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Tue 20th October, 2009

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Azikira commented on Feature: The Seven Deadly Sins of Game Design:

In my opinion, the resident evil series actually had a good escort mission, ala Resident Evil 4. I think the big difference was that there were places you could legitimately hide her, but sometimes the enemies would check the environment for her, like they had an actual brain cell or two.
Another thing Resident Evil did right on this list was that Super Armor thing. Now of course, the normal zombies/uroboros would be flinching if shot in the face or body, but Nemesis wouldn't. He's probably the most terrifying old-school horror game guy out there! He was relentless, he was insanely strong, BUT he wasn't to the point where you would instantly die with him on the scene.



Azikira commented on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Are Working Toge...:

@wagleton I mean, they are some tough competitors. Don't ya remember the video Playstation released on how to 'share games' for the PS4, which was a direct jab at Microsoft's Xbox One? That's basically what I am referring to when I say differences. It's nice to see they can look past all of that for a common goal.



Azikira commented on Review: Evolve (PlayStation 4):

I've never heard someone complain of a game being 'too balanced', but I guess if you end up in a lot of stalemate situations that would suck a lot of the fun out.



Azikira commented on Talking Point: How Important Is Game Length?:

I always feel it's a game-by-game experience. A good example might be the Elder Scrolls series, where the main campaign doesn't take more then 8 hours to finish, but there's always so much to see and do on top of that, you can choose to make it longer. Plus with all the different races, classes, and skills you can play it over and over again a different way each time. Those kind of games are normally what I enjoy most, but that's not to say a game is bad because it's short!

Replayability is king.