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Tue 14th Apr 2009

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irken004 commented on Yes, Overwatch Has Microtransactions:

@Grawlog The difference being that destiny costed over $100 for all content if you bought it at launch, otherwise you're forced out of content. overwatch is $40-60 and you get all future content with no balancing issues for unlockables. Overwatch and blizzard has it's head on straight.



irken004 commented on Round Up: Transformers Devastation PS4 Reviews...:

I wouldn't exactly call it the best imo, high moon's games are more up my alley. But from what I've played this one is still highly entertaining and fun. A certain character makes for a nice collectible to find too!



irken004 commented on There's Yet Another Big Warframe Content Updat...:

I've tried this game twice but still have yet to figure out some of the main logistics of it Maybe it's because I still get stuck on one of the early missions in a jungle area, but it seems difficult without others to help, unless I'm just plain playing wrong