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Tue 20th Oct 2009

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Azikira commented on A Very Happy Fourth Birthday to Our Fave Handh...:

@themcnoisy As stated above, it was a 2011 launch title for the 3DS. An arcade style racing game if you've never played a Ridge Racer game before, but the game is really fantastic and every 3DS owner should have it. If you have a 3DS/2DS and ever come across it, it's truly a gem and you should definitely pick it up.



Azikira commented on A Very Happy Fourth Birthday to Our Fave Handh...:

@get2sammyb Thank you, those posts were quite annoying, offensive and pointless. Be a troll, pay the toll, eh?

@Jayvir Glad to see you can respect other people's opinions! I truly do love both consoles, both for very different reasons. Nintendo will always have that kiddish charm that pulls me back, but the Vita is a powerhouse and is practically a portable PS3. Heck, I'd even be happy just to see more PS3 games ported to the system (Bioshock, anyone?).
It's kind of funny, I just lost a whole ton of Subscribers on my YouTube channel for voicing my opinion about Bayonetta being in Smash Bros, and nobody has any sort of argument other then "You're just a hateful troll" when I had clearly explained why I didn't like the character.



Azikira commented on A Very Happy Fourth Birthday to Our Fave Handh...:

@Jayvir I have both and though I play my 3DS much much more I do quite enjoy having a Vita too. It's got a lot of great games that the 3DS wouldn't be able to handle, but each system is truly a gem in it's own right! :3

@sub12 Ridge Racer 3D is like the best game ever. Eeeeever. Don't diss mah favorite launch title.



Azikira commented on You'll Find Out Who's Next in Mortal Kombat X ...:

I'm pretty sure it was already confirmed that it would be Rain, Baraka and Meat joining the roster. Now I'm just hoping Alien will burst it's way into MK X, so we can finally decide if Alien of Predator is really the best.



Azikira commented on PS2 Games Are Coming to the PS4, Sony Confirms:

Dark Cloud is amazing and all, but I still REALLY want to play Magic Pengel. I don't know why, but I have always wanted to play it and never had the opportunity before, partly due to it's obscurity.

C'mon Sony, pleeeease?



Azikira commented on Soapbox: Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Campaig...:

The last Call of Duty campaign I truly enjoyed was World At War. It's doubly impressive because at that point I was sick of the World War II shooters, yet still had an incredible time with it. (Also that totally shocking moment when you unlocked the secret game mode Nazi Zombies~)



Azikira commented on Soapbox: Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy (A...:

I feel that games that offer purely cosmetic items, or are free to play, should be allowed to have Microtransactions. Nobody else has any excuse. Day 1 DLC is sickening because we all know it's just existing content that was cut out of the game to make a quick buck.



Azikira commented on Review: GEX (PSone):

I totally love this game, and being a 90's child I really enjoy all the goofy references and puns. The only thing that I can't stand is the password save system...



Azikira commented on Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Limps to Life wi...:

I feel as though I was the only person who enjoyed Operation Raccoon City. Sure, it had a ton of faults, the biggest one in my opinion turning Nemesis from a relentless chasing monster into a stationary turret who sounds like an 80's cartoon anti-hero, but for a non-cannonical spin-off that was meant to be a change of pace, you can't really hate it. Just my 2 cents. :3
Also looking forward to this game as well.



Azikira commented on Opinion: Sony's Not Solely to Blame for PS Vit...:

I think Sony started out really well with the Vita, but the lack of exclusive games dropped like a lead balloon and some big games (like Bioshock Vita) that people were looking forward to got the plug pulled on them. I love my Vita, I think it's great, but I just wish it had more content.

I'm glad this next year it's getting a good chunk of multi-platform titles.



Azikira commented on Free PS3 Fighter SoulCalibur: Lost Swords to R...:

A tale of swords and souls eternally retold.

Except these tales were passed on orally meaning each interpretation got worse and worse. In the end, the story had lost all of it's meaning, a mockery of the original story. They really should write it down if they want to continue the story correctly.