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Mon 31st May 2010

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Splat commented on Tekken 7's Cinematic Fighting System Aims to T...:

@sub12 - It boggles my mind really. I went from planning on buying SFV day one to not getting the game at all. They completely ignored their single play fan base.

If Tekken learns from Capcom's mistakes I would be interested in the game.



Splat commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Development Is 'Healthy...:

It's was always going to be a day one purchase for me. That said I'm a bit disappointed we haven't seen more.

There isn't any game coming out in the next few years that I have more questions about than Andromeda.



Splat commented on Nuka World Will Be Fallout 4's Final DLC:

I just don't see why they needed to increase the price if this is all they had to offer? I got the pass before the price went up but feel bad for those that waited.

I love the game and have enjoyed the DLC for the most part but unless Nuka World is massive Bethesda should get ready for some backlash.

Should have took notes from CD Projekt Red.



Splat commented on E3 2016: Here's What's Next For Fallout 4's DL...:

"Fortunately, the aforementioned expansion, dubbed Nuka World, is on the horizon - and yes, it looks to be a theme park based on good old Nuka Cola. Hopefully it'll offer up some entertaining new quests to get stuck into."

I will be very disappointed if it doesn't. The crafting stuff doesn't do anything for me.