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Mon 31st May, 2010

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Splat commented on Telltale Games Is Teaming Up with Marvel in 2017:

This could be awesome. I loved both TWD and The Wolf Among Us and really enjoying both Borderlands and GOT so far.

I have actually found Borderlands to be the most fun to play. The really nailed the action parts.

I'm a huge X-Men fan so that would probably be my first choice but Spider-Man wouldn't be bad either. So many possibilities...



Splat commented on Sony Really Wants You to Pre-Order PS4 Games o...:

@get2sammyb - Convenient,less wear and tear,can't get scratched,can't get stolen,doesn't take up shelf room. I have never went on the PS Store to buy a game and had it been sold out because it can't.

I do agree that price is an issue on older games but day one is the same and some of the PS+ deals are great.



Splat commented on Sony Really Wants You to Pre-Order PS4 Games o...:

"There's still no real reason to buy retail games digitally."

There's many reasons... I love digital. I know that isn't a popular opinion around these parts but I do.

I just pre-ordered The Witcher yesterday off the PS Store. :)

I will never understand peoples strong hate for digital...



Splat commented on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's New Gameplay Traile...:

To be honest I hadn't been paying much attention to this game in-till recently. I wasn't expecting to have a PS4 when it was released. Now that I have one I have been researching it and I simple can't wait for it...

I plan on pre-ordering it which has me excited and worried. I'm excited because it looks awesome and worried because of all the bad launches games have had this gen.



Splat commented on Soapbox: We Need More New Game Plus:

I freaking love NG+. I love how it was handled in Dragons Dogma. You could not only start over and keep all your stuff but you could edit what you look like and change your class.



Splat commented on Dragon's Dogma Online to Step Out into the Fie...:

"With no word of this game heading overseas, you're probably going to have to make do with YouTube videos and Twitch streams of this in action."

Way to get me all excited and then crush all my hopes and dreams at the end...