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Sun 21st October, 2012

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BlueProxy commented on Weirdness: Sony's Snazzy 4K Media Player Looks...:

User interface graphics, text clarity, and picture detail overall, are good reasons to keep an eye on the 4k tech. Similar to CRT compared to LCD, and LCD blacks to LED blacks. Each looks fine on their own, but after seeing the better screen, you get it.



BlueProxy commented on Project Morpheus to Be 'Affordable Consumer-Gr...:

I could see Sony charging around $300. Still cheaper than the OR, but only $50 more than the Vita. It's an nice amount of money sure, but for the first-gen tech it's reasonable.

Better still, lets all jam a cable in the back of our skull like The Matrix and be done with it already. :^D



BlueProxy commented on This Is What Bruce Lee Looks Like in EA Sports...:

Ugh...! As much as I know it's a not-so-sneaky marketing trick, I may have to pre-order just to get Bruce Lee. One of my favs growing up. I hate contributing to the pre-order non-sense... but, it's Lee man... Lee! They had better have acturate fighting skill set for his character and not just a skin.



BlueProxy commented on Bound by Flame Bursts Out First PlayStation 4 ...:

The trailers and game features really had me interested, but for some reason this PS4 version seems... honestly unexciting. I really hope my impressions are dead wrong, because we need a Dragons Dogma-type game for PS4.



BlueProxy commented on Uncharted PS4's Director Justin Richmond Depar...:

While this is disturbing to some degree, those two didn't build the games by themselves. There are some very talented people at Naughty Dog and others they can hire from elsewhere to continue bringing us great experiences.

It does make me wonder though, what exactly is going on at the company.



BlueProxy commented on Naughty Dog Barks a Statement on Hennig Dismissal:

That is still a general "safe" response, thats does not clarify anything about why she was either fired or given a choice to leave. Like with Phil Harrison, people with great minds that invest a lot of heart into their work and the company they work for, don't tend to leave at a moments notice. It's possible she strongly disagreed with the direction that Sony wants to take for a UC4 or another PS4 project. I work in a crop. environment and know when emails that state, "their contributions are greatly appreciated, blah, blah..." that person was fired, or forced out.

Whatever the reason, it's a big mistake. Her vision and perspective brought us brilliant games, story telling and massive awards to the Sony brand. Doesn't take a genius to realize you keep some one like that at all cost. Now what, she gets replaced by some guy who will rehash things we've seen before. Hopefully not, but this is a downer.



BlueProxy commented on Pachter: Titanfall Exclusivity Due to Industry...:

Meanwhile, I'll be just fine playing plenty of PS4 exclusive and multi-plat games, that I won't miss TF. It actually seems fun for a bit but given my taste for story-driven single player, TF will loose my interest quickly.



BlueProxy commented on Strangers Will Have the Chance to Scare You in...:

Very interesting ideas, perfect for horror games. Just wondering if people type different commands at the same time, how the game will handle it.

Would really cool if the game allowed interaction with objects like letting spectators become a cat or mouse, or fly, control it, and follow or chase the main player... or knock over a broom, or smash a window at any given time.



BlueProxy commented on Microsoft Just Made Sure You Won't Be Playing ...:

I watched roughly two play through episodes on youtube, then decided to just watch all the cutscenes instead. That was enough for me. Don't feel like I missed much. I know it's not the same as playing the game, but I was not buying an xbox for Gears.



BlueProxy commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a 'Slo...:

Like him or not Patcher must be doing something right given his position. That still doesn't mean he's always right. I think Vita still has a chance. Maybe slim, but still a chance. They'd have to make some big moves though. Here’s my opinion:

  • Make it cheaper than the DS, and do anything necessary to get it into peoples hands.
  • Make more killer games exclusive to Vita, not just ports and mediocre ones. They don’t have to be AAA, just a blast to play.
  • Hire the best marketing agency money can buy, and let them do what they do best.
  • Drop the price of games. $40 is too much for one handheld game. Not to say that devs shouldn't get paid, but the reality is that the perceived value of portable games is much lower. Console games are only $20 more.
  • Gaikai and Sony Mobile can do a lot to help, just make them must-have services, work well, and seamless to use.
  • Find out what would make people buy a vita, and do it. Just ask the people that don’t have one why not.
  • Bump the Vita much higher up on Sony's important list. Make us believe there’s a bright future for the Vita. Give us time-frames for awesome games, and teaser trailers like a Last Guardian side story RPG exclusive for Vita… You better believe that will get some attention and sales.

That's how I see it anyway.



BlueProxy commented on Sony Wants to Keep Your PS4 Controller's Light...:

Not a big deal for the most part, but I get why people want the option to turn it off. Why not just make a simple update that automatically activates the light when certain games need to use it, then off for other times. It already does it when the controller is finished charging.



BlueProxy commented on Soapbox: Assassin's Creed's Modern Day Compone...:

Its a jarring disconnect, and feels unnecessary. They could have dropped it after the first or second AC. This isn't the Matrix. Whats worse, you can always tell the time and effort was not put into the futuristic sections like the main story. Feels like a totally different, not as experienced team put those parts together.



BlueProxy commented on What Has Happened to Lara Croft's Face in PS4 ...:

Yea, they made too much of a jump. She looks completely different. I prefer the first version. It's like when TV networks replace last seasons main actress because she wanted too much money for the next season.

You see the new actress, and think who is that suppose to be... oh I see... wasn't expecting that. Then you get use to them. Look at how many James Bonds there have been.



BlueProxy commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

Nice. I was thinking The Last of Us as soon as I saw the title of the article. For me it hit on all the things I like about gaming... suspense, excitement, action strategy, stealth, lovable characters, surprises, good voice acting, cinematic, third person, good story, good controls, really good graphics, not too long or short, but leaves me wanting to play more, and learn more background about the characters. Ok I'm done.



BlueProxy commented on You'll Be Able to Chat to Lara Croft in PS4 Re...:

I'll likely pick it up. Didn't finish playing it on the PS3, then loaned it to a friend who's playing it now. Not my favorite game, but I did enjoy it. Plus there's a hard cover art book included. So you're getting something besides better graphics.



BlueProxy commented on PS4 Exclusive inFAMOUS: Second Son Will 'Blow ...:

Looking forward to it, since i had a good time with the first two. Really hope theres a skin, or outfit change for the main character though. That hat is already bugging me. LOL. Won't effect the game play though, but do we really have to stair at it the whole game, in the middle of summer?



BlueProxy commented on EA CEO Thinks the PS4 Will Face Some 'Fairly S...:

Ugh, again with the living room experience. They say it's the greatest thing to date, but if gamers prove otherwise in the real world, doesn't mean much. The PS4 can do voice commands, detect motion, has a camera, all can be improved with updates... but all secondary to good games. Plus every year more of those same type of features are built right into the TV (which Sony has some serious experience with).



BlueProxy commented on Talking Point: Is the PS4's Limited Launch Lin...:

I don't think it's really an issue, looking at how many they've sold already. Also looking at the quality and variety of games the PS3 had. I think people realize more of the same is coming for the PS4... but with even better graphics and features. Knowing a new Uncharted, GT7, The Order are coming, just to name a few, is enough for me.



BlueProxy commented on Sony Unfazed by Isolated Instances of Faulty P...:

Well I was one who ordered a launch unit, and got a bad one. HDMI issue is not exaggerated. I have to send my PS4 to Sony for repairs (1-2 weeks), because Amazon only gives refunds, no exchanges, and the their sold out everywhere. I'm sure it's an amazing experience/system when it's working. Never had any issues with my PS3. PS4 seems just as solid, minus a few bad ones. Regardless, it's very frustrating.



BlueProxy commented on Naughty Dog Pulls Back the Curtain on Uncharte...:

Love Naughty dog. They always know how to mix things up just enough to keep them fun and interesting. They'll take something conventional and put a new spin on it. Looking forward to seeing how they handle Uncharted 4... with the power of the PS4. Imaging The Last of Us on steroids, with a world that has 2-3 times richer environments. Like combining random materials from anywhere to make unscripted tools and weapons that really work.



BlueProxy commented on How Does the PS4 Deal with Those Massive Manda...:

Sounds like it could get old quick if you have to do it regularly. We'll just have to try it and see. They may figure out a better solution after a while, but I hope we have the option to turn on auto delete for certain titles. That would help.



BlueProxy commented on Yoshida Appreciative of Feedback on PS4's Miss...:

Looking at the broader picture, not everyone wants multiple boxes to do basic things like listen to an MP3, or watch a blu-ray movie. Less clutter, convenience and getting the most out of one device makes total sense. Like it or not, its a game console and a media deice. It's just up to each person how they want to use it. I get that their pushing paid service, but there's a valid reason not to restrict such a basic feature. It's like not being able to play a dvd on a blu-ray player without a monthly subscription... forcing you to have a separate box. I don't use my PS3 for listening to music, but just making point.