Stellar Blade PS5 Dev Thanks Fans for 'Passion' Following Censorship Controversy 1
Image: Push Square

It sounds like Korean developer Shift Up may revert its controversial Stellar Blade outfit changes, as it’s told fans to “stay tuned for updates” and thanked players for their “passion and feedback”. For those out of the loop, a petition went viral this weekend after gamers noticed some alterations to a couple of the release’s costumes, incorporated by the release’s day one patch.

While the launch day update incorporates an excellent New Game + mode, many felt aggrieved that it added additional fabric to the bust of a couple of protagonist Eve’s threads, attracting complaints of censorship. Director Hyung-Tae Kim later clarified that this is what the studio always intended, but he accepted it’ll take more to convince users, and that internal discussions were taking place.

There’s no confirmation here that the outfits will be reverted, but given the wording of the statement and the overall controversy surrounding the changes, we suspect a patch may change the costumes back. Of course, if you’d like to see all of Eve’s looks and find out how to unlock them before these changes are made, check out our All Outfits and How to Get Them guide.