Rumour: PS4 Will Allow You to Share Videos and Screenshots

According to EDGE, the PlayStation 4 will allow you to share gameplay footage and screenshots on the fly. In a new report citing development sources, the British publication has hinted that the impending console’s refreshed controller will include a new button, allowing you to distribute your achievements and failures among friends. Apparently, the hardware will constantly record the past 15 minutes of on-screen action, without any impact on the console's performance.

As previously reported, the controller itself will include a small touchpad in the centre of the device. The technology is supposedly based on the PlayStation Vita’s rear touchpad, and will be “similarly responsive” to use. It’s unclear whether the form factor of the unit will change, or if it will be similar to the existing DualShock 3 shape.

The publication continues that the new system will be more powerful than the next Xbox – but only marginally. It’s thought that the platform holder has “earned an enormous amount of goodwill among studios”, admitting its errors with the PlayStation 3, and working hard to rectify them. One source noted that the machine is “very simple to work with”.

Sadly, the site adds that while a 2013 release in Japan and North America is planned, the system may not make its way to Europe this year. The delay is apparently down to the complexities of distribution in the region. If true, it would be a real shame, especially seeing as the territory has been something of a stronghold for the PlayStation brand over the years.

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