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Tue 14th April, 2009

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irken004 commented on There's Yet Another Big Warframe Content Updat...:

I've tried this game twice but still have yet to figure out some of the main logistics of it :p Maybe it's because I still get stuck on one of the early missions in a jungle area, but it seems difficult without others to help, unless I'm just plain playing wrong :o



irken004 commented on Spotify Arrives Exclusively on PS4, PS3 Today:

I have a 200+ song playlist on spotify but it seems to only cycle through a smaller chunk of it unless I go back to the spotify menu and manually play a song from later on in the list. Otherwise this is fantastic, played lots of CoD AW with some Queen :)



irken004 commented on Guide: How to Enable 60 Frames-Per-Second PS4 ...:

I played some infamous second son with this turned on and the difference wasn't that huge to me personally, and even though my vita and PS4 were wirelessly connected directly (not through the internet) the game did lag occasionally or the video would glitch out for a second. Probably due to playing in 60fps, 30 fps it ran pretty much fine for me.



irken004 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Havoc...:

Personally I think Urban is the worst map in my opinion, unless you're a shotgun lover. Exo zombies has some fantastic lines, especially since I've been watching all the Alien movies lately. ;) Also the AE4 weapon included is pretty nice.

I've been playing this regularly so everyone's welcome to add me for multiplayer or zombies! irken005 on PSN



irken004 commented on Guide: How to Download PS4 Patches without Boo...:

I wish there was a way to install update data before we even have the disc in-hand. That'd save at least a few minutes beforehand by basically pre-downloading the update. Perhaps add it as an option on the game's page in the PS store.



irken004 commented on Here's Everything You Could Want to Know About...:

I mostly want this due to the lack of naval battles... AC 4 was a major turnoff because of it to me :P This seems much more traditional. I only hope most of the major bugs are squashed on day 1, but it never usually does -_-