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Fri 13th April, 2012

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3Above commented on So, This Is How Sony Took the Marketing Rights...:

Maybe im the only one who remembers the years of Xbox getting these deals for CoD Fallout and so on. No one seemed to be against exclusive dlc back then. Non Xbox consoles just had to deal with it. Now we seems to be concerned about all gamers.



3Above commented on E3 2015: Ready at Dawn Ditching PS4 for Oculus...:

I huess this is RaD getting back at PS gamers for not loving The Order. Personally I liked it but most didn't. Now thry are leaving. I still think its a mistake going Occulus exclusive and not both Morpheous and Occulus. They will learn soon...



3Above commented on The Order: 1886 'Well on Way' to Meeting Sales...:

@JesWood13 Sony could potentially use the Uncharted 4 engine and let Sony Bend or another 1st Party studio make The Order1887. It would probably look just as good, have better gameplay mechanics and some multiplayer elements.

I really liked the story and characters of The Order 1886. It would have made a better Master Piece Theater mini series than a game.



3Above commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I finally managed to platinum Ether One in the wee hours and I will be promtply deleting it next cuance I get. The game wasnt that bad but even post patch iv had severe technical issues with frame rates in the single digits and saves taking literally 12 mins to load. So ill play some Race the Sun on Vita this weekend.



3Above commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

@rastamadeus Im not too surprised given the long delay, this was probably planned as post launch dlc before the 8 month delay.
I agree about the skins challenge maps race tracks ect. But the story dlc will probably be priced at $15 each so paying $30 for them now makes sense.



3Above commented on Feature: What Are May 2015's Free PlayStation ...:

I love The Unfinished Swan so im glad more people get to try it. Race the Sun is destined for my Vita and im liking the sound of Ether One. Considering I still have CounterSpy and Never Alone to start im more than covered till Arkham Knight. No complaints here.



3Above commented on Holy Money Spinner, Batman! Arkham Knight Seas...:

No sale, ill be the dlc piece meal if I really want it. Im not gonna front $30 ( PS Plus discount) on content thats not officially announced and that I might not even want. I can live without skins, extra story content on the other hand....