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Rumour: Could DriveClub Be Racing Past Its Launch Release Date?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pump the brakes

It was all going so well. With a month left until the PlayStation 4’s launch, Sony was riding on the real-life equivalent of rainbow road. However, it seems that things may be about to get derailed on the victory lap, as rumours are snowballing that DriveClub has been pushed out of the next generation console’s launch lineup.

We dismissed the reports that originally surfaced on a website called The Same Coin, but things have escalated over the past hour or so. The publication claimed earlier today that it had heard from an “anonymous source” that the racing game had been delayed until next spring. "Treat this as 100 per cent rumour for now," the report stated. "Hopefully it will turn out to be false."

Alas, that may not be the case, as Kotaku is now reporting that it has heard similar speculation. To add further fuel to the fire, the site states that Sony was set to show the game off in San Francisco today – but the title was pulled due to a scheduling conflict. A similar thing happened at the Eurogamer Expo last month.

In even more curious news, design director Paul Rustchynsky has stated on Twitter that he doesn’t have “any new information on the game to share”. That sounds like an evasion to us, and certainly not a reassuring message. Sony, for its part, has said that it doesn’t comment on any rumours or speculation.

Following the delay of Watch Dogs yesterday, this would be a massive blow in the PS4’s launch lineup. The platform holder’s slender software offering has already been criticised in comparison to the Xbox One, and this would only strengthen the complaints. To make matters worse, the Evolution Studios developed racer has been frequently billed as the next generation system’s big PlayStation Plus game.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, things aren’t looking good from where we’re sitting. Our guess is that Sony’s stalling on the news while it tries to decide upon a replacement Instant Game Collection giveaway. That so-called Perfect Day, though – well, it’s starting to look decidedly imperfect, isn’t it?


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Squiggle55 said:

Next thing you know remote play with the Vita will be delayed to an undisclosed date.

I certainly wouldn't mind getting the multiplayer of Killzone with PS+ instead.



redd214 said:

Watch Dogs and The Crew were 2 games I was most looking looking forward to in the first 3+ months of owning a ps4, DriveClub was a close third. If this gets delayed in all honestly it will take all the excitement about the Ps4 launch away for me me personally. A month away and all this crap is hitting the fan, hope this isnt true...



3Above said:

Hmmm, this is disheartening. The Big Big question is if it IS delayed, how long will we have to wait?



Sanquine said:

Oké Sony daf***!!! I bought a f***** copy of watchdog and driveclub! Only killzone then..



belmont said:

If Drive Club is delayed this will be an epic fail since the game has been advertised as the first PS4 IGC game. I am still undecided if I get a PS4 at launch but if this gets delayed, since I don't play fps games, I may get the PS4 sometime next year.



Malouff said:

Hopefully, Knack does not become the first PS4 IGC game as it was also the first for pre-orders.

This will be like when they had Rayman on sale for $5 then just right after added it to the IGC.



longshot28 said:

wow with Watch Dogs out of the picture Driveclub was gonna be a launch title for me .........If this is the case then its BF4 day 1.



get2sammyb said:

If it turns out to be true, this would be a disaster. I'm all for the postponing the game in order to enhance its quality, but it sends out a really bad message. It also leaves an enormous hole with Watch Dogs gone.

More than that, I worry about Evolution's fate. It wasn't to blame for what happened to MotorStorm Apocalypse, but I do get the feeling that this has had a somewhat troubled development...



Ps4all said:

@get2sammyb everyone said the game didn't look up to snuff earlier in the year. This is surprising that the game delay would be announced so close to launch.



get2sammyb said:

@lvnlavitaloca Yeah, I was one of those people. It looked terrible in the summer, but the GamesCom build was much, much, much better. I figured it would turn out ok, but come to think of it, we still haven't seen any gameplay with more than one car on the track...



Matt_Berial said:

I'm actually ok with this, as long as it's for enhancing the quality of the game, it's a bummer, but if they can polish it really good and make it look amazing I am all for it.

DC was one of my anticipated launch games. If this is true of course, which i hope it isn't, but i think it's most likely going to be true.



Epic said:

With the lack of gameplay footage this doesn't suprise me.



Munkyknuts said:

This gives so much power back to Microsoft, which already had a stronger launch line up, or at least a more populous one.I know Watchdogs is multi platform but it's absence from The XBone won't be as noticeable....I hope it doesn't damage all the good work sony has done so far. I really hope none of the other launch games or those expected soon after fall behind.



Ps4all said:

It all seems a little unprofessional this close to launch, same goes for watchdogs. One would assume they would have known a while ago they weren't going to hit their deadline. Oh we'll, I will enjoy it whenever it is released.



Paranoimia said:

I don't get all this "Microsoft has a stronger launch line-up" stuff.

If it has, why aren't you buying an XBone? I would be. All they have that would be of interest to me is Forza, but I'm not buying a system for one game. I bought an original Xbox for Halo because it looked great; turned out it was a bit rubbish. I (eventually) bought a 360 for Forza 4, and after that barely touched it.

Yes, I'm disappointed over Watch Dogs. A little less so with Drive Club. But I'll still have Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4, plus whatever PSN games are available at launch - Resogun and perhaps a few of the better indie games (i.e. non-retro ones).

What's not to like? I'm not looking forward to launch any less than I was before.

Fickle, fickle people.

I still have Killzone Mercenary to finish. And GTA V. And Beyond. In a strange way, I'm slightly relieved.



dudeware said:

I hope that this isn't true because that will be the second game that I pre-orders out of the seven, and it was the only racing game I was actually excited for!



Visiblemode said:


Well, Watchdogs was a loss, now this...WD bothered me way more, but in both cases they are done when they are done.

I do see the pr issue here. What will follow will be a test of how well they think on their feet. Time for some really cool news, Sony.

What really makes me mad is all around we're seeing a lot of scrambling from devs. Really devs? After all the universal complaints about how the last gen was too long and after all the work Sony (and to a lesser extent MS) has done to make dev friendly consoles, VERY few titles are rock solid. Unacceptable.



InsertNameHere said:

@Paranoimia I agree with you 100%, it feels like people are under the impression that bigger = better, when that is almost never the case.

It may be the opinion of one man, but I think the Xbone has a pretty weak launch lineup, with its best game (Titanfall) not even being a next gen exclusive. Not to mention that most of its launch lineup was obviously supposed to be on the PS4 prior to Microsoft buying exclusivity.



Madd_Hatter401 said:

I may cancel my preorder and get my $400 back and wait a bit to buy the console. I still have a massive back log of PS3 games anyhow and there seems to be not much of a reason outside of killzone to jump on board with next-gen. I'm not the "fanboy" type either.. I'm partial to PS but who knows which system will be the more solid one, holding back could create a clear view on which console stands to be the strongest. With these title delays I get nervous future games will also follow suit and the selection of PS4 games will be slim. Idk just my point of view, but for any looking forward to this game I can see their disappointment and understand their "fickle" thinking.

It sucks to be standing on a welcome mat only to have it pulled from under your feet.



ShogunRok said:

@Lelouch I'm sure you already know this, but I just want to clarify to anyone reading that Titanfall isn't available at launch on the Xbox One - it's slated for release in 2014.



Shaolin said:

This is unfortunate news no doubt about it but it isn't the end of the world for ps4. At the very most it's a reason to delay buying a ps4 until 2014 when we'll be spoilt for choice with games.

What concerns me more are some of the commenters on here who always have to bring xbox into the conversation. Can't we just grow-up as a community and not talk about xbox or Titanfall??? I really enjoy coming here to celebrate all things ps4 and not to see people acting like a load of man-haters burning their bras. We're better than that and the ps4 is definitely better than that - so no need to bash xbox in a topic that doesn't even affect xbox. Remember, xbox doesn't need to fail for us as ps4 fans to win and enjoy ourselves.



divinelite said:

I don't really want drive club but I'd this really true it will a massive blow for ps4 launch. I take it so many people will cancel the pre-order and the big perfect day will be stained forever in gaming history



Gamer83 said:

Wow, Sony's lineup already paled in comparison to Xbox One's, if this happens, forget about it. This would also be completely pathetic because this is a first party title. You can't have one of your top developers drop the ball like this leading to launch and if this is true, hate to say it, but Evolution probably has to be closed up. I'd say the same if Guerilla were to drop the ball as badly with Killzone. Anyway, what we have now is a lineup just a little better than PS3's or Wii U's. And we know how long it took both consoles to finally start finding solid footing. And before anybody brings it up, indie games don't make up for this stuff. Instead of putting the ball in the endzone, Sony has fumbled at the 1 yard line. Absolutely awful job.

Can't say Sony's done good work when two of its highest profile launch games have been pushed back. If anything, Sony has been irresponsible just like Ubisoft. Both companies had to know Watch_Dogs wasn't going to make launch, Sony had to know Drive Club wouldn't make launch. Instead of waiting until a month to go sometimes you have to suck it up and announce it right away. I don't want to hear that these are just late developing problems, b f'ing s, they wanted to continue to build hype by deceving the consumers and this is as poor treatment of its customers as it was from MS when it tried to pull of that ridiculous DRM nonsense. The thing I give MS credit for, while everybody was slamming its policies, and making fun of the lack of first party exclusives, it went out partnered with the right companies and everything seems to be on track for a tremendous day one. Sony? Partners with one of the scummiest of the scum in Ubisoft (just ask Nintnedo gamers, they know all to well of the treachery of that company) which clearly doesn't care about honoring its agreements with other companies. And now Sony itself has stabbed its own consumers in the back. It take that 'perfect day' ad and shove it. PS4 day one has been from solid a few weeks ago to just as frickin' pathetic as PS3's hilariously bad day one. If it wasn't for the $100 price difference, Killzone and inFamous I'd probably have gone with an X1. All this is a shame because I was started to get really pumped up again for PS4 despite thinking all along that MS had the stronger day one. Now the two lineups aren't even close. PS4 will be a distant third and as much as I hate to admit it, it deserves to be with the way Sony has gone about this. A $400 console and the only games Sony seems to be able to get ready for it are hit-or-miss indie games. That's an absolute joke. The worst part? It means another generation of wasted hardware when it comes to third party games. PS4 versions will be held back in quality because developers will rightly want to focus more on the bigger userbases that the U and 1 will build up.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 Let's see what happens in a month:)
I think i'm far more dissapointed than you are ( I got both games on pre order but both are missing release date)... Maybe Sony will do something about this. I agree with the pall looking line up in comparison to Xbox one. However, im not going to cancel my pre order. How stupid can that be? The thing is sold out everywhere That means if i cancel my pre order i have to wait a couple of months. Killzone and knack for me then:)



Scollurio said:

Ah lets not go crazy over this right? I mean, without wanting to sound like the douche here, but things like that happen at a console's launch. You'd rather play the half baked Killer Instinct on XboxOne? Do you seriously think PSN will work seamlessley from day one on PS4? It won't! Everyone who has preordered their PS4 to get it as soon as possible after launch day will be disappointed in some respects. Deliveries will be delayed, games will be postponed and the online component will be riddled with hiccups for the first or so week. It's called being an early adopter and those traditionally suffer through more "child illnesses" than others. I'm not worried.



Scollurio said:

@Gamer83 Lol seriously. I mean, I mostly agree with your opinions but your whine about Sony and better go with MS? I mean, look at this:

Just get your PS4 in 2014. It's a gaming console. Not a liver. it can wait.
If you get it in 2014 and finish your PS3 library first, it will be just as awesome as it was advertised. I preordered my Killzone bundle AFTER that magical date in august where amazon guarantees a launch day delivery on purpose. If I get my console before christmas, I'm fine, If I get it early 2014, I'm fine.

And too be honest, for me personally, thats no big miss either way because I was never interested in DriveClub nor Watchdogs!

You should still be able to play lots of awesome games on day one or within the first weeks of the console's launch:

Switching your console preference for launch titles is silly in my opinion. Either you like exclusives and company policies of company A more or of company B. If you don't care, get both or stick with PC. Just my opinion.



Gamer83 said:


First of all it's not 'whining' and I'm getting sick of people taking that stance when they disagree with something. I also don't have allegiance to any single game corporation so it's not about switching sides. I try to buy every console I can. I've completed the games in my PS3 library (but will be re-visiting GTA V and The Last of Us when the DLC hits), I'm moving on to next-gen and don't want to wait to play Killzone: Shadow Fall. PS4 being $400 is the right price and I wouldn't be betting on the system if I didn't think it would be worth it in the long run. But I don't think anything I posted is wrong. Sony is handling this final month up to launch terribly. You may not personally care for either Drive Clue or Watch_Dogs but those were both high profile games that Sony was really pushing. It's a major blow to the launch lineup and leaves two huge voids to fill and while people want to act like the launch or the first year isn't important to a console, it absolutely is. PS3's day one and year one was, quite frankly, putrid and it took a long time for the console to gain steam because of that. The same is happening here, Sony clearly hasn't learned sh*t. Three years from now the terrible launch won't mean much for us as gamers when we're getting awesome games on a consistent basis but it could mean a console that is lagging behind the competition big time in sales and once again, unused potential and that's what concerns me. It's a shame because Sony did start really strong leading up to and immediately after E3. And now it has undone all of that with laziness on developers part (absolutely unacceptable in the case of Evolution) and stupidity on their own part (when you see a game won't make launch you announce it right away, not one damn month from a major console launch).


LOL, it's hilarious how whenever I complain about the stupidity of these companies some of you get pissed off. I never said I'm cancelling a pre-order, of course that's stupid especially since if I cancelled one now there's no way I could pre-order an Xbox One to get right at launch. I've been more ready than anybody for the next-gen so people need to stop with this 'well cancel your pre-order' nonsense. It's fine that some of you don't have as big a problem with the news of the last couple days as I do but again, not everbody has to think a like, and some of these games, while maybe not promised were being pushed big time and are a reason I put my faith in Sony early on so this is very discouraging and, yes, it makes me a bit miffed. Sony's day one lineup for PS4 was never as strong as X1's but at least with Killzone, the premier version of Watch_Dogs and Drive Club, among solid titles like Assassin's Creed IV, NBA 2K14 and the recently announced Injustice, it was still a really good day one in comparison to what had been seen in the past. Without WD and Drive Club, however, the lineup isn't much more exciting than PS2's, PS3's or Wii U's day one and those 3 consoles had terrible launches. PS2 was somehow saved by the fact it could play DVDs eventhough it was average at best in that category.



Gemuarto said:

Maybe you guys will play Grand Tourismo 6, then. =))

Anyway, I will wait to judge untill official announcement.

And, tell me what games are you exited about on Xbone launch? Only game I can think about is Ryse.



Gamer83 said:


Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 will be awesome. You may not like those franchises, and honestly I don't love the more traditional Forza games (prefer the style of Horizon), but millions of others do so the developers must be doing something right. Also, GT 6 shoud've been a PS4 launch game. Another big blunder by Sony.



Gamer83 said:


I know you weren't insulting me, I was just saying I think it's funny that when I state how I don't like a decision you guys sometimes think that for whatever reason I hate Sony or that I'm switching brands or whatever. I am mad, I won't lie, I'm extremely mad at Sony and Ubi. More for the deception than anything else though. I have no problem with delaying games if it means a better end product, but don't go on for months acting like these will make launch than one month before 'oh sorry, not happening at launch, lol, enjoy your indie games.' You can't tell me these dipsh*ts didn't know these games wouldn't be ready for launch months ago. I could've told you back in June when Watch_Dogs was demoed on Fallon's show that the devs needed to tear that piece of sh*t apart and go back to the drawing board, and the delay should've been announced no more than 2 weeks after that putrid showing. It was a dishonest move by Ubisoft and Sony who even went as far as creating a Watch_Dogs bundle for pre-order. What's going on with Drive Club is dishonest. And when I see bs I'm going to call bs, doesn't matter what company it is, Sony, Nintendo, MS, Crapcom, Konami, EA, Activision, Ubish*t, all do scummy things and when they do, should be called on it.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 I agree. We should be mad for be deceived. For me sony need to step up and do something. The launch lineup is pretty bad...



Gamer83 said:


Unfortunately I think Sony's idea of stepping up and our idea of it are two completely different things. You and I would both agree PS4 needs more big budget, AAA kind of games, but I am 110% sure Sony's answer will be to throw more hit-or-miss indie games at the problem, that's what they're no doubt scrambling for right now before announcing the Drive Club delay. And again, I do like plenty of indie games but they're not a replacement for the blockbusters. For a company that appeared to have learned so much based on how it acted earlier this year, I think it's unfortunately very clear now that Sony really hasn't learned at all. PS4 is going to fall big time behind the competition again in sales and play catch up the whole gen just like last time.



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 I am afraid you are right. This vita strategy is one of the worst things. I do not hate indies but i prefer any high profile game like ni no kuni or the last of us above any indie. We are on the same line here

Btw i said vita strategy because. Sony is doing the same there. Filling the void with indies



Gamer83 said:


I sort of agree and disagree with you about the Vita strategy. Vita needs A LOT more AAA games no doubt about it, that's a huge reason why 3DS is crushing it in sales, 3DS seems to get 3-5 AAA games a month. At the same time, I think indie games, given their nature as more pick-up-and-play, are actually perfectly suited to handheld. And while I'll take something like Killzone Mercenary, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush or Soul Sacrifice any day over indies, I don't mind an indie focus as much on Vita. On a high-powered, $400 home console though, I want some bang for my buck and indie games just don't deliver that. Definitely what saves Sony's @$$ is that it has Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog, San Diego, Bend, Japan Studio, among others, on its side. I really hope Naughty Dog has something in the works for 2014 because it's not just the day one library for PS4 that lags behind, when you flesh out the year one lineup it isn't that great as far as exclusives aside from inFamous and possibly The Order. The Order looks good but it is a new IP so it could go either way, could be fantastic or total trash.



MadchesterManc said:

Theres still games launching with the Ps4? Sure it'd be disapointing if another game was dropped from the launch line-up, but Ive always been under the impression that there was about 30 games during the window. To me it doesn't matter if its Indie, AAA, F2P etc as they are all still games. Just broaden your horizons and enjoy the fruits, theres more than enough games at launch to keep people busy on the Ps4.
As for the continued launch line-up debate between the consoles, the Xbone line-up is asoloute dross. Not everyone will share that opinion but I dont pander to the majority. The only 'AAA' game of any interest over both line-ups is Killzone: Shadow Fall, which is why Im waiting till 2014 for the Ps4. Plus the Ps3 is still getting some good niche releases over this next year so Im in no rush to upgrade just yet.




It was a Plus bonus for me as I wasn't planning on buying it. Killzone and Resogun should keep me busy, though I may stump up for NFS if it reviews well.



rjejr said:

Wii U.

Somebody had to say it, even if out of pity.

This news isn't about delaying a game, it's about "launch" games. The reason you buy a console at launch rather than wait until a sale or your birthday or something. Of course a lot of people will pick up their pre-orders - even Wii U sold a mil or so at launch - but you still want to give the fence sitters a reason to buy your console AT LAUNCH.

On the plus side for Sony - pun really wasnt intended - they probably have more people who want the PS4 simply b/c it's the PS4, than there actually are PS4s, so this still shouldn't hurt them too much.

So 14 hours later, any more info on the delay?



artemisthemp said:

I really hope it's not true, since PS4 then only will Resogun, Knack and Space Nazi as Launch titles

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