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NathanUC commented on How Much Better Does Skyrim Look on PS4?:

As someone who got a platinum in the PS3 version before it was patched, I don't think I could ever touch the game again, but I'm really excited to watch my GF play it for the first time. Like everyone else, I'm excited to see how the PS4 Pro version will look



NathanUC commented on Review: RIDE 2 (PS4):

It takes 4 limbs and a whole body to operate a motorcycle. I just don't really see a good way to mimic that with a controller. It seems like a decent enough game, but without a demo I'm not sure I'd chance it at full price. Dat H2R though.....



NathanUC commented on Elite PS4 Controller Isn't Something Sony Is I...:

I mean... I guess I can almost see the logic... but it's such flawed logic. Third parties already sell fancy modded controllers (that cost nearly as much as a console!).

It's not even always for an advantage.. individuals with injuries could really benifit from paddle'd buttons.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for my unified experience on PS4 Pro with better resolution/framerate, OS performance, and share features compared to all of the unified PS4 users.



NathanUC commented on Sony Confirms SATA 3 Hard Drive Support for PS...:

Is it still on a USB controller though? If it is, it won't really matter. I should also point out, you almost certainly won't get faster install/load times unless you're using an SSD (not even with a hybrid or a 7200rpm).



NathanUC commented on Reaction: Nintendo Switch Knocks the Final Nai...:

The Switch looks pretty big for a portable to me, but all in all, if it has a decent build quality it will be a really cool console (and the first without silly gimmicks since the GameCube imo). I could easily see this being a better alternative to the Vita/PS4 combo if the games deliver.



NathanUC commented on Preorder: Hot PS4 Hardware, Must Have Games an...:

@BAMozzy Look, I'm not trying to debate PC gaming (it has NOTHING to do with anything I've said). I may be a system engineer and NOT a software engineer, but I understand how both platforms work. You can't compare specs of the two since development is handled VERY differently for each (even if this last generation has gone x86). Limited hardware with (very) low OS overhead vs unlimited hardware with moderate OS overhead requires different development procedures to get the best results. Most AAA games are coded in a way that they can easily be developed for PC, Xbone, and PS4 given the similar architecture, but because they are designing a game to run on a large array of hardware, most of the API/engine cannot take advantage of the full potential of any one build. The PS3 was a great example with the Cell architecture. With the right amount of time, money, and skill, games could look AMAZING given the laughable specs compared to PCs (at the time), but because most games were first developed for the better selling Xbox 360, they ended up with cheap ports to PS3 that lacked the optimization to take advantage of the PS3 hardware. As I mentioned, now that the PS4/Xbone use x86, the comparison isn't as extreme, but even a game ported from PS4 to Xbone will likely suffer as it's not likely to take advantage of the small differences in the hardware (like their RAM types 8gb gddr5 vs 8gb ddr3 with some eSRAM), not to mention low level APIs. It may not be the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps, but it could be the difference between a locked 30fps and a variable 25-30fps.

Back on topic, I'm somewhat hopeful that they will have some type of RE7 PSVR bundle. Since I already own a ton of Move controllers and the camera, I don't think a bundle will ever apply to me a whole lot, but I can dream! I'm still a bit bummed there's no PS4Pro FFXV bundle, but I did pre-order both separately, so I must not care that much.



NathanUC commented on Preorder: Hot PS4 Hardware, Must Have Games an...:

@wiiware Yeah, I don't expect 1080/60fps for all games (even though that's a perfectly reasonable expectation these days), but I'd be happy with a stable 30 at the very least. Truth be told the current PS4 is plenty powerful enough for more games to run better than they do, it's just many are poorly optimized. At least with PS4 Pro, it allows for smoother gameplay with the same level of 'lazy' optimization. Maybe on Pro, Lichdom can hit a stable 15fps.



NathanUC commented on Preorder: Hot PS4 Hardware, Must Have Games an...:

@wiiware Their FAQ wording makes me believe it's optional (pasted below). I'm assuming most games will probably take advantage of higher resolutions, but I worry that not many will focus on framerate as it's a factor that's been largely undervalued since shortly after the PS4 launch. From a developers standpoint, turning up a resolution is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than turning up a frame rate in many cases (many game engines interface/rely on the framerate, so higher framerates can cause unintended gameplay issues).

"Following PS4 Pro’s launch on November 10 in North America, virtually all new PS4 game releases moving forward will be able to take advantage of PS4 Pro capabilities on day one, or in some cases shortly after launch via a downloadable update."



NathanUC commented on Preorder: Hot PS4 Hardware, Must Have Games an...:

I plan to buy the PS4 Pro, but I'm still worried it will be a bit of a flop. With support being optional (which is good imo), it might be something many developers ignore. 1080p screenshots, 1080p60fps recording, and (hopefully) a smoother FFXV experience is enough for justify the purchase for me. I don't care about 4k yet, but it will be nice to have limited support when I do decide to upgrade my display.



NathanUC commented on Hands On: Playing Non-VR PS4 Games on PlayStat...:

I'm VERRRRRRRRRRY glad they didn't add a virtual environment. To me, that would just be annoying/distracting.

EDIT: If anything, I'd like to be able to turn off head tracking and just have a fixed screen with true surround sound.



NathanUC commented on Hardware Review: PlayStation VR - The Future o...:

Ugh, I really want one but still can't justify the purchase... Thank you for the very informative article. The comments on cinema mode were probably enough to keep me from buying one at this time. I was hoping I'd be able to use the headset as a display replacement. I have a decent TV and all, but the color/brightness of an OLED sounded promising. I'd still really love to get my hands on one to test, but for now it seems like PS4 Pro is still a better use of my money.



NathanUC commented on Hands On: Is Dragon Quest Builders Spades Bett...:

@BladeRider Nope, it's out in NA too.

I gave the demo a couple hours and really like it for the most part. I'm not a fan of the controls (or lack of customization of the controls). It caters more to me than Minecraft did because of the sense of progression and purpose. It's not as strong a game for people purely interested in creating though.



NathanUC commented on Feature: Has Fallout 4's Season Pass Been Wort...:

I got the base game + season pass for about $50 a week or so after launch, so it's been 100% absolutely worth it for me. I didn't REALLY get into the game until a couple weeks ago, but I've been looking forward to playing it daily... which isn't super common in a game these days for me.



NathanUC commented on Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Pl...:

If the PS5 really is being announced(released?) around 2019, then I see no need to put a UHD player in the PS4 Pro as long as it's included in the PS5. UHD Blurays are crazy expensive right now... I haven no plans to be an early adopter, but I would like to own some once the price drops and more content is available.



NathanUC commented on TGS 2016: Earth Defense Force 5 Looks Suitably...:

I think it's safe to assume that I'm looking forward to this more than ANY OF YOU!!! I just supppppppppppppper hope it gets localized!

EDF 4.1 is easily my favorite coop game of all time on PS4. For me, it is to Dialbo 3 as The Witcher 3 is to Lichdom Battlemage.



NathanUC commented on Review: Fallout 4: Nuka World (PS4):

I've only started this DLC, but I'm really liking it so far. I still haven't finished the main story (or really tried any of the other dlc yet for that matter), but I really like the initial setup of this one. Judging from this review, it sounds like it will hold that pace pretty well!

One thing I'm confused about was it said Level 30+, but it let me in at level 26... Did they just mean 30+ as a suggestion or am I missing out on something by going there early?



NathanUC commented on Review: God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PS4):

@WanderingBullet Not only visually, but just about any aspect I look at seems weaker than Resurrection.

I'm hoping it's only because I unlocked everything in Resurrection, but only put a few hours into God Eater 2. So far, 2 things REALLY bug me. No quick devour and I can't figure out how to 'store' OP like in Resurrection.



NathanUC commented on PlayStation's Innovators Headline New NA PS St...:

@NintendoFan4Lyf Yeah the Don't Starve pricing is fairly annoying. It seems like it's punishing anyone who just bought the Shipwrecked expansion..... I can't say I enjoy it all that much, but it's pretty much my girlfriends favorite game of all time. ¯(ツ)

For celerity, in Sept they are releasing a bundle for like $20 (maybe 25?) that includes ALL Don't Starve content. If's $10 if you already own Don't Starve. For people like me who own all the content anyways, I'd have to either pay $15 for the Don't Starve Together expansion, or just pay $10 for Don't Starve together and all the other content I've already bought.......



NathanUC commented on PlayStation Plus Rumours Can Hurt Studios, Ind...:

@Flaming_Kaiser The price increase bothered myself and many others in NA because we were already unhappy with the service. Back in the PS3 days, I wouldn't have bothered the price increase one bit. If it weren't for automatic gamesave backups, I would have quit PS+ when i switched to PS4.

@adf86 Apparently not . This would have been a much better release had Sony priced it like other indie titles.



NathanUC commented on Gran Turismo Sport Delayed to 2017 on PS4:

I called this back when it was first announced, so no surprise here. I'm sure it will be worth the wait like GT5 was though. Hell, just give us GT6 for PS4 in the mean time and I'll be crazy happy.



NathanUC commented on Secure Your PSN Account with Two-Step Verifica...:

@fchinaski I don't have my Vita with me right now, but I'm pretty sure it works like most other 2 auth services. The code they gave is used as a full on password for devices that don't support the option ENTER a code.

I could be wrong though!

EDIT: I was wrong, ignore!



NathanUC commented on Secure Your PSN Account with Two-Step Verifica...:

So with a device password required for Vita/PS3/PSP users, wouldn't the account be nearly as vulnerable as it was without 2 factor? The randomly generated string isn't even all that complex.
EDIT: Well not AS vulnerable since most accounts that get compromised probably used shared passwords that were compromised. I do wonder how Sony handles brute force attempts though.



NathanUC commented on Review: Inside (PS4):

Spoilers (not really), but the story was immensely interested until near the end. The puzzles really fit the style and mood of the game, even if they are very easy. I don't typically enjoy 2d platformers (I didn't enjoy Limbo really), but I did really enjoy this one. That said, it wouldn't be GoTY (or even a contender) for me only because I've gotten much more enjoyment out of many other games. This was a solid 4ish hours of a game, but I don't really feel any reason to play it again (and the ending really grinds my gears).

Like Journey and Flower, I feel it deserves a high score, but I don't consider it a fantastic GAME when compared to many others. I don't personally think it's all that memorable either (mainly because of the (my opinion) terrible ending).



NathanUC commented on Sticker on PS4 Copies of No Man's Sky Removes ...:

Wasn't there a confirmed case where two people met though? A packet capture isn't enough evidence that it's not a built in feature, because if the communicating server is overloaded and never requests that information, it wouldn't be sent (or it could be telling clients not to provide that information until more resources are available).



NathanUC commented on Right, Here's What Final Fantasy XV's Season P...:

Roughly $25usd for this season pass could be pretty cool. I'd be worried that the 3 Episodes are very minor/insignificant, but the expansion could be nice.

Personally, I'll probably wait and see how much the expansion pack is alone, because if it's only $15usd, that seems like a smarter buy in my eyes. .... is what I would if I had any self control when it comes to Final Fantasy games... I'm sure I'll buy it day one like the fool I am.