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Mon 31st May 2010

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Splat commented on Is Resident Evil 6 Getting Reanimated for PS4?:

"The sequel has sat sealed on your host's shelf since its 2012 launch day, but has never been touched since then."

That is where it should stay... I actually didn't mind RE5 I played it a good amount but RE6 is just one very long QTE. I hated it.



Splat commented on Review: WWE 2K16 (PS4):

The new submission system is terrible. I used to love winning matches via submission now I just avoid doing them as much as possible...



Splat commented on Will Fallout 4's Robot Butler Say Your Name?:

I pretty much always name my female character's River in RPG's. That is after Summer Glau's character in Firefly. I'm happy to see it made the list. I wasn't expecting it to be on there.



Splat commented on Review: Fallout 4 (PS4):

After saying I wouldn't pre-order this game for months I caved the last week. For shame...

Just don't freeze/crash on me like Skyrim please...



Splat commented on Review: Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 2: Ass...:

I hope this is a wake up call for Telltale. They need to stop working on so many things at once and give their full attention to one game at a time.

Tales from the Borderlands was great but I have been disappointed with GOT and this looks like a disaster.