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Mon 31st May, 2010

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Splat commented on The Last of Us' Ellie Is Poised to Become One ...:

Ellie being gay is not even close to being the story's focus in The Last of Us whatsoever. It's not even mentioned at all in the main campaign. It isn't in-till the DLC that you find out.

Even then I felt like her being gay wasn't the main focus. It was about two teenage girls trying to live normal for five minutes while living in a really messed up post apocalyptic world.



Splat commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Most Memorable Pl...:

@ferrers405 - Beat me to it I was going to say Journey. I'm not a big online gamer but the way it was handled in that game was awesome...

Diablo 3 would be my second choice. Not for any feat really but for being one of the few games to pull me away from it's single player.