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Mon 22nd November, 2010

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KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: Tetris Ultimate (PlayStation 4):

I have about 50 friendson PSN. No issues like those described. Having a lot of fun with it.
It's just Tetris. But by the same token; It's TETRIS!

EDIT: audio cracking is a thing I've noticed on occasion.

FURTHER EDIT: The 'bland' presentation is a boon. For a long time for me, the only Tetris option was one of the God awful android iterations with all of the utterly unnecessary bloat . This is a much improved experience.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: Resogun (PlayStation Network - Vita):

It's pretty solid once you're in game. The front end is bizarrely fuzzy though. But hey, it works, and it's free, and it's Resogun.
I have Tetris Ultimate coming next month(have it on PS4, hard to put down!). Between both the sex little beast will be getting a lot of use!



KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (P...:

Wow, such hate.
This would've been released with or without Rise on PS4 for all anyone knows.

It's not the worst game in the world. The review certainly paints it in a far more negative light than I would.

Also, who cares about Rise of the Tomb Raider anyway?! Uncharted 4 is next year. There isn't a Tomb Raider game out there that's even close to any of the main Uncharted games. No reason to think Rise will be any different.



KALofKRYPTON commented on These Are Your Free PS4 PlayStation Plus Title...:

Good. I have Injustice already, it's awesome - most of my mates had it for PS3 though, so this is awesome. Looking forward to Ponchos too.

To be honest, I don't moan about the IGC games ever. Even if I ultimately don't like something, there's a good chance that it got me to try something different that I wouldn't have played otherwise.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Evolution Studios Prepares Free Apologetic Dri...:


It's not nearly six weeks though, as I said online racing has been stable for a couple of weeks. Working but unstable to varying degrees from about a week after launch.

Yes it's not ideal that the launch was awful, yes people have every right to be annoyed- but the ridiculous over the top reactions from people are a bit pathetic. The game itself isn't broken, the dev's and or Sony dropped the ball for the servers. It's not Battlefield, there's a fine example of a broken game on release.

There is one part of Driveclub that doesn't work. Yes I'd like it to work, and I expect that it will. In the meantime, Sony are going to hand out some free dlc, which is fine by me.

Told what crap? That they didn't test it properly and they're working to improve it? What's wrong with being told that?

Also, why does anyone really think that the dlc wasn't already done for the most part? Even of it wasn't, the team working on tracks and physics aren't going to be the network engineers.

People who are moaning about the Plus version are the best. You've obviously read the network issues with the game but want it free anyway - why? So you can moan about how your free game is broken?

Also, this 'trend'. Again. Driveclub has server issues, not game breaking bugs.
Sony and Microsoft are guilty of the emergence of the 'day one patch' on consoles.
Developers are pushed by publishers to maintain a release target. Rather than miss that target (and potentially waste huge sums of money already spent on marketing), the near final code goes gold with Sony and Microsoft imposing an ageed 'fine' on the publishers for releasing with a patch on day one. For most games, this patch doesn't fix much that's going to ruin the game. It's performance optimisations.
Obviously there are exceptions to this, but this perception of evil corporate persons laughing at you while sat on piles of money is a flawed one.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Evolution Studios Prepares Free Apologetic Dri...:

@Zep_Fan_81 Weeks? It's only been out just over a month! Try it now.
It's much improved over launch server side. Online play has been stable for at least 2 weeks for me.

Essentially, the only thing not working is the Challenges. Which is a shame for trophy hunters, but that's about it.

I'm happy for the feebie and tweaks to the systems.

It's a great driving game as is, if people would take five minutes to pull their heads out of their backsides - they'd see that.

But no, let the mob rule continue.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Evolve Alpha was alright. Pretty much 'as advertised' if you know what I mean. Doubt I'll buy it though.
The Crew beta is extremely dull. The overriding thought it leaves me with is that I've played a better looking, handling, sounding and overall more entertaining version of this game before; Need For Speed Rivals.



KALofKRYPTON commented on PS4 Rest Mode Boot Problems Prompt the Strange...:

@ZeD I'm well aware. As it happens there appears to be no hdd access to worry about while this is happening, the fans are minimal too.
Also, it's actually pretty difficult to kill a modern hard disk like this.
When this happens, the yellow standby light flashes constantly and the console is completely unresponsive to the system buttons or any controller input. Pulling the plug is the only way I could solve the issue. Not something I'm keen on doing again mind you, hence, I won't be using rest mode until it's fixed.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: F1 2014 (PlayStation 3):

@Bad-MuthaAdebis one year in to this generation hardly makes PS3 obsolete. In fact, it's a pretty desirable option for many. It's on its last and cheapest hardware iteration, has a massive catalogue of games and is a very, very well featured machine.
Yeah a 5 isn't a great score, but the game retains most of what made the previous entries good and enjoyable.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Review: F1 2014 (PlayStation 3):

Releasing a game to a console with an established install base of millions is hardly a waste.

They're making the PS4 game. They were making the PS4 game while developing 2014. Releasing 2014 having built it alomst entirely out of existing systems is a smart business move.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Sony's Smallest Console Will Soon Support Four...:

@HulkSmash34 Hulk.

I don't think the PSTV has the required processing power to accomplish that. I'm not sure the PS4 does either without affecting some other system usability.

The PSTV and Vita only receive a video stream from the PS4 and relay controller input. What you suggest would mean the PS4 essentially generating two streams from the same game. Two rendered sets of visuals and mechanics. It would also rely heavily on developer input.

I quite like the idea of PSTV. Not paying £85 for one. Or for Remote Play. But using my Vita cards on a TV would be cool.

Of course, Sony could just turn on the 1080i video output capabilities of the fat Vita (the TV out capability was removed from the slim).

What would help PSTV would be some native local multiplayer games. I mean, update (for example) FIFA 15/Playstation All Stars etc for local multiplayer and sell a two controller pack and you make a viable alternative to the Android microconsoles.



KALofKRYPTON commented on Rumour: PS4 Simulation Racer Project CARS Park...:

@rjejr I know right!

Also, there's a very good chance that Driveclub will be properly up and running by then. If that happens, and the Plus version gets released for Project CARS window, then it would be pretty dumb to release a full price boxed racing game when a pretty well featured one is available on Plus.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:

@eLarkos So it was a pointless argument? OK.

Of course Sony care more about the dollar than they do me. Why shouldn't they?
They're in a business, for profit. Being good in that sphere of business, even if it's cynical keeping up of appearances keeps the business going.

Comments like this: "Carry on living in your politely worded email world but don't go telling the rest of us to not make noise on websites because Evolution Studios doesn't care." and the one about Evolution not working hard without being badgered are overly cynical. I'm not naive, in the slightest. But do you really, honestly think that these people take no pride in their work? Beyond being a company, beyond Sony. People worked on this game. Real live ones like you and I, yet you collectively dismiss them as not caring about the game they've spent years of their lives working on. Have you never been involved in any enterprise, in work or socially that you put a lot in to only for something, despite your best efforts, went wrong? I have. You don't do you best to fix it because of the sneering loudmouths, you fix it because you want it to work, because you take pride in what you do and share that, whether it's for profit or not.

Dehumanising Evolution and painting them as villains doesn't make them want to fix anything.

Vitriolic keyboard warriors aren't the revolutionary game changers you'd like them to be. Well constructed, proportionate criticism and editorial is what changes things. On the whole negative or positive reactions change things. Not foul-mouthed ranting.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:


No thanks to me?

Or you then. I own the game, I've voiced that things don't work. Screaming louder at a situation like this doesn't make you any more than a number. Another user who has a defective product.

The 'thanks', if any are due are largely for the media widely reporting the issues. People like me (and maybe even you) who have contacted the dev's via email, Facebook or Twitter. Even though they are acutely aware of the issues already.

You're absolutely right, you should've used another example. A relevant one.
Unfortunately they're difficult to come by, as on the whole consumer rights are well defined and represented.

The crux of your argument is that Sony and by extension Evolution are evil in some way; acting in malice purposefully. As if they're happy that server problems have marred the launch of a high profile game and without angry voices that they'd be complacent and do nothing.

It's a poor stance. That's not how modern consumer business works. It's also been evidenced previously that it's not how Sony operate regarding the PlayStation brand.

"I will continue with my discontent of the situation until the appropriate change has been made."

That's the most coherent, concise and properly proportionate thing you've written.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:

Exaggeration, not deflection.

You're so for people's consumer rights that you'll flippantly toss out the civil rights movement to do it? That's not objective, it's overstating the issue, and it's also calculated and highly emotive. You can't use that sort of argument then bleat on about objectivity.

So who's telling us to be quiet? Sony? No. Evolution? No.

Why would I not accept my potential free dlc? Again, you're trying to 'win' an argument by misrepresentation. I fully acknowledge the problems with Driveclub, and I'll accept the compensation offered.

Evolution aren't my 'friends', but they're certainly not the villians you're trying to make them out to be.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:

@eLarkos You can stop that nonsense right now!

A video game being broken is no comparison to the civil rights movement.

Given your latest response, I'm forced to conclude that you're either a child yourself or an idiot. Or possibly a troll. That's not 'exaggeration', as you put it-it's setting up a straw man; attempting to win an argument by referencing something that has nothing to do with the points raised. Politicians do it a lot in an effort to mislead people yet appear to answer a question.

Evolution are talking about solutions because, as they've stated; they're frustrated at the unexpected issues at launch. Issues that people have level-headedly voiced, and others have aggressively raged about. The issues have been covered by the entirety of the gaming press, so there's nothing Evolution can do to avoid it.

You seem to want to see a conspiracy here, or some sort of negligent malice on Evolution's part. Which is ridiculous and childish.

This is something I'll ask, sincerely and a little bit off topic: Attempting to equate issues with a video game, or indeed even consumer rights as a whole in this day and age with the civil rights movement is quite frankly obscene. I'd expect you're the type who invokes this as a way to win arguments a lot. Or perhaps point to other instances of historical persecution in crude attempts to illustrate your point on Internet message boards, in any case, don't. Please.
By doing it you completely belittle the genuine struggles and triumphs of people much stronger, braver and virtuous than most in this century needs to be thanks to their efforts.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:

@eLarkos I didn't say that people shouldn't complain. But, voicing issues and whining like children are different things.

And we're hardly in the realms of activism here. Very far from it in fact.

Evolution probably do love people like me; because I'm able to make a reasoned complaint without treating someone like they've burned down my house (unless they've actuality burned down my house).

The only pressure Sony felt to make new consoles is the pressure to make money in a very lucrative market.

You're confusing a lot of things here. We're talking about a partly defective video game. I understand people can be passionate about them, as with anything; and gaming has been one of my top pastimes for 25 years now. No one wants to feel like they've wasted money, or are being treated unfairly. But the developer is already talking about solutions. There's no scope for revolution here, and the negativity doesn't help anyone do anything.


Try calling Sony customer support. You have rights having made a purchase. You're well within those rights to request a refund. They'll reason that as a PSN title that they may not be able to process your request or some such; at that point, ask for a supervisor/manager and press for goods or PSN credit to the same value.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:


Commonplace in terms of what? I can only really think of Driveclub and Battlefield that have had server problems as bad as this (and there was a lot more wrong with Battlefield besides).

This sort of thing is far more common for PC players. But there is a trend of releasing alphas on PC, through Steam and the like.

I think you'll find that you are well within your statutory rights to return Driveclub. The game in its current form is easily defined as 'defective'.

Contact Sony's customer services.



KALofKRYPTON commented on DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation Options...:

Reading some of these comments, you'd think Rustchynsky had said nothing about this being unexpected, of that they're considering options for compensation. At least it's being acknowledged.


It's not the end of the world, they're trying to sort it out, we may even get something free. Trust me, you'll have a much happier life not b*tching so hard about stuff like this. It's just a game.