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Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: The Last of Us PS4 Takes Aim on 20th June:

@MadchesterManc Naughty Dog did indeed confirm that they started development on the PS4 version right after they finished the PS3 version of the game...and for why they didn't release the game on the PS4 in the first place? I don't know, but the install base of 80+ million PS3s, thus meaning 80+ million potential buyers might have had something to do with this decision. ;)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Store Update: 15th April 2014 (North America):

@kensredemption Cross play between PlayStation and another console? Sure, they'll add this as soon as Halo 5 launches on PS4 next month. ;)

Sorry, didn't want to sound rude, but I think we'll never see cross-play between different consoles...console/PC is the only thing in this regard we'll get in this regard, at least in the near future.

PS4 allows cross play with PCs in some games, though.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Yes, The Last of Us Is Set to Stumble onto PS4...:

I'll be over this in a heartbeat. Haven't played the game before and absolutely loved Tomb Raider and its gorgeous visuals, so this is a no-brainer. Have even managed to avoid any big spoilers or watching any videos about the game, so yes, bring it on, please! :D



Reverend_Skeeve commented on DriveClub Developer Evolution Studios Struck b...:

Slowly, this gets troubling. I understand that this is usual during the end of a fiscal year, but still, with the Driveclub delay and the other lay offs, it starts to cast a negative picture...or at least some might perceive it that way.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Review: inFAMOUS: Second Son (PlayStation 4):

Going to go pick this one up NOW! :) Local store is breaking the street date.

I didn't read your review yet to not spoil anything! Feels awesome that after the first trailer during the PS4s reveal 13 month ago, the day where we can finally play the game is here. :)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on The Knights Suit Up in New The Order: 1886 Tra...:

Holy moly, this looks insanely good. I love the setting and design and 3rd person shooters, so even if the gameplay is nothing more than Uncharted or Gears of War, I'm sure I'll love this game. Please come in 2014?

Definitely the best graphics in any game I've ever seen, regardless of the platform.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Lurching onto PS4:

@CodeSe7en Games on PS3 run mostly in a resolution of 720p, which means the resolution (number of pixels) of the picture. "720p" means a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. Modern HDTVs have a resolution of "1080p", which means 1920 by 1080 pixels (1920 horizontally, 1080 in vertical). Because of this, games running in 720p have to be enlarged ("upscaled") to prevent a black bar around the picture, because a 720p picture doesn't have enough pixels to "fill out" a 1080p TV screen.

So to enlarge a 720p picture to 1080p, some pixels not originally there in the picture have to be "created"/"invented". So an upscaled 720p picture on a 1080p screen isn't as sharp as a genuine 1080p picture that has all the pixels for a full screen 1080p picture. Meaning: crisper, sharper visuals when the console generates the picture in genuine 1080p in contrast to an upscaled 720p picture.

60fps means "frames per second". Games on video game consoles run in either 30 or 60 fps...30fps are already enough for the human eye to generate a fluid motion (movies in cinemas used to run in 24fps before digital tech took over there), but for fast games like racing games or fast ego shooters, devs try to go for 60fps because it's more fluid than 30, obviously.

So, all the numbers above mean that I hope that Dead Nation, which runs in 720p and 30fps on PS3 will be improved on PS4, running smoother and crisper in true, non-upscaled 1080p at 60fps...which it most definitely will.

Sorry for the long post.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Yes, RedLynx's Trials Fusion Drops onto PS4 on...:

@get2sammyb 'tis okay, man...cry a little if you feel like it...we're here for ya. *passes over some tissues ;)

Seriously, though: looking forward to this...played an older Trials game a few days ago at a friends place and had a ton of fun! Even my wife played and enjoyed, which really says everything...three years I have tried and this was the first time she actually picked up a controller. :)

Thus: insta-buy fo' sure.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on God of War Studio Sony Santa Monica Slashed by...:

@Gamer83 You do post lotsa stuff that isn't negative, most of that even interesting and insightful, but lately, you have been coming over as overly negative, in my humble opinion. I agree that the delays that happened are frustrating (I want Driveclub NOEW, too!) and as I said above, I also find this lay offs at SSM slighty troublesome, but as Sammy said, we just don't know what happened there.

At every opportunity lately you complain about the lack of AAA games and AAA-announcements, and indeed I start to wonder why you bought the PS4 at launch in the first place? This surely wasn't your first console launch, so you, as the informed gamer you obviously are, should've/could've seen this drought coming.

I agree with you, that the lack of announcements is frustrating, and I also think it's hurting Sony to play their cards so close to the chest, especially with Titanfall right around the corner and the X1s price drop in the UK.

But you keep foaming at the mouth about it for weeks now, as every constant reader here can attest to, and if someone points it out to you, you go "well, the post wasn't for you, so bloody ignore it if you don't like it".

I got to know Pushsquare as a community where respectful and decent discussion happens, so this

Sure, I could just skip what you post, but as I said, often it's fun/insightful to read...I just think that your continuing complaints are getting a little tiresome for other regulars.

And no, I'm not defending Sony...I just wish you'd be able to chill out a little bit and maybe manage to make your point without swearing, even if you X-out the bad words, that's all.

Just my 2 cents, though...peace, everyone!



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition Lurching onto PS4:

Awesome! I love twin stick shooters and all stuff zombie, so I'm sure I'd love this game. Just checked out some videos of the PS3 version and this game looks like it's right up my alley.

Even if they "just" bump up lighting and resolution and make it run at 60fps, this would be a day one purchase...but included in the IGC? Yes, please! :D



Reverend_Skeeve commented on God of War Studio Sony Santa Monica Slashed by...:

This sends a somewhat troubling message to core gamers like us, I think. The general casual gamer will not even know this happened, but for the informed, it looks strange that just a few weeks after moving into a bigger location and with not that many 1st party games announced, Sony decides to fire a part of Sony SM.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Respond to Microsof...:

It's smart, indeed and it smacks a little of desperation, but I agree that Sony should just sit this one out.

Dropping the price too early might alienate some early adopters and, obviously, the PS4 is still constantly sold out, so there's really no need for a price cut...also, inFamous launches in March and will surely shift some decent numbers additionally, so...

Nonetheless, Sony has to stay sharp and up to its's obvious that MS is willing to fight, which is good, because it hopefully prevents Sony to fall back to its former arrogance.

@WCamicase They did a half-hearted rip off of PS+ last year, I think. I'm a little out of the loop, but for some month, they offered really old, 4-5 year old games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers and some better ones after they got burned for offering such old games.

I think I read that MS plans to continue this on the X1 and 360 eventually, but the offer Sony has with PS+ blows Xbox Live out of the water.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Brings Impending DO...:

@charlesnarles @LDXD @TosserHan Aw man, I can only imagine how it is with family this religious. Mine isn't religious at all, so...
But good to see that you guys seem to be cool about it, mostly.

@Gingo Nope, it is just plain wrong. ;) But that's okay...I kinda enjoy cheesy (wrong) German one.liners in American games and movies...although there're even some who nail it with correct German. Inglorious Basterds comes to mind, but then, the Germans in the movie were either genuine Germans or from Austria (Christoph Waltz). But it was perfect...even the vocabulary used was from the 30s and 40s. I think Tom Tykwer helped with the German parts, the director of "Run, Lola, run!".



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Brings Impending DO...:

@charlesnarles Movies and books are classified as art, thus are allowed to depict those symbols...freedom of art and such. Games, however, are still classified as toys, as in "toys for kids", and toys are forbidden to display anything like Nazi symbols.

I even agree that toys shouldn't contain swastikas and such...but to (still) classify games as toys and not art is a little outdated, me thinks...but well, that's the way it is here...

And yes, the game looks absolutely crazy, over the top fun! Can't wait! I'm sure it'll be a blast! :)

"Eine kleine Amerikaner!" :D <--- Robo-Hitler-quote from the first Wolfenstein...of course in wrong German. ;) It should say "Ein kleiner Amerikaner!", for anyone interested. ;)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Wolfenstein: The New Order Brings Impending DO...:

This looks awesome! I like the setting and the overall over the top-attitude of the a cheesy 60s Sci Fi movie...and the trailer is hilarious! :D

Must import this game,'s not allowed in Germany for games to have Nazi symbols of swastikas, because they're classified as toys by law.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PS4's First Branded Hardware Bundle Is a Bit Foxy:

@k_andersen Oh, I know the fan-crave, sir! :) Stay strong, brotha! There's gonna be even better limited editions in the future! :)

Must admit the closer Ground Zeroes creeps, the more excited I get about the game. I adored MGS1 and 2 on PS1 and 2 but sadly never got around to play the games after those...quite eager to dip into the series again, but my original plan was to wait until there's a complete version of MGS5 released, Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain and possible DLC all in one.

I hope the fact that inFamous releases but a few days later will help me to stay strong...but on the other hand...March 18th is my birthday, so... *twitch

@get2sammyb It does look a little bit like somebody just slapped a sticker on it, doesn't it? I'm sure Sony could (and will) do better...probably when the 2nd part of MGS5 launches. Nonetheless, this will surely move some units, agreed.

Not that the PS4 would need any help these days to fly of the shelf... ;)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PS4's First Branded Hardware Bundle Is a Bit Foxy:

Normally, I'm a sucker for limited editions, be it games or consoles, but I find thins one slightly underwhelming, sadly.

Or rather: not sad, because now I don't have to keep myself from buying a 2nd PS4 just because it's limited. ;)

That doesn't mean I wouldn't quickly cave in and do so the moment a limited PS4 I like would be released.

And I'd guess it'll come to Europe as well...Metal Gear is big enough here that it would make sense...wasn't the Metal Gear PS3 released here as well?



Reverend_Skeeve commented on More Special Treatment as PS4 Gets Best Versio...:

@get2sammyb It would seem so indeed. Guess the X1 will catch up a little eventually, but the slower GPU is a fact. With all examples of multiplat games up until now, I think we can safely assume that future multiplat games on PS4 will run smoother or at least equally good than on the X1...

Curious about the flame wars after this. Maybe I'll head over to IGN this evening to amuse myself. :)

@BornOfEvil Made me lulz! :)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Keeps Thing...:

@charlesnarles Agreed. They had an unbelievable energy and creativity. Most songs use the same chords, but it's how they're used. Still love their music until this day.

Besides, Dave Grohl is still an absolute animal of a drummer, as he was back then, and seems to be an all-around awesome guy. Not that he isn't also a very good guitar player...bloody multi-talented man! ;)



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: Did Kojima Just Reveal a Special Editi...:

@Gamer83 Indeed...around a 100,- bucks is also my sweet spot for a good Collectors Edition. I payed that for Aliens Colonial Marines (yeah, I know *sob). Still like the SE, though...the paperwork included and of course the power loader figurine are awesome...sadly, the game is not. ;)

I also like that nowadays you usually get a bunch of DLC when you pre-order. It kinda softens the blow to have to pay full price for a game on launch. I mean when you just can't wait till the price drops because you absolutely have to have the game NOW. ;)

Oh, and about not buying another SE of the PS4 when MGS launches? Let me remind you of that when the time comes. ;) :p



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: Europe, You May Be Getting a Free Copy...:

Yay! :D I love Resogun and heard good things about Dead Nation. Also, I'm a sucker for twin stick shooters and zombies, so I hope this is true.

Even better: Dead nation is available in Germany as well (I live here). Sadly it happens quite often that gory games get cut here or not released at all, but since DN is available on the German PSN store, I hope we will get this rumored PS4 port as well. I would even pay for it. ^^



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Grand Theft Auto V Will Launch on PS4 if Consu...:

@Gemuarto me a GTA zombie because I suggested that there might still be a huge number of persons out there who'd appreciate a next gen/PC port of GTA V? FYI, I enjoyed GTA IV a lot, but never finished it, because I found the missions and gameplay later in the game too boring and/or too hard. So I was happy with just "hanging out in Liberty City", meaning visiting the comedy club or taking a cab ride, listening to music and soaking in the scenery.

I have never shared the insta-hype surrounding the GTA games. They're great games, but have serious flaws in gameplay that barely get addressed in the media "because it's GTA, thus it's awesome and perfect!11!!1".

I'm sure I would also enjoy GTA V, even if I wouldn't maybe finish it. But a GTA zombie/fanboy? Surely not.

So please try not to generalize just because you don't like a game anymore...and try not to call people zombies just because they have a valid, different opinion than yours.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: Did Kojima Just Reveal a Special Editi...:

@Gamer83 Agreed, I was more thinking about a special edition of the game itself. For Phantom Pain and/or the complete package of MGS V I think a special edition PS4 is definitely you said, the PS3 got a similar treatment.

Have to admit I'm a sucker for (good) special editions...I caved in and bought the Halo 3 Xbox 360 back then and tend to buy the collectors edition of a game if it has some nice goodies and some decent DLC thrown in for good measure.



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: Did Kojima Just Reveal a Special Editi...:

I would absolutely not be surprised if there would be a special edition of the game and a specially branded console to go with it...if not in March, then latest when the other, meatier part of MGS V launches.

In fact, I could very well see Konami releasing a special edition of Ground Zeroes, release a special edition of Phantom Pain...and then release the two games together a little bit later, in another special-special edition (tag line: "This time it's really special...we mean it!").



Reverend_Skeeve commented on Rumour: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark S...:

@get2sammyb Thanks for the recommendation, but I there's so much coming out on PS4 I'll want to buy eventually, that I have to keep an eye on my gaming budget. I did love the trailers to the games, though...background music was by Puscifer, which incidentally is also connected to my avatar-pic. :)

Will keep a keen eye out for this new one, though.

Also, I find it kinda hard to go back to last gen when I'm now used to "Oooh, shiny!". ;)

And yes, I know graphics isn't everything...still...