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NathanUC commented on No Doubt Dusty Shooter DUST 514 Turns to Dust ...:

I played it from time to time, but I don't remember having a great time. It was similar to PlayStation home in that it just ran way too poorly for my taste... it took ages to get from the main menu to playing a match! I also seem to remember some matchmaking issues where I'd always be classes with people far above my experience level and firepower...

All that said, I would give it another go on PS4, so I couldn't have disliked it that much. Also.... it didn't have trophies.



NathanUC commented on Soapbox: Why I Don't Hate The Witcher 3: Wild ...:

This is one of those games I still haven't tried. It goes back to Dragon Age Inquisition. Everyone I know was treating it as the best thing to ever happen to PS4 so I figured I'd give it a try. Well I hated it. I don't think it was a bad game, but I really really hated it. I didn't like the characters, the voice acting, the combat, ANYTHING. The whole game felt like a massive chore with little to no entertainment.

I can't help but shake the feeling that The Witcher 3 will leave the same bad taste in my mouth. I will not be Dragon Age'd again.



NathanUC commented on Review: Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of...:

This took me for surprise. I LOVE the EDF games, but I hadn't heard about this or the Vita release until about last week. Review seems to indicate it's everything I'd expect, so I can't wait to find the time for this one.



NathanUC commented on Backlash Fears Have Stopped Dead or Alive Xtre...:

They never seemed too keen on releasing it out west from the get-go. I'd wage a guess that this is more a monetary reason than it is a political reason.

I'm disappointed on principle. I had no intentions on getting a copy, but it's a silly reason for those who did.



NathanUC commented on Don't Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops III on PS3:

@themcnoisy While I do agree that CoD4 looked pretty good, I still think it was GRAPHICALLY behind other games such as Halo 3 or even Resistance: Fall of Man. Besides, like EIGHT CoD games have released since then! I haven't found any of them graphically impressive. Of any, I'd say MW2 was the best work for it's time, but even that paled in comparison graphically to games like Killzone 2.

The last gen versions of BO3 sure do look awful, but at least they appear smooth. I think any CoD player can agree with me that a smooth frame-rate is way more important that HD textures. I do think it should have a lower price tag than $49.99 US though.. digitally releasing the multiplayer only game on last gen for $29.99 seems more fair to me.

All this from a guy who's multiplayer FPS of choice is still Killzone Shadow Fall.. so I guess take it with a grain of salt.



NathanUC commented on Review: Superbeat: Xonic (PS Vita):

@JaxonH I think the difficulty is the best quality of this game. I wasn't a huge fan of the gameplay in Persona 4 Dancing All Night because it was either WAY too easier or way too punishing. The music, character, and story more than made up for it though. Difficulty in Superbeat XONiC just feels more manageable and WAY more rewarding.

It might sound odd, but back when I used to play DDR daily, there would be some sections of songs that I'd hit perfect somehow and think to myself "How in the world did I even do that?!". I haven't really had that feeling since until I played this game. Sometimes it's as if my fingers (muscle memory) move faster than my brain... it's a crazy feeling!



NathanUC commented on Review: Superbeat: Xonic (PS Vita):

@NomNom It is definitely forgiving of new players! Even if you start to miss a lot of the notes, you usually won't fail if you can at least hit a few here and there. What other rhythm games do you play?



NathanUC commented on Soapbox: Why the Industry Is Getting Greedy (A...:

As with most of my opinions these days, it varies. I don't feel Micro-transactions in games like MGS5, Destiny, or Tales of Zestiria hurt anyone. It's a simple way to 'show support' for a game you truly like while either saving a bit of time, or getting a slightly unique cosmetic item.

My opinions of Desinty are nothing new. I feel 100% ripped off for paying retail price with that game came out, and with each additional DLC, I feel more and more angry about it. Locking out content for those who don't pay is beyond unacceptable to me. I personally feel like Bungie cut content in order to market it as DLC, but as annoying as that is, it didn't bother me that much (I should have researched before spending money).

Another game that comes to mind is GT6. I felt like the ability to convert real money to in game currency didn't really hurt anyone, but at the same time, it felt like MAYBE the in game rewards were lower to help persuade people to buy into their cash shop.

All in all, DLC is here to stay, and if done correct, can be awesome. Plenty of devs still do a great job with DLC so, as consumers, we just need to try our best to support good practices and avoid bad ones.



NathanUC commented on Sony Stresses There Are Still First-Party PS V...:

@rjejr I'm pretty sure the original Vita had the ability to output to TV via the expansion port, but the cable/firmware was never produced. There might have been technical reasons that it never went into production, but it was likely an economical reason to push a new device.

In some ways, it makes sense to sell a new standalone TV device since you can charge A LOT less. It's just a shame they didn't ALSO allow the original Vita to output video to a TV.

Either way, I'm still happy with my Vita and my PlayStation TV. I'd like to see more first party support, but third party support has still been strong for games I like.



NathanUC commented on Review: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4):

I rented it via redbox.. I'm a HUGE fan of previous games on PS1 and Xbox.. but I didn't even want to play this after completing the tutorial...

It's such a shame because I feel that it's the controls that ruin it somewhat. Adding the 'slam' was my biggest issue... I don't see how it added any value but instead, it made grinds frustrating for veterans. I'm using to being able to hit triangle whenever I want, but in THPS5 it must be timed within a relatively short window.

The skaters also felt hard to control for some reason. I don't remember it being that hard in the last TH game I played (I think Underground 2 on Xbox). It was almost as if they made turning too slow and the character too fast? I can't put my finger on it, but it didn't feel right.

Bottom line, I think this is almost a really good game... if they either rework or get rid of the bad 'free skate' online mechanic and FINE TUNE the controls (get rid of slam....), it would feel like a completely different game.



NathanUC commented on Isn't There a Better Way to Present the Hundre...:

I still hate how everything gets organized in the store. When a game gets MULTIPLE new add-ons, it should be a 'folder' view.

The PS4 store annoys me so much that I'll rarely use it. Everything just feels like advertisements or spam. Instead, I buy almost everything from the web store (which is still terrible). The Vita webstore is easily my favorite.

I just don't get why it can't be simple. Why does everything need to be 210 clicks away? Jeez, it's not even noon and I'm ranting....



NathanUC commented on Out This Week: Uncharted PS4, Rock Band 4, Tra...:

@jgrangervikings1 From my experience, you might be surprised how much you like the setlist regardless. There were songs I didn't think I'd like that ended up being a blast to play. It's no secret in my household that playing "Headphones on" by that iCarley girl is one of my favorite RB2 songs to play on drums!

My copy of RB4 should be in today, but I've promised my brother and sisters that I won't play until their visit on the weekend... it's going to be tough!



NathanUC commented on Video: Top 4 PlayStation Games - September 2015:

The Metal Gear series is easily my favorite in all of gaming, but even my vote went to Tearaway. As a MGS game, MGS5 has been a bit of a let down to me. Sure, the gameplay is fantastic.. but what happened to the story? It's decent by today's standards, but it's no where near my expectations for a MGS game.

Tearaway on the other hand has brilliant gameplay AND a brilliant story. Dare I say, the whole game is perfect. It MIGHT not appeal to anyone, but I'm willing to bet ,given the opportunity to play it, anyone would enjoy it. That's a very very rare quality these days.



NathanUC commented on Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls to Get PS4 Relea...:

I still think Heavy Rain was one of the best gaming experiences I've had on PS3. I wish I could go back and NOT play it just so I can experience all again on PS4.

I wasn't able to finish Beyond Two Souls before getting caught up in other games. It was good, but it didn't have the same magic as Heavy Rain.

Until Dawn ranks between to other two for me. I felt as if it were way more 'on rails' and predictable than Heavy Rain.



NathanUC commented on Weirdness: Man Blames PlayStation for His Bad ...:

@Neolit I learned to drive manual with Gran Turismo. I now drive a 93 MR2 (no TC or ABS) and have only gotten myself into a tricky situation once... had some nasty over steer that turned into snap oversteer, but I was able to counter it and stay in my lane pretty easily. I've only ever experienced that in GT, so that reflex must have come from that. Pretty scary, but cool.



NathanUC commented on Review: Destiny: The Taken King (PS4):

@Johnnycide Two very different games, so it's understandable we had such different experiences with each. I got about 25 hours out of vanilla Destiny and about 700 hours out of FFXIV. $60 for Destiny, about $300 for FFXIV. That's $2.40/hr vs $0.42 for me. Another difference was I felt 'finished' with Destiny about 10 hours in where as even when I quit FFXIV, I had a ton of stuff to finish.

I can't say I understood the appeal of vanilla Desinty, but as a bundle, the Legacy Collection seems like a solid buy. I'll probably grab it once the expansion bundle drops below $20 or so since I've already paid $60 for my copy of the demo that I wasn't at all satisfied with.



NathanUC commented on Talking Point: What Did You Think of Sony's Pr...:

I think I need to give up my hopes and dreams for Freedom Wars on PS4... and any chance of a sequel.

All in all, I felt it was a really strong lineup. I'm really excited for just about everything announced! Mostly Toukiden 2



NathanUC commented on UK Sales Charts: Tearaway Unfolded Flops Like ...:

It didn't really create any buzz like the other big releases. I saw more post for Mad Max around the internet than I did Tearaway... and let's not even compare MGS5.

Seems like the Vita virus can transcend platforms.



NathanUC commented on Review: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (...:

As huge fan of the series, I feel that 9 is perfect. While I do really love this game, It's one of my LEAST favorite games in the series. The game-play is fantastic, but as a Metal Gear game, the story and cohesiveness of this game feels lacking. I play Metal Gear games for the long complicated stories with bits of solid game-play between. I feel like this game took the opposite approach and THAT really disappointed me.



NathanUC commented on Review: Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita):

@Ellysetta19 Oh ok, so in situations where you 'need' to use the front/rear touch, you'll need to enable the touch controls from the controller options (hold PS button to get options). From there, you can click the left stick or right stick to enable front/rear touch. It's not a great system, but it works alright. If you're using a DualShock 4, you can just use the touchpad as the front touch controls.



NathanUC commented on Review: Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita):

@Ellysetta19 It's listed as PlayStation TV compatible. Seems odd that you're having issues though since if the game isn't compatible, it won't even open (it would give a compatibility error). Does the controller function outside of the games?



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (PS4):

@kyleforrester87 Here are my top 3 tips when starting out:
1. Don't skip dialog/cutscenes!! They are important to story and at teaching you the basics. (You can always re-watch them via the Inn if you need to)
2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're new to something, it's better to ask first than go in blind.
3. Do your story quest. This will be a natural progression towards other content like mounts, new zones, etc.
Bonus 4th tip: Take your time. There's no point in rushing this game. In my opinion, early content is just as good as end game content.



NathanUC commented on Review: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (PS4):

@kyleforrester87 Unless you just HAVE to be the new Au Ra race (unlocks when you buy Heavensward), you should just buy the base game for now. By the time you finish A Realm Reborn, Heavensward might be a bit cheaper.

Yes, there is a subscription fee. It's $12.99 for one character per server (Entry) or $14.99 for up to 8 per server (Standard). Since one character can do EVERYTHING without penalty, only the entry sub is really needed.



NathanUC commented on The New Japanese PS4 Model Drains Less Power a...:

Was wondering if this would save some money on my electricity bill in the long run... Doing some very modest estimations, it costs about $100/year for me to run my PS4 under max load for 15 hours a day (no where close to my actual usage). This new model would use about $93/year if the "8% less power" figures are accurate. That's over 57 years to recoup the cost!

I know there are a lot of Nintendo fans here... so if anyone is interested, it would cost me a little over $20/year to run a Wii U. NOTE: These figures don't include my display/7.1 setup.



NathanUC commented on Reaction: Xbox's E3 2015 Attempts to Block PS4...:

The Elite controller was the star of the show for me. Those rear paddles alone make it extremely appealing. I know the functionality has been around since the last generation with mods and third party controllers, but to offer it first party is big news...

I still feel like my biggest concern with Xbox One wasn't addressed... the games. Sure, adding select titles from the previous gen will really help the library... but the exclusives just don't appeal to me... other than Forza.. but that's still massively behind Gran Turismo for my taste.



NathanUC commented on Phew, Assassin's Creed Syndicate Won't Have a ...:

Companion app for Black flag was a lot of fun. My gf would control the map/fleet while I was looking for treasure. It's an optional feature, but I wish more games would implement similar features.. it makes non-coop games a bit more interactive for a 'second' player.

Should always be optional though.



NathanUC commented on Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Skewers a Digita...:

@maamets I haven't played Chronicles 3, but it looks like a more advanced version of chronicles from SW4. SW4 seems to focus more on character specific storylines and campaigns of each family. Chronicles mode (in SW4) follows your custom created character and outlines the history of the region (Japan).

SW4 has a chronicles mode that is (as far as I can tell) VERY similar to Chronicles 3. Chronicles 3 seems most likely just a slimmed down version of SW4 without the campaign mode, multiplayer, yet with a bit more robust chronicles mode.

If all that is confusing... it's looking like SW4-II might offer more value being a full fledged SW game rather than a 3DS port.



NathanUC commented on Samurai Warriors 4-2 Invades Western PS4s and ...:

@ollietaro I really can't speak for Chronicles III, but being a 3DS port, you might be better off with Samurai Warriors 4 (if on sale) or 4-2. The Chronicles mode in 4 was mostly based around forming bonds with other characters via dialog and small branching scenarios.



NathanUC commented on Samurai Warriors 4-2 Invades Western PS4s and ...:

@ollietaro I'm not completely sure, but I think the Chronicles series was previously a 3DS series. That version of "Chronicles" is a bit more detailed and in-dept with castles and what not. In Samurai Warriors 4, chronicles mode is fairly basic.

If anyone else knows more, please correct me if I'm wrong.



NathanUC commented on Soapbox: You Should Stop Pre-Ordering Games:

I'll pre-order ONLY when I'm sure it's a game I'll like or if it's not available digitally. Otherwise, I'll just pick it up locally after a bit of spoil free research.

I USED to pre-order everything I was interested in just so that I could get it day 1. I stopped doing this after Destiny.



NathanUC commented on DLC Review: Is Evolve's DLC a Colossal Scam?:

The DLC and lackluster reviews were enough to scare me away from this title which is a same because it looked so promising. This is the exact type of game I look at and say "just wait for the GoTY edition....".

Also, I always assumed Season Pass meant you get all the future DLC? Few games recently seem to contradict that. The idea that some are included while others aren't is confusing and off-putting.



NathanUC commented on Live: Watch as Square Enix Reveals a Brand New...:

Maybe I'm missing something... but what's with all the negativity? This isn't the first time an announcement was handled in a similar fashion. It's silly to watch the whole thing, but at least in the 5 or so minutes I've watched, it was interesting?