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Wed 8th February, 2012

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TOMBOY25 commented on DriveClub Increases the Number of Players Able...:

i don't get why thet don't release the ps+ version but revoke ALL online connectivity until the servers are fixed so that way those that paid get to play online (as it gradually retuns) and everyone else can stop pissing themselves over their free demo.



TOMBOY25 commented on DriveClub v1.03 Patch Begins to Put PS4 Racer ...:

@Midzark so they're destroying any trust they had built-up with consumers by deliberately f***ing up their own servers in an attempt to get people to outright buy it when every game centric site is reporting that the game is broken.......................i don't think so



TOMBOY25 commented on You'll Need to Take Out a Loan to Afford This ...:

"some days videogame news runs so thick and fast that the highly trained team of journalistic monkeys here at Push Square towers can barely keep up with it all."

its true here's rare footage of a staff member of pushsquare at work