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3Above commented on Titanfall 2 to Take the PS4 by Storm Prior to ...:

I Remeber how it was hyped more than The Force Awakens! But then the whole sub 720p resolution stuff killed all that. I hope they can get it at least close to 1080p on PS4.

If people think Battlefront lacks longevity they must have forgetten Titanfall.



3Above commented on Want Dino Title Ark: Survival Evolved to Bite ...:

Personally I dont want to pay for a game that is basically in alpha stage. People complain about preorders and Season Passes being money grabs but Early Access programs are just as bad. Basically we are PAYING to test an unfinished games when usually testers are paid to do the exact same thing. Im not fan of Early Access but to each his own.



3Above commented on October 2015 NPD: PS4's Halo Slips as System S...:

@Midzark. Its definitely a great feather in MS cap. But wpuld people really enjoy playing the inferior verson of the New game theu just bought? It would be like buying uncharted 3 at launch and they getting Drake fortune free. Great value yes but stark improvments to gameplay in the newer game would make the older game seem ever more dated than it is.



3Above commented on Mirror's Edge 2 Stumbles into May on PS4:

There are (currently anyeay) alot of great games conibg between February and July so rearranging dates so they dont overlap is a good thing. Let my wallet catch its breath for a week or two.



3Above commented on Round Up: What Did Sony Show at Paris Games We...:

@Gamer83 Dido, great work Push Square team!

Its amazing that so many of these games are PS4 exclusive in one way or another and thst they actually look good. My games wishlist judt went up by 8! Im very impressed with the quality of game Sony brought to #ParisGamesWeek Didnt feel like a throw away event at all.



3Above commented on Comparing PS4's Sales to the Competition May B...:

I knew this day would come when I saw that momentous E3 in 2013. MS is getting a full dose of their own medicine. With games like Horizon, Uncharted 4, TLG, and others coming out next year Plus the recent price drop PS4 will be doing even better in 2016. This will be interesting.



3Above commented on Will Bethesda Make a Custom Fallout 4 PS4 Cont...:

This will be interesting to watch. Unless there really is an exclusivity contract for hardware with MS I dont see Bethesda not making a custom DS4. There is likelihood that Fallout 4 will sell better on PS4 due the 2X install base so they would be loosing money by not doing it.



3Above commented on Is This a Thief's End for Nolan North as Uncha...:

Honestly I hope it last Uncharted we see for a while, not because of any dislike of the series on my part but because I fear it might run into the ground. Uncharted has been amazing over the years and one of my favorite PlayStation franchises. Its earned a respectful rest.



3Above commented on Adr1ft Lost in Space Until 2016:

Im willing to bet that it was never going to make it on PS4 this year and it was only shown to build hype and secure funding for the Occulus version. After that ships and makes some money they will start porting to PS4. We probably wont play this untill Sept 2016



3Above commented on Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Impro...:

Iv got a launch ps4 and have never had a problem with UI lag. I didnt realize so many people didnt like the PS4 UI, but then again no one liked the XMB during the PS3 days either, im always in the minority.



3Above commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well I picked up White Night on sale this week so iv got to start that and I have yet to start the Batgirl dlc in Arkham Knight though I did play the Red Hood "story pack", took me all of 19 mins to play through DO NOT BUY IT.



3Above commented on Gamescom 2015: Lara Croft's Next Adventure Lik...:

Honestly a full year after release im betting the graphics will seem a bit dated, it probably won't sell that much on PS4. Ill be playi g The Last Guardian by then ( wow thats actually gonna happen) maybe evn Horizon so Tomb Raider will likely take a back seat.



3Above commented on Gamescom 2015: 90 Seconds of Final Fantasy XV ...:

@ShogunRok Mine too, SE said they would have a big showing at Gamescom and if this is thier idea of Big then im Out. And then they say the game is "65% complete" REALLY? What are they doing? Isnt that the same number they gave about 3 months ago? Im with you, just call when its done.



3Above commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

@Boerewors Bravo!! I think a lot of people forget that was MS attitude and MO during the 360 days and going into this current gen but that they very quickly learned consumers didnt want that so they all became 'nice guys who just love gaming'. I still remember Larry Hyrbs tweets after the PS4 reveal in NY in Feb 2013. Today he seems like whole new person. Its just marketing.



3Above commented on PS4 Games Limbo to Lower Prices in Sizzling NA...:

Cant pass up White Night for $6.00 It will probably be on Plus a few months down the line but hey, we cant get EVERYTHING for free. Besides Disgaea 2 is on sale! ( anyone from the NA PS blog will know what I mean)



3Above commented on Review: The Fall (PS4):

Man this really looks interesting, but iv had my recommended daily value of frustrating puzzles already.