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NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@LDXD All chat is text only from within the game client. PS4 party mode works well enough for friends though.

I know you said you don't want to use a credit card,but for anyone else wondering, you can pay online with: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Discover Card, or Crysta. It's $12.99/mo USD for a single character. You could also pay up to 180 days in advance if you wanted (but at a slightly higher rate).

You can also buy official time cards in most areas. In my area I've only seen 60 day time cards, but I think 30 and 90 are also for sale. There's also some complicated way to use UltimatePay time cards to buy Crysta. These cards are a lot easier to find.

I can't confirm for sure, but you might be able to pay using your Steam Wallet if you link your accounts. You might need to buy it off Steam to have this option though.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@LDXD Thanks! Ever since it's launch, I exclusively use a gamepad for all combat. I always keep a mouse/keyboard handy for things like managing my inventory or talking to friends. I did try playing with a keyboard and mouse on PC, but for my abilities, I wasn't able to play to the same degree of accuracy that I can on a gamepad. Both are 100% completely viable control schemes. It just comes down to which you are more comfortable with.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@unleashed1384 Did you at least log it ONCE from your ps3 when it worked? If so, head to the Mog Station and you should have an upgrade option. You can do this on PS4/PC/Mobile (anything with a web browser)‎

If you've never logged in on PS3 but purchased a copy, the only way you can actually upgrade is if you gain access to a PS3 in order to log in. If you can't, you'd just have to actually purchase the PS4 copy (at least you'd gain 30 days of play time buying the PS4 copy)



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Rebo...:

@Reverandjames : Yep! All owners of the PS3 copy can upgrade to the PS4 copy for free until the end of the year. If you do the upgrade thought, you'll be unable to use the PS3 copy. You've also had to log into the PS3 copy at least once before the upgrade.

@banacheck I think that @thedevilsjester covered it very well. You'll move around in real time and you'll do your attacks in real time, but most skills will still sit on a global cool down of about 2.5 seconds. I would go as far as to call it full real time, but it's one of the most involved modern mmo's in terms of movement and awareness in my opinion. Here's a quick vid I recorded back in beta (info can be found in the forums as well):

@unleashed1384 Did you upgrade your PS3 copy to the PS4 copy via Mog Station? Unlike the beta, you have to manually upgrade your copy using the PS4 internet browser (or any internet browser). Here is a step by step guide if you needed it:

@SunnyShores It's primarily there for the beta and anyone upgrading their copy probably. Even if the download is free, you still need to purchase a copy to add to your SE service account.



NathanUC commented on This Fancy Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Really Is a L...:

@rjejr Final Fantasy XIV was completely rebuilt from the ground up. A Realm Reborn is doing EXTREMELY well and pretty much single handedly saved Square Enix.

Judging from the quality of the beta, this will easily be a system seller. You can get the full experience of a high end MMO without shelling out a ton of money for a gaming PC. I built up a gaming PC just to play this game to it's full experiences, but I cannot wait for this to come out on PS4!



NathanUC commented on Pachter: PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Is a 'R...:

This guy....

In his defense though, I'm not so sure I believe VR is going to take off in the 'near future'. It's all about the stepping stone, and that's still extremely important in my opinion (just like 3D was).



NathanUC commented on Broaden Your Horizons with This Final Fantasy ...:

I'm so ready. My FC just bought a house and I think we've all go multiple roles geared up and good to go for Leviathan.

I'm not a huge fan of their Hard Mode selection this time around though. Considering the Low Level Roulette was kicking everyone into Halatali and Longstop, I would have liked to see some mid level HM (Quarn/Stone Vigil PLEASE!)



NathanUC commented on Guide: Finding Your Feet in the Brutal World o...:

@LDXD Fair warning, some might consider this a SPOILER so don't read any further if you're worried about that.

Later in the game, you'll have the ability to 'summon' any NPC that you might have killed. They only show up as ghosts but you can interact with them as if they were human/hallow. They'll disappear once you leave the area and it's not cheap to summon them, but this at least won't ruin a playthru.



NathanUC commented on Share Your Resident Evil Memories to S.T.A.R. ...:

Back when I was on break from college, my little brother and I stayed up playing RE5 COOP for over 10 hours trying to beat it get the platinum trophy. We ended up finishing an hour before I had to leave and go back. Our lack of sleep and unhealthy amount of caffeine made for one hell of an intense/hilarious playthru.



NathanUC commented on Hideo Kojima Wants You to Play Metal Gear Soli...:

It always seems like a silly feature, but my GF and I use these second screen/apps for some makeshift couch coop. Assassins Creed IV had a particularly good use of their smartphone app. She'd be able to load up the map and control my fleet from our tablet while I captured more ships/treasure. It was a lot of fun.

Really hoping MGS5 and Watch Dogs adds similar experiences.



NathanUC commented on Review: Dark Souls II (PlayStation 3):

@ObviouslyAdachi I like your name. I like Dark Souls 2 a lot better and it's more accessible for beginners, but community support is still small since it just came out. With Dark Souls 1 you'd be able to find guides to just about anything to help you through it which is extremely valuable for someone new to the series.

@kupo Tons of differences kupo! While gameplay is similar and the mood is fairly consistent with the two, certain aspects like level design and the way the world works around is very different. Demon's is still my favorite in the series, but I think Dark Souls 2 is a much better game. I'd be thrilled to see a Demon's Souls 2 on PS4.



NathanUC commented on Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ...:

@FullbringIchigo I absolutely love FFXIV. I was a bit annoyed by them asking for both money up front and then reoccurring payments, but I feel they've proven that they deserve the money and put it to good use. So far, all of the updates have been phenomenal and well spaced out. Total, I've spent about $100 since launch (5 months paid, 1 free, + the game) and feel it is good value. Not even Skyrim or Fallout could compare to the number of hours I've put into it lol.




NathanUC commented on Review: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ...:

If they could just take the graphics/CGI/upgrade system from FFXIII, the story/world/party system of FFXIII-2, and gameplay/battle system of FFXIII-3 in ONE game...

Even with their flaws, I really love the XIII trilogy. Even if the continuation to XIII was a bit forced, I think SE did a good job tying it all together at the end. I'd love to see it reach PS4 one days as a 'collection'.



NathanUC commented on Square Enix Will Let You Brave Final Fantasy X...:

Even though the game will support mouse/keyboard, I implore PS4 users to try it with a dualshock4. After getting used to playing this game with a controller, I can't imagine going back to a keyboard/mouse. It's all personal preference but both control systems are 100% viable at all aspects of the game.



NathanUC commented on inFAMOUS: Second Son Could Only Be Made on PS4...:

Could it be made on another platform? Absolutely. Could it be made on another platform without quality degradation? Probably not. I'm pretty sure that is what they mean. Dumb it down enough and it COULD be made for N64.



NathanUC commented on Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Reborn on PS4 on 14t...:

@Bliquid ALL OF THEM! That's half joking half serious as the joys of FFXIV is you are never limited to a single class. You are in fact rewarded for leveling up multiple ones. I recommend getting a few to around level 15 (since you'll want to level a few different ones for their shared abilities anyways).

My PERSONAL recommendation right now would be either a Lancer (Dragoon) or Gladiator (Paladin). The Lancer is a full DPS class who becomes a Dragoon at level 30 and is almost completely self sufficient. You don't NEED to level anything else other than your sub class to be awesome. They are very very fun and offer near top DPS endgame right now. The Gladiator (becomes a Paladin at level 30) is a top notch tank class. They are simple, easy to learn, and are preferred by mainy as endgame tanks. It's also another class that doesn't need to level up anything other than your sub class.

As a brief reference, you start as your primary class. Once your primary class is level 30 and you level up the sub class to 15, you can unlock your advanced job.

TL;DR: Lancer :)

EDIT: missed your race question. Don't worry about race stats as those few points won't make a big difference endgame. Pick whichever race you like best! (just not Roegadyn, ugly ugly dumb ugly roegadyn). You can switch your gender/race/looks after 30 days of paid subscription too if you're interested.



NathanUC commented on Investment Firm Encourages You to Steer Clear ...:

I think their Bravia and Xperia lines really need better marketing. Both are amazing products that receive very little word of mouth/praise. Sony needs to work to get consumers excited about their products again like they were able to with the PS4. The Xperia Z line (Z, Z1, Z Ultra, Tablet Z) is absolutely fantastic in every possible way. At their time of release, each has been miles ahead of competition but I very rarely hear anything about them. Samsung and LG have really stolen the market attention in mobile devices.

The Vaio brand has been a mess lately with over priced builds. Only Apple can get away with selling such underpowered/overpriced devices.



NathanUC commented on Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Reborn on PS4 on 14t...:

So.Excited. I'm already level cap (50) on all but 3 combat classes. Every time I feel like I'm running out of content, I end up leveling up a new job and feeling totally refreshed. Such a well designed game.... I'll be doing the PS4 beta test in February (22nd I believe). Since these will be test only servers (you can't carry your previous characters over in the beta), let me know if you'll be playing. I'd love to help people out. Beta in February should be free for ALL PS4 owners if I understood correctly.

Oh, and the PS4 collectors edition bonuses are awesome. You don't even need to repurchase the collectors edition if you have it for PC or PS3.



NathanUC commented on EverQuest Next Could Be PS4's Most Ambitious Game:

I love that more mmo's are deciding to take a closer look at gamepad controls. Final Fantasy XIV went above and beyond with their gamepad support. So much that I can't imagine playing that with a keyboard and mouse anymore.



NathanUC commented on DriveClub Puts the Brakes on Its Japanese Rele...:

Considering the current videos look so good and they are still making improvements, I wonder if the delays are due to problematic netcode. Considering how 'online' this title is, poor netcode could easily ruin this game.



NathanUC commented on Review: Just Dance 2014 (PlayStation 4):

@Confused_Dude Not to toot my own horn, but I do a mean 5 star on Ghostbusters. While there is some already questionable material (scantily clad Santas) on JDTV, there is a report button. I'd assume that Ubisoft works hard to keep it family friendly.



NathanUC commented on UK Sales Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Falls Short of...:

I'm really not all that surprised. I'm a huge fan of GT5, but can't really find many reason to buy this one at full price. I'm still playing PS4 games, I still have a few PS3 games untouched, and I'm looking forward to a few PS4 games. Just seems like really bad timing. 2 months ago, I would have been a day one buyer.



NathanUC commented on Rumour: PS4 Loses Black Friday Battle Against ...:

I wonder how availability played into the sales. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Xbox One stock in stores, but I think I've only seen one total PS4 in the wild since launch.

Either way, it's no surprise that Xbox is a more popular name than PlayStation in America. It's nothing for us gamers to be concerned about because it's still a fairly even market between the two(which is really good for gaming).



NathanUC commented on Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Reborn on PS4 in Apr...:

@AVahne and @artemisthemp : It's likely just an easy way to tell their audience that they won't lose their progress. It could also mean your personal settings (hotbars, HUD customization, gear sets, etc) because those are currently client side and not shared cross platform.

Even just being able to transfer client settings would be awesome.. trying to switch between PC and PS3 is already a pain because of this. I have to spend at least 20minutes manually syncing everything.

Here's a comparison of my PC/PS3 hud. Because they don't sync, you can see the differences.




NathanUC commented on Final Fantasy XIV Will Be Reborn on PS4 in Apr...:

I have extremely high hopes for this version. It's being built off the PC version, so almost everything that made the PS3 version painful should be resolved. It's also going to offer Remote Play and some very promising uses of the second screen feature.

In my opinion, the PC version is easily the best MMORPG out there today. Nothing else I've played has come close to the level of quality and entertainment. As long as they can keep the resolution 1080p, a smooth frame rate, and responsive controls, this will easily be 'the best place to play'. The director Yoshi P is doing a Live Letter Dec 14th where he'll demo the PS4 version as well as go further into it's extra features.

For those who might be interested, the PS3 version is only $10 right now for PS+ members in the US. If the subscription price intimidates you, think about it this way. For about the price of a normal launch game at $60, you'll be able to get 150 days of subscription time. ($10 for game + 30 days, and 4 months at less than $15 each). While broken, the PS3 version would still offer you a nice intro to the game as it's problems don't become overly apparent until close to endgame.

Also, I dare anyone to out DPS my Black Mage!

EDIT: $10 deal is over :( back to $40



NathanUC commented on PlayStation, How Do You Use PS4 Voice Controls?:

Usually, I'll just turn it off with voice commands so that I don't have to find the controller. My voice is pretty well picked up by mics and these types of recognition systems, so it works great for me MOST of the time.