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Sun 21st October, 2012

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BlueProxy commented on Soapbox: Has It Just Been a Bad Week for Games...:

Good point. Devs and publishers are so focused on building games "around" dlc and micro transactions, they keep missing the point. Of course their goal is to make as much money as possible, for as long and as fast as possible. I fear the days of making quality games that are truly unique, fun and entertaining may be on a long vacation. At least until some major shift in the industry happens to sway them back to the innovative mindset.



BlueProxy commented on Metal Gear Solid V Will Get Its Own Themed Pla...:

Looks nice, but I have to be honest, it doesn't have the wow I'm use to from Kojima. Just the artwork of Yoji Shinkawa, (say a matte black on gloss white) or something would be more interesting. Maybe he didn't want to use that art style, but there's "sooo" much in Metal Gear, like characters and symbols, this seems a little plain.

Just look up Yoji Shinkawa artwork online and you'll see what I'm talking about. Still, at least there is another option for people that haven't bought a PS4 yet.



BlueProxy commented on Ready at Dawn: Some People Will Love The Order...:

There are always love/hate groups for every game that's released. Until I play through myself, I'll keep an open mind about how good or not it is. I know it won't be anything necessarily new, but if it does what's it's intended to very well (tell a cinematic story with enjoyable gameplay mechanics) then I'll be happy.



BlueProxy commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:


Good point on the price comparison. I have similar thoughts. While subscription is a much better way to handle PS Now, the price seems out of balance. Not terrible, but like paying $2 for a can of soda, when a full 2 liter of the same brand cost $1.30. The logic doesn't make sense. It should not be more than PS Plus, which gives us free, practically new games weekly.



BlueProxy commented on Why Is Sony Taking So Long to Release PS4 Firm...:

Why can't there be both? A feature-heavy update should take longer to insure everything works. Smaller "minor bug fixes" can be grouped together, and a bit more frequient.

People will always have complaints for no reason though. I don't really mind updates. What bugs me is when the update breaks other features that worked just fine before.



BlueProxy commented on Weirdness: This Is What the Uncharted Movie Wo...:

I don't see myself watching it. This version of Nate is too much of a jock. Nate is more of an average build, smart-ass, ladies-man. The lead character has to fit the game Nate a lot more in my opinion. Overall, they did a pretty good job.



BlueProxy commented on Evolution Studios: We're As Frustrated About D...:

I understand its a very ambitious game, but they should have shifted way more focus into making the online component solid, instead of fidgeting so much with aligning the stars and real time moon phases. That's all cool, but starting a crew with buddies online is what the whole game is about, so when it doesn't work day one, you can expect lots of backlash.



BlueProxy commented on Ubisoft Locks Assassin's Creed Unity's PS4 Res...:

Not interested in the game anyway. Still he's creating just as much if not more aggravation but purposely reducing the resolution. People will complain either way, so why not optimize for each system. Makes me wonder if that's the real reason, or just a front for something he's doesn't want to mention.



BlueProxy commented on Soapbox: Please Protect Me from the Purgatory ...:

I've played all but a couple of PS3 games that I was interested in. I regularly fire it up for Uncharted, Metal Gear and Dead Space series, Super Stardust, Super Puzzle Fighter 2, Lumines, Clash of Heroes, and Tetris (battle mode is pretty fun). Would rather play them on my PS4, but why pay to rent, when I own.

Plus, as some people here have already mentioned, the streaming media, and mp3 capabilities are still missing from PS4.



BlueProxy commented on Gulp! There's Actually No Date for Final Fanta...:

Square should seriously consider not promoting a FF installment until the game is much closer to completion. Instead, they really hype the game in the early stages, and have us wait for an indefinite number of "years", only to be disappointed when it finally launches. Not holding my breath on this one.



BlueProxy commented on PS4's Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line',...:

There will always be better hardware as soon as the latest/greatest models hit the stores. PS4 is capable of graphics that would please most people I would think, even though game-play is more important. So I don't see this as any kind of disadvantage.



BlueProxy commented on These New Screenshots Prove That Tearaway Unfo...:

After seeing the screen shots, I'd have to agree with the title of this article. The game play mechanics look really interesting from what I've seen. Hopefully there will be a demo, but I do trust Media Molecule to make something worth the money.



BlueProxy commented on Sony Sued $5 Million Over PS4 Shooter Killzone...:

People like this weasel are an embarrassment to us all (American or not). Stupidity has no color, race or region, and spans the globe. Find something meaningful to protest about, not a stupid game spec. I hope he walks away with nothing but a lawyers fee.



BlueProxy commented on EA Access Exclusive to Xbox One as It Doesn't ...:

Paying several subscriptions a month, just to game online does not sound like something I'm looking forward to. PS Plus is a great value, but I don't pay extra for the music service. Likewise, I will not be paying monthly for EA, Ubisoft, Capcom, etc. should they start this crap. Even a small $5 per month fee, multiplied by 2, 3, 4 publishers, and you get my point.



BlueProxy commented on How The Last of Us Remastered Is Evolving PS4 ...:

Is this the new standard feature for Sony exclusive games? Sure hope so. It's really nice to capture those action scenes, and peaceful sunset areas. You can open them on you computer, see the fine details, and really appreciate all the work that went into this type of game.



BlueProxy commented on The Helghast Hammer Down the Price of Killzone...:

@mikey85 Since KZ price is already really low, might be worth getting the Infamous 2 pack. Also because it has much more to do during and after the main campaign. Overall more enjoyable to play (unless your favor shooters more). KZ to me feels similar to the last installment. It's decent, but nothing that really makes it stand out.



BlueProxy commented on Wrap Your Head Around Kingdom Under Fire II's ...:

Three signs this may just be eye candy:

  • giant boobs on every female
  • nobody says a single word (I know it's just a trailer, but still...)
  • gameplay is edited with lots of panning and quick cuts

Just my opinion of course, but would like to see some uncut gameplay. It may change my mind about this.



BlueProxy commented on E3 2014: Why Do PlayStation 4 Games Keep Getti...:

I don't necessarily mind delays, still... I'm hoping it's not a regular practice, hitting every major release. If features like social networking don't add to the experience, then it can be left out. One less headache for devs, less delay time. I doubt we'd feel like somethings missing.



BlueProxy commented on Microsoft: PS4 Is Outperforming Xbox One Becau...:

@Paranoimia Ditto. All my friends that own a PS3, have only bought one, and still have plenty of games they haven't played yet. One of them even has an original launch version with all the SD ports, etc. Same goes for me, one ps3, several years ago, still running fine, still playing unique IPs that look really good. Actually my PS3 gets a bit more of my time than my PS4. That will change, but I didn't have to get a PS4 at launch because I was feed-up with my PS3. This guys playing the media, manipulation role.