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Mon 22nd November, 2010

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KALofKRYPTON commented on Let's Be Honest, Heavenly Sword: The Movie Loo...:

It looks like it's been kicking around since '08.

It may not be all about the graphics all the time, but you have to like what you're looking at on some level. I finished Heavenly Sword, I don't really want to watch the film of pretty much the same anyway, and certainly not when said film looks like an unambitious PS4 game.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Fondest Memories ...:

Me and an old work mate played through Killzone Liberation Co Op when we were working at a pub in the quiter periods. That was class.

Also, importing a few shmup collections and especially Star Soldier. Tate mode shmup on the go, immense!



KALofKRYPTON commented on Gory Brawler Mortal Kombat X Gets Over Here in...:

@JuanitoShet Yes it is a beat 'em up. '2D fighter' is a modern qualifier of sorts, since all 'fighters' were 2D at one point. Perhaps you're thinking about a side-scrolling Beat 'em up - again, side-scrolling being the qualifier.
Just because a term may not be used all that much doesn't mean it isn't what a game is at it's core.

The term Shoot 'em Up (shmup) often gets used for fps games. Where for most of us it still just refers what are now termed 2D shooters.

The only really good beat 'em ups on the MegaDrive were MK 2 and Street Fighter Special Champion Edition - both of which are poor imitations of their SNES counterparts. (If anyone mentions Eternal Champions, may they forever burn in hell).

There are plenty of fine beat 'em ups out there, and fans of the genre won't blink at paying £40 for a game with tight systems and pretty much infinite replayability. As I recall, Street Fighter II Turbo cost my mother £50, so take solace, you have an inflation busting hobby!



KALofKRYPTON commented on This European PS Vita Mega Pack Is Actually Pr...:

In my opinion, the Vita is one of the greatest systems ever made. That doesn't (and clearly hasn't) mean a huge market share.

It's easy enough to reason out why it's not doing so well, but I'll never understand it fully. It's a cracking bit of tech, and a great games machine.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: Wolfenstein: The New Order (PlayStatio...:

I'm very much enjoying Wolfenstein!

A wonderful single player experience so far, on par with my favourite Resistance 3. Great gunplay, cracking story, good characterisations and bags of fun. Taking the time to read as many of the many newspaper cuttings strewn about really expands on the created world, and shows how much thought and detail has gone in to the game.
I'd implore everyone to give the music CD a turn too.
Massive well done to MachineGames. Very good purchase :-D



KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PlayStation 4):

There's good stuff there, but as Sammy said-the turnaround is pretty short. Occasionally, the game looks and feels amazing, but on the whole, it's fairly ropey.
Given the critical response this time around, I'm sure there will be changes next time around. Since there are more.confirmed Spidey movies and spin offs on the way, there will no doubt be games along with them. Some probably mobile though.

@Scollurio For me, Spider-man was my first real favourite comic superhero. I grew up on Superman movies and the Fleisher cartoons, but I was a marvel kid mostly when it came to buying comics. I moved on to mainline DC and vertigo in my teens, but from Spider-man vs Kingpin on the MegaDrive to the first PS1 game, I loved playing as Spidey.

He's also a fairly easy character to make a game out of. He's got a good set of powers, good stories to use and unlike my all time favourite Superman, he's very mortal.

I long for a good Supes game, but he's a pretty tough prospect. The original Xbox game was probably as good as a Supes game will ever get.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:

@hardrockr79. Actually, DX12 should do great things for XB1. The hardware issues will still be there, but the threading optimisations aught to help quite a lot.
I must admit though, I'm more than happy that the big studios don't seem to having much of an issue with the idea of ignoring total parity this gen.

As for the Wii U, well. It's not really 'this gen' is it. As more and more third parties ignore it in the power race - Ninty are yet more reliant on their first party staples. Of which, Mario Kart 8 is the closest I've ever come to wanting one.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:

@Cyrso The graphics do look good. I'm yet to see any gameplay that looks as good as Infamous Second Son though. And as stated before, that was close to 60.

I think we're all.aware now that XB1 simply cannot achieve parity with PS4 when it comes to raw power and available bandwidth. So if this is true, then MS are probably doing all they can to keep Ubi quiet about it.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:

@charlesnarles Need For Speed: Rivals ran at 30fps on PS4. And it was stunning, and fun, and I honestly can't say that I once thought that being at 30fps hindered the game, or my enjoyment of it.

I've nothing at all against 1080p@60, or any game targeting it. As I said WipEout HD is still a joy to behold. But I doubt it's going to be a reason for me to not buy a game.