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Wed 8th February, 2012

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TOMBOY25 commented on You'll Need to Take Out a Loan to Afford This ...:

"some days videogame news runs so thick and fast that the highly trained team of journalistic monkeys here at Push Square towers can barely keep up with it all."

its true here's rare footage of a staff member of pushsquare at work



TOMBOY25 commented on Feature: The PS4 Destiny Diaries - Day One: Wh...:

"What is possibly the most anticipated beta of the last few years" i think im more excited for the evolve beta.

also my main problem with this game is death means nothing you just respawn and keep on going which encourages me to run around like a lunatic punching everything in sight until i die which is fun but when enemys don't require any skill to kill it kinda gets a bit boring.



TOMBOY25 commented on Guide: How to Get into the Destiny Beta on PS4:

@get2sammyb honestly i dont know why i prefer it, i bought it and i really hated it never used it for about a month but now its the other way around the last game i played on ps4 was infamous:SS.

im not stupid tho if a multiplatform game releases like tomb raider did (60fps ps4/30fps xone) i'll obviously buy it on ps4.



TOMBOY25 commented on Alien: Isolation's Pre-Order Bonus Is Turning ...:

This is nothing new this has been happening for ages even sniper elite 3 had a special edition that added few extra missions that cost £10 but when the game actually releases the price is almost immediately reduced.

keep an eye on GAME as more games coming out later this year get small bonus digital content it'll be the same thing.