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Reverend_Skeeve commented on Not Even Sony Understands Why the PS4 Is Selli...:

@Doodoo This. Only that I didn't buy a PS3. I think a huge part of PS4 owners are alienated, former MS-gamers. MS has been losing focus during the later years of the 360, managed to alienate even more during the X1s reveal and sealed the mess-up during E3 with their original DRM- and Kinect-policies, so I got me a PS4, after owning the PS1 and 2 and loving them. That the PS4 was also cheaper and the more powerful hardware didn't hurt either, of course.

But I think Sony has to be careful. They've been riding on a huge wave of good-will that is in danger of crashing. The 1st party offerings up until now are not as good as many would like them to be and many, me included, didn't buy a 400,- € system for indy games. It's nice to have them, sure, but I want shiny, spectacular AAA-experiences that weren't possible on last-gen hardware. I found enough to keep me entertained until now and with Diablo 3 and Destiny, I'm sure I'll be good for this year until CoD AW comes around or GTA V, but Sony has to step up their game and at least stop to play their cards so close to the chest. Give us some more reasons why we spent 400,- bucks on a system.

Also, PSN is laughable when you compare it to Xbox live. It's true that PS+ is the better value on paper, but PSN either breaks down or is down for maintenance every month or so, which is unacceptable when you pay for a premium service and it's even obligatory for online gaming on PS4. In the online department, MS mops the floor with Sony.

Still, I love my PS4 and am very happy with my purchase. And I'm sure that I'll love 2015, games-wise.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Gamescom 2014: Sony Refuses to Rehash Previous...:

Uncharted 1-3 and the Mass Effect trilogy including all and every DLC, please. I just played the UC games a little bit each on a friends PS3 and loved them and Mass Effect is one of my most beloved ips ever. In my opinion one of the very best new and original ips ever, actually, and since I never got around to play ME 3, I'd love to dive into those games again and finish the story ark before 4 releases.

@Scollurio I'm sure you'd love 'em.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Gamescom 2014: Blimey, Hideo Kojima is Making ...:

@Gmork___ Absolutely! :) I "only" use a very good AKG stereo headset at the moment, but it's already amazing. 'specially with games like P.T., where the heavy breathing at the "Look behind you!"-part is always coming from a direction you are not looking in! :)

I haven't completed the demo yet, but after a 2 day break, I feel like I can give it a new try...maybe... :p And I know exactly what you mean: although I'm sure I'd love every second of it, I'm honestly not sure if I could take an entire game of this intensity...but I'm sure willing to find out! :)

How do you like the Pulse, btw? I'll be getting a new headset for gaming with my PS4 around Christmas and the Pulse is one of the headsets I have my eyes on.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Gamescom 2014: Blimey, Hideo Kojima is Making ...:

WHAT?! Never have I been closer to be banned from this side, because I was very tempted to unleash a string of profanities in the comments to express my joy! :D

Wow, this is insane! I played the P.T. demo yesterday and it's brilliant! Such creepy atmosphere and amazing graphics. For me personally, never before has a game come closer to photo-realistic graphics. On first glance, you could think you'd watch a movie. I was mesmerized!

And now I read it's a new Silent Hill? by Kojima?! And del Torro?! Are you effin' kidding me?! :D This is *babbles gibberish

Whoa...I'm off, taking a shower! :D



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Unsurprisingly, Metal Gear Solid Still Sells B...:

@Diddy_kong Just out of curiosity: why is it a problem for you that MGS isn't exclusive anymore? It's not that it's a less excellent game for also being available on Xbox?

But indeed, the sweet memories of MGS on PS1...I was blown away by the game back then. Still has a special place in my heart until today.

And Konami might sell one more MGS V that it's for sale one the PSN store for 15,- €, I'm heavily tempted. :)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on That Rainbow PS4 Raised a Truckload of Money f...:

@Tasuki I accept your decision, of course, but I must say I'm disappointed in it. Even if I don't agree with the opinion @ThreadShadow stated in his post, I agree with him in that this article in general goes into the political decision, so I would think a political discussion about the topic in the comment section of said article would only be proper. Plus, I feel that Pushsquare as a community would benefit from and can endure such a discussion.

But hey, seems I was wrong.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: Sony Employee Allegedly Pegs PS4 DLNA ...:

Hopefully it comes at all. It's indeed rather ridiculous that the PS4 is lacking features the PS3 had for years...and features that were appreciated by the fans, that is. There has been speculation that Sony didn't include DNLA and mp3 playback because they wanted to push their own video- and music streaming services. I wouldn't think it beyond them, to be honest...that they claim they were "surprised" by the uproar when those features were missing is hard to believe for me...I call a little bs on that.

And about the resume feature: that one is also long overdue...when they presented the PS4 in Feb. 2013, they somewhat implied that this feature would be included from the PS4 is about 9 month old and it's nowhere to be seen.

I'm not missing the resume feature too much myself, because I tend to power down my PS4 completely when I not use it, because it soaks up too much juice in stand by, but they should get their act together.

@Sonicfan11589 basically, it means streaming video and music files inside your home network. If you have videos and music saved on your PC, you can create some kind of server and every DLNA-able device inside your network (like the PS3) can then play back those videos and music files.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Journey to Be Playable on PS4 at GamesCom 2014...:

@voodoo341 Don't want to speculate about Tasukis financial situation, but some people just want (or can) afford one console with the games for being one of those who just have the PS4. And as @Enobmah_Shards said, nobody forces you to buy the game again, should it not be cross-buy. It's just easy money for the developer and also for Sony, who isn't in the healthiest situation, financially, so...

@Tasuki I'm one of those former Xbox 360 owners who didn't have a PS3 but is a happy PS4 owner now. So I'm quite happy with remakes like Journey and of course The Last of Us.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day Five: W...:

@Davros79 You can only upgrade "uncommon" loot (armor and weapons), highlighted in green, vs. common loot that's white or gray. I'd guess the ability to upgrade some loot makes it special/uncommon, so you can just upgrade the uncommon loot.

As for the 60+ auto'll have to find an uncommon one with an attack value of 57. The last upgrade for those you can unlock raises the attack to 62. At least those are the most powerful ones I found until now. At least the most powerful level 8 guns.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Feature: What Does Your Guardian Look Like in ...:

@Generik Good decision, I daresay! :) Love my PS4, and by now there's enough nice games to play if you jump in in September. And I have a feeling Destiny will be huge, both in matters of success and also game size. And it's already insanely polished for a beta. I have a feeling that this will be one of my most loved games of all time, so the exclusive content is more than welcome. 'specially the strike missions seem to be lots of fun with two buddies or so. And as I said, I love the white PS4. Since it's also coming out in general at the end of the year, should I ever need to buy another PS4 because my first one dies or such, I'd get a white one as well...if there isn't an even nicer one/limited one out I'd want more until then, that is... ;)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Naughty Dog Wants All of Its PS4 Titles to Run...:

Wow. Talking about putting yourself under pressure, right? :) I can hardly believe that Uncharted 4 will have the ingame graphics shown in the gorgeous trailer, even less in 1080p at 60fps, but surprise me, please! :)

And as you said, if anyone can pull it off, then it's dem dogs. They made the PS3 shine for sure.

Edit: And about that UC collection for PS4: Yes, please! As someone who didn't/doesn't own a PS3 and just played parts of the first three games at friends places (and loved 'em), I'd be all over this in a heartbeat!



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PS4 Firmware Update Details Right Around the C...:

Agree with all of the above, basically. I want those missing features, plz. Also, the Share button doesn't work all the time for me, or more specifically, the video grabbing. Sometimes when I press share, the PS4 doesn't grab a video. Sucks. Also, since the last update or so, some Blu-Ray movies that used to work just fine don't work anymore. Wanted to see District 9 recently and after selecting "start movie" from its title screen, the disk freezes.

YouTube app would be appreciated, but as @FullbringIchigo says, the work-around with the browser works just fine for me.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Feature: What Does Your Guardian Look Like in ...:

@Generik ...but oh so sweet when you finally get it, then! :) Trust me, you're in for a treat. The game is fantastic in the beta already and I think the white PS4 looks so beautiful...if I didn't have my launch-PS4 already, I'd totally get that bundle as well! Perfect opportunity to get on board! :)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PSN Offline for Some as Bungie Deploys Destiny...:

@tehmaz Strange. And yeah, I'd try the delete/re-download-thingy...if that doesn't work, try to re-enter your DLC-code. If that doesn't work as well, I guess you'll have to contact Sonys customer support. :(

Edit: You can't delete from the library. You have to do it from the systems settings-menu, as I described in my above post.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PSN Offline for Some as Bungie Deploys Destiny...:

@tehmaz Alright, I checked with my PS4, the download button is in the sub-menu, sorry. So, in the library, click on the huge "Destiny beta"-icon. A new screen should open with either a "Start" or "Download" button below the icon for "Destiny beta".

If the button reads "Start" but the betas doesn't start, try deleting it and then re-download it. Go to "Settings" in the PS4 main menu, then "System Storage" or something like that and then "Applications". You then see a list of installed applications and games. Press "Options" on the DS4 pad, press "delete" then check the box next to "Destiny beta" and delete it. After that, go back to your library and click on the Destiny beta icon and click download.

The beta will not install the whole 14 gig initially, but only a small part. After that, you have to start the beta like any normal game from the main menu of the PS4 and wait for it to download and install the rest of the data. You can't do this in the background. Hope this helps. Good luck!



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PSN Offline for Some as Bungie Deploys Destiny...:

@N711 Yeah, that may be. I had an Xbox 360 from launch and there were issues with Xbox Live here and then, especially around the launch of huge games like CoD or GTA IV...but for me, PSN seems to have issues almost every week or is down for maintenance. There's about 2-3 occasions per month where I want to play online and PSN is either down or under maintenance. So yeah, Xbox Live doesn't run entirely without faults, but overall, the experience is much more stable and reliable.

I wouldn't mind as much if online gaming on PS4 was still free, but since we now have to pay for it, it should run much better. I don't mind the free games included in the IGC, but since PS+ is mandatory for online gaming, as far as I'm concerned, online multiplayer is what I (have) to pay for, hence it's the service that should run stable, and the free games are "just" a nice bonus.

I really hope Sony gets its act together, because I don't want to play on my 360 anymore and I can't afford an Xbox One anytime soon, so for online multiplayer games I'm stuck with the PS4, but I must say that my experience with PSNs reliability during the last few month has been so bad that I'd play multi-plat online games on the X1 if I had the choice.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on This Is How Sony's Going to Promote PS4 Port T...:

@voodoo341 I think when the native resolution is cranked up from 720p to 1080p, the frame rate doubled, the textures in a 4-times-as-high resolution, lighting and draw distance improved and character models have more polygons, you can in all fairness speak of a remastered edition of a game...of course, it's also always fancy pr-speak, but in this case I feel it's fairly justified.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on This Is How Sony's Going to Promote PS4 Port T...:

@SecondServing Indeed. That's what I do, normally...I just have no more games I'd care to sell, though. Every game I own I want to keep and replay at a certain point.

Guess I'll just have to wait until I can afford it anyway.

Well, it's in native 1080p and runs smoother at 60fps in contrast to the PS3 version that ran at 30...and the textures are supposed to be upgraded and high-res...guess we'll see in two weeks or so... :)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on This Is How Sony's Going to Promote PS4 Port T...:

Haven't played this at all, yet...I so want to play this, but I'm broke. :( Might try to scrape some money together anyway...who needs food, right? ;)

Besides, it's "only" 45,- € on the German PSN store, so I might be going digital for this's 10,- bucks cheaper than the disk version, that's something, at least.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Killzone: Mercenary Developer Recruiting for H...:

I liked KZ3s campaign better that Shadow Fall, but I love the Killzone universe in general, so I would love to see another Killzone. Mercenary seems to be well received all around, so there's hope for a new, good entry intro the series.

And I can't wait to find out if the rumors about the post-apocalyptic RPG by their main branch are true. Maybe we're lucky and get to know something at Gamescom already? :)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Microsoft's Messaging Mishaps Prompted PS4 Bos...:

@thedevilsjester Well, I guess we have to agree to disagree. It's not that I don't understand some of Sonys business decisions back then, it's the overall attitude and wording Sony displayed back then and over quite some years. Because of that, I perceived them as quite arrogant and unlikable, more so than any other company involved in video games, and I was following video game news in general closely even back then.

I'll just leave this here, then:

The neogaf thread isn't by me, but it backs my opinion. Again, you're totally welcome to disagree, of course.

@Gamer83 This.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Microsoft's Messaging Mishaps Prompted PS4 Bos...:

@thedevilsjester You're right, it doesn't necessarily mean that, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony would've considered options pretty much in line with what MS originally planed.

And about the disrespecting: I can understand why Sony removed the other OS and the PS2 hardware from the PS3 from a business makes perfect sense and frankly, I was never much worried about the only partial bc of the 360 (or the missing one of the PS4, for that matter). I buy a new system to play new games. It was just the wording and the attitude Sony displayed back then.

First giving MS flack for the lack of bc and gloating about the fact that the 360 doesn't have it, but the PS3 does, then removing it. Further examples are the "We can't offer the PS3 at a price targeted at households. We want the people to work more to be able to afford one."-thingy. Then Phil Harrison, then president of Sony UK, I think who, when asked about the lackluster PS3 launch-lineup before launch, answered "We're PlayStation...we're gonna sell a couple of million units after launch, regardless of the games!".

More: The Dual Shock 3 which launched without rumble feature. Sony said back then that consumers didn't want that feature anyway and that it wasn't next gen, when word on the street was that both MS and Sony were in a fight about patents with a company that claimed ownership of the rumble-tech. After the whole thing was settled, the DS3 launched...with rumble-feature.

There's more, but you get the picture. Don't get me wrong: I love my PS4 and I appreciate Sonys attitude towards its customers today...also, the PS3 is a really good system with awesome exclusives. I love my PS1 and PS2 and the main reason I never had a PS3 was the fact that I didn't want to wait for next gen gaming back then and later only could afford one system and games, thus I stayed with the 360. When MS revealed their initial policies and mandatory Kinect-connection, I was as disgusted as the next guy and switched to Sony in a heartbeat, hoping they would go the smart way, which they did.

But nonetheless, I'm not a fanboy (not implying that you're one), so I call it as I see it, and Sonys attitude during the few first years of PS3 was arrogant and quite out of touch with both developers and its customers, in my opinion.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Don't Panic, Sony Hasn't Forgotten About Its V...:

@thedevilsjester Hum, yeah, I guess you're right about the graphics stuff of Morpheus...might be too big of a lag problem. But then we do have the problem again I mentioned above...even if Morpheus does the calculations for the headtracking and all non-graphics related stuff on itself and leaves the PS4 resources for the graphics calculations, the GPU of the PS4 might just be to weak for a propper 3D-VR experience. The CPUs and GPU of the PS4 [ï]are[/i]customized, so some years down the line, devs will most probably be able to squeeze some nice stuff outa there, but it's basically mid-range PC stuff, nonetheless. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Not sure if I agree with your assessment of the future of VR. You're right about the "3D implosion". Many people during last gen were busy getting a HDTV at all and not much concerned about 3D. Also, of course, 3D-HDTVs were quite expensive for most of the time last gen and the last-gen hardware was mostly to weak to power decent graphics in 3D. Thus, as you said, the concept fell flat, mostly. by now, 3D TVs are affordable but mostly used for 3D Blu-Rays which is indeed a niche-market somehow.

But I think VR will take off, if not for the reason alone that Facebook pumped over 2 billion into Oculus Rift. They will find a way to get the tech into homes and into peoples everyday living. This will broaden the acceptance for the technology in general and maybe by that generate a demand for it in gaming as well, so I think there's still a good chance we'll see a refined "Morpheus 2.0" together with the PS5.

I at least hope so for entirely selfish reasons...I am a child of the 80ies and grew up with Cyberpunk stories and movies like "Lawnmower Man" and to actually see the tech come to reality would kinda blow my little, nerdy mind...even if I can just enjoy the immersion and won't benefit from the 3D effect.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Microsoft's Messaging Mishaps Prompted PS4 Bos...:

@eaglebob345 Well there is a Sony patent going around for branding game discs/connecting them to a gamer-profile with the first install, so Sony at least explored the technical possibilities of Microsofts original policies.

And seeing how Sony does have a history of bs-ing and disrespecting their customers (see the time after PS3s launch), I find it absolutely plausible that Sony may have planed something similar initially. This stuff doesn't get changed over night and anyway, we will never know for sure, but still...

In the end, I am just glad that Sony saw reason, for whatever reason at all, and decided to go the way they did.

@Tasuki Since Sony has the tech as well, they might do the very same thing sometimes down the road. I think its highly unlikely they'd do so, but who knows. After all, they where mocking Microsoft for the lack of backwards-compatibility of the Xbox 360 back then and outright gloating...only to remove the feature from the PS3 as well only a few month later. So it's not unheard of that Sony does a negative 180.