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Mon 31st May, 2010

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Splat commented on Feature: What Do You Mean You've Never Played....:

Great read.

It's one of me favorite RPG's last gen. The combat and mix of enemies is great. I really enjoyed the Pawn System as well even if they do say the same things over and over.

Bow and Daggers were easily my favorite way to play.



Splat commented on It Sounds Like PS4's Mass Effect Won't Just Be...:

Easily my favorite trilogy last gen. I would put Mass Effect 2 in my top 5 favorite games of all time. I played it through three times from start to finish before I even touched any other game.

They might have fumbled the ending but I still really enjoyed ME3 and can't wait for the next.



Splat commented on Talking Point: Are There Any Remasters You Sti...:

I mainly said Skyrim because I really didn't get my fill of it on PS3.

Everything was going great for the first 100 hours with none of the problems that bothered so me others. After 100 hours it turned it to freeze fest for me. :(



Splat commented on PS4 and PS3 Console Exclusive Dragon's Dogma O...:

@ShogunRok - It does worry me that more and more free-to-play games are popping up on consoles.

I mean two of my favorite games on PS3 are Dragon's Dogma and Sleeping Dogs and both of them are going free-to-play with their next games.

It doesn't mean they will be bad games but it did lower my exceptions of both when the news broke.



Splat commented on The Last of Us' Ellie Is Poised to Become One ...:

Ellie being gay is not even close to being the story's focus in The Last of Us whatsoever. It's not even mentioned at all in the main campaign. It isn't in-till the DLC that you find out.

Even then I felt like her being gay wasn't the main focus. It was about two teenage girls trying to live normal for five minutes while living in a really messed up post apocalyptic world.