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NathanUC commented on Hands On: Is Dragon Quest Builders Spades Bett...:

@BladeRider Nope, it's out in NA too.

I gave the demo a couple hours and really like it for the most part. I'm not a fan of the controls (or lack of customization of the controls). It caters more to me than Minecraft did because of the sense of progression and purpose. It's not as strong a game for people purely interested in creating though.



NathanUC commented on Feature: Has Fallout 4's Season Pass Been Wort...:

I got the base game + season pass for about $50 a week or so after launch, so it's been 100% absolutely worth it for me. I didn't REALLY get into the game until a couple weeks ago, but I've been looking forward to playing it daily... which isn't super common in a game these days for me.



NathanUC commented on Poll: Should the PS4 Pro Have a UHD Blu-ray Pl...:

If the PS5 really is being announced(released?) around 2019, then I see no need to put a UHD player in the PS4 Pro as long as it's included in the PS5. UHD Blurays are crazy expensive right now... I haven no plans to be an early adopter, but I would like to own some once the price drops and more content is available.



NathanUC commented on TGS 2016: Earth Defense Force 5 Looks Suitably...:

I think it's safe to assume that I'm looking forward to this more than ANY OF YOU!!! I just supppppppppppppper hope it gets localized!

EDF 4.1 is easily my favorite coop game of all time on PS4. For me, it is to Dialbo 3 as The Witcher 3 is to Lichdom Battlemage.



NathanUC commented on Review: Fallout 4: Nuka World (PS4):

I've only started this DLC, but I'm really liking it so far. I still haven't finished the main story (or really tried any of the other dlc yet for that matter), but I really like the initial setup of this one. Judging from this review, it sounds like it will hold that pace pretty well!

One thing I'm confused about was it said Level 30+, but it let me in at level 26... Did they just mean 30+ as a suggestion or am I missing out on something by going there early?



NathanUC commented on Review: God Eater 2: Rage Burst (PS4):

@WanderingBullet Not only visually, but just about any aspect I look at seems weaker than Resurrection.

I'm hoping it's only because I unlocked everything in Resurrection, but only put a few hours into God Eater 2. So far, 2 things REALLY bug me. No quick devour and I can't figure out how to 'store' OP like in Resurrection.



NathanUC commented on PlayStation's Innovators Headline New NA PS St...:

@NintendoFan4Lyf Yeah the Don't Starve pricing is fairly annoying. It seems like it's punishing anyone who just bought the Shipwrecked expansion..... I can't say I enjoy it all that much, but it's pretty much my girlfriends favorite game of all time. ¯(ツ)

For celerity, in Sept they are releasing a bundle for like $20 (maybe 25?) that includes ALL Don't Starve content. If's $10 if you already own Don't Starve. For people like me who own all the content anyways, I'd have to either pay $15 for the Don't Starve Together expansion, or just pay $10 for Don't Starve together and all the other content I've already bought.......



NathanUC commented on PlayStation Plus Rumours Can Hurt Studios, Ind...:

@Flaming_Kaiser The price increase bothered myself and many others in NA because we were already unhappy with the service. Back in the PS3 days, I wouldn't have bothered the price increase one bit. If it weren't for automatic gamesave backups, I would have quit PS+ when i switched to PS4.

@adf86 Apparently not . This would have been a much better release had Sony priced it like other indie titles.



NathanUC commented on Gran Turismo Sport Delayed to 2017 on PS4:

I called this back when it was first announced, so no surprise here. I'm sure it will be worth the wait like GT5 was though. Hell, just give us GT6 for PS4 in the mean time and I'll be crazy happy.



NathanUC commented on Secure Your PSN Account with Two-Step Verifica...:

@fchinaski I don't have my Vita with me right now, but I'm pretty sure it works like most other 2 auth services. The code they gave is used as a full on password for devices that don't support the option ENTER a code.

I could be wrong though!

EDIT: I was wrong, ignore!



NathanUC commented on Secure Your PSN Account with Two-Step Verifica...:

So with a device password required for Vita/PS3/PSP users, wouldn't the account be nearly as vulnerable as it was without 2 factor? The randomly generated string isn't even all that complex.
EDIT: Well not AS vulnerable since most accounts that get compromised probably used shared passwords that were compromised. I do wonder how Sony handles brute force attempts though.



NathanUC commented on Review: Inside (PS4):

Spoilers (not really), but the story was immensely interested until near the end. The puzzles really fit the style and mood of the game, even if they are very easy. I don't typically enjoy 2d platformers (I didn't enjoy Limbo really), but I did really enjoy this one. That said, it wouldn't be GoTY (or even a contender) for me only because I've gotten much more enjoyment out of many other games. This was a solid 4ish hours of a game, but I don't really feel any reason to play it again (and the ending really grinds my gears).

Like Journey and Flower, I feel it deserves a high score, but I don't consider it a fantastic GAME when compared to many others. I don't personally think it's all that memorable either (mainly because of the (my opinion) terrible ending).



NathanUC commented on Sticker on PS4 Copies of No Man's Sky Removes ...:

Wasn't there a confirmed case where two people met though? A packet capture isn't enough evidence that it's not a built in feature, because if the communicating server is overloaded and never requests that information, it wouldn't be sent (or it could be telling clients not to provide that information until more resources are available).



NathanUC commented on Right, Here's What Final Fantasy XV's Season P...:

Roughly $25usd for this season pass could be pretty cool. I'd be worried that the 3 Episodes are very minor/insignificant, but the expansion could be nice.

Personally, I'll probably wait and see how much the expansion pack is alone, because if it's only $15usd, that seems like a smarter buy in my eyes. .... is what I would if I had any self control when it comes to Final Fantasy games... I'm sure I'll buy it day one like the fool I am.



NathanUC commented on Sony Patents Elite PS4 Controller with Paddles...:

Nice. I'm dying for some paddles! I went to custom order a modded controller with paddles, but it was crazy expensive for what it was... Ever since the Xbox Elite controller, I've been waiting for Sony to follow suit

Very excited about this!



NathanUC commented on Feature: 10 PS4 Games That Won E3 2016:

When it comes to Sony's show, Resident Evil 7 took me by total surprise and had me nearly jumping on the couch. I was already very excited for Detroit, Horizon, and The Last Dogbird (now that it has a date)

If any single game won E3, it was definitely the new Zelda. I'm not a fan of the series, but the buzz it's generating is unreal.



NathanUC commented on E3 2016: Lost Planet 3 Writers Penning God of ...:

Without getting too offtopic, the story wasn't what derailed Lost Planet in my opinion. If anything, they focused too much on the story and neglected just about everything else in that game... I wouldn't think that is the case for a high budget game like God of War. Also, I miss Lost Planet



NathanUC commented on Round Up: Overwatch PS4 Reviews Are Ridiculous...:

I think it's a fantastic game, but I just don't see the value in it's current content/price. It's easily going to be a game that grows into something amazing though.

Leave it to Blizzard to generate this much hype though. It's unbelievable how well they can market a game.



NathanUC commented on Toukiden 2's Looking Sharp in New PS4 Gameplay...:

Toukiden Kiwami is one of my favorite PS4 games to date. I played the Japanese demo for Toukiden 2 and was a bit disappointed in the performance. The framerate around town was all over the place and usually below the 30 cap. At least most combat seem locked at 30... but it's still a shame that they didn't optimize this a bit more for PS4. The ps4 version is almost certainly just a simple port of the Vita version with HD textures.



NathanUC commented on Gran Turismo Sport Looks Much Better Than You ...:

When all is said and done, I think this is a greater demonstration on how powerful the PS3 really was when properly utilized. Gran Turismo 5 and 6 both look amazing, even when compared to more modern games. I think Gran Turismo Sport looks great. The shadows appear pretty low res and the foliage could use a bit more love, but otherwise it looks fantastic.

DriveClub certainly looks amazing, but often times it's the weather and night racing that is shown off, not the day racing. I'm curious to see what PD has to offer in terms of weather.



NathanUC commented on Talking Point: Are Indie Devs Bringing Back th...:

Growing up, typically the bargain bin (called the 'sports bin' amongst my friends) wasn't necessarily full of BAD games, just old games. I remember getting a ton of really good games really cheap. Rarely my friends and I would buy a new game, finish it up, and then trade it for several older games at funcoland or gamecrazy.

That said, we were still playing AAA and high budget third party games...I don't think the indie model would work with a physical release in most cases (unless they are big bundles for medium prices).



NathanUC commented on Review: Battleborn (PS4):

As much as I love this game (an 8 or a 9 for my personal score), a 7 is very fair/accurate. Great review!

@slampog It's usually 30fps, but it's not a lock. There are times where it drops a little. Frankly, I think the performance is this games biggest weakness. I'm HOPING we'll eventually get a performance patch to either boost FPS or (at least) lock at 30.



NathanUC commented on Store Update: 3rd May 2016 (Europe):

@Tasuki For someone more interested in the PvE gameplay, but also wants some solid PvP on the side, I bet I'll disagree. I say that because Overwatch isn't out yet.. It doesn't seem fair to judge it based off the closed/open beta.

Either way, 5 hours in (with about 20 hours in the betas) and I'm loving Battleborn. The framerate is decent, but really should be at 60fps for PvP at the very least (considering the graphical fidelity). The characters are fun and unique, the campaigns are exciting, and the pvp is exhilarating. My only complaint (other than framerate) is that the progression system is a little slow/lack luster. It's a solid game.