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Ben is a self-proclaimed coffee fiend, vinyl enthusiast and Fallout fanatic. He's one handsome half of our Push Square Podcast and can usually be manipulated via burritos. PSN: InElegance

Wed 24th Apr 2013

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BenTarrant commented on Review: Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection ...:

@GBMatthew The voice acting in ACII (among other aspects) just doesn't hold up and feels very awkward and wooden, especially the modern day scenes. It's aged a lot better in the other titles, as noted.

As for audio cutting out, I honestly can't say I clocked any of those issues. Had a look around and that seemed to be more rife with the PS3 trilogy by the same name but seems to be fixed here.



BenTarrant commented on Podcast: Episode 15 - A Strong Month for PS4:

@DerMeister Thanks as ever for your kind words mate!! Re PS4: I'm actually gutted, it's really knocked my interest in gaming altogether. Playing any of my recent titles feels like wasted effort after losing my saves, especially HLD which I was knee deep in and loving. Hoping the wave of new releases in the coming months can reignite my mojo.



BenTarrant commented on Guide: How to Create, Manage, and Organise Fol...:

While I'm happy they've included folders, it does irk me somewhat that the folders re-organise themselves based on recently played stuff. The ability to drag and drop/ pin items is also sorely needed and a huge oversight in this addition IMO. Is personal customisation too much to ask?!

I had access to the beta for this and I must admit the changes to the quick menu are quite beautiful.



BenTarrant commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Needs to Change Its Refund P...:

While I get where you're coming from, you can't walk into a HMV holding a DVD and return it after you watched it becuase you didn't think it was of good quality or not as the trailer made it out to be.

You can't walk into a record store and complain that you don't think the new Taylor Swift album is as good as her older stuff and demand a refund. Just doesn't work like that. Creative media is objective in its enjoyment and will ALWAYS miff some people, however good the quality is.

Leniency breeds greed and for every person better refund rules will allow to aid, hundreds will take advantage of it. Just because it's digital doesn't make it anymore entitled to a return, either.

People need to relax and wait for games to settle after release - if it has issues you'll damn well know about them. If you still don't like the game, chalk it up to experience and steer away from that genre? Death to day one and death to pre orders.



BenTarrant commented on Review: Fallout 4: Far Harbor (PS4):

Fully agree with the score here. Issues like this are really starting to take the biscuit, it chugs so badly in places it's unplayable. These things are clearly not optimised effectively at launch, any kind of QA would highlight this, they're aware it's cream crackered. Just hold off on release for crying out loud. Even a move like delaying dlc on platforms a la Skyrim would have been preferable to the chuggy mess I was actually eager to play.



BenTarrant commented on Podcast: Episode 4 - Is the PS4K a Good Idea?:

@BAMozzy We were talking more about games being developed with PS4K in mind. Splitting the user base by maybe splitting the release - similarly to the 'new' 3DS exclusive titles.

Fortunately everything is here say and rumours right now so we needn't worry too much! Thanks for listening!



BenTarrant commented on Here Are the Full Details on Fallout 4's Survi...:

This sounds like what I always imagine Fallout should be. It gets boring swiftly when you hit a god-like status in the wasteland. Combat is just a chore and I have enough ammo to kill everyone 30 times over. This is going to be a great challenge.



BenTarrant commented on Podcast: Episode 2 - The Return:

@WOOKiEKiLL Cheers!! I've heard some truly fantastic things about Ratchet and Clank reboot so there's hope for that 'Mascot' thing there. I don't think a console really needs it - even Master Chief isn't even that important anymore for Xbox. The systems are very well-established and a funky reboot of a golden gem of a title like crash mike do more harm than good. (cough, Spyro)



BenTarrant commented on Podcast: Episode 2 - The Return:

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi I think we'll be sticking to this method of distribution for all our episodes, it means it covers the most bases for how people can listen. I agree with you, downloading from soundcloud means I can listen on my commute which is largely underground. thanks for listening!



BenTarrant commented on Hands On: Does Homefront PS4's Co-Op Represent...:

@sonicmeerkat The majority of the talent involved with Timesplitters is no longer with Dambuster - Timesplitters was nearly 16 years ago anyway.

@xMEADx there is a full multiplayer aspect. The co-op is just another peripheral experience. Yeah, agree that the microtransactions are a bit odd.

@flurpsel You'll be waiting until the release of the PS5 to play this on Plus, Killzone Shadowfall and Knack are first in line as AAA Plus anyway

Thanks for reading folks!



BenTarrant commented on GAME's Share Prices Plunge as UK Retailer Is S...:

@get2sammyb Their prices are too high and they've got no other reason to go into a store. I can get almost EVERYTHING they sell online at a usually way better price. They've gone more heavy with the exclusives, but it's not the right model for them at all.

They're signing their own death warrant - I wouldn't miss them one bit. If I really need a game day one, I'll buy digital. If not, I'll just wait the delivery time knowing I've saved £15-£20 in the process. It's a shame to risk losing brick and mortar specialists, but they almost have no purpose, especially with the already mentioned staff who're notoriously inept, unknowledgable or disinterested altogether. Sad days.



BenTarrant commented on Review: Evolve (PlayStation 4):

@radbot42 There are times when this game feels great, as I've said, but it's reliance on cohesion is too great and will always bring it down in some form. It's not the only negative that rewarded it with a 6 either. 6 isn't a bad score, it has much room to improve but it's not a bad game by any stretch.



BenTarrant commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Rogue (PlayStation 3):

@Gemuarto I'm yet to have had the pleasure to play Unity and compared it loosely to things noted in Robert's review. Instead I used Black Flag as a standard seeing as it's a sequel of kinds to that game. It's a more solid experience and at the momens yes it is less buggy than Unity, hence the higher score.



BenTarrant commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Rogue (PlayStation 3):

@Gamer83 I honestly think that if they do go down that road it will not be until late next year. Even then, 3 AC titles in a year seems rather absurd considering they've clearly struggled with 2. This'll plummet in price, grab it in a month or so.



BenTarrant commented on Review: Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition...:

Becuase the controls are unforgivable. They're uninviting and relentlessly Difficult. That in itself is an issue of accessibility by default. It's enjoyment is too Exclusive, much like the Souls franchise I compare it to. The point is definitely lost on many and that's undoubtedly a damaging aspect of the title, closing the door on many of the more impatient players. I definitely agree with @get2sammyb on this Too, where the devil is Move support!?

I appreciate the angle they come at and that's reflected in the Score but even the hilarious physics gets old after your 5th attempt at a heart transplant. It's nice to know you've been enjoying it though! It'll be interesting to see how the co-op mode affects gameplay for those hitting the accessibility issues..



BenTarrant commented on Rumour: Silent Hills May Not Scare You Silly U...:

The option to jump between first or third sounds like the best option here. Silent Hill fans can experience it the classic way while newcomers from the PT can continue the experience. As for 2016, that's a fair wait for hopefully a franchise defining release. Irrespective, I'd still take this all with a truck-load of salt.