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Irish, 24. Just a guy that loves Games, Movies and Music :]

Tue 23rd Jul 2013

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SuperSilverback commented on That's a New Deus Ex for PS4 Leaked, Then:

Deus Ex:HR was one of my favourite games of last gen, so im highly up for a new one!

The boss battle were outsourced in the last game if i remember correctly. Hopefully they will do it themselves this time! So i wont get absolutely destroyed by a guy that turns invisible ._.



SuperSilverback commented on Rumour: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain S...:

Snake wont be talking much......i was worried this would happen after i played GZ. Snake said close to nothing in that "game".

Why replace Hayter if Snake isnt doing much talking. Everytime i hear something new about TPP, the less i want it :/



SuperSilverback commented on UK Sales Charts: PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886...:

Hope it gets a sequel, cause by christ i enjoyed this game. Gunplay is great, CTEs dont happen near as much as youre led to believe, characters/world/story are great.

Coulda developed them a bit more yeah, but a sequel, if it happens, would expand on them more. Took me 9 hours to finish, which isnt short in my books for a linear tps shooter.