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Talking Point: Will You Use the PlayStation 4's Video Sharing Features?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Next generation gimmick

Sony went out of its way to sell the PlayStation 4 as a social platform during last month’s PlayStation Meeting press conference. It described in painstaking detail the manner in which you’ll be able to save screenshots to the PlayStation Network, watch videos recorded by your friends, and even share your own personal gameplay clips. But while they’re all undoubtedly nifty features, will you actually use them?

Video sharing isn’t especially new to the PlayStation 3. Several titles have included the option to upload gameplay directly to YouTube, allowing you to capture some of your most triumphant moments and feed them into the eyeballs of the rest of the world. While the functionality was limited to releases such as Tom Clancy’s HAWX, Just Cause 2, and PixelJunk Eden, it offered an early snapshot of what we can expect from the PS4. But how many times did you actually take advantage of the feature when it was available?

A quick browse through our YouTube channel’s archives shows that we did upload a clip from Keita Takahashi’s strange physics-driven play box Noby Noby Boy back in the hazy days of 2009. The short 60 second video captured directly from our PS3 shows us faffing about with protagonist BOY, achieving very little at all. It represents the sum of the use that we’ve gotten out of the functionality over the past seven years. So, what will make the PS4 any different?

For starters, its compatibility with every game should have an impact. We've always felt that a title like LittleBigPlanet, for example, lacked the option to show off your creations more easily to people that don’t own the appropriate hardware. That will be rectified. Furthermore, its integration into the console’s operating system – rather than an external website like YouTube – will ensure that the best content is more pronounced at a system level.

But once the novelty has been exhausted, will you actually bother to share gameplay footage with the rest of the PSN community? We’re sure that there’ll be an audience for outrageous goal compilations in FIFA, or jammy hole-in-one shots in Everybody’s Golf, but who’s going to watch you tear through the Helghast in Killzone: Shadow Fall? Will anyone care that you just recorded a perfect lap in DriveClub? And is anyone really going to browse through raw gameplay videos of Knack?

Outside of the obvious uses – glitches, tips, Trophies – we’re just not convinced that video sharing is quite the game changer that Sony’s billing it to be. The emphasis on social features will undoubtedly help to give the PS4’s interface a much livelier appearance than the PS3, but our interest in watching and making our own gameplay videos at a consumer level remains relatively low. And we’re convinced that we’re not alone in that opinion.

Are you excited for the PS4’s video sharing functionality? If so, what kind of clips do you intend to record and watch? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

Will you use the PS4's video sharing features? (27 votes)

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I may occasionally share something cool or silly


No, I don't see the point


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Paranoimia said:

I'm sure I will on occasion. I've uploaded a few clips from games, but Just Cause 2 aside (it had it's own upload feature) they're all recorded from the TV via either camcorder or phone camera. (

Way back in the days of the original Resistance, I had one glorious moment in a Capture the Flag game with my clan where I hurled a grenade just as an opponent was entering his base to score and win the game. It exploded just above him, killing him and allowing me to reclaim the flag. It was probably my greatest moment in an online FPS (I generally suck at them) and I would have loved to have been able to upload it for posterity and - more importantly - proof! I'm sure that, to this day, none of my clanmates believe just how cool it was.

So yes... I'll definitely use it.



get2sammyb said:

@Paranoimia See, I think we've all got those 'amazing' moments in games that we never forget, and it's cool that we'll be able to preserve them from now on. But realistically, how often do those moments occur? It's probably telling that you had to go back to the first Resistance for yours...



Squiggle55 said:

I likely won't be using it at all. But that's just because I can't think of anyone who would be interested in looking at my gameplay videos. I think it will be useful though because there will likely be many more gameplay videos online for when I want to see what a game is like.



ShogunRok said:

If it's as easy as Sony say it is to use, then I'll definitely be uploading a lot of stuff. Also, I think the idea of streaming to my friends is fantastic - I'm a show-off when it comes to playing games in front of company.

You only have to look at sites like Twitch TV to realise how huge game-sharing has become. Hell, most of YouTube's gaming videos are made up of live/recorded gameplay. I think the potential here is gigantic.



Paranoimia said:

@get2sammyb Well, that's not the only one, but it sticks in the mind because of the great times I had on that particular game. There have been others.

I'm also hoping that YouTube is implemented as an option - at least for uploads, if not streaming live gameplay - because that's where all my other videos are.

It will also be very easy for making walkthrough or tip clips. That's not something I've ever tried to do personally, simply because I don't have the capture equipment. But this feature will make it easy for anyone to do that kind of thing at no extra expense.



Munkyknuts said:

There have been some moments of awe inspiring awesomeness I have produced during Mass Effect online matches I would have liked to preserve...but as I only have 3 friends on my list on the ps3 my sharing would be limited....the feature does have potential tho.



Gemuarto said:

It's will be as usefull as screenshots on Vita =(. Or slightly better.



rastamadeus said:

It just means nothing to me. Apart from doing the inevitable 'Upload X amount of videos' trophies that will be in all games on the PS4 I doubt I'll use it.



FullbringIchigo said:

honestly i have no idea if i will use or not but it might come in handy at some points especially if i have a friend stuck on a game i could show him how to do it but other than that



charlesnarles said:

Every gamer likes to see glitch videos, don't they? It's just too good of an opportunity to ignore, in that one regard. I don't know anyone else with a PS3 even, so I know nobody will be that interested if at all in the wtf videos I'll be posting



TheMightyPunram said:

This will be a great feature for anyone who doesn't live in a basement and actually has some friends.



3Above said:

Im looking forward to watching and doing " Lets Play " videos as they actually play them and commenting in real time.



InsertNameHere said:

I plan on using it as often as possible. I've had far too many "I wish someone could have seen this" moments.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't think I'll personally use this feature very often but its nice that its there when you want it. Most of your 'amazing' moments aren't planned at all, they just happen spontaneously and often by accident or coincident so its nice theres always a way to capture them when they do happen



darkhairwarrior said:

I plan on using the built in capture card to do lets plays on YouTube. I've always wanted to do them but I never had the equipment.



turtlelink said:

If the PS4 can stream footage, then it will be the BEST system to play fighters on. I can't wait. I'd totally use it.



Tony_342 said:

The PS4 controller will be the first controller I've ever used that has a button on it that I will never push. At least I'll never have to clean fingerprints off that "Share" button.



Alpha said:

i would probally over use it lolz xD i think its a great addition!!!



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Might share a cool moment or spectacular fail here'n there...but not that much. Hanging out with a friend online chatting and watching him play a game I might not have yet or maybe helping him out in a tight spot...that I might use.

Also, as others posted, the potential for walkthrough-videos or fail compilations is I'm curious how this whole feature will turn out and how easy to use it'll be...definitely doesn't hurt to have it.

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