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Mon 31st May 2010

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Splat commented on Sony 'Pleasantly Surprised' by Strong PS4 Pro ...:

I just Pre-orderd mine a few hours ago. The Pro is a lost PSVR sale for me since rjejr was asking. I'm not saying I'll never get a PSVR but it won't be day one.

I would rather get the Pro day one and a 4KTV around Black Friday than just PSVR.



Splat commented on Fallout 4's New Nuka World Trailer Shows the S...:

@carlos82 - I'm on the opposite side of the fence. The workshop DLC's did nothing for me but I loved Far Harbour.

I feel like the workshop stuff should have been patched in for free and not been part of the overpriced season pass.

That being said I'm really looking forward to Nuka World.