Sony Officially Reveals the PlayStation 4, Launching Holiday 2013

Sony pulled no punches during its hotly anticipated PlayStation Meeting earlier this evening, sprinting out of the gate and announcing that the PlayStation 4 is coming this holiday. The system – which has been the source of much speculation for months now – has been in development for five years, and adopts a developer-driven design. It sounds like the platform holder has really learned from its errors with the PlayStation 3.

As rumoured, the console will boast a PC-like architecture and will be particularly simple for studios to get to grips with. It will boast an enormous 8GB DDR5 RAM and almost two teraflops of power. All you need to know is that games will look absolutely exquisite on the system, as evidenced by some of the titles on show.

The system will ship with a new DualShock controller, which features improved triggers, reduced latency, and the much speculated touchpad. It also boasts a PlayStation Move-like sensor bar on the top, which partners with a new camera.

Even better, the console will function like a social network, allowing you to keep track of your friends through the vaunted ‘Share’ button. You’ll be able to broadcast gameplay through the power of the cloud, as well as play games while they’re downloading. Even better, enhanced Remote Play will allow you to stream any titles directly to the PlayStation Vita and play them if your television is otherwise occupied.

The console is due out this holiday, though the platform holder failed to mention territories or price. No final hardware unit was shown during the presentation; presumably that will follow at E3. While we wait for more information, let us know your thoughts about Sony's press conference and the PS4 in the comments section and poll below.

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  2. Maybe, I'm still not sure26%
  3. Nah, I'm not impressed at the moment16%

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