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Watch Dogs Packs Up Its Smartphone Until Spring 2014

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony is not going to be happy. It’s invested a mammoth amount of resources into positioning Watch Dogs as one of the PlayStation 4’s primary launch games – you can even pre-order a bundle featuring the hack happy release from some European retailers – but Ubisoft has decided to delay the game on all platforms until a rather ambiguous window of Spring 2014.

The title had been set to deploy next month on both the PS3 and PS4, but a post from the release’s development team states that it wasn’t comfortable compromising quality in order to hit the fast approaching date. “As we got closer to release, as all of the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune each detail so that we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience,” the message explains.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you,” the correspondence continues. “We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the way that you respond on the web, at events, press conferences, and other opportunities we have to interact. Your passion keeps us motivated.”

We got to check out a demo of the sandbox adventure running on the Japanese giant’s next generation machine earlier in the year, and didn’t come away as impressed as we’d anticipated. While this is probably a good move from the French publisher, though, it’s going to leave a huge hole in the PS4’s launch lineup. Were you planning to pick up the sandbox excursion alongside your console? How has this delay changed your plans? Vent your frustration in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

Sony will be absolutely furious about this. That's a disaster — it's being promoted like a first-party launch title.



Tasuki said:

Guess I should cancel those plane tickets and tell my hotel clerk I will be staying longer, huh Ubi Soft?




charlesnarles said:

Wow... I guess I paid $400 for a FPS machine. Are there even other launch titles worth getting besides KZ/BF? What a big fat bummer, duuuuude. UN-HYPED.



Tasuki said:

@get2sammyb: Yeah that was an add that Ubi Soft had here in the States to counter GTA V. I saw it at Gamestop a few times but I am sure now they pulled it.



rjejr said:

Fortunately for Sony I have been seeing the AC:4 commercial on tv (Discovery Channel or Cartoon Network) a lot. The end of the commercial only lists PS3 and PS4, no Xbox or Wii U - so maybe Sony suspected this was coming? Better AC4 come out now and W_D later I think. Not from a PS4 perspective, but from a Ubi perspective.



InsertNameHere said:

Looks like Mark Cerny is going to have to crack some heads. Sony was putting a lot on Watch Dogs, they're even making a movie based on it.

@charlesnarles Other people are paying $500 dollars for an FPS machine, so what's the problem?

Also, there are a lot more than just FPS titles coming out on the PS4. There'll be a even better variety of games once the PS4 launches in Japan.



get2sammyb said:

@charlesnarles There's still DriveClub, Knack, Need for Speed, Assassin's Creed, etc. As long as ResoGun doesn't get delayed, it's all good my end!

@Tasuki That's wonderful. Looks like many will be extending their vacation in Los Santos.

@rjejr I think that they were counting on having the Ubisoft double-bill. I suppose it's good that they still have Assassin's Creed - but now they're up against Call of Duty and Battlefield - both of which are being brand as 'Xbox' games.



Splat said:

I plan on sticking with my PS3 for awhile but this really sucks for those day one PS4 people.



MadchesterManc said:

I was wondering when the bubble was going to burst between Sony & Ubisoft. With how much Sony has been pushing Watchdogs, I wouldn't be surprised if they are pretty miffed over this. To be honest I've barely any interest in the game so I'm not fussed either way personally



ZeD said:

This is easily the most shocking news I have heard for a while! This was going to be my game to get for Xmas! :/



Epic said:

This will turn down some PS4 pre orders believe it or not but will make a lot of people happy when both Infamous Second Son and Watch Dogs come out in the same quarter.



Savino said:

Well, I didnt wanna move to chicago anyways, I am loving my time in los santos and dont want to leave!



ShogunRok said:

This is pretty much a disaster. It leaves a somewhat large hole in the PS4's launch line up and it's also a massive disappointment for those who have pre-ordered the game along with the next generation console.




charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb @Lelouch didn't mean the price was too high for one, but that there are about 2 games I'm gonna wanna play this winter. DriveClub's cool to kinda get for free, and AC4 will hopefully be more fun than 3, but this behavior from otherwise-reputable devs kills the magic of the countdown a little. It only means the final game will be that much better, I just don't get why they didn't say something earlier; I almost preordered it, the b*******.



get2sammyb said:

@charlesnarles Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't say anything earlier. I'm sure @ShogunRok will agree that it looked very rough when we saw it. I just assumed it was an old demo, but now I'm not so sure. Also strange to be showing hands-off demos two months before launch...



Munkyknuts said:

Well that sucks.....I have to admit that since I'm a huge fan of being able to immerse myself in open game worlds Watch Dogs was the PS4 launch game I was most interested in. I hope it will be out by the time I gain a PS4 and that the delay is to add more polish rather than gaining extra time to patch up serious issues.



ztpayne7 said:

To people wishing they would have announced this sooner - think of the poor wii u people that were given 2 weeks notice before Rayman was supposed to be out. Same company.



Gamer83 said:

This sucks because I have the game pre-ordered and was looking forward to playing it. On the other hand the game has seemed less and less impressive since its debut and I have to wonder if after seeing how well GTA V turned out that Ubisoft realized it needed to take more time to polish this game. It does suck for Sony since this might have been the highest profile launch game, eventhough it was going to be there with Xbox One as well. But there's still Killzone, which is the day one game I was planning on playing first anyway, and the seemingly increased quality of Drive Club and Knack each time those games have been shown doesn't hurt. And AC IV still seems to be on track and actually appears to be major step up from III and it also has PlayStation exclusive content so Sony and Ubisoft can just position that game instead. I'm probably going to make that my second day one game now.



The_Chenger_123 said:

This is scary, I got the Watchdogs bundle from Amazon because it was the only bundle left. I really hope Amazon doesnt drop the ball and makes us wait until 2014!



The_Chenger_123 said:

@get2sammyb Im finding that the Amazon reps are saying different things from youll get the console at launch and the game at a later date to you get the console when the game is out. Ill take everything with a grain of salt right now.

This Amazon rep on the forums says it will come out at launch w/o the game



PMasterTy9 said:

I find it funny that XBOX fanboys are turning this into a PS4 thing when this is a a multiplatform game and all versions are being delayed. Interesting thing is that I almost pre-ordered this game.



-CraZed- said:

This is a bummer but I dispute the notion that it is a disaster, provided it doesn't affect those who preordered the bundles still actually get a launch console. I am sure Ubisoft and/or Sony will be offering some sort of goodwill gift (free year of PS+ perhaps) and those who get the bundle will get a discounted price or a voucher for the game for when it is finally released or possibly a different title all together.

All that aside I am glad Ubisoft decided to delay it if they felt it wasn't ready. Not only would it ruin what looks to be a great new IP before it gets a chance to grow into a true series but would definitely hamper the excitement of the next gen for those of us brave early adopters.

It'll be fine as long as they offer something for the delay and put out a good game that was worth the few month wait.



TerrorByte said:

I'll just switch my preorder to a pseye. I'll have nba2k14 to hold me over til I see what the other launch titles are like. Plus, my kids will love the eye, so no biggie.



Ps4all said:

Makes since marketing wise, the only other next gen open world game was ac4. Why compete with themselves? Also, they don't want their current-gen versions compared to GTAV



Ginkgo said:

I am now happy to wait a while for the Ps4.

Not because this was the only game I wanted, but it tips the balance in waiting a while. I am interested in Assassins Creed and Killzone, but not sure I want to spend the money for 2 games (not interested enough in the others). DriveClub is countered by GT6. I am curious to try about some of the FTP games, but they are not system sellers for me. By the time Watch_Dogs and Infamous are released, it will be a more interesting proposition.

This will hurt Sony more than MS at launch because XBox has a few more first part titles.



Tasuki said:

@get2sammyb: Yep I am sure that many will.

I am just worried about the people who bought PS4 bundles with this game. I am wondering are they going to get their system on launch day or will they just transfer their preorder to another bundle or what?



Ali247 said:

ARE U SERIOUS! THE CREW AND WATCH DOGS WERE THE 2 titles I was most excited about!😭🔫



Bliquid said:

@Ali247 you could start with "one post instead if three is better" game.
Or "don't overuse caps" game.

Anyway, like others here, i can't help but to wonder if GTA V has something to do with this.



Gamer83 said:


I think GTA V had to have some kind of impact. You're talking about one of the best, or imo, the best, game of the year and being another 'open world' game it was inevitable that people were going to compare the two eventhough its clear Rockstar and Ubisoft are going for different things. I wonder though, what if Rockstar announces a PS4 and X1 port of GTA V for Spring 2014? What a kick to the groin that would be for Ubisoft. I'd buy both games but if I'd imagine the vast majority only looking for one would choose GTA.



get2sammyb said:

@Ali247 Please try not to insult other members. You're free to disagree and discuss the topic at length, but insults are not acceptable.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Ali247 Right, this isn't a chat, but the comment section, meaning that you don't annoy just one person, but a lot of them with your behavior. @Bliquid was just stating what is considered proper Internet etiquette, namely if possible to say what you have to say in one post rather than in three and avoid caps lock, because it's annoying to read and considered as screaming. Plus, he wasn't dirty-mouthed, but you was when you insulted him.

I love this site, because normally, people here manage to treat each other respectful and without insults, contrary to (it seems) pretty much the rest of the net. Try to fit in, then, for the benefit of this community.

I dare predict that if you keep this kind of behavior up, you'll find yourself banned or cyber mobbed from here quicker that you can say dirty mouth.

BTT: I can understand why people are disappointed...personally, I don't mind the delay. More time means a potentially better/moar polished game...and I wouldn't have been able to afford the game at launch anyway, so...good news for me.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@BloodedgeZX Yeah. Even if people here disagree, they do so in a mature, respectful way. Also, there's often very interesting discussions with lots of good points in various comment sections. It's really something special one hardly finds on other sites on ze webz.

That's why I appreciate that Sammy and the guys have such a strong zero tolerance policy concerning insults and trolling.

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