rd party support.



Splat commented on Out Today: Lara Croft Returns to PS4 in Rise o...:

It's a great game and I plan on getting it for PS4 just not right now. I have all ready played it on PC.

I'm with @Napples on the combat being better in TR than Uncharted. As a whole I like UC better but the "freedom" TR gives you gameplay wise is really great.



Splat commented on Video: Watch Us Unbox PlayStation VR:

The closest place that I could give VR a try is over 100 miles away. I'm still interested but VR is going to take a backseat to a 4KTV and Pro for now.



Splat commented on Sony 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Strong PS4 Pro ...:

I just Pre-orderd mine a few hours ago. The Pro is a lost PSVR sale for me since rjejr was asking. I'm not saying I'll never get a PSVR but it won't be day one.

I would rather get the Pro day one and a 4KTV around Black Friday than just PSVR.