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3Above commented on Adr1ft Lost in Space Until 2016:

Im willing to bet that it was never going to make it on PS4 this year and it was only shown to build hype and secure funding for the Occulus version. After that ships and makes some money they will start porting to PS4. We probably wont play this untill Sept 2016



3Above commented on Is This Redesigned PS4 User Interface an Impro...:

Iv got a launch ps4 and have never had a problem with UI lag. I didnt realize so many people didnt like the PS4 UI, but then again no one liked the XMB during the PS3 days either, im always in the minority.



3Above commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Well I picked up White Night on sale this week so iv got to start that and I have yet to start the Batgirl dlc in Arkham Knight though I did play the Red Hood "story pack", took me all of 19 mins to play through DO NOT BUY IT.



3Above commented on Gamescom 2015: Lara Croft's Next Adventure Lik...:

Honestly a full year after release im betting the graphics will seem a bit dated, it probably won't sell that much on PS4. Ill be playi g The Last Guardian by then ( wow thats actually gonna happen) maybe evn Horizon so Tomb Raider will likely take a back seat.



3Above commented on Gamescom 2015: 90 Seconds of Final Fantasy XV ...:

@ShogunRok Mine too, SE said they would have a big showing at Gamescom and if this is thier idea of Big then im Out. And then they say the game is "65% complete" REALLY? What are they doing? Isnt that the same number they gave about 3 months ago? Im with you, just call when its done.



3Above commented on Microsoft: Sony's Buying Lots of Third-Party E...:

@Boerewors Bravo!! I think a lot of people forget that was MS attitude and MO during the 360 days and going into this current gen but that they very quickly learned consumers didnt want that so they all became 'nice guys who just love gaming'. I still remember Larry Hyrbs tweets after the PS4 reveal in NY in Feb 2013. Today he seems like whole new person. Its just marketing.



3Above commented on PS4 Games Limbo to Lower Prices in Sizzling NA...:

Cant pass up White Night for $6.00 It will probably be on Plus a few months down the line but hey, we cant get EVERYTHING for free. Besides Disgaea 2 is on sale! ( anyone from the NA PS blog will know what I mean)



3Above commented on Review: The Fall (PS4):

Man this really looks interesting, but iv had my recommended daily value of frustrating puzzles already.



3Above commented on Journey's Got a Confirmed Release Date on PS4 ...:

Now the game has been out for 3yrs but I feel that they showed too much in that video. The snow was a complete surprise to me in my 1st play through. Perhaps they forgot how many PS4 owners never owned a PS3.



3Above commented on UK Sales Charts: Batman: Arkham Knight Grapple...:

Its gonna be a bit slow untill fall but man did we have a lot of great games over the past 6 months!

RE Remastered Grim Fandango Remastered, The Order 1886? Dying Light, Bloodborne, FF Type 0 HD, The Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X, project cars ESO, Heavensward, Arkham Knight and Planetside 2. And I skipped some!



3Above commented on So, This Is How Sony Took the Marketing Rights...:

Maybe im the only one who remembers the years of Xbox getting these deals for CoD Fallout and so on. No one seemed to be against exclusive dlc back then. Non Xbox consoles just had to deal with it. Now we seems to be concerned about all gamers.