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NathanUC commented on Reaction: Xbox's E3 2015 Attempts to Block PS4...:

The Elite controller was the star of the show for me. Those rear paddles alone make it extremely appealing. I know the functionality has been around since the last generation with mods and third party controllers, but to offer it first party is big news...

I still feel like my biggest concern with Xbox One wasn't addressed... the games. Sure, adding select titles from the previous gen will really help the library... but the exclusives just don't appeal to me... other than Forza.. but that's still massively behind Gran Turismo for my taste.



NathanUC commented on Phew, Assassin's Creed Syndicate Won't Have a ...:

Companion app for Black flag was a lot of fun. My gf would control the map/fleet while I was looking for treasure. It's an optional feature, but I wish more games would implement similar features.. it makes non-coop games a bit more interactive for a 'second' player.

Should always be optional though.



NathanUC commented on Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Skewers a Digita...:

@maamets I haven't played Chronicles 3, but it looks like a more advanced version of chronicles from SW4. SW4 seems to focus more on character specific storylines and campaigns of each family. Chronicles mode (in SW4) follows your custom created character and outlines the history of the region (Japan).

SW4 has a chronicles mode that is (as far as I can tell) VERY similar to Chronicles 3. Chronicles 3 seems most likely just a slimmed down version of SW4 without the campaign mode, multiplayer, yet with a bit more robust chronicles mode.

If all that is confusing... it's looking like SW4-II might offer more value being a full fledged SW game rather than a 3DS port.



NathanUC commented on Samurai Warriors 4-2 Invades Western PS4s and ...:

@ollietaro I really can't speak for Chronicles III, but being a 3DS port, you might be better off with Samurai Warriors 4 (if on sale) or 4-2. The Chronicles mode in 4 was mostly based around forming bonds with other characters via dialog and small branching scenarios.



NathanUC commented on Samurai Warriors 4-2 Invades Western PS4s and ...:

@ollietaro I'm not completely sure, but I think the Chronicles series was previously a 3DS series. That version of "Chronicles" is a bit more detailed and in-dept with castles and what not. In Samurai Warriors 4, chronicles mode is fairly basic.

If anyone else knows more, please correct me if I'm wrong.



NathanUC commented on Soapbox: You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Games:

I'll pre-order ONLY when I'm sure it's a game I'll like or if it's not available digitally. Otherwise, I'll just pick it up locally after a bit of spoil free research.

I USED to pre-order everything I was interested in just so that I could get it day 1. I stopped doing this after Destiny.



NathanUC commented on DLC Review: Is Evolve's DLC a Colossal Scam?:

The DLC and lackluster reviews were enough to scare me away from this title which is a same because it looked so promising. This is the exact type of game I look at and say "just wait for the GoTY edition....".

Also, I always assumed Season Pass meant you get all the future DLC? Few games recently seem to contradict that. The idea that some are included while others aren't is confusing and off-putting.



NathanUC commented on Live: Watch as Square Enix Reveals a Brand New...:

Maybe I'm missing something... but what's with all the negativity? This isn't the first time an announcement was handled in a similar fashion. It's silly to watch the whole thing, but at least in the 5 or so minutes I've watched, it was interesting?



NathanUC commented on Shed a Tear for the Shuttered PlayStation Home:

I really really enjoyed playing those mini games and exploring the various spaces with my friends. I always thought that Home was ahead of its time.. and that's probably what killed it. The loading screens in Home made Bloodborne feel as if it HAD no loading screens. Even once a map was loaded, it took additional time to render all the other players and their costumes. Laggy menus and horrible loading were the only real issues I had.

It was so innovative, I was even able to pre-order Killzone 3 (physical, not digital) from within Home to unlock a really cool Helghast jetpack. There was also a Helgast mini game that allowed you to unlock mulitplayer skill points to use when the game launched. I also had a huge collection of goodies back when games used to offer Home unlocks. MAG particularly had some really neat content with it's own pre-order exclusive (at the time) place (essentially your house). It was designed after a map home to (the noob faction) S.V.E.R and even featured music from the actual game.



NathanUC commented on Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Will Reload with ...:

@kyleforrester87 Yeah, I main Wesker while my gf mains Claire. We didn't run into trouble at all until the level 40+ missions (we always sync down to the recommended level). I should also add though... we refuse to use herbs since we ONLY aim for 5 medal runs.

Our weapons are fairly decent, but gf refuses to use anything other than a shotgun pretty much. She'll bring a decent assault/magnum with her.. but rarely does she remember them until she's out of shotgun ammo.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PlayStation 4):

It's a shame the multiplayer was cut (at least I think it was?)... the PSP version was a fantastic adhoc game.

Even being a massive fan of Final Fantasy (more so, the Fabula Nova Crysallis series)... I think I might just wait until I have more time and/or finish Bloodborne. Had this come out a month earlier, it would have been the perfect filler for me.



NathanUC commented on Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Will Reload with ...:

@kyleforrester87 I haven't had a ton of time to play it, but I tried some of the really high difficulty missions (level 40-45) and they were WAY too hard solo. Unless I play coop with my girlfriend, I simply didn't have enough ammo or would quickly get surrounded/cornered by some of the later enemy types. It felt more like the difficulty was designed for two players rather than one. Some of the daily missions are great examples where even with Hunk or Barry.. there's just not enough ammo.



NathanUC commented on Weirdness: Sony Craftily Joins Dress Colour De...:

@Boerewors The only difference is I'm getting a ton more natural light right now. I'm wondering if it appears to 'change colors' after you're eyes adjust to a different type of light or something. My GF still sees it as white/gold, so I 'know' the picture hasn't been changed



NathanUC commented on Have No Fear, Diablo III Isn't Getting Microtr...:

Not really sure how that'd work in Diablo. It only takes my friend and I about 45 minutes to get a character to 70. Once you craft them Aughild/Sage's stuff, they'll be pretty much good for torment 3. Getting the rest of your gear to hit torment 6 is usually pretty quick with great rifts.

Only micro transaction I could see viable is selling a Starmetal Kukuri....



NathanUC commented on Good Lord, This Diablo III Player Got to Parag...:

@Deadstanley Even getting to 70 on hardcore feels like a chore to me. Witch Doctor seems a bit risky for a hardcore class as well. Mine can do Torment 6 just fine until a pack of reflect elites comes along.... still struggling to figure out a solution to that problem... a solution that isn't "play my monk or demon hunter instead".



NathanUC commented on PS Vita App Near Will Cease Searching for Game...:

NEAR was still useful for helping new players in Soul Sacrifice. There MUST be some type of monetary loss going on for Sony to do this. I can't see any other solid reason to kill advertised functionality that isn't being updated anyways.



NathanUC commented on The Elder Scrolls Online Slaughters Subscripti...:

@thedevilsjester Very well said. From a developer standpoint, it's clear that free to play is very risky without getting into 'pay to win' situations. Even games like Warframe that are relatively tame in terms of paywall slightly suffer from this. A subscription model allows developers a steady stream of PREDICTABLE revenue to improve and support their game.

I've preached this before, but the subscription in FFXIV is what makes that mmo so great. For Bethesda to drop their subscription indicates the game is potentially struggling and possibly, already on it's last leg. Same thing happened with Star Wars the Old Republic and Lord of the Rings Online. Sub par games launching with subscriptions and suffering... in the end limiting their potential and killing the idea of them becoming truly great/successful mmos.

Back on the FFXIV topic, Naoki Yoshida has stated he'll cancel the game before making it go free to play because he knows that model cannot support that type of game anymore. Sub fees are why that game gets amazing patches almost bimonthly.

EDIT: I'm still excited about it being free to play though. To me, it didn't feel worth a sub fee because from what I played, it wouldn't last me very long (poor investment type of deal). Now that it's buy to play, my expectations are more on par with other 'free' games.



NathanUC commented on The Elder Scrolls Online Slaughters Subscripti...:

That makes it a bit more appealing. I played a bit of it on PC and wasn't that impressed. Not to mention I'm already paying for FFXIV (and multiple accounts at that...), so adding another subscription to a game was very off-putting.



NathanUC commented on Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi Brings Over-The-Top...:

Aw :( I thought this was announcing the NA release :( I'll play this in Japanese if I have to.. just too good to pass up.

I love love love Sengoku Basara. I only got and love Samurai Warriors because it shares many of the same characters and 'style' (but not nearly as good).



NathanUC commented on Payday 2: Crimewave Edition May Say Heist to P...:

Payday on PS3/PC was one of my favorite coop shooters. I never ended up getting Payday 2 since it was so late on PS3... but this will easily be a day 1 for me and my friends :)

EDIT: Fun story, way back when Payday 1 came out, I asked the devs on Twitter to port it to Vita.. they said if I pay for the project they'd do it.... so you can all blame me for there not being a Vita port!



NathanUC commented on There Are a Few Destiny Fans Somewhere in the ...:

@teknium_ I generally avoid buying bad games, but Destiny tricked me. I trusted Bungie when they said to ignore early reviews... The only other game I can think of that I was this annoyed at was Star Wars: The Old Republic.

My mini rant on Destiny is over. Now I need to focus on my Vita rant :(



NathanUC commented on There Are a Few Destiny Fans Somewhere in the ...:

@rjejr I'm having a hard time typing with one had as my other is so far through my face. We had Toukiden, Takes of Hearts R, Danganropa, Ys, Soul Sacrifice Delta... I don't even remember playing/finishing Child of Light or The Binding of Isaac....

At least Freedom Wars made the list... I would have had to break up with the PlayStation blog if it didn't.. instead I'll just have to give it the ol' stink eye for not giving it Game of the Year... overall.



NathanUC commented on There Are a Few Destiny Fans Somewhere in the ...:

@teknium_ I completely agree that isn't not the only bad seed. Personally, I had hoped that Destiny WOULDN'T follow the poor examples other FPS have set in the past few years. Bungie failed to create an endgame they 'promised', failed to create a social shooter as 'promised', failed to put any effort into a story as 'promised', and overall failed to make a challenging/rewarding game as 'promised'.

Even being slightly forgiving of the horrible lack of content, the luck based progression system alone was enough to seal it's destiny as the worst $60 game I've ever bought. Again, these are just reasons why I was horribly disappointed in the 'finished' product. I'm not trying to sell anyone my standpoint, but I thought I should give more details that explain my opinions and the logic behind it.



NathanUC commented on There Are a Few Destiny Fans Somewhere in the ...:

@teknium_ The game plays great, it looks great, it sounds great... but for me it was one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. It's such a shame that such a fantastic game engine is held back by a lack of content, shady content withholding, and horrible progression design. I understand how people enjoy it and I understand how people can vote it as game of the year, but I see it as nothing more than a horrible example of the gaming industry.

Then again, games of luck have never been my thing....



NathanUC commented on Nyko's Nifty PS4 Data Bank Will Solve Your Sto...:

@SUDS_96_YNWA Right now, you can only spawn a PS4 hard drive with a 2.5" drive. Most portable hard drives are 2.5" so in theory you could open up the enclosure and use the drive as a replacement, but you couldn't use a portable hard drive via USB like you can other systems.

Personally, I recommend 1tb 7,200 RPM drives for the swap.



NathanUC commented on Keyboard Warriors Will Want Nyko's PS4 Type Pad:

@get2sammyb Ohhh man.. this for Final fantasy XIV opens up so much control. You can assign hotkeys and macros to allllll them keys. Best of both worlds!

Finally, I've have room for all my emote macros! Them lalafells won't know what hit them. I just hope it's comfortable, has a nice tactile feel, and some type of headphone bypass.



NathanUC commented on Nyko's Nifty PS4 Data Bank Will Solve Your Sto...:

You could always run a 3.5" drive right without this if you have a 3.5 powered enclosure ($10-20) and sata cable. Finding the right cable to fit is a tad tricky, and standby mode won't work.. but I'm wondering if this add on will share similar issues.

All that said....I don't know, I have just about all the major releases and my 1tb 2.5" still has plenty of space.



NathanUC commented on PlayStation Now's All-You-Can-Play Subscriptio...:

Being able to just stream some games from my PS4, Vita, or Vita TV rather than dealing with updating and connecting my PS3 sounds awesome. I'll admit that the prices do seem a TAD steep and accessing the games does take longer than I'd like... but it's a very promising start. I'd like to see some type of PS+ integration in the future.