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Sun 22nd June, 2008

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SilentJ commented on Rumour: Sony Employee Allegedly Pegs PS4 DLNA ...:

The resume feature is the feature I'm looking forward to the most. I have a hard time playing games for longer than an hour so I'd love to be able to stop a game for a half hour break or so before resuming right where I left off. I use that feature all the time with the Vita.



SilentJ commented on Here's What Borderlands 2 Will Look Like on Yo...:

This game is pretty huge so I had my doubts about this even making it to the Vita but it definitely looks better than I expected. I'm not even halfway into the PS3 version yet so I'll probably end up passing on the Vita one.



SilentJ commented on Poll: How Would You Rate Your First Weekend wi...:

For some reason the volume output on my PS4 is ridiculously low. I haven't been able to enjoy the PS4 at all because of this. I've spent hours in the settings menu for the PS4 and my receiver but the sound still sucks. My PS3 and WiiU both sound amazing so I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I got a defective console. :(



SilentJ commented on Talking Point: Share Your North American PS4 L...:

I wish I had a happy story to share. I've been up since early this morning, cleaning my entire apartment in anticipation for the PS4. Apparently I missed my delivery but I've been here all day so I don't know how that happened. Now I have to wait 3 more hours before I can even pick it up at the post office. Basically, my launch day was ruined thanks to the good ol' USPS. I work tomorrow so I doubt I'll get to play it until Sunday if I'm lucky. I'm pretty bummed out right about now. :(



SilentJ commented on Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection Spooks ...:

Nothing too spectacular but I'm happy with this update. I've been wanting to play Ico and Galaga for a while now. It'll also be nice to dust off the Move controller for RE. I recently bought Rayman Origins for PS3 but I'll gladly take the Vita version.