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DeHorror1975 commented on Microsoft Pats Sony on the Back for Successful...:

This is microsoft doing PR damage control, they were seen as the bad guys this turn and very rightly so. They gimped their system specs in favor of that kinect garbage which is being forced on us, the drm, dead rising fps dropping down to 15, etc. its a bad time for the xbox. Microsoft needs all the PR they can get and thats all this "congratulations" is about, nothing more.



DeHorror1975 commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Sport Dedicated Serv...:

The xbone announcement initially for dedicated servers and no one else is just another reason I cant stand how the manner in which microsoft conducts business. Micro pays others for exclusive games, while Sony makes their exclusives themselves. I'm not saying Sony doesnt do it, but its the exception and not the rule. Even quantic dream says that Sony just gives them so much freedom to do what they want, they dont want to make their games for anyone else.



DeHorror1975 commented on Hands On: PS4 Launch Title Knack Is Gradually ...:

I love Mark Cerny, I think the man is a damn prodigy, but I am sorry, this game is DOA IMO. I don't think it should have been a frontrunner for the playstation 4. We are in a real war here with microsoft who wants to make only casual games and COD. We need the big guns because there a lot of phillistines out there who would love to make motion control gaming just as popular as traditional gaming. Microsoft needs to burn and I want to see Sony dancing on the ashes.



DeHorror1975 commented on Don't Worry, Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Have D...:


I dont think their hardware is all that identical because there is no backwards compatibility. I would say the hardware between the two xbox consoles is more identical to one another than the two playstations.

I have said this several times about micro....they invest way too much money in buying of developers that they dont own, where is the pride in that?

I feel like Sony has to prove themselves, which they do, and Micro just buys off exclusivity to IP's they had nothing to do with. Micro would be dead right now if two things had happened: 1 Halo never existed, 2 sony had their online up to par at launch with the PS3. Sony is going to dominate this generation because they obviously love making great games and they listened to developers. I feel the pre orders in software and hardware are reflecting this.



DeHorror1975 commented on EDGE Reckons That PS4 Has A Power Advantage Ov...:

I agree with you, I guess more to the point I feel micro was concerned about the kinect and maintaining timed DLC than they were making some great games. There were a few yrs there where the 360 was no doubt the better console, especially online. Micro lost me with kinect, forcing me to buy it was the last straw. I'm out!



DeHorror1975 commented on EDGE Reckons That PS4 Has A Power Advantage Ov...:

I am tired of micro's strategy, which is take 90 cents of every dollar earned and buy timed exclusives and dlc with COD and BATTLEFIELD. Sony on the other hand takes that money and creates incredible new ip's. micro did exactly what I thought they would with that kinect also, they gimped the system specs to add that worthless piece of crap that NO one wants. Now you have to spend an extra 100 dollars to get the xbox one and that is just playing dirty. I truly hope microsoft burns to the ground so sony and nintendo can do what they do best. My point is every little thing that encourages someone not to buy an xbox one makes me feel that there is hope, and I let out a little chuckle inside.