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Wed 8th Feb 2012

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@Splat "You can read our full and final thoughts on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in our review, which will be published before the game is released on the 19th May. Until then, have we put your mind at ease? Count the frames in the comments section below."



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@AFCC depends on how much you're paying really i'd happily pay £35 for it...........not the £50 i did pay for it, i actually put it on gumtree to see if i got any interest and be able to get my money back to buy it again later, my brothers phone went nuts with all the texts and within 45 minutes a guy happily came and bought it

just to be clear i only sold the game as i have never and will never pay £50 for a game no matter how good it is.



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@Bad-MuthaAdebisi yeah its a great game if you're hyped for it i dont think you'll be dissapointed.

i'd even say the load times weren't an issue if it wasn't for the giant white BLOODBORNE you're forced to stare at it just really kills the immersion its like whenever you die the game shouts DID YOU REMEMBER YOUR JUST PLAYING A GAME, NO? HERE STARE AT THE NAME FOR A WHILE THEN they could've just done what DSII did whilst loading show info about items, the world, enemys ANYTHING would have been better than what it is.



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@get2sammyb sleep is for the weak!

i should probably go to sleep but i've just got my internet back after 2 weeks of downtime (i'll never complain about psn being down for a few hours again) so im catching up on stuff that's happened in the world of gaming since then.



TOMBOY25 commented on Review: Assassin's Creed Unity (PlayStation 4):

I really wanted this game even after hearing it had issues but at £43 with these issues I just can't do it.

Looking forward to FC4 though, embargo for that ends tomorrow so looking forward to all the reviews.