PlayStation 4

How do you stop Microsoft from totally dominating the next generation conversation? You release a teaser trailer like the one embedded below mere hours before the next Xbox is set to be revealed. The footage primarily focuses on a blurry, black box, but includes some brief glimpses at the corners of the system and a vent.

The chassis itself will be fully revealed on 10th June, during Sony’s pre-E3 press conference. With its closest competitor almost certain to show the exterior of its console during tomorrow’s event, this should put any negative conversation regarding the design of the PS4 to bed. It’s real and it’s ready, it’s just being kept under wraps.

It’s hard to discern too much information from the trailer, aside from the fact that the console is black and sports a nice angular four on the top. There appears to be a circle-like surface in one of the flashing images, which suggests that the console may be curved on one side. That’s pure speculation on our part, though.

We’ve included some screen grabs in the space below. Has this footage successfully sent your hype levels through the roof? Let us know in the comments section.