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Sun 21st Oct 2012

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BlueProxy commented on Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4's Still Holed Up i...:

I will likely buy it used from someone who has blasted through the campaign in the first week, and done with it. Sorry devs. your not getting my money on this one. They won't miss it anyway. Their still swimming in that MS payoff.



BlueProxy commented on Now Ubisoft's Saying Consoles Like PS4 will Be...:


Anything these companies can convert into a monthly/annual paid service, they will. Not only that, but they charge extra for season passes, unlocking additional characters, levels, and splitting anything with a story mode into episodes for extra cash. So subs could easily have price tiers. I know they have the right to make money, but it's pretty discouraging... play your old games, or pay a reocurring bill to play new games.



BlueProxy commented on Titanfall 2 Will Feature a Grounded, Dirty Sin...:

Lionsgate TV series, at early stage game development? That sounds like marketing/stock-holder nonsense, that will stifle any creativity. American Revolution meets American Civil War, meets magic, meets science, meets futuristic space, meets grounded human world, yet your in "space" piloting huge mechs. How will all of these contradictions come together?



BlueProxy commented on Metal Gear Solid Online Starts Sneaking to PS4...:

It's pretty ridiculous. Why make us jump through hoops? At 38% complete with my campaign, I'm not even interested in the online yet... and may not be depending how it plays. Yet they force me to play a mission for the FOB. This should be totally optional.



BlueProxy commented on Enjoy a Lara Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay ...:

Again with the completely new face? Why keep changing it? Pick one, and leave it already. Also, she has some experience in these situations now, so why is she still portrayed as a scared, defenseless woman? She has a constant expression of fear and worry on her face. I know it's still in development, so I hope they tweak details like this.



BlueProxy commented on Rise of the Tomb Raider Officially Announced f...:

I enjoyed the last one enough, and will likely buy this used at the bargain bin. They're shooting themselves in the foot however, releasing it so long after xbox version. Anything more than a few months is like punishment for a lot of gamers. They've already soured their reputation by letting MS mislead people into thinking it was an exclusive. By the time it hits the PS4, it will be of little interest to a lot of players that would have bought it several months earlier. I hope it's actually really good, but not guaranteed. So a year of mediocre reviews could also hurt the late release. Still better to hear it's coming at all, to stop all the rumors.



BlueProxy commented on Chatter Your Teeth Through 30 Minutes of Until...:

@adf86 Yea I noticed that too... like the lip sync is really off. Normally not a big deal, but because they are emphasizing facial expressions, and have some really close head shots, it can take you out of the moment. I'm hoping it's because the game isn't finished.



BlueProxy commented on PS4 Players Are Demanding a Better PSN:

I also agree the PS4 has all the necessary hardware to handle a super sleek, PSN with a great user experience, yet Sony has not delivered. It needs an overhaul, redesign, better features and organization. Everything feels jumbled and scattered. I just hope Sony doesn't wait until the next PS system to come out before we see it... like they did with the PS3.



BlueProxy commented on Sony: We Aren't Making Vita Games Because of C...:

Graphics are fine on vita, but the content, price and marketing hurt sales imo. Coupled with the proprietary, terrible expensive memory cards, and games that were only slightly less than a full AAA, PS3/4 game, was enough to steer clear. Sony is primarily to blame. Take note from what the core appeal of the 3DS is doing. Don't just give up.



BlueProxy commented on Rumour: Watch Dogs 2 Goes Walkies on Ubisoft E...:

Didn't care much for the first one, but played through for the story. I hope they make some improvements with driving and variety with side missions. Main character is has very dry personality. The most interesting character in the game in my opinion, wont be in part 2. I'm still not sure what Ubi was thinking when they made that decision.



BlueProxy commented on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Will Take Up a Rather...:

I have a personal rule that any major $60 game I buy has to be on a disc, so I can loan to a friend, save disc space and resell if I don't like it. I've already upgraded my hd to 2TB, but learned my lesson from TLOU remastered digital purchase.



BlueProxy commented on Soapbox: We Need More New Game Plus:

I almost feel like it should be standard for every campaign game that has a leveling system, or RPG style character development. Might be a lot to ask, but starting from scratch on a 100+ hour game is pretty obnoxious.

First play-through is for the story, second play-through for having a blast with near super hero strength. Let us fly and ride the dragons if we beat and tame them (joking). But we should definitely have game plus in Dragon Age.



BlueProxy commented on Soapbox: Has It Just Been a Bad Week for Games...:

Good point. Devs and publishers are so focused on building games "around" dlc and micro transactions, they keep missing the point. Of course their goal is to make as much money as possible, for as long and as fast as possible. I fear the days of making quality games that are truly unique, fun and entertaining may be on a long vacation. At least until some major shift in the industry happens to sway them back to the innovative mindset.



BlueProxy commented on Metal Gear Solid V Will Get Its Own Themed Pla...:

Looks nice, but I have to be honest, it doesn't have the wow I'm use to from Kojima. Just the artwork of Yoji Shinkawa, (say a matte black on gloss white) or something would be more interesting. Maybe he didn't want to use that art style, but there's "sooo" much in Metal Gear, like characters and symbols, this seems a little plain.

Just look up Yoji Shinkawa artwork online and you'll see what I'm talking about. Still, at least there is another option for people that haven't bought a PS4 yet.



BlueProxy commented on Ready at Dawn: Some People Will Love The Order...:

There are always love/hate groups for every game that's released. Until I play through myself, I'll keep an open mind about how good or not it is. I know it won't be anything necessarily new, but if it does what's it's intended to very well (tell a cinematic story with enjoyable gameplay mechanics) then I'll be happy.



BlueProxy commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:


Good point on the price comparison. I have similar thoughts. While subscription is a much better way to handle PS Now, the price seems out of balance. Not terrible, but like paying $2 for a can of soda, when a full 2 liter of the same brand cost $1.30. The logic doesn't make sense. It should not be more than PS Plus, which gives us free, practically new games weekly.



BlueProxy commented on Why Is Sony Taking So Long to Release PS4 Firm...:

Why can't there be both? A feature-heavy update should take longer to insure everything works. Smaller "minor bug fixes" can be grouped together, and a bit more frequient.

People will always have complaints for no reason though. I don't really mind updates. What bugs me is when the update breaks other features that worked just fine before.



BlueProxy commented on Weirdness: This Is What the Uncharted Movie Wo...:

I don't see myself watching it. This version of Nate is too much of a jock. Nate is more of an average build, smart-ass, ladies-man. The lead character has to fit the game Nate a lot more in my opinion. Overall, they did a pretty good job.