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Tue 20th October, 2009

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Azikira commented on E3 2014: Sony Says It Won't Ever Force Microtr...:

If it's entirely optional, that's okay! Take League of Legends, for example; You can unlock every single character in game without spending a penny, and there are tons of free characters that rotate every week. You CAN, however, choose to spend money on different cosmetic choices, ranging from the character in a space suit, to being in pool-party garb!

TLDR: I think optional cosmetic items are a good way to use micro-transactions.



Azikira commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Fondest Memories ...:

One of my fondest memories was playing "Star Wars The Force Unleashed", seeing as how the PSP somehow had the absolute best version of that game. The whole campaign was there, minus one button-mashy scene, and while the physics and AI weren't as powerful as the console brethren, they were still fun and challenging. Then, there was the amazing multiplayer mode which pits your favorite jedi (or sith) against one another which is reminiscent of Jedi Outcast. Last but definitely not least it had a bunch of "Historic" missions where you played pivotal Star Wars moments.
Sure there are plenty of amazing games on the PSP, but this one specifically, being better then the big brother console versions, was one of my most favorite things about my PSP!
*PS I totally had the White Darth Vader edition PSP! :3



Azikira commented on Review: LEGO The Hobbit (PlayStation 4):

@rjejr Well lego does have the rights to make the new TMNT sets, and it's becoming very popular again, so I'd expect to see something along that vein fairly soon! Plus they're probably going to make a Lego Hero Factory game for consoles as well.

But that's just my two bits on the matter.



Azikira commented on Store Update: 15th April 2014 (North America):

Wow, I'm kinda pissed off that the PS Vita LBP DC Level Kit isn't cross-buy. That's kind of misleading when it was first released on PS3, insinuating when it was released for vita you'd get it for free...



Azikira commented on Review: Skullgirls Encore (PlayStation Network):

This game was so incredibly boring to me, and I have officially named it "Chip Damage: The Game". I even gave it a shot with the Encore edition and while I liked Squigly's design, the game is still as boring as ever.



Azikira commented on Celebrate God of War: Ascension's Anniversary ...:

@Edwin_Garcia I didn't realize I had to email it to you guys. I just commented in the article "Store Update: 25th March 2014 (North America)" saying
"Azikira said:
It's also worth mentioning that -ALL- of the God of War: Ascension DLC is on sale right now, 90% of it being FREE." yesterday.