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Fri 13th April, 2012

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3Above commented on Batgirl Will Be Playable with Arkham Knight's ...:

@rastamadeus Im not too surprised given the long delay, this was probably planned as post launch dlc before the 8 month delay.
I agree about the skins challenge maps race tracks ect. But the story dlc will probably be priced at $15 each so paying $30 for them now makes sense.



3Above commented on Feature: What Are May 2015's Free PlayStation ...:

I love The Unfinished Swan so im glad more people get to try it. Race the Sun is destined for my Vita and im liking the sound of Ether One. Considering I still have CounterSpy and Never Alone to start im more than covered till Arkham Knight. No complaints here.



3Above commented on Holy Money Spinner, Batman! Arkham Knight Seas...:

No sale, ill be the dlc piece meal if I really want it. Im not gonna front $30 ( PS Plus discount) on content thats not officially announced and that I might not even want. I can live without skins, extra story content on the other hand....



3Above commented on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Is Top of the Class wi...:

Im enjoying it actually. The graphics arent that bad and the story exciting. The camera and the pacing could use more attention but it was a PSP game after all. But its true I really bought for the XV demo Which was awesome.



3Above commented on Shovel Knight Digs a Path to PS4, PS3, and Vit...:

@BLPs So.....your mother is in.......... nevermind

I think I will buy this cause people wont shut up about how great it is and since they went through all the trouble of porting it I should oblige. I hope its cross save as well cause ill primarily play on PS4 but will want to continue on Vita at times.



3Above commented on Opinion: How Reviews Can Colour a Game's Recep...:

I stopped paying attention to reviews years ago for games I know I would like. I like to know how certain games are recieved but i dont make purchases based on them. I definitely still check them out for other games im mildly interested in. And I prefer to read a full review than to watch a video review.



3Above commented on UK Sales Charts: PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886...:

Platinumed it last night. Loved the story, it was very much what I was hoping for. Could have been longer but I can live with it as is. Definitely the best Victorian acting in gaming! Bring on dat sequel! !



3Above commented on Review: The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4):

@get2sammyb There better be a sequel after that ending! As another review said " it feels like they lost the last third of the script". Still it waa enjoyable and I dont mind replaying to experience some key moments again and to nab the plat.



3Above commented on Round Up: The Order: 1886 PS4 Reviews Fail to ...:

Im going to play the game before making statements but its looking like I will be a vocal advocate for people NOT to buy this game untill its $20 or less. Such a shame because I love the premise and setting.



3Above commented on Review: The Order: 1886 (PlayStation 4):

Well this is a bummer. Its already installed so no turning back for me. This score is what most sites gave it. Granted I didnt actually read ANY of the reviews seeing how the story is almost all the game has going for it. Ill play it and hopefully enjoy it but it doesn't look like a game I can recommend to anyone until its $19.99. Sigh.