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Mon 31st May, 2010

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Splat commented on Failing to Consider The Last of Us 2 Would Be ...:

I'm about as big a fan of The Last of Us you are going to find and even I'm not sure I want another one. I just think it would be very hard to match the first in-terms of story,emotion,characters ect.



Splat commented on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Didn't Look Like T...:

I had very few problems on the PS3 version in till I hit over 100 hours. After that it started freezing more and more.

It never happened during gameplay it was always while loading.

I still freaking loved the game.



Splat commented on Review: EA Sports UFC (PlayStation 4):

@get2sammyb - I would love a new Fight Night. I don't watch boxing but picked up Fight Night Champion a few years back on the cheap and loved it. It's also one of the better looking games on PS3 IMO and would look amazing on PS4.



Splat commented on Out This Week: PS4 Puzzler MouseCraft, The Wol...:

I really liked the first 3 episodes of The Wolf Among Us but felt episode 4 was a bit of a let down. It wasn't bad by any means I just didn't feel it was as strong as the rest.

I really hope episode 5 doesn't disappoint.



Splat commented on Talking Point: Is Watch Dogs Proof That You Ca...:

"If all of that additional content can be ignored, then what purpose does it serve other than overwhelming the player?"

Because not everyone ignores it. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone else won't either.