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Male, 24, United States

I am BioAlpha, a youtube entertainer. I run a gaming group on facebook which is open to the public and is a nice little community of gamers. Hope you enjoy!

Sat 15th Dec 2012

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Alpha commented on Remember When Xbox Paid Donald Trump to Fire F...:

@Tasuki To be honest I thought nothing related to any president candidate would be news..... But glad you put his here. I dont come to push square for news. I come here for gaming news (which is better)

As a Mmorpg about the trump.....

What woulf the name be? Lol



Alpha commented on Rumour: The Next Call of Duty's About to Be Re...:

@gingerfrog never played overwatch, but I'd recommend titanfall 2 since the first was amazing. Except it was limited to online only, no campaign, and exclusive to pc and Xbox systems. Titanfall 2 will have a campaign, be multiplatform and hopefully allow offline play.



Alpha commented on Rumour: The Next Call of Duty's About to Be Re...:

@BAMozzy wow that's a lot of info. Good thing I love learning lol. But thing is I lost internet soon after the first modern warfare and halo 3 released due to us moving to an area with dial up at the time, and so I mostly played mw2 and mw3 for the campaign. And yes I don't like MP for mw3 only the story and spec ops lol. Mw2 and mw3 MP consisted of 4 local people on 1 30in HDTV with a line issue lol. So I never got to play the fabled mw2 online. I remember getting my cell and trying mw3 after bo2 got hacked for a few weeks and I couldn't play it. Was awful. Just figured I moved on to the newer system. Note I know why lol. Here's hoping infinity warfare is the new best thing. I don't like black ops experimental stuff but it's something. Wish they would release a multiplayer only version on consoles like killzone 3 on psn or bo3 on PC.



Alpha commented on Rumour: The Next Call of Duty's About to Be Re...:

@BAMozzy I'm talking about their publisher, Activision. I prefer infinity wards games to be honest. BO2 though was pretty good. And haven't played Bo 1 to give it any judging. But modern warfare is my all time favorite call of duty trilogy.



Alpha commented on Gosh Darn, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine's PS4...:

@feral1975 normally I don't either unless it's absolutely digital only or dlc or online only like Need for Speed. And definitely games like Need for Speed never at full price. Lol.
But you do know this is dlc for an already released title right? This doesn't come with the main game, the main game is needed. I'm sure you do know that though lol. Wish I could upload pics here, you'd see why I agree with you though lol. My physical collection.



Alpha commented on Poll: Are You Happy with the PS4's Current Fir...:

Better organization (folders), external hdd support, offline local remote play like that unofficial one and my vita. I can play not connected to the Internet with my Vita but I have to with my PC? Rather use the unofficial remote play since I have no internet at home anymore. A few others but I'm drawing a blank now.



Alpha commented on Bethesda Promises Incoming Details on Fallout ...:

@ShogunRok that's why I plan on making two save files. One from the beginning, and one after my normal save data. That way I have 3 main saves, my normal non modded data, my latest data modded, and beginning with mods right out of the gate lol.

I wonder about trophies though. I hope for any save with mods on it, it'll disable trophies. That would be way too easy lol. Well no matter I'm still hoping for some damn good mods!



Alpha commented on Sony Pledges Free PlayStation Plus Extensions ...:

@Neolit @Gmork___ @FullbringIchigo I would suspect the digital version, as all games require your account to hold a license in order to play your game. That's how Sony has worked don't the psp digital games, and PSN on PS3. In fact all your digital games have a license. On the ps4 you can restore your licenses for offline use. It's in the settings>PSN area I believe. Disc based would be completely untouched.



Alpha commented on PSN Down Just Days into 2016:

Had issues with Spotify, would only show the same screen any time I went into any of the options. Infinite loop lol. Had to close the application. Every time after it kept saying "PlayStation Network is Undergoing Maintenance". I saw people online looked like they were playing ok. They are all local friends that were still on. Location is Mi US, if that helps any. So some things work here and others don't I guess.



Alpha commented on Final Fantasy VII Remake's First Scenario Is F...:

@LieutenantFatman yea not everyone knows the smaller stuff soninusually invlude the spoiler tag whennits something plot wise not alot of people know. but Aerith is a spoiler yes but as I have said its basically common knowledge. I agree though, I would rather have not known before hand when I played it..

And I really hope reviews doesn't do that either. That would ruin it for a lot of people. Maybe I'll take a break from the internet when it comes out lol. Or there spoiler free reviews.