It was all going so well. With a month left until the PlayStation 4’s launch, Sony was riding on the real-life equivalent of rainbow road. However, it seems that things may be about to get derailed on the victory lap, as rumours are snowballing that DriveClub has been pushed out of the next generation console’s launch lineup.

We dismissed the reports that originally surfaced on a website called The Same Coin, but things have escalated over the past hour or so. The publication claimed earlier today that it had heard from an “anonymous source” that the racing game had been delayed until next spring. "Treat this as 100 per cent rumour for now," the report stated. "Hopefully it will turn out to be false."

Alas, that may not be the case, as Kotaku is now reporting that it has heard similar speculation. To add further fuel to the fire, the site states that Sony was set to show the game off in San Francisco today – but the title was pulled due to a scheduling conflict. A similar thing happened at the Eurogamer Expo last month.

In even more curious news, design director Paul Rustchynsky has stated on Twitter that he doesn’t have “any new information on the game to share”. That sounds like an evasion to us, and certainly not a reassuring message. Sony, for its part, has said that it doesn’t comment on any rumours or speculation.

Following the delay of Watch Dogs yesterday, this would be a massive blow in the PS4’s launch lineup. The platform holder’s slender software offering has already been criticised in comparison to the Xbox One, and this would only strengthen the complaints. To make matters worse, the Evolution Studios developed racer has been frequently billed as the next generation system’s big PlayStation Plus game.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, things aren’t looking good from where we’re sitting. Our guess is that Sony’s stalling on the news while it tries to decide upon a replacement Instant Game Collection giveaway. That so-called Perfect Day, though – well, it’s starting to look decidedly imperfect, isn’t it?