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Which of These PS4 Controller Mock-Ups Is Your Favourite?

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony is supposedly planning to debut a new controller alongside the PlayStation 4. While details about its size and shape are still under wraps, we do have a reasonable idea about what kind of new features the final device will include.

According to both Kotaku and EDGE, the peripheral will boast a touch pad similar to the one on the PlayStation Vita and a ‘Share’ button. It’s thought that the innards of the hardware will include revamped motion tracking technology, presumably on par with the platform holder's portable machine.

Naturally, the information has prompted a number of mock-ups to appear online. Some are based upon the existing shape and style of the current DualShock 3, while others lean towards the Xbox 360 controller’s design. Of course, it’s possible that the manufacturer could go in an entirely different direction.

To be honest, we’re struggling to see the purpose of the touch pad at this moment in time, but we’re sure that there’ll be plenty of gimmicky launch software designed to prove its potential. Do any of the embedded mock-ups tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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hYdeks said:

all super dumb designs, there not thinking far enough outside of the dualshock I think the PS4 will be exactly like Wii U, it'll be a tablet controller almost looking like the Wii U Gamepad, and the dualshock 3 will be the "classic controller" option. This is what I think will be, and kinda hope is whats true. I'll gladly wait to Feb. 20th for the info though



rjejr said:

I can probably think of lots of reasons for the touchscreen but here's just a couple off the top of my head -

XMB navigation - is there anybody out there who's really good at using the PS Move on the XMB cause that thing sucks

Okami - self explanatory
Chick Chick Boom - 1 of the best games on Wiiware, it looks like a PSN game
almost any (3)DS(i) game ever made
any Move game that requires you to wipe off or scratch off stuff from the screen (god how I hate those)
faux lottery tickets (Nathan Drake will be scrathcing off one of these in UC4 if this controller becomes a reality)
dribbling a basketball or bouncing deBlob around if the "touch" is sensitive enough
a thumb "scanner" for any spy or stealth games or Metroi dlike games - it doesn't actually have to "read" your thumbprint, it just has to feel the pressure of a thumb

I realize many Sony fans consider themselves too "hardcore" to play Wiiware, DS, or Move games, but that doesn't mean a touch screen wouldn't have it's uses



charlesnarles said:

Wow, those all look weird. Concave sticks/d-pad isn't important to me, but weren't they gonna do swappable ones anyhow? My guess is multiple interface options that increase with price and functionality. Better be able to use ds3, kinda like a gc controller with a wii?



Jaz007 said:

If they had to go with one of them, than the first one is the way to go.



3Above said:

Definitely the first one. The 2nd screen stuff is a fad that will pass and thats actually really bad for your eyes.



StarkEvilVash said:

I'd be happy if they do the concave sticks and up curved triggers as well. Also if they spread the sticks apart a tad. That's the main reason I still don't play fps's on the PS3, always felt weird and awkward.

An the Wii U pro controller is actually very well built and one of the best controllers for a Nintendo system in some time. It works fantastically with Ninja Gaiden 3



Ps4all said:

The rear touchpad is probably the least useful part of the vita. I hope they don't cram a bunch of quick time events down our throats ala uncharted golden abyss.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Gemuarto What in the world would you need 3 thumb sticks for short of some crazy N64 style controller?

Concave sticks and with a better texture would be nice, the most annoying thing about the PSP's nub was how slippery it got despite having a coarser grip than a dualshock. None if those look very nice and most look like PC gamepad knock-off versions.



SilentJ said:

The first one isn't too bad. It basically looks like a dualshock with an added touch pad.



InsertNameHere said:

@hydeks It's not going to be like the Wii U, Sony is just adding a touch pad to the center of the controller. They're not modifying an iPad and using it as a controller.



Azikira said:

I like that Wii U Pro Controller-I mean, Playstation controller. Yeah, that.



Splat said:

I could live with the first one but not really a fan of any of them.



SleepingNinjer said:

Innovation is one thing, but forcing it on us just for the sake of it is another.. Really hope it's an addition to game play and not a hindrance.



NathanUC said:

@Paranoimia I saw this and liked it the best as well. I'm strongly against concave sticks like the 360s... I absolutely hate those sticks! After about an hour of fps, it kills my right thumb because it's impossible to hold that stuck up while clicking.



BlueProxy said:

I wonder if they'll integrate a really thin slide out keyboard/remote underneath. Guess it depends if they market it as a home entertainment hub, or if they'll target gamers more. Lets just hope they don't add anything that makes them $80-100 bucks each.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@nathanuc1988 I doesn't need a very big dip to make a difference, just a small dint. After playing Mario Party 2 the other day it reminded me how nice the texture of the thumb stick was, so just a texture like it or the GameCube's thumb stick would be enough.



Scrible said:

PS vita touchpad, yeah, I'll skip on the PS 4 entirely if that happens, look how poor the vita is doing, wouldn't be a smart move at all, here I come x box 720



Ginkgo said:

Personally I'm not too fused about touch pad either way, certainly not upset by the idea. What I would like is the D-Pad changed to be an eight-way button (include the diagonals). It would then be much more useful.4 positions is not enough. 8 would have so many more applications. Are you listening Sony?



FullbringIchigo said:

i think they are all horrible but if i had to chose i would say the second one was the batter of the four but that's not saying much



roelie-h said:

The First one. the second one looks like the x-box controller and the other 2 are just lame

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