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NathanUC commented on DriveClub Developer to Roll Out New Game Updat...:

I really hope this patch is more effective than the last. I STILL consonantly get connection issues and I've yet to even access the 'challenges' section.. nor finish a single online race without some type of connection issue



NathanUC commented on Push Rewind: TGS 2014, Minecraft, and Final Fa...:

I'm probably THE ONLY ONE crazy excited about the rumored "Final Fantasy Lightning Collection" coming to PS4.... I have a hard time being excited for XV when little to no info is known yet, but ooooohhh man does the Lightning Collection get me hyped up.



NathanUC commented on PS4's Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line',...:

It's always about optimization rather than raw power when it comes to PC vs console in my opinion. Dedicated hardware with top level hardware access will always result in a more optimized product. Even at it's launch, PS4 wasn't even close to being "top of the line" in terms of raw power.

All in all, I buy consoles for their ease of use, simplicity, and exclusives.



NathanUC commented on Guide: Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition PS4 Tr...:

@glassmusic It's a 'survival' game so it's not all that surprising that you can kill/eat animals. That said, it's 100% optional. Other than making a pig take a bit of fall damage for a trophy, you never NEED to kill an animal as you can very ea sily farm and cook your own vegetables and baked goods.

It's actually way more rewarding raising your own animals for crafting materials like wool and chicken eggs.



NathanUC commented on Review: Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition (Play...:

@Mathieran It's really a bit of both. You can actually progress and "beat" the game (credits screen) in survival mode. It's not restricted to single player and there is no real story to it.

Personally, I spend almost all my time in Minecraft exploring and building up my gear. I very rarely make additions to my castle.



NathanUC commented on You'll be Able to Play PS4 Games on Sony's New...:

I have an Xperia Z and love it. This is going to be coming up around the time I "need" an upgrade. I'm curious to see how well it works compared to Vita.

Also, I'd honestly have very little use for my Vita if this ends up working well. As much as I enjoy it, the controls on Vita are no where near as good or comfortable as the Dualshock 4.



NathanUC commented on Review: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate...:

I played it a bit today and... is it just me or are some Diablo clones better than Diablo? Don't get me wrong, it's really fun and well made, but it seems a bit... unpolished compared to games like Untold Legends or the old "Champions" series.

Perhaps I just need more time with it.



NathanUC commented on Feature: Push Square's Gamescom 2014 Game of t...:

@Punished_Boss I live and breath Metal Gear, but considering all the other fantastic games showed this year... it was a tough call.

I'm going to try and re-play each game prior to Phantom Pain (chronologically) before release, but if that October 2014 release date is correct... I'm probably cutting it too close.



NathanUC commented on Soapbox: Why Destiny Still Has a Lot to Prove ...:

I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but it wasn't what I expected really. I was hoping for more of a densely populated world of enemies with crazy bosses. OBVIOUSLY it was just a beta and the things I'm looking for could very well be in the full game.

Maybe I've just been playing too much Warframe, but Destiny just felt a tad slow.



NathanUC commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

@get2sammyb It's likely a law firm or aspiring lawyers trying to get their names on a big case. I highly doubt the 'public' cares about it anymore. In the end, that $15 million settlement means a lot to at least a couple people.. probably the same couple of people drawing this out.

I'm a bit shocked that Sony even allowed for a class action suit to hit the courts to begin with. Most major brands force individuals to agree to alternative dispute resolution according to their terms of service.



NathanUC commented on Wait, People Are Still Going on About the Infa...:

Lawsuits in America are NOTORIOUS for taking years (even decades) to resolve. Long, expensive, and drawn out litigation processes that almost always result in a settlement anyways. I'm not bashing the system thought, just a brief reason why we're still seeing this pop up from time to time.

@MadchesterManc Yeah, they offered 'free' identity theft protection for a year I believe. I still get the "all clear" emails from that agency though haha.



NathanUC commented on Sony's Relying on Strong PS4 Numbers to Help D...:

Both Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited are far too annoying for me to use right now. Video Unlimited doesn't work on half of my devices because of an activation limit, and Music Unlimited just hardly works period.

I never feel like investing in money to buy a digital video when I can't rely on it working on the devices I want. Since the prices are usually similar to Blurays, it always just makes more sense for me to buy those.

Music Unlimited SERIOUSLY needs an overhaul. It constantly crashes, it stops playing songs randomly, it's as slow as a dog and the interface is weird and confusing at times. I'd have no problems paying for a monthly music service like that if it worked...



NathanUC commented on Hold on to Your Handlebars! Here's How MotoGP ...:

I'm not sure if real motorcycle racing has spoiled me or what, but as someone with real track experience, these MotoGP games always look/feel weird.

I think it's just a sport that doesn't transition well to the digital world.



NathanUC commented on Review: Soul Sacrifice Delta (PlayStation Vita):

@ErnisDy That's a LITTLE complicated to answer. (Assuming you've imported your character) At the very start, no. You'll have a few Avalon quests and Sancuary quests to do, but you'll need to complete the first page of Grim quests before you open the rest of the book. Once you do the first pages of all 3 factions, you'll re-open pacts and your story quests to continue. Considering you'll start at level 0, it's probably a good idea to do some low level content for a while to get that level back up.

The TL;DR version is yes, but only once you complete a tiny bit of new content. Maybe an hour tops.



NathanUC commented on Feature: Four Reasons Why PS4 Racer DriveClub ...:

@Scollurio I last played it a couple months ago, so maybe I'll update and give it another go soon.

I'm not THAT concerned about content since adding tracks/cars is easy. It's getting the physics and feel that takes effort and from what I played, it wasn't yet on par with other sims out there.



NathanUC commented on Review: Soul Sacrifice Delta (PlayStation Vita):

@Punished_Boss I've only played about 15 hours into it the week it came out but:
1. Yes
2. It sounded the same to me. I mainly use Party Chat when player, so it might have been in the background.
3. I don't remember there being any patches, but I have version 1.15 installed so it might have had a day 1 patch or something.
4. I've not had issues finding people to play with. I mainly play with individuals on my friends list, but a few times I joined random matches without issues.

I really really really love this game. Delta just made it A LOT better.



NathanUC commented on Feature: Four Reasons Why PS4 Racer DriveClub ...:

@drumsandperc92 Absolutely!!! Metropolis Street Racer, PGR, and PGR2 were some of my absolute favorite racing games. I enjoy GT5 for the rush and stress, but I can only play true racing sims in moderation.

What I like most about the previews of Drive Club is that it looks like they are doing a VERY good job simulating the sensation of speed. Games like GT6 and Forza 6 do a very poor job of this in my opinion.



NathanUC commented on Minecraft Will Be Tunnelling onto PS4 and Vita...:

I'm really really glad this is being handled the way it is. I was holding off on buying it until the cross buy announcement. Even though I'll probably only play this on PS4, I'll probably just grab the PS3/PSV version and upgrade for $5.

It's a bummer Vita and PS4 won't cross save, but the logic is sound.



NathanUC commented on Store Update: 13th May 2014 (North America):

@Gemuarto It contains additional everything pretty much. Much more story/quests, new bosses, a vastly different battle system (can combine many abilities), new rank up systems, better multiplayer, etc.

I'm not saying it's an all new game, but I personally don't see the problem with asking $36 for it. I gladly paid the $36 because I really enjoy Soul Sacrifice and love the new additions. I didn't pay to support devs or localization, I paid because I feel it's an amazing package at an unbeatable value on the platform.



NathanUC commented on Store Update: 13th May 2014 (North America):

@Gemuarto Being completely fair, it's way more than a simple dlc or add on. There is a ton of really cool new features that add a TON of depth to the already deep gameplay. Considering how much content that game has, $35 is extremely EXTREMELY cheap even for owners of the original.

I would have liked to see some type of discount for individuals who paid for the original, but that was in no way an expectation.



NathanUC commented on Sony: The Economics Don't Work for Blockbuster...:

I'm not really sure I can disagree, but I think it's more of a genre issue. Dual analog or not, I can't find myself enjoying shooters all that much. I REALLY enjoyed both Killzone Mercenary and Uncharted Golden Abyss, but there's just something about them that turned me off once I finished them.

Even games like Assassins Creed Libration and Gravity Rush feel odd in my hands now. I'm not sure if I just got spoiled by the dualshock 4, but I have a very hard time playing my Vita for more than a few minutes at a time anymore. It could very well just be that my desire for mobile gaming is extremely weak these days.

I also don't consider Remote Play a good solution to Vita's lack of games. I use it frequently to do basic tasks on Warframe and Final Fantasy XIV, but I wouldn't dare try playing games like inFAMOUS via remote play. I want to experience that game to 100% it's potential and the occasional disconnects and lags of remote play via internet pull me out of the game like no other.

In a way, I was hoping for something more along the lines of a Vita refresh, not a Vita 'slim'. Something with slightly better analog sticks, a better wifi card (AC or N), micro SD support (yeah right...), and possibly even better ergonomics is what would 'save' the Vita for me. Until that, I'll still enjoy my Vita in moderation, but I do often have a hard time 'remembering' to play it and an even harder time convincing myself to buy games for it.

All that said, I wouldn't play games on any other handheld device short of 2048 on my cell phone....



NathanUC commented on Gaikai? No, PlayStation Now Is Powered by Blac...:

Considering my phone supports a dualshock 3, I cannot wait to try it on mobile. It works very very well from my PS3 already, and my internet isn't anything special in NA.




NathanUC commented on Does Dimming the PS4 Controller's Light Bar In...:

I still keep mine on max. As often as I take breaks to go do other things, being able to quickly spot the bright blue glow quickly has cut down on my time finding misplaced controllers. It's a band-aid to a different issue, but I still like it a lot. I'd even opt to make it even brighter since I sit so far from my tv and rarely see the glow reflecting on my walls.



NathanUC commented on Your Return to Borderlands 2 on PS Vita Will B...:

I've only ever played borderlands couch coop, so this doesn't bother me too much. I'm still really really excited to get my hands on this. Do we know if it will support Cross-play yet? I saw a couple sources say it doesn't, but nothing official looking



NathanUC commented on You May Not Know About These Secret PS4 Firmwa...:

You can disable Vita's rear touch pad in remote play mode. This lets you use the front touch screen corners as L2/3 and R2/3. Very very useful.

EDIT: This might just be a FFXIV thing. I wasn't able to get similar results with Warframe, but I also had a very poor connection so I gave up quickly.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@LDXD All chat is text only from within the game client. PS4 party mode works well enough for friends though.

I know you said you don't want to use a credit card,but for anyone else wondering, you can pay online with: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Discover Card, or Crysta. It's $12.99/mo USD for a single character. You could also pay up to 180 days in advance if you wanted (but at a slightly higher rate).

You can also buy official time cards in most areas. In my area I've only seen 60 day time cards, but I think 30 and 90 are also for sale. There's also some complicated way to use UltimatePay time cards to buy Crysta. These cards are a lot easier to find.

I can't confirm for sure, but you might be able to pay using your Steam Wallet if you link your accounts. You might need to buy it off Steam to have this option though.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@LDXD Thanks! Ever since it's launch, I exclusively use a gamepad for all combat. I always keep a mouse/keyboard handy for things like managing my inventory or talking to friends. I did try playing with a keyboard and mouse on PC, but for my abilities, I wasn't able to play to the same degree of accuracy that I can on a gamepad. Both are 100% completely viable control schemes. It just comes down to which you are more comfortable with.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@unleashed1384 Did you at least log it ONCE from your ps3 when it worked? If so, head to the Mog Station and you should have an upgrade option. You can do this on PS4/PC/Mobile (anything with a web browser)‎

If you've never logged in on PS3 but purchased a copy, the only way you can actually upgrade is if you gain access to a PS3 in order to log in. If you can't, you'd just have to actually purchase the PS4 copy (at least you'd gain 30 days of play time buying the PS4 copy)



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@Reverandjames : Yep! All owners of the PS3 copy can upgrade to the PS4 copy for free until the end of the year. If you do the upgrade thought, you'll be unable to use the PS3 copy. You've also had to log into the PS3 copy at least once before the upgrade.

@banacheck I think that @thedevilsjester covered it very well. You'll move around in real time and you'll do your attacks in real time, but most skills will still sit on a global cool down of about 2.5 seconds. I would go as far as to call it full real time, but it's one of the most involved modern mmo's in terms of movement and awareness in my opinion. Here's a quick vid I recorded back in beta (info can be found in the forums as well):

@unleashed1384 Did you upgrade your PS3 copy to the PS4 copy via Mog Station? Unlike the beta, you have to manually upgrade your copy using the PS4 internet browser (or any internet browser). Here is a step by step guide if you needed it:

@SunnyShores It's primarily there for the beta and anyone upgrading their copy probably. Even if the download is free, you still need to purchase a copy to add to your SE service account.



NathanUC commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

@rjejr Final Fantasy XIV was completely rebuilt from the ground up. A Realm Reborn is doing EXTREMELY well and pretty much single handedly saved Square Enix.

Judging from the quality of the beta, this will easily be a system seller. You can get the full experience of a high end MMO without shelling out a ton of money for a gaming PC. I built up a gaming PC just to play this game to it's full experiences, but I cannot wait for this to come out on PS4!



NathanUC commented on Pachter: PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Is a 'R...:

This guy....

In his defense though, I'm not so sure I believe VR is going to take off in the 'near future'. It's all about the stepping stone, and that's still extremely important in my opinion (just like 3D was).