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Tue 26th Mar 2013

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Madd_Hatter401 commented on Could Quantic Dream Drop the Temperature with ...:

If I see the word remaster again I may have to remove my eyes from the sockets they reside. I honestly can't take it anymore. Their are only 2 I'd like to see and they are games most people missed out on anyway, Shenmue 1-2. With all these remasters I feel companies are being lazy rather than creative with their time.



Madd_Hatter401 commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Most Memorable Pl...:

AW just a week or two ago.. came into a HC search and destroy room down 1-3 on my least favorite map by far Greenband.. in the 4th round all my teammates left me to be slaughtered. Well turns out on my own 1v6 I came back and won!,Lots of lols and fist pumps anyways as I came back overall from a 1-4 deficit. Idk if that would be my best but it was recent and I got a kick out of it.



Madd_Hatter401 commented on Analysts: Xbox One Will Catch Up to PS4 in 2015:

In the UK US and AU I believe it no doubt will. It's a solid system and deserves its due. Fact is PS4 has sold ALOT and that leaves room for people like me who enjoy owning both consoles to find room for a XB1 in their living rooms. I honestly love both systems and want them both to do well.



Madd_Hatter401 commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

VERY HAPPY TO SEE DR: Inquisition make the comeback it did! For me it is hands down game of the year. I am over 70 hrs in and I have barely touched the main story (which is amazing btw) it is the only game this year I find myself being completely sucked into. I turned 33 in Sept. And thought I may be getting to old for gaming because I didn't find myself enjoying it anymore.. Inquisition changed that for me GOTY



Madd_Hatter401 commented on November NPD: PS4 Loses to Xbox One for the Fi...:

The XB1 is actually a pretty good console.. it doesn't seem to run hot EVER (I've had it since last December) and I'd assume that's due to its massive size and the gigantic fan on the top of the system. You guys who keep a closed mind miss out on Forza which is a 10/10 for me, just brilliant. That said PS4 is the slightly superior system in my opinion so I suppose if you happen to be close minded you''ve chosen the right system to be close minded with lol. I haven't gotten Dragon Age yet but I am quite upset it didn't make top 10.. this gen needs more RPG tittles and I'd like costumers to give the industry more insensitive to create them. I personally bought farcry over it so I'm not helping the cause I will definitely be purchasing after Christmas.



Madd_Hatter401 commented on Feature: The Birth of a Legend - 20 Years of P...:

While there are many types of fanboy, all must respect that PlayStation truly changed gaming.. I love my Xbox, I have had great moments with Nintendo but PlayStation has paved the way and made gaming a fantastic experience. Nintendo always brought fun factor, Xbox brought a great online experience, Sony brought true gaming in every form. (My opinion:) I have many fond gaming memories (ALOT ON SEGA) PS1 will always be what I look back on and say that's when I became a true gamer.



Madd_Hatter401 commented on Talking Point: Would You Play Destiny in Third...:

I miss Socom but playing Destiny third person would not fill that empty space, and Destiny is fine the way it is. It may be a cool feature though so really i guess idk lol. I would take a Socom 2 remake over 3rd person destiny any day.



Madd_Hatter401 commented on Destiny Pushed PS4 Sales Beyond Any Other Week...:

Everywhere i look paople are talking bad of this game.. i personally do not get it. I love the way it plays, and the grind for armour and weapons is awesome! Perhaps thats why people don't like it.. they where expecting halo and got a game where you have to earn XP and scour for items for multiplayer. I love the concept, the game needs work and will definitely get better. I promise you this, you are going to want to keep an eye out for Destiny 2 because it WILL be epic i.e. halo 2



Madd_Hatter401 commented on What Happens When a War Photographer Plays The...:

I have been gaming for a very long time.. alot of hours put into motal combat as a youngster, and i am far from desensitized. I feel its people like Ashley who give gaming a bad name. I would assume he has seen some horrific events on the job though and could see why he would think this way. If put in a situation such as TLoU presented you better believe people would not feel desensitized because they played a game and i for one do not want to have to cause physical harm to anyone.