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Scarf? You mean my beard?

Male, 26, Ireland

Irish, 24. Just a guy that loves Games, Movies and Music :]

Tue 23rd Jul 2013

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SuperSilverback commented on Final Fantasy XII Remaster Announced for PS4:

Ahhhh time to once again spend hours doing the Hunt Quests. My body is ready! And to anybody that played it when it came out and didnt like it, give it another chance. I hated it when i first played it. Then i played it a few years later and dont know why i hated it, its bloody brilliant!



SuperSilverback commented on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Being Remastere...:

If its just a HD Remaster ill totally get it. But if its a complete remake and they add in all the complete from newer cods i will not be near it.

Hope its just a remaster, Cod4 is easily my favourite MP game. SP is great as well. No other Cod has come close to it for me

@SuperSilverBack Please watch the language -Tasuki-