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Sun 22nd Jun 2008

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SilentJ commented on Poll: Do You Actually Use the PS4's Social Fea...:

I hardly have any playing time as it is so I usually don't spend any time using the social features. It probably doesn't help that my internet connection is terrible. I've tried checking out some live streams but my connection is just too slow.



SilentJ commented on Here's Your Custom Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PS4:

I don't really like the console but the controller is kinda cool.

I know what you mean about these limited edition consoles. It's hard to pass them up when you already have a launch console. I couldn't pass up the Batman console but now I'm dreading the release of an Uncharted or God of War limited console.



SilentJ commented on Great Scott! Telltale's Back to the Future Tra...:

I usually end up bored playing these type of games but I really enjoyed BTTF. Then again I'm also a huge fan of the movies. This is actually the only Telltale game I've managed to finish. I'm still in the middle of The Walking Dead and don't know when I'll get around to finishing it.