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Tue 23rd April, 2013

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DoublezZ01 commented on PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Is So Close We Can Ta...:

I haven't played the title with this theme either in ages or ever I checked out Dark Souls gameplay and then I looked at blood borne and Said I'm starting on the genre at the right time in the right generation! February is going to be a slamming month!



DoublezZ01 commented on Review: Destiny (PlayStation 4):

good review indeed I agree no I definitely agree the game was over hyped but heck it also makes me glad I'm not a first person shooter nut because I have not played in various first person shooters over the years so I feel as if I'm feeling destiny the way it's intended as a very good shooter now and even during the beta I felt the DualShock 4 was tuned to destiny feels so right not to mention I don't do too many fps's onlinebut strangely I actually do quite well in the crucible I feel like I've gotten more kills in destiny online then I have any other shooter excluding Killzone 3! The shooting! the precision I love it all! I especially love co-operating with friends that was something I was highly looking forward to in this title definitely brings that all in all I'm satisfied with destiny I haven't watched a full episode of a show since Tuesday excluding a couple things on Netflix! this game feels like it has fine tuned me as a shooter and I'm completely satisfied glad I didn't expect too much but I still give a big thumbs up to Bungie! I think the most disappointed customers might be Xbox fans as this game does share some similar qualities to Halo!



DoublezZ01 commented on You'll be Able to Play PS4 Games on Sony's New...:

I plan on snagging the Galaxy Note 4 and it's a pretty damn powerful new phone so I hope they release some kind of software to allow it to play on that device let alone other strong smart phones, heck I don't care if I have to pay!



DoublezZ01 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's Pre-Tokyo G...:

That 1 mech game I saw and and my most favorite news Mobile Suit Gundam PS4 confirmed!!!!! Im seriously hoping they push the next gen Mobile suit games way higher on PS4 ... from the teaser I can see there are already starting by the looks of the graphics! I hope it's nothing Dynasty Warriors gundam related or even EXVS. ..I hope they maid some more games similar to side stories! If side stories was the first gundam on PS3 instead of its flop predecessor crossfire. ..Playstations flagship mech game would silk be a hit all across the globe!!!



DoublezZ01 commented on Gamescom 2014: How Does PS4 Firmware Update 2....:

yes finally one of ps4's main features will make it shine is coming out about damn time!!! =)!!! Part of the reason I reached the original brieging do much last was just to hear up all those features all over again I praise them so much!!!



DoublezZ01 commented on Sony: We Want to Make PS4 Players Feel Special:

I guess Ive got to agree with most of the comments because the freebie for this month the game I imported last month from Europe and the 2 PS3 games that I traded one PS4 game for is all on PS3 so I think my PS3 is feeling more special because I also ordered this cool third party controller for it! I'm dying to play my 4 but the lack of games is really a let down but I am being as patient as possible! Can't wait for destiny too bad 1 of the 3 new colors of the DS4 I have to wait until the end of October for! Buts its all good because there 3 PS4 games I'm getting before the end of the year! to this day I still can't fathom why Sony turned down sunset overdrive it is one of the reasons I am still trying to snag an X 1 in October or before the end of the year!



DoublezZ01 commented on You Won't Be Able to Transfer Your Destiny Bet...:

Nooooo. .. my precious titan!!! Gotta restart your awesomeness! !! Oh well. ..the beta impressed me so much that I could care less snow but it is still a big shocker I was most certain that's why they had as make those accounts!



DoublezZ01 commented on Will the PS4 Get a Price Cut Any Time Soon?:

Seriously why on earth do ppl expect keep expecting a price drop so soon... the. Machine hasn't even been out for a year! Not to mention normally price drops on new hardware dobt happen after the first 2 to 3 years especially those that are successful! 400b is a damn fair enough price! Ppl if u want this s I per console save ur cash!



DoublezZ01 commented on E3 2014: Yes, Sony's Smallest Ever Console Is ...:

Glad I'm not super picky with games! !!.... Thank goodness....50 percent of my radio is for the PS4 remote play! !! From my room to a73 awesome. ..sooooo glad I waited instead of importing. gut told me it was coming that it would be common sense for Sony to bring this device over to the US and it happened so happy =)



DoublezZ01 commented on You May Not Know About These Secret PS4 Firmwa...:

Sony keeps doing better and better with PS!!! If u guys watched the vid with shu and mark u already should know why requested features are taking so long! Its more like taking there time with 1 feature at a time.. rather than just rushing it out with a whole bunch of bugs and flaws! So everyone can stop asking about the obvious wanted feature (MP3 DLNA) there comming! Just be patient and we will probably see them by the years end! Stay patient my PlayStation pals!!! =)



DoublezZ01 commented on Evolution: We've Captured the Soul of Every Ca...:

I'm not mad at them at all, as far as i can tell, there the biggest example of true developers for really taking there time to capture there vision and ensure that this is the game they imagined and know that ppl will enjoy!!! Great job Evolution!!! release the game when ready!!! =)



DoublezZ01 commented on PS4 Sequel Final Fantasy XV to Flaunt 'Stylish...:

Finaly , this will be the first final fantasy i ever own!!! My gaming Ora revolves around action and excitement!!! XD Aswell as a good story to go along with all that action!!!=) i have a feeling that this will be the true demonstration of how final fantasy should have been played all the years!!!