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Wed 8th February, 2012

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TOMBOY25 commented on Natural Doctrine May Just Have the Best PS4 Bo...:

These screenshots are from the ps vita version see the world map screenshot its buttons indicate circle, triangle, L, R, and start.
first the ps4 has options not start so that rules out that and ps3 has L1 L2 R1 R2 not just L and R, so its the vita version.



TOMBOY25 commented on Rayman Legends Makes History on PS4 in Late Fe...:

@ReigningSemtex 365games are pretty great orders have always been on time but not sure about the price thingy, and never buy from wowhd seriously they're awful.

@rastamadeus i'd say give it a go on ps3 i had it and enjoyed it.
(I bought the ps3 version over wii u as i also hated the touchscreen bits but in the ps3 you just press O to activate it, also i got 100% on 3D land that game was awesome)



TOMBOY25 commented on Don't Be a Scaredy Cat and Win a Special Physi...:

surprising that there's been no more comments i thought this would have been something alot of people wanted to win i personally love collectible stuff, although maybe alot of previous people were based somewhere other than UK that might explain the lack of comments.

is it not possible to get say 3 EU and 3 US codes for future competitions although i imagine its a bit harder than going and saying "go on give us some codes" lol.



TOMBOY25 commented on Review: Beyond: Two Souls (PlayStation 3):

@get2sammyb i really enjoyed the demo i'll pick it up later tho this year ive gotta afford KZ:Shadowfall, COD:Ghosts, Driveclub, Pokemon x , phoenix wright dual destinys, mario 3d world, and Watch dogs all on my grand budget of £27......anyone fancy a kidney.....anyone ?