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Thu 24th May, 2012

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tulaib_100 commented on Reaction: PlayStation Vita's Prospects Look Po...:

i think sony should finally give up on the handheld market ... and replace it with there Xperias and or make a playstaion phone with dedicated buttons ( xperia plays successor ) and move their focus only on ps3 and ps4.



tulaib_100 commented on Beyond: Two Souls Drops QTEs, Quantic Dream De...:

Hole Crap!!!!!!! this is now my most anticipating game of this year next to The Last Of Us .. OMG all the media sites are saying they actually got teared up at the homeless sequence amazing .. cant freakin wait ... and why exactly sony havent bought them is BEYOND me.



tulaib_100 commented on The Last of Us Will Feature Multiplayer, Here'...:

i seriously can't wait any more for TLOU and also beyond two souls did i mention about god of war ascension. OMG i cant wait for 2013 also ni no kuni is a must buy after playing the demo and theres sly cooper aswell so much to look forward to and than theirs E3 cant wait for ps4 reveal ..... lets see what gureilla games were up to



tulaib_100 commented on Reaction: The Last of Us' Launch Date Points t...:

really really excited for 2013 E3, but i dun want sony to give xbox360 another chance with next years holiday season becuz lets face it, weather ps4 launches or not ps3 is now making serious money for sony now and i want them to win next year with their all three platforms and also hoping for ps vita slim



tulaib_100 commented on Sony: Some of Our Competitors Are Losing the Plot:

he's totally right, Beyond, gow ascension and particularly the last of us blew me away ... last of us demo was anything i've seen in my whole 12 years of gaming life. PC gamers must be pissed off with the amount of detailing the last of us have, there is no game of this detail on pc as far as i know. i cannot imagine what naughty dog will do with ps4 :P