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Tue 20th October, 2009

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Azikira commented on Secret Ponchos:

This game looks pretty interesting, to be honest. Looking forward to the free PS+ one!



Azikira commented on Push Scare: Share Your Most Harrowing PlayStat...:

I've been playing a lot of scary games since it's October! I actually just got finished playing P.T., too! Bleugh, so much scary. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so does that mean video is worth more? :P

please see my post below -Tasuki-

And again, P.T. is horrible, but not quite as bad as Five Nights at Freddy's. Q_Q That game is the stuff of nightmares!

@get2sammyb I just want to make sure, is posting a link to an on-topic discussion is within the community rules?



Azikira commented on Review: CounterSpy (PlayStation 4):

@Davros79 You have to realize that this is the reviewers opinion, and not a simple factoid sheet. Everyone has biases towards one thing or another, so the only opinion you should truly regard is your own.