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Wed 28th December, 2011

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Cyrso commented on Sony's Relying on Strong PS4 Numbers to Help D...:

Never get the criticism about "omg it's a game machine not for watching TV!!".

Sorry, nope, I'm very happy that both Xbox One and PS4 (although I don't have any of those) and PS3 have more functions than just playing games. Just because it has some multimedia stuff doesn't rule out that it plays games. Honestly I even liked Microsoft's ideology for an all-in-one box, except the live TV stuff is a bit silly in my opinion, because switching between games and live TV is a matter of pressing a button and I would rather do that than have to leave the Xbox One on all the time (it consumes quite a lot of electricity too) just so TV can pass-trough it.

@AeroZeppelin Exactly.

@rykkchii It's mostly a matter of marketing approachment. Is it really a bad thing that a console has more functions than just playing games? Most people want more functions than gaming, you can see people were (rightfully) mad when they found out the next-gen consoles didn't support DLNA and MP3 playback. I don't get what's wrong with optional, extra features that don't take away from the main focus of games.

And I can't speak about the PS4 experience myself, as I don't have one (it doesn't seem distinctive enough so far compared to previous-gen and the first-party games on PS3 and multiplats kept coming on PS3 so no reason to rush to get a PS4), but yes I agree the first-party line-up seems weak and nothing special so far. It takes some time to heat up I guess, hope you guys will see what you want at E3.



Cyrso commented on The PS4 Won't Be Looting Any Exclusive Content...:

@get2sammyb They don't seem to favour anyone so it's 50/50. Maybe they're a little bit closer to Microsoft due to having already made Witcher 2 for X360, though. I would bet it's going to be shown at Microsoft's conference too.

@justerthought Exactly. CD Projekt Red should all have our respect. No DLC, No pre-order exclusives, no timed exclusive stuff, no season pass, no DRM, no platform exclusive stuff. Just the game. Very refreshing to see for once. (Although imo there is nothing inherently wrong with DLC imo, sometimes it's great and can really help to extend the playtime of the game)



Cyrso commented on DriveClub's Newest PS4 Footage Looks Just Abou...:


Well more is always better, but ultimately there's always going to be a limit. Especially for low-price entry mass-market devices like consoles.

Developer can never assume to have an infinite amount of graphical processing power and RAM resources at their disposition so ultimately they're always going to need to make design decisions.

For example: Should the game have extremely good-looking ultra-realistic graphics and shoot for 30 fps or are we going to prioritize 60 fps and keep the graphics a little less complex but still shoot for good image quality? Or should we envision a more open-world or semi-open-world level design and scale back the graphics or framerate etc?

It's the same thing with VR. The PS4 has enough power for VR, but has it enough power to power games like DriveClub with the same graphical intensivity at a very high framerate (which is important for VR, think about 100+ FPS) and with very good AA? Highly unlikely. Hell, I doubt a GTX Titan could even run the game like that.

But games like The Witness etc could probably work very well with VR. It's up to the developers to be creative with the resources and go for an artstyle that works well with VR and graphics that leave enough room to spare for a high framerate (60 FPS - 120 FPS)



Cyrso commented on Microsoft: PS4 Is Outperforming Xbox One Becau...:

His logic is completely flawed. Baffling that this comes from a chief marketing executive.

“It's hard to really assess the gap in sales,” the executive stated. “They’re in many more markets right now than we are. They're in 40 plus markets, we're in 13.”

Except when you compare the 13 countries that both PS4 and XB1 have in common, the PS4 still leads in sales in those 13 countries. US and Europe are like 80% of the total marketshare, the rest is a drop in the bucket and that's especially true for the Xbox brand. He's delusional if he thinks they're suddenly going 3 million units in a matter of months here in the Benelux and other regions like Scandinavia and Japan.

With logic like that I doubt he even properly market researched his bold claim about X360 customers being more satisfied than PS3 customers. Not to mention, is it up to date? Satisfaction can change over time and the PS3 was very good in its later years, 2012, 2013. The graphical disparity in multiplatform games completely disappeared (or arguably even turned into PS3's advantage, looking at the graphics of most PS3 exclusives), the exclusives on PS3 were amazing and PS+ became amazing value. On the other hand, MS kinda dropped the ball on first-party support during X360's later years.

If anything it would be the PS3 owners who would have less of a reason to upgrade due to the still strong first-party support for the system in 2013 and it's still getting some high profitle Japenese games in 2014 and 2015 (Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Zestiria, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, Persona 5). In fact I'm one of those, I'm still on PS3 and feel no urgency to upgrade so far. :D

And on top of that it makes no sense anyway. If PS3 owners were less satisfied then why would they be so happy to stick with the PlayStation brand? His whole story is sounding like far-fetched, made-up attempt to spin the facts.

Why not simply admit that they you introduced the XB1 in the wrong way and simply say that you feel confident about you're upcoming XB1 games and that you're dedicated to satisfy XB1's customers needs instead of being so arrogant and say "PS3 customers were less satisfied! We have the best games!" The Xbox One launch was a great success as well so there's no need for him to be so agressive and arrogant like that.

Imo, the X360 was a great system indeed, so was PS3. But his logic is just flawed imo.



Cyrso commented on Sony Expects to Remain in the Red Next Year As...:


Here's your asnwer:

1.046 trillion JPY ($10 billion) in Cash

0.833 trillion JPY ($8 billion) in Marketable Securities

4.205 trillion JPY ($41 billion) in Current Assets

4.784 trillion JPY ($47 billion) in Current Liabilities

15.334 trillion JPY ($150 billion) in Total Assets

12.546 trillion JPY ($123 billion) in Total Liabilities

They're very big in terms of total raw assets so they can take quite a hit. At worst they'll have to downsize and simply fall back to their most profitable divisions and let go the rest. They haven't hit the panic button yet and I don't think there's a reason to but I have absolutely no insight in their business budgetting whatsoever so I'm not the one to judge.



Cyrso commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:


I don't think that's true. The only Wii U game that is running at 1080p 60 fps is Rayman Legends, but that isn't too special since it's a 2D game mostly made up of 2D artwork and it also ran at that resolution and framerate on X360/PS3.


Besides, you have to look at more than just the framerate and resolution. Games like Watch Dogs and inFAMOUS Second Son are first of all open-world meaning a lot of assets have to be rendered all at once and both games also have very advanced lighting and rendering techniques so they're going to be pushing the hardware much more than Super Mario 3D World or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Or like Ryse: Son of Rome it runs at 900p and 30 fps, but it's still one of the most impressive looking games, graphically and it's going to be much more taxing for the hardware than a game that is much more simple in its design and graphics like Super Mario 3D World, even if the latter would be running at 1080p 60 fps.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country TF here, I don't have a Wii U, but I loved the previous games (DKCR and Super Mario Galaxy 1&2), I'm just saying that those games are graphically much more simple and thus are going to more easily achieve 720p or 1080p 60 fps.



Cyrso commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:


  • The graphics look very good imo. Also means it's taxing for the hardware
  • Open-world game, lots of detail and lots of stuff has too be calculated and rendered at once so overall there's a lot of stuff going on.
  • 1080p
  • All of the above at 60 fps would be unique for an open-world on any console. Even on PC that would require a quite powerful PC. So I think, if it would really be 60 fps on PS4 then I think Ubisoft would already have revealed that since it's a pretty important selling point.

The game's director also already made a comment on the framerate of the PS4 version of Watch Dogs and said it was 'stable' ( ). Again, you would think he would have said it's 60 fps if it was 60 fps, because 'stable' alone doesn't really say much.

It's possible that they're saving the framerate announcement closer to the release or something, but I doubt it. Or maybe it's lower framerate on the Xbox One version and they don't want to harm the PR for the Xbox One version of the game and the 3rd party relationship with Microsoft.



Cyrso commented on How's Sony Doing Financially Now That the PS4'...:

@bbq_boy Sony is just not Movies and Playstation. It's a conglomerate. Look at the whole list of their divisions and subsidiaries on Wikipedia and you'll see it's huge. PlayStation 4 and Sony Pictures can't compensate for all other divisions if all those others make losses.

Besides, it's not like this stuff has really from a consumer standpoint. Okay, if the losses are really that big and across all divisions to the point where the whole conglomerate could go bankrupt, then it obviously it holds relevance. I don't think it's the case here, Sony has quite some profitable divisions, but they also have a few divisions making a lot of losses. If it perceives they will have to continue to spin-off and sell non-profitable divisions. Playstation will probably always be safe since that's a huge brand, so those fans have nothing to worry about.

Hopefully the whole company will manage to turn it around imo. The ones from that I have products from have always been great quality, so it's not like they don't deserve it. Xperia Z2 and tablet Z2 looks fantastic. Their imaging division (cameras) are extremely good, quality-wise, but their DSLR cameras are still not as popular as the Nikon's and Canon's, but quality-wise they hold up. They're one of the few who still support A-mounts. In terms of mirrorless cameras, the Sony's are top of the market in terms of quality. The Sony KDL TV's from 2013 and 2014 have been consistently great from what I've gathered from multiple tech sites. Their TV's also covers all the market ends now. And I don't know about the rest. But from what I've gathered and experienced myself in terms of quality you're usually getting top-notch stuff with Sony electronics at least, so it's sad to see they're still eating losses.



Cyrso commented on Xbox Exclusive Titanfall Almost Fired onto the...:

Oh too bad it didn't happen. Western developers don't seem to care about handhelds anymore. :(

I wonder what's the complete story behind it. They signed with EA before so, they had no reason the limit the platform availability.

And I might nitpick by the way it's technically not Xbox exclusive since it's also on PC.

The gameplay seems really good, but the content doesn't seem substantial and there's no single-player. I might bite one day when it's cheap on PC, because I don't play full price for games without single-player but that's just me maybe. Or hopefully Titanfall 2 will be around the corner then and on all platforms and will be much more fully-fledged and with single-player etc.



Cyrso commented on Microsoft Ponders PlayStation's Commitment to,...:

I don't really care for this stuff, I don't think it will be available in my country anyway. But indeed, offering more options in addition to games is never a bad thing.

I'm looking forward to the Ratchet & Clank movie.

And Sony Pictures Animation apparently have their hands full already, that's why they couldn't make the Ratchet movie.



Cyrso commented on Exclusive: Mass Effect Meets Morpheus in Beats...:


It sounds very ambitious, especially since they're a small studio I think. Hopefully they'll take their to make it great. Z-Run looked really mediocre, but Ready to Run and this game seem promising so far. :)



Cyrso commented on Feature: 12 PS3 Hits We'd Like to See Remaster...:

  • Puppeteer. The graphics were already fantastic, but the game could really benefit from 60 fps. The visuals actually don't need an upgrade, they were already incredible, but a resolution upgrade to 1080p couldn't hurt either if it's possible.
  • Ratchet & Clank PS3 trilogy maybe. (Tools of Destruction, A Crack in Time, Into the Nexus). I think Into the Nexus got buried under PS4/Xbox One hype and released at the same time on PS3, so I think it went under the rader for a lot of people, therefore it will still be new to lots of people on PS4. It was also the first Ratchet game to sacrifice 60 fps for better graphics, so on PS4 they won't have to make that concession. They should have prioritized a Vita / PS4 version for this game.
  • Dragon's Dogma. Could really benefit from a more steadier frame rate and better IQ. I'm also inclined to say Remember Me.

Also didn't play it yet, but GTA V seems like an obvious one. Same goes for The Last of Us.



Cyrso commented on Rumour: DriveClub May Be Parking on the PlaySt...:

In the middle of E3 doesn't really seem smart since it easily gets overshadowed by all new announcements etc.

They had the balls to do it last year with The Last of Us so if it's indeed releasing in the middle of E3 then it could mean they're once again extremely confident in the quality of the game.

And yes, it's only been delayed once.



Cyrso commented on Weirdness: Sony's Opinion of Portable Gaming P...:

Ehh lol.

Tweet is originally from SonyXperia so I think it's understandable, which is obviously a seperate entity than SCE, but still making the general Sony account retweet it was dumb indeed when they have PSVita..

With that said the Xperia Z2 Tablet looks amazing in my opinion.



Cyrso commented on First Impressions: Is the PS Vita Dragging Mur...:

This is exactly what I was worried about the moment I saw the trailer.

Hopefully they manage to sort it out.

My eyes are now on Metrico, that other little Vita exclusive. Metrico looks really amazing and there it's the gameplay that seems to stand out.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: PlayStation's Big Employment Pe...:

@Ndibu You made an account specifically to say that? :)

I don't think there's anything wrong with putting things into perspective.

There is nothing to rescue, nothing out of all this is not even in the slightliest going to affect consumers. So in fact no, it could be bad for SCE, but it is not bad for consumers in any way, I am not personally affected by what is going on at SCE.

Perhaps next time you could actually use reasoning if you're willing to argue instead of resorting to silly, one-lined personal attacks and ad hominems. You're entitled to your own opinions, but nobody is going to take you seriously with those kinds of posts.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: PlayStation's Big Employment Pe...:

And not to mention it's not like it's exclusive to Sony or something.

I remember that one Rare veteran joined Sony London last year, 343 industries Corrine Yu, a lead programmer for Halo, joined Naughty Dog too last year. I remember that Naughty Dog had a very rough transistion to the PS3 generation and they were bleeding talent, and look at how they bounced back in the end. I remember that Retro Studios was also bleeding talent at some point when they were wrapping up Metroid Prime 3 and another round for DKCR. Rare had a very rough transisition to from Nintendo second party to MS first-party. Bungie split with Microsoft etc. (I'm not really sure anymore why they split with Microsoft. I think it was on good terms, wasn't it? Or did they 'buy' themselves out because of creative disagreements?)

These things happen, employees aren't locked up to companies or something. I am not defending anything (well I don't think there's anything to defend), I'm simply relativizing it.

So yes, I think it's being blown out of proportion right new, because the departures were happening quickly after each other.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: PlayStation's Big Employment Pe...:

An unlucky timing of events I'm afraid.

I don't think it's really exceptional that people move on and switch between game studios & projects but regularly, but well yeah this sounds like an unlucky unconnected following of events. I don't think think there's a reason to be worried, these are not things that are directly going to affect consumers or something. We should only start to get worried if the first-party development output severely slows down over time, compared to the PS3 generation

For know I'm staying confident, Sony still has an edge with their first-party studios over the competition (although yes I think Nintendo is definitely on par, but Microsoft Studios is not), and actually I've think they've been doing quite well looking at the past year. Tearaway and The Last of Us were huge critical hits and got lots of awards. inFamous Second Son seems great (don't have PS4). Puppeteer, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, God of War Ascension, Ratchet & Clank: Nexus, Gran Turismo 6 were pretty good too.

I think they're going to be more careful with the release windows of their first-party games now, a lot of their PS3 exclusives went underrated and weren't sales wonders, maybe they had too much sales cannibalization within their own games, so maybe they're going to try to avoid that this time around (hopefully it won't mean less games, but simply better spread out and more effective marketing)

And as not-yet PS4 owner I can just take a wait and see approach, but I'm sure they'll bounce back strong.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: Are We Starting to Expect Too M...:

In my opinion it's truly unrivaled in terms of value.

I'm a subscriber only for 4 months or something and I was already very happy with all the games I got after just two months. So, yes I'm satisfied, the amount of quality games you get for just €50 is staggering, I think people are getting spoiled.

I don't get how anyone couldn't be satisfied, even if you would only own a PS4. If the competition had a similar service offering better value, sure then I would understand, but as it stands Playstation Plus is unrivaled, especially if we're only talking about consoles, so really there's nothing to complain imo.



Cyrso commented on High Profile Designer Seth Killian Has Resigne...:

@Gamer83 Not to mention even after all this, out of the three console manufacturers, SCE still has the largest, established roster of first-party development studios. (which means the chances of having departures is also relatively higher, when you have more people)

It's your very own right to be worried about this, I'm not going to argue about that, but personally I wouldn't jump to conclusions and just wait and see what happens and see what Sony and Microsoft have in store for us, see how it compares. E3 is right around the corner. :)

And I don't have a PS4 yet so I'm not thirsty for PS4 games or something, I don't get why anyone would buy a PS4 already if you're just waiting for the first-party games to hit. Why not just wait until E3 and see how Sony & Microsoft release the kraken and wait until you've got a nice library of games including first-party games to choose from with your new console?

Just my two cents, personally I think the PS3 is still going strong and I'm going to purchase a PSVita soon and I've still got a huge backlog on PS3 & PC (and Vita soon), not to mention all those free PS+ games. :)



Cyrso commented on High Profile Designer Seth Killian Has Resigne...:

@Gamer83 Why should a company's financial state affect your decisions rather than looking at the quality of the products you're considering to buy? And not to mention value?

I could also end up buying an XB1 down the line but not with that reasoning.. I would look at their first-party output for a large sample of years, I would look at the console itself obviously, the value, the hardware, features etc, obviously.When I'm going to buy a smartphone it's not going to be automatically an iPhone just because Apple the richest... I couldn't care less about these corporations, it's the product itself I care about. Since when are people making purchases based off how rich a corporation that only exists to take away your money?

Sony made losses during the PS3 generation, Microsoft quickly reached profitability with X360, does that automatically mean it's the better console with the better first-party games? No, clearly PS3's first party games were better in quality and quantity, in fact let's be honest Microsoft's whole first-party output has been terrible since a few years already. They dropped the ball in 2012-2013 imo.

Keep in mind a lot of Sony first party studios have grown considerably over the last years, except only departures take the headlines. In two years: Sucker Punch from 80 to 120, Naughty Dog from 200 to 250, Guerilla Games is 200 people now, they were definitely much smaller before.

People are leaving and getting re-hired all the time in the game industry.. Even Microsoft closed Victoria Studios, had Halo's lead programmer leaving 343i etc. Disney laid off 700 people from its games division, Take Two closed Irrational games, Eidos Montreal let go 30 people from its studio, EA let go an unknown amount of staffers from Popcap etc etc. It's not exclusive to Sony by any means, it's not exclusive to financially poor-performing companies, they will simply always try to keep the best development efficiency and keep the output the highest possible in relation to costs. Bigger is not always going to be the aswner. A large portion of employment in the video game industry is contractually, aka they hire specific positions and when the game is wrapping up they're let go.

You're just hearing about it a lot because news like this spreads quickly via Twitter these days and make for good fanboy-war driven clickbait articles. Yes, obviously there have been a lot of recent ones from Sony, but to me I would simply hold off my judgement and take a wait and see approach. Everyone said at the start of the previous generation that X360 exclusives were going to dominate and look how it turned out.

Anyway, do whatever you want of course. I would certainly recommend an XB1, it will only lead to more games, more choice and more diversity in games overall if you own both. :)
Although I would recommend a Wii U first, since you'll have less overlap that way.



Cyrso commented on Pachter: PS4's Virtual Reality Headset Is a 'R...:

Usually I think Pachter gets a lot of undeserved hate and I think he's mostly captain obvious and reasonable at the same time. He definitely know something about the commercial side of the video game industry.

But he's pertty clueless about the rest.. He's not the one who can gouge popularity about video games at all.

I think he's wrong here in this case too. People who have tried VR seem very excited and the reactions from people trying it for the first time are awesome. I imagine the word of mouth of VR could spread like wild fire if it's really well done and it could be a huge hit with the casuals, kinda like at the start of the Wii generation when people swung the Wii Remote in Wii Sports Tennis for the first time and are amazed, except the effect could be even bigger with VR since it really is much more immserive and has complete motion tracking, not just the tennis racket you would be holding.

The only thing is, they'll need to get people to try VR and the price could be a barrier too.

I don't think Pachter deserves to be quoted in articles anymore, he has been wrong too many times and he is pretty clueless in the actual design of video games etc. (heck there's a compilation on yt on all his quotes about PC gaming etc and he seems really clueless lol.

And I'm not saying this just because he's pessismistic about VR (I'm open-minded about it, but I don't think I would be the first to get into it either), he's just been wrong so many times already that he holds little credibility imo.



Cyrso commented on PS Vita Exclusive Freedom Wars' Box Art May Re...:

I think Panopticon was a much better name. Freedom Wars sounds generic and uninspired. Hopefully it will be localized after the extra updates are done and I hope it will be called Panopticon with Freedom Wars as subtitle or something.

That said the box art is a bit too busy for me, but I like the gae's premise.

Freedom Wars and God Eater 2 should definitely be localized.



Cyrso commented on PS4 Sales Slip Behind Pace Set by Nintendo Wii...:


Well said, 100% agreed. :) Although, I'm not going to lie, I was pretty curious to see how PS4 would perform in Japan etc and I think overall I'm pretty curious to see how sales of a certain console are trending etc, but in the end it's the games for us consumers that matter. I never really got people's obsession to argue about weekly/monthly sales updates etc, it's completely irrelevant to the quality of the system and its games itself, it won't affect consumer satisfaction of games.

I also get that fans care about about console sales to a certain degree, to the point were the console is viable for 3rd party games, but beyond that point why does it matter indeed?

Also even more pathetic was IGN's headline for the NPD sales article "Xbox One made more money than PS4 in february". That is just even more irrelevant, who cares about which console makes the most money? IGN is a video game/ entertainment news outlet their audience are video game fans, not investors or financial analysts.. That headline is just nurturing fanboy wars.



Cyrso commented on Why Isn't User Generated Content Supported in ...:

@Remixora It's a completely new story with a new setting and new protagonists so it stands very well on its own. Hence, why it's also not called inFamous 3. :P

I didn't play any of the previous games either and I don't have a PS4, but that's what I've read.

There might be a couple of references to the events in the previous games, though.



Cyrso commented on God of War Studio Sony Santa Monica Slashed by...:

@Gamer83 There's no reason to worry about the PS4 being dead after two years. Come on man it just has the most succesful console launch in history meaning publishers are only going to want to capitalize on its success. The Playstation brand is very healthy both in terms of reputation and quality and in terms of finances so really you don need to worry at all.

Heck, at both the DICE Awards and BAFTA awards, in terms of nominations SCE was the #1 publisher with the most nominations by a large margin. They had a ton of great games last year, Puppeteer, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank: Nexus, Gran Turismo 6, Beyond Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice.. All decent to amazing games and showing a great diversity. I might sound like a fanboy right now, but looking at the past generations, personally I would argue that SCE is the platform holder with the best first-party games. And Nintendo follows closely in second place imo, and Microsoft in 3rd place. But overall between Nintendo and SCE it's debatable imo. Of course ultimately it's subjective.

Of course you are entitled to your own opinion and of course you can criticize the PS4 all you want, but constantly shooting down everyone and claiming Sony slaves here are going to spin things like these (as I explained there isn't even anything anyone could possible spin here, since we don't know any details), is just extremely annoying and obnoxious, sorry.

You could have known the library of a console that just launched is going to be limited, it's no different for the Xbox One, it wasn't any different Wii U - which had even bigger droughts and had also big delays (Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends were supposed to be launch window games), it wasn't any different for the 3DS. Surprisingly, I would actually argue it was a bit different for the Vita since that one got a great launch line-up and it had Gravity Rush to counter the "post-launch drought".

And come on layoffs happen regularly, especially in the video game industry because a lot of game designers/artists/programmers etc are employed contractually on a game-per-game basis. Even Microsoft closed Victoria Studios 3 months ago despite having deep pockets and Take Two just closed Irrational Games despite having a lot of money too. Of course SSM is not closed and we can still expect a PS4 game from them.



Cyrso commented on God of War Studio Sony Santa Monica Slashed by...:

@Gamer83 That one was a bit too extreme, my bad.

But come on, there is nothing to spin here. Why are you being so obnoxious and why do you need to shoot out ad hominems instantly when nobody has a clue about what how the game development at SSM is proceeding and therefore nobody even attempted to 'spin' this in the first place?

Maybe they're scaling back to one single team to focus on one single project at one time now, and they couldn't move all the artists and concept designers of the one project to the other project, because the other project was probably already in full production. That's how game development goes, you can't put everyone on the game at the same time since a game is developed in stages.

We don't know.

I only hope all people affected will land on their feet eventually.