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Irish, 24. Just a guy that loves Games, Movies and Music :]

Tue 23rd July, 2013

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SuperSilverback commented on DmC: Definitive Edition Fires a Wisecrack at P...:

@RawShark loved the story in 1 2 & 4. Far fetched & ridiculous as hell yeah, but real fun. DmC just took pieces of 1&2's story, pounded them together and made them less enjoyable. Combat was great tho i will give it that. Dante was a complete douche as well. Not his appearance, just his overall attitude in that game.



SuperSilverback commented on Preview: Is PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 a Re...:

Never seen so much hate for a game that we've barely seen anything of. Yet everyone seems to know everything about and how it plays/the entire storyline.

Hope its great just because im unbelievably hyped for it.I dont know why, just gives me dem feels when i see it. If it does turn out to be rubbish tho, i will be gutted.

Day 1.



SuperSilverback commented on The Order: 1886's Latest Trailers Prove That I...:

Its a 3rd person shooter. Obviously its gona be a 3rd person shooter jesus. This is RADs first 3PS to my knowledge, Naughty Dog has 4 under their belt ffs, of course its gona look like it plays far better. Setting, graphics & story so far look amazing. Until i play the game ill not comment on gameplay. Looks like a real fun basic 3PS to me, but if it plays bad when i get it, ill put my hands up and say it.

Til then, i cant wait.

P.s facial hair everywhere