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Sun 21st October, 2012

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BlueProxy commented on The Helghast Hammer Down the Price of Killzone...:

@mikey85 Since KZ price is already really low, might be worth getting the Infamous 2 pack. Also because it has much more to do during and after the main campaign. Overall more enjoyable to play (unless your favor shooters more). KZ to me feels similar to the last installment. It's decent, but nothing that really makes it stand out.



BlueProxy commented on Wrap Your Head Around Kingdom Under Fire II's ...:

Three signs this may just be eye candy:

  • giant boobs on every female
  • nobody says a single word (I know it's just a trailer, but still...)
  • gameplay is edited with lots of panning and quick cuts

Just my opinion of course, but would like to see some uncut gameplay. It may change my mind about this.



BlueProxy commented on E3 2014: Why Do PlayStation 4 Games Keep Getti...:

I don't necessarily mind delays, still... I'm hoping it's not a regular practice, hitting every major release. If features like social networking don't add to the experience, then it can be left out. One less headache for devs, less delay time. I doubt we'd feel like somethings missing.



BlueProxy commented on Microsoft: PS4 Is Outperforming Xbox One Becau...:

@Paranoimia Ditto. All my friends that own a PS3, have only bought one, and still have plenty of games they haven't played yet. One of them even has an original launch version with all the SD ports, etc. Same goes for me, one ps3, several years ago, still running fine, still playing unique IPs that look really good. Actually my PS3 gets a bit more of my time than my PS4. That will change, but I didn't have to get a PS4 at launch because I was feed-up with my PS3. This guys playing the media, manipulation role.



BlueProxy commented on Feature: Five Ways PS4 Can Keep the Lead in th...:

Yes, more frequent updates that add functionality like media server, mp3, YouTube, etc., not just minor bug fixes. Those simple features make us very happy.

Sony could use their digital content instead of dropping the price. Just add free PS+ for a year, and throw in a $50 redeem code for anything on PS Store.



BlueProxy commented on Wait, Why Does The Last of Us' Ellie Look All ...:

Because TLOU is one of my top five favorite games of the many I've played, any addition to the story or sequel is welcome with open arms... and a pre-order.

As tough as little Ellie is, it will be interesting to see how much more BAD-A__ Ellie will be as a young adult. How has the world changed in those years? Have the clickers evolved? Can't wait to find out.



BlueProxy commented on Sorry PS4, You'll Have to Wait for Call of Dut...:

Oh no, I'll have to wait a month for the S.W.A.T. Pigeon DLC? Sorry, couldn't resist. :^)

I'm actually curious if these minor 1-3 month exclusives make a real difference, or if MS is just using them for marketing purposes. Personally I was done after MW3, so...



BlueProxy commented on Rumour: BioWare Shepards the Mass Effect Trilo...:

Re-purchasingisn't an issues if I really enjoy playing them, and they include extras like DLC. Think I'll pass on GTA V for PS4. I'm not investing all that time again to build characters, online achievements, and complete all the missions. That's almost like starting Skyrim from scratch after putting in 100+ hours. Only if the stats and trophies can be transferred will I consider re-purchasing GTA V.



BlueProxy commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

User interface graphics, text clarity, and picture detail overall, are good reasons to keep an eye on the 4k tech. Similar to CRT compared to LCD, and LCD blacks to LED blacks. Each looks fine on their own, but after seeing the better screen, you get it.



BlueProxy commented on Project Morpheus to Be 'Affordable Consumer-Gr...:

I could see Sony charging around $300. Still cheaper than the OR, but only $50 more than the Vita. It's an nice amount of money sure, but for the first-gen tech it's reasonable.

Better still, lets all jam a cable in the back of our skull like The Matrix and be done with it already. :^D



BlueProxy commented on This Is What Bruce Lee Looks Like in EA Sports...:

Ugh...! As much as I know it's a not-so-sneaky marketing trick, I may have to pre-order just to get Bruce Lee. One of my favs growing up. I hate contributing to the pre-order non-sense... but, it's Lee man... Lee! They had better have acturate fighting skill set for his character and not just a skin.



BlueProxy commented on Bound by Flame Bursts Out First PlayStation 4 ...:

The trailers and game features really had me interested, but for some reason this PS4 version seems... honestly unexciting. I really hope my impressions are dead wrong, because we need a Dragons Dogma-type game for PS4.