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Male, 20, United Kingdom

Ben harbours an intimate love for Fallout 3, Tron, and nachos – he just wishes that science would find a way of combining all three. Until that time, though, he’s going to stick to writing words about video games. PSN: InElegance

Wed 24th April, 2013

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BenTarrant commented on First Impressions: PS4 Puzzler MouseCraft Whif...:

I totally get people worrying about over saturating the console with Indie titles but a fair portion of them are fantastic. While AAA titles are a big deal, these smaller titles have a lot to offer and at their low price points (£5-£12) they're a far nice option to experience than picking up a naff £55 AAA title that's been rushed and being "fixed" in innumerable patches and expensive Dlc packages.



BenTarrant commented on Review: Pure Chess (PlayStation 4):

It's chess in Its finest digital form. Just nothing particularly different from the PS3 bar graphics. If you like chess and don't own the original then go for it!



BenTarrant commented on Talking Point: Should All PSN Games Include a ...:

I think it would diminish the gravity behind gaining a platinum trophy. Granted there are many PSN games that warrant it but many of them are... Somewhat easier to max out, people would be stocking up platinums left right and center. There should be a Uranium trophy, rewarded when you gather 100 Platinums.



BenTarrant commented on Talking Point: How Has Xbox One's Reveal Affec...:

In all honesty it focused too much on gimmicks for me to be swayed. It's innovative and a progression however the lack of focus was pretty disappointing. I think concrete judgements should be left for after E3 and all aces have been played. I'm still sold more on the PS4 but will be open minded until all the cards are on the table, especially considering both have near identical internal architecture.