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Weirdness: Here's a Novel Way to Dim the PS4 Controller's Light Bar

Posted by Sammy Barker

Why didn't we think of that?

If you’re not a fan of your PlayStation 4 controller performing its best impression of the Aurora Borealis each and every time that you sit down to play a game, then we have a novel little solution for you. A thrifty eBay merchant has crafted a custom set of light bar decals, which not only dim the brightness of the controversial illuminating surface, but also look reasonably stylish to boot.

Available for £3.49 ($5.75), you’ll get three nifty stickers per purchase, with each option boasting a different PlayStation themed cut out. There’s also a blank label if you’re determined to not let any light through, but we actually quite like the subtle neon branding. Of course, you’re probably not going to be able to play augmented reality application The Playroom with these attached, but we assume that they can be removed.

With the platform holder insisting that it has no plans to allow users to dim the DualShock 4’s colourful gadget, this may actually prove the perfect solution to your glare related dilemmas. Are you planning to purchase a set of these to try on your peripheral? Cover us up in the comments section below.


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Savino said:

The light is that strong?! I mean, I like to play in the most darkest of the rooms... I will notice the blue light?!

By the way.... Loved the idea... Sony should made this in the first place!



banacheck said:

No the light isn't that strong at all, when playing a game you don't notice it's even there day or night.



BenTarrant said:

These are really cool, hope somebody experiments more with the decal designs.



BenTarrant said:

Just bought one, will update on how they are when they arrive. Worth mentioning that it's £3.49 for the decals with designs and £1.99 for a blank one.



Chris1975 said:

I just don't get it, I never even realised there were people having problems with the light source til I read about it here a couple of weeks ago.

The light has never bothered me one bit whether the light is on or off in whatever room I'm playing in.



Epic said:

Good now I won't need to to put some black tape on there when I finaly get my PS4.



Scollurio said:

If any of you are interested, I can produce those in any decal design (it must be cuttable though and not infringe copyrights) you wish. If there is some reasonable request I'd offer them for cost price and a small shipping fee.



Dirkster_Dude said:

It might be too bright for some, but the main point with people wanting to dim the light wasn't that it was too bright, but that it ate the battery power of the controller. I think people have said it uses about a third of the controller energy. If you're not actually usually the light bar why have it powered and sapping the battery?



EyeDeeNO76 said:

If one does this can the light bar still be picked up by the PlayStation camera?




KAPADO said:

@Savino it's cry baby stuff. The system has no glaring flaws so they nitpick.
Or perhaps my non reflective Bravia is bad ass?
What bothers me the most is when the light faces me. But at the same time it's all futuristic.
Wait can I still "make it rain" robots in the playroom with the sticker on ?



FullbringIchigo said:

am I the only person who doesn't even notice the light bar at all, I have no glare on any tv I play it on



Matt_Berial said:

The only time i could see a problem is if you're very close to your TV playing a game.




These look nice, but I don't to reduce functionality, and the light bar doesn't bother me.



Scollurio said:

@eliotgballade Im actually working on some of those LED covers as we speak, even some with printed designs. Expect to post some pictures tomorrow!



nickiscool2 said:

My main issue with the light isn't that it's too bright, my main issue is that it kills the battery. LED or not, something that bright does not help with the battery life of the console. I'm sure if you could kill the light, it would add an extra 2 hours to the already really low 8 hour battery life. And i will probably pick these stickers up, the playstation logo one looks really cool.



Placebo said:

Personally as I play laid down on my bed in front of a 120" projector screen (ie dark room) I find the light bar very distracting as I can see it glowing onto my fingers in my lower periphery, put some black electrician's tape onto it after the first 10 minutes! Would definitely be interested in a custom decal



ReigningSemtex said:

The light bar doesn't bother me that much but these decals look pretty cool. What bothers me is not being able to turn the damn controller off while I'm watching Netflix without it pausing the movie



DoublezZ01 said:

the light bar does not bug me one bit in fact I find myself purposely looking at it sometimes as part of the cool new features of the all new controller!!! =), but I will admit that PS4 sticker is the BOMB!!! ts for



iSillyBoiJudas said:

I don't have an issue with the light but the PS Logo and PS4 symbol looks pretty good. I wouldn't mind trying this out



Carl-G said:

1 problem is i like all 3 If i had to go for 1 tho it would be the PS Logo




If anyone wasn't aware, though I'm sure some are, you CAN change the light bar colour.
Red being the dimmest available may be useful for those who have issues with the brightness of the blue.

Check out @Scollurio's custom LED covers topic in the PS4 forum for the know how.



AD-80 said:

@banacheck except when you go to look at it directly That lights blinds me everytime, but I don't have an issue with it. The only issue I have is the damn battery drain, at least give me an option to turn it off.



Swinny said:

Just do what I did, get a roll of black electrical tape for a dollar, stick it over there neatly, it blends into the black colour of the controller, its almost as if its not even there on mine, you can't tell.



xMEADx said:

I dont have any problem with the light except drains the battery but i'll pick these up they look kinda nice



-CraZed- said:

@Savino Yeah it is. Which is why it is actually useful for developers to put in those little lighting changes etc.
While I personally like the light bar as I use the camera with it and I like those little touches it brings to gaming in a darkened room. I can see others not liking it and these are a nifty little idea that could help those folks out.
I'll parrot the article's main question though, Why didn't I think of that?
Great idea.

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