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Sat 8th Sep 2012

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Scrible commented on Sony Online Entertainment: PS4 Will Be a Great...:

Chill out dude, they aren't only doing online mmo, it's one of the MANY different games it will be doing, besides if you bought five games in one year, it would cost more than a yearly subscription to an online mmo, so which is the real money pit?



Scrible commented on Feature: Five Things That Sony Should and Shou...:

Vita owners ducked themselves by buying a portable game system, haven't you heard ds and phones have that category on lockdown, besides, you never buy anything on launch, wait and see what it does, and in this case, you would've saved money like me



Scrible commented on Feature: Three Lessons PS4 Can Learn from Xbox...:

If everyone would quit buying ea crap, then they wouldn't do there practice of charging to play, buy there crap and they will do it, boycott them like I have, haven't bought an ea game in two years, and from what I've seen lately, I'm not missing out



Scrible commented on Bleszinski: PS4 Will Win Next-Gen If It Nails ...:

This guys an idiot and that multi platform game he came out with, totally blows, which ever system doesn't have part two to that game will be the TRUE winner, sorry game really blew and is why I can't remember name of it



Scrible commented on PS4 Buzz Has Faded Ahead of Next Xbox Reveal, ...:

Ps4 buzz only slipping away if your nota ps4 gamer, also, according to game informer, this guys starting salary is 200,000 a year, and what a moron, they had some kind of gaming industries jobs every month with qualifications for that job and starting salary, way to much for this idiot



Scrible commented on EA Enters Hyperdrive with Exclusive Rights to ...:

Screw ea, will definitely not buy there game, ea also said that they didn't want the ghost buster game because they couldn't do a yearly release with it, yeah ea, that's what gamers want from a crappy developer,a yearly release of the same game, go f_;k yourselves



Scrible commented on What Would Grand Theft Auto V Look Like on the...:

Wow, another pointless question by some guy who says he's a writer, what would it look like on the commadore 64? Who freaking cares, why ask a question we will never have an answer for? Come up with something that has meaning?



Scrible commented on Pachter: Sony Won't Make Money on the PlayStat...:

Cell phones have the mobile market on lock down, why pay 300 for a portable system when you have a300 dollar or more phone, I'll never buy the vita, and people i know that have, are looking to get rid of it but can't, even at a lower price, why do you think Microsoft hasn't come out with a handheld unit, it's a loss of you do