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Mon 2nd July, 2012

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Superconsole commented on Soapbox: How a Niche PS Vita Exclusive Made Me...:

Great read Kerry :) I totally agree that there needs to be more otome games on the shelves, and was so glad when I heard Hakuoki was being released in the UK.

While normally I don't give a damn about what gender the main character of a game is (it's the gameplay that counts!), you are spot on in saying it's nice to have a game targeted towards the female market without it being some stereotypical fashion/pet sim/cooking sim title once in a while. I really don't mind playing as a male character, but as @Bliquid says, it can be a little disheartening when a game you enjoy continually makes you feel like it really wasn't intended for you :/

Diversity in the market - that's what we need!



Superconsole commented on PS Vita Will Die a Slow and Painful Death, Say...:

@Sanquine I think I actually prefer handhelds to home consoles. They're just so much more convenient and enjoyable to play in either long or short bursts. I'm glad the 3DS is doing well, it's got some great games now, but now I have a Vita it's enraging how far superior a machine it is, and yet how much worse the sales figures are at the moment.

I think it also has a lot to do with how shops display Vita consoles and games on the shelves. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I go into GAME I have to search really hard to find the Vita section. It's normally on the lowest shelf possible hidden underneath either PS3 or PS4 gear, and just a single row of preowned copies of boring games - hardly going to inspire any sales...



Superconsole commented on Review: Rocksmith 2014 Edition (PlayStation 3):

@get2sammyb Although I only had a guitar to test it with, I'm positive it has full bass support across the board. You can even select 'bass mode' when playing the guitar to learn the bass parts to songs on your 6 string.

@eliotgballade There is a 'colour blind' option for those who have trouble discerning the different colours, and you can also switch the string layout around. It puts the high E at the bottom instead of the low E automatically, so I just opted to switch the layout to suit what I was used to seeing on tabs.



Superconsole commented on Feature: Games of the Generation - Katy's Five...:

@ShogunRok What is wrong with you?? Has you no emotions? :P

@Sanquine I originally wrote over 3 paragraphs on Ni No Kuni, but mean Mr Ramsey made me cut it down. I just have so much love for that game!

@Bliquid Possibly, but would we have to share consoles? Because I'm not down with that :P

@Lelouch I love new Dante! He's sexy, arrogant and has made skillz. Everything you secretly want in a man. I can't believe all the hate Ninja Theory got for something as silly as changing a character's hair colour. The number of death threats were insane!!

@chazaroonie Do you remember that horrendous mission where you had to burn all the drugs in Far Cry 3? That awful song just kept playing on repeat over and over... (