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Irish, 24. Just a guy that loves Games, Movies and Music :]

Tue 23rd July, 2013

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SuperSilverback commented on DmC: Definitive Edition for PS4 Unleashes Its ...:

@DHW how can that be the same Dante only younger? He fights Mundus in this game, he fights Mundus in the original DMC and has no idea who he is. SPOILERS Virgil & Dante beat mundus in this game, Virgil doesnt meet Mundus until the end of DMC3 and then Mundus turns him into the Dark Knight you fight in the original DMC.

Pretty sure its a reboot >_> if not, jeez thats a real messed up story timeline, even for DMC



SuperSilverback commented on DmC: Definitive Edition Fires a Wisecrack at P...:

@RawShark loved the story in 1 2 & 4. Far fetched & ridiculous as hell yeah, but real fun. DmC just took pieces of 1&2's story, pounded them together and made them less enjoyable. Combat was great tho i will give it that. Dante was a complete douche as well. Not his appearance, just his overall attitude in that game.



SuperSilverback commented on Preview: Is PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 a Re...:

Never seen so much hate for a game that we've barely seen anything of. Yet everyone seems to know everything about and how it plays/the entire storyline.

Hope its great just because im unbelievably hyped for it.I dont know why, just gives me dem feels when i see it. If it does turn out to be rubbish tho, i will be gutted.

Day 1.



SuperSilverback commented on The Order: 1886's Latest Trailers Prove That I...:

Its a 3rd person shooter. Obviously its gona be a 3rd person shooter jesus. This is RADs first 3PS to my knowledge, Naughty Dog has 4 under their belt ffs, of course its gona look like it plays far better. Setting, graphics & story so far look amazing. Until i play the game ill not comment on gameplay. Looks like a real fun basic 3PS to me, but if it plays bad when i get it, ill put my hands up and say it.

Til then, i cant wait.

P.s facial hair everywhere