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Fri 13th April, 2012

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3Above commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Gonna try to platinum Transistor this weekend, love that game. Then its on to more Velocity 2X to face the 1st boss. If there is any time left ill try echochrome ii with PS Move, I picked up for a dollar on sale a few weeks ago ( the game, not Move lol)



3Above commented on Sony: PS Vita's Remarkably Resilient, and Won'...:

@get2sammyb Yes, the best we can hope for is that they keep releasing Vuta versions of smaller PS4 games with crossbuy. Im think thats what will happen with Gravity Rush 2. I also wouldnt be surprised to see Gravity Rush 1 re released on ps4 much like Tearaway Unfolded. We will see at TGS



3Above commented on PS4 Spin-Off inFAMOUS: First Light Fetches Eur...:

Given that we have to install every game anyway iv been getting over physical discs except if there is somthing special in a boxed release. Add on the cost to import and the extra shipping time and Digital starts to be a viable option.



3Above commented on Rumour: The Unfinished Swan Feeling Its Way on...:

I seriously hope this come true. Iv been wanting to play this with Move but I missed it when It was $3.75 for Plus members. Getting a 3 way crossbuy woukd be sweet. I just hope its well suited for Vita.. I just dont want it to be like Flower where the Vita version ( while still a very good port ) is easily the worst of the 3 versions of the game.



3Above commented on You'll Probably Never, Ever Earn These PS4 Tro...:

Im surprised they put the NATURE trophy from Flower on their list. The PURE trophy is much much harder, or at least it was on PS3 and Vita, but with he Ds4 I found it was significantly easier thanks to the improved gyros. Still really tough though.



3Above commented on July's PS Plus Update Slashes with Strider and...:

I'll try Strider and I did want to try out doki doki for a while. I wont complain just yet as some these indie games that I thought were throw-away titles have actually been really great ( looking at you Thomas was alone and Stealth inc). Still holding out for Transistor to get Ps Plus discount.