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Fri 13th Apr 2012

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3Above commented on Adr1ft Coming to PS4 This Month:

I was always interested in this game, kibda surprised how soon it will be out though. But great! This then Abzu then No Mans Sky.



3Above commented on Sony Says PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Is ...:

I WANT it to be this yr but I doutb it will be. Too many big games lik XV, Battlefield, TLG, maybe Mass Effect are coming out. Not to mention VR.

Oh Wait, isnt Rise of The Tomb Raider coming to PS4 this holiday?



3Above commented on Tekken x Street Fighter Has Been KO'd for the ...:

Amother example of Announcing games WAY too early. Are you listening CD Project Red? Most of the people I know wanted a Tekken style gane with SF characters. Not a SF style game with Tekken characters. This was back in 2010 mind you. I think they released the wrong game first.



3Above commented on Titanfall 2 to Take the PS4 by Storm Prior to ...:

I Remeber how it was hyped more than The Force Awakens! But then the whole sub 720p resolution stuff killed all that. I hope they can get it at least close to 1080p on PS4.

If people think Battlefront lacks longevity they must have forgetten Titanfall.



3Above commented on Want Dino Title Ark: Survival Evolved to Bite ...:

Personally I dont want to pay for a game that is basically in alpha stage. People complain about preorders and Season Passes being money grabs but Early Access programs are just as bad. Basically we are PAYING to test an unfinished games when usually testers are paid to do the exact same thing. Im not fan of Early Access but to each his own.



3Above commented on October 2015 NPD: PS4's Halo Slips as System S...:

@Midzark. Its definitely a great feather in MS cap. But wpuld people really enjoy playing the inferior verson of the New game theu just bought? It would be like buying uncharted 3 at launch and they getting Drake fortune free. Great value yes but stark improvments to gameplay in the newer game would make the older game seem ever more dated than it is.



3Above commented on Mirror's Edge 2 Stumbles into May on PS4:

There are (currently anyeay) alot of great games conibg between February and July so rearranging dates so they dont overlap is a good thing. Let my wallet catch its breath for a week or two.



3Above commented on Round Up: What Did Sony Show at Paris Games We...:

@Gamer83 Dido, great work Push Square team!

Its amazing that so many of these games are PS4 exclusive in one way or another and thst they actually look good. My games wishlist judt went up by 8! Im very impressed with the quality of game Sony brought to #ParisGamesWeek Didnt feel like a throw away event at all.