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Tue 20th Oct 2009

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Azikira commented on Review: Job Simulator (PS4):

My only concern is that I've seen the game on the Vive, and I don't want to be playing an inferior version of such a clever little title.



Azikira commented on Review: BioShock: The Collection (PS4):

Was I the only person who absolutely LOVED BioShock 2's Multiplayer mode? It was incredibly fun (until swarm + homing grenade combo was found) and easily one of my more played PS3 multiplayer games.



Azikira commented on PlayStation VR's Launch Will Be Treated Like a...:

@Galvatron Lord Galvatron, so glad to see you on here again!

I'm honestly pretty excited about the PSVR, even though things like the Vive really didn't hit me. I'd have loved to see Silent Hills fully immersive with VR (but we all know that will never happen) so maybe Resident Evil 7 will fill that need for me!



Azikira commented on Hideo Kojima May Just Be Gaming's Greatest Troll:

Ahh, this is a refreshingly funny picture. I quite enjoy that beautiful composition, and the striking yellow against the grey and green background do wonders.
Or the cynical person in me might just find it ironic and therefor amazing.



Azikira commented on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 Save the World ...:

I was honestly expecting about $25 each or a $40 bundle, but this is a little greedy for older games. They're stuck in this limbo area where they're not old enough to be vintage, and aren't THAT hard to find, but they're not worth quiiiiite that much. If they threw in X-Men Legends in the bundle I'd have no choice but to buy it, though.



Azikira commented on Video: Is 7 Days to Die on PS4 Crafty or Crappy?:

This isn't a perfect game, this isn't an amazing game, but this game is super fun especially with a buddy! It's got great feel to it and I have thoroughly enjoyed every hour I sunk into this rough gem. Like I said, in no way is it perfect but it's a blast nonetheless!



Azikira commented on Review: 7 Days to Die (PS4):

I had a lot of fun playing this with my brother, though there were a few cheap deaths here and there. Worth every penny spent.



Azikira commented on Street Fighter V Free Story Mode Update Now Co...:

You got a little typo in the second sentence. It says "The bad news: the update is longer being released this month." but it should say "The bad news: the update is no longer being released this month."

Just thought I'd give ya a heads up! ^-^



Azikira commented on ABZÛ:


Oh no, I've just performed an outdated internet meme! Lord help us all!!



Azikira commented on Rumour: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is Being R...:

Skyrim was one of the worst Bethesda games I've ever played. It was super clunky, kinda unresponsive (on PS3 anyways), glitchy as heck, and so overly simplified to the point where it was just plain dumbed down. Oblivion + Shivering Isles had a good balance of simple but fun gameplay coming from Morrowind, but Skyrim... Skyyyyyrim... Uhg... The most cookie-cutter RPG I've ever played.



Azikira commented on Here Comes a New Challenger! Ibuki Blows Up St...:

@sub12 "I'm not saying we need a roster the size of Ultra Street Fighter IV right out the gate". I'm mostly saying the game needs some single-player, offline content. Not just Story mode, but a good ol' arcade mode! Plus VS Computers is pretty important too. The roster is a little underwhelming coming from such a large roster entry, but I know more characters will eventually be made as DLC which is why I specified "right out of the gate", because you know as well as I that a nice chunk of characters are going to find their way to the game later on.



Azikira commented on Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants ...:

In this world of post-release patches, do you think they would ever consider going back and fixing some of the issues (like local multiplayer), or is the game tanking at retail so much they won't even bother?



Azikira commented on Here Comes a New Challenger! Ibuki Blows Up St...:

I just recently got around to playing SFV and I have to say, it's appalling how little content actually shipped with the game! I'm not saying we need a roster the size of Ultra Street Fighter IV right out the gate, but we needed a proper arcade mode for those of us who can't play online, and definitely more characters than this (especially characters who've been in pretty much every game!)