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Tue 14th April, 2009

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irken004 commented on Destiny's 1.0.2 Patch Goes Live, Improves Loot...:

I stopped playing for a few days because (I got a WiiU and) I was waiting on this patch. I got lucky with my exotic I found from a legendary engram, but at least now I can hopefully find more legendary weapons.



irken004 commented on Bungie Rolls a Boulder in Front of Destiny's L...:

This is both a good and bad sign of things to come.
Bad: Bungie horribly messed up the loot system from the start, hence why players (myself included) used the cave. Good: this shows that they're listening and watching. They promise improvements to the game overall and made some grindy missions easier. Just fix the loot system and the game will feel way better.



irken004 commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

While the story isn't as hefty as I and other people hoped it would be, it's still interesting and well done. I tend to liken this game to something like Monster Hunter, as in the story doesn't matter as much as the main objective- to be as badass as you can be :P but this is an incredibly addicting game and has some of the best-feeling weapons in any shooter I've played.



irken004 commented on This Is Your First Look at PS4 Firmware Update...:

fantastic updates. I've been wanting to record longer with the share button, and finally archive streams. Sharefactory seems really helpful and moving the chat to the right on streams will look much better. Amazing sony :o



irken004 commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:

I personally think was a bad move for EA, I imagine that they expected xbox one to outsell the ps4, so they made the game exclusive. But now that ps4 is outselling the xbox, perhaps they can rethink their strategy at least if there's a sequel.