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JayArr commented on The Last of Us' Autosave Bug Is Worse Than the...:

From Reddit:
If you think you can remember to save yourself, autosave can be disabled when loading a game by pressing O, it should warn you that autosaving will be disabled. You press yes and the game won’t auto save anymore.



JayArr commented on What If Britain Was Struck by The Last of Us' ...:

Love it, so cool they made those pics.

I would like to see a lot of Europe actually. Anywhere with amazing architecture would be interesting. Naughty Dog loves their scenery and set pieces so I doubt they will disappoint.



JayArr commented on Talking Point: Has Microsoft's E3 2013 Showing...:

@ rjejr - Fair enough but I don't see a lot of adults going out to drop $500 on a box to watch tv/football when they are currently set up to do so now without it. Is changing the channel with your voice really worth $500? Hell no.

That's not even mentioning the system will BRICK if your internet goes out for 24 hours.

I just can't see anyone who actually researches products buying this at all. That leaves casuals and kids asking for this and the price should spook them right out of it.



JayArr commented on Talking Point: Has Microsoft's E3 2013 Showing...:

The fact they went "games, games, games, GAMES!" was exactly what they needed to do after their system premier disaster. So props for that.

Games looked alright. The only thing that tickled my pickle was Killer Instinct but that's far from a system seller.

I think that price point is going to hurt hard (like it did Sony for PS3). A lot of parents are going to take pause at dropping $500 for their Xbot teens.



JayArr commented on Review: Remember Me (PlayStation 3):

I'll remember that booty. @ __ @

Nice review. I have been curious about this and you fleshed it out well. Sounds like it could have been something special if Capcom took the leash off of them/didn't rush production.



JayArr commented on Talking Point: The Increasingly Complex Issue ...:

Sony NEEDS to back the consumer here. It could be HUGE in taking away from Microsoft's user base. Their number #1 priority should be moving consoles. If they can do that then the developers will have no choice but follow.

At worst they can tell butthurt companies to pull a Capcom Ace Attorney and go digital only if they are so scared of used games. Then all the heat is on them and not Sony.



JayArr commented on Gamers Bombard PlayStation Executives with Use...:

This is a MASSIVE opportunity for Sony. People will dump their Xboxes over this without hesitation.

You really think developers are going to black ball the highest selling system? You don't cut off your own nose to spite your face.



JayArr commented on Review: Men's Room Mayhem (PlayStation Network...:

I'm a little peed that this game didn't turn out to be #1. I really expected it to be golden and showered with praise. Oh well, still looks like a good way to tinkle away some time.

Good review but I'm not big on the toilet humor though. :/