If you’re not a fan of your PlayStation 4 controller performing its best impression of the Aurora Borealis each and every time that you sit down to play a game, then we have a novel little solution for you. A thrifty eBay merchant has crafted a custom set of light bar decals, which not only dim the brightness of the controversial illuminating surface, but also look reasonably stylish to boot.

Available for £3.49 ($5.75), you’ll get three nifty stickers per purchase, with each option boasting a different PlayStation themed cut out. There’s also a blank label if you’re determined to not let any light through, but we actually quite like the subtle neon branding. Of course, you’re probably not going to be able to play augmented reality application The Playroom with these attached, but we assume that they can be removed.

With the platform holder insisting that it has no plans to allow users to dim the DualShock 4’s colourful gadget, this may actually prove the perfect solution to your glare related dilemmas. Are you planning to purchase a set of these to try on your peripheral? Cover us up in the comments section below.

[via ebay.co.uk]