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Sat 15th December, 2012

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Alpha commented on PSN Temporarily Offline Again as Attacks Ramp ...:

I cant sign in on my Sega Dreamcast either.... wait a minute. lol

Do you think Sony learned from GTA Online and the multiple attacks and breaches on their network? Because when Destiny comes out im just expecting the whole system to just collapse. Or do you think that this "LizardPeople" or whatever they call themselves, is gonna actually do this again when Destiny is released? because they did this to multiple things including Microsoft, Blizzard and a Vatican Server i heard.

All in all I hope they are brought to justice because what they are doing is wrong. People pay for this stuff like PS+ and Subscription based things like Playstation Now (in the future) and FFXIV online. Ive been playing Final Fantasy VIII on my Vita and PS3 for awhile, when im home i do it on the PS3, but i need to be signed in on my ps3 and my vita. i need internet and to be signed in on just my vita to copy stuff. this just messes with it. Bad. RANT Over



Alpha commented on Push Rewind: PSN Downtime, Awful Avatars, and ...:

You know this week has been horrible for me, mostly due to personal reasons, this just adds to it! :( but luckly games are not my only reason for living so its not that big of a deal to what really is going on in my life, games go down and up.



Alpha commented on Is PSN Offline? Yes, and the Scheduled Mainten...:

@get2sammyb I can sign in right now, however i couldnt an 2 hours ago up until now. I thought it was my router or something, seeing how i have DISH.NET. I swear the Digital age is not ready for this generation, we should wait for more in the future where internet is everywhere and there is no Dial Up anymore. I cant get any internet but Satellite where i live, and it is horrible for gaming. the only other internet were i live is dial up. I Live in America btw, and you say it was an attack? definitly let us know anything more asap! Thank You Sammy!



Alpha commented on Rumour: PS4 Firmware Update 2.00 to Add Dashbo...:

:) I HAVE A SEGA DREAMCAST lol. Serioulsy i do though and it surprises me that a lot of people are like "Whats that" Anyway back to the main topic, The PS4 is a great Console, So is the Xbox One. I like both systems. I do not own either of them but i have played both. I prefer Sony over Xbox but i do like their exclusives. When i heard about ROtTR i was REALLY Upset. THen i heard it will come out later and i was like "Oh alright" im Still REALLY UPSET i cant play it yet... i only have a PS3, Vita PC and Sega Dreamcast. along with a few others i dont feel like mentioning. Point is, Each Systems have their ups and downs. Same with Games and such. We are all gamers, True Gamers, that play many things, not just Madden and COD. We All should Get along. theres a lot of things i hate of the new generation due to developers and publishers wanting money. Online Passes and DLC on Disc at launch, and day one patches.... if the game isnt finished why release it???? anyway point is, Its a nice feature but not truly needed, other stuff is needed more in my opinion.



Alpha commented on Reaction: Sony's Gamescom 2014 Press Conferenc...:

@get2sammyb So this is first gonna sound really off toic but it gets to a point and i think you will know what i mean when you start reading. All day Yesterday and the day before i was downstate camping with nothing but the Darkness and Nature in a camper. No light, no electricity, no Games, no internet, no cellphone. So my Question is, where could i actually watch Gamescom now that it is over? Because i heard about the New Silent Hill from Kojima..... AND I WANNA SEE IT :D Please tell me i can watch the Confrence somewhere? Thank you again and Great article, i did read it, cant wait to see it! :)



Alpha commented on Fancy a Jill Sandwich? The Original Resident E...:

@get2sammyb I for one am excided for this! i never played but 3 or 4 minutes of the game on Gamecube and loved it.... unfortuanettly i didnt own it. it was my friends. is it coming out for pS3 as well? i heard rumors... and id Buy it on Disc so im Importing it! lol i imported BioHazard 5 lol



Alpha commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

You know I was planning on buying the $100 limited edition but after playing the beta and reading this article... I may way to get it... For a price drop too. There's another thing that bugs me... Is it only a mmo game? There's no offline whatsoever? That makes me not want it at all....



Alpha commented on Weirdness: What Is BioShock Infinite's Logo Do...:

@charlesnarles pretty much all news nowadays doesn't even show true news.... World war 3 could happen and they are more worried about stuff that doesn't come close.... If it isn't about death horror politics and slander.... Then it ain't news... I barley hear anything good on the news.



Alpha commented on Review: Ultra Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3):

OMG That PUN! xD i actually laughed for about 5 minutes.... -_- Is something wrong with me?

Anyway does anyone know if this will be ported to next gen and or Vita? cuz i have a vita just sitting there. i was thinking of getting Injustice for Vita. but i love Street Fighter IV.



Alpha commented on Greatness Awaits in Sony's New Budget PS3 Soft...:

Id actually import The Artistic Pack to be honest. Ive never played Journey, or Flower, and i barley played ICO and Flow. i own Shadow. Anyone know where i can import these for those Prices? I live in the US.... :/



Alpha commented on E3 2014: Sony Promises to Let You Know if The ...:

This reminds me of that one game... you know final fantasy Versus XIII or should it now be called Final Fantasy XV lol. Hopefully when it comes out itll be amazing.

I kinda have an idea, what if the developers wanted to say it was canceled and then bring it out when its finished as a "HOLY CRAP IT WAS COMPLETED!!" type thing when everyone thought it was scrapped? and what if the reason why Sony came out and said its still in production is because they are in agreement and that Team ICO couldn't do that but they tried anyway? It could be that....? I know its a long shot but stranger things have happened.



Alpha commented on E3 2014: LA Times Thinks That Nintendo Made th...:

I saw this article on something else. And boy oh boy was it funny xD Nintendo for one is the best now though lol.

Seriously though.... How could they let this get out? I mean doesn't anyone do their research at all?



Alpha commented on Talking Point: How Did the Three Major Manufac...:

@get2sammyb for one I believe Sony did well but the pacing was off.. I wasn't excited really at all until they showed lbp3 and the other Triple A titles. One game managed to catch me by surprise and that was no mans sky. Which I cannot remember if they were talking bout it coming out for ps4 vita and ps3 with cross buy as well. Still it made me want to throw my wallet at the screen. It seems like a game were anything truly is possible. And I hope it turns out well. However I do feel that Microsoft made me more excited all the way through... Which is strange because I'm not a big Microsoft fan at all. Lol. But I did like their press conference a little more than Sony. But I would have to say Nintendo is the press conference that made me laugh and made me feel like a kid again, in a good way. I will definitely be trying to get a Wii U for me and the family for its friendly games and Zelda games.

And on another note, great article! I really enjoyed reading it!



Alpha commented on E3 2014: Your First Official Look at PS4's Blo...:

Blood Borne looks amazing. i am a Dark Souls fan and Demon's Souls Fan as well. at first i hated Dark Souls though, i couldnt get into it at all.
I gave it another chance when i showed my friend it and i dont know why but i started to enjoy it a lot.



Alpha commented on E3 2014: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Regales Its T...:

I also heard that Final Fantasy Agito is being released on Smartphones iOS and Android. Also heard a new Final Fantasy VII Spin off as well, Final Fantasy VII G-Bike. its the Motorcylce mini game. i do know that the latter will be free to play



Alpha commented on E3 2014: Suda 51's New PS4 Exclusive Let It Di...:

@ThreadShadow You know... i aint gonna lie, i agree with you. some of his games though however i like cuz they are hilarious and i dont take them serious like Shadows of the dammned. i found that hilarious. bu tthis game... i find it too...... anti hype. i saw it and i was like.... "What the CENSORED WORD is this crap?" Sonys Press conference was alright but it was slow and no tas good as it could have been in my eyes. The ending was great though.



Alpha commented on E3 2014: Dead Island 2 Will Lurch onto PS4 wit...:

@Mrskinner I for one agree and disagree with you. For two reasons. for one reason, it depends if the game is truly serious or not, and for two, the game i believe would be better if it was serious, only cuz i feel some zombie games out there arnt entirley serious enough, like BO2 Zombies or Left 4 Dead. Dont get me wrong i love me Left 4 Dead, a lot. and BO2 Zombies is great in my opinion, but i would like to see a truly serious dark atmosphere first person open world Zombie game like Last of Us, Dont Starve ( concept of collecting supplies) and even like No More Room In Hell on PC, with the guns being really low on ammo. If there are any serious Zombie Apocalypse games out there like what i just described, i prolly either know abou tit and forgot cuz im really tired or i just dont know about it at all.