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Wed 28th Dec 2011

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Cyrso commented on This Portable PS4 Projector Will Let You Play ...:

@rjejr I don't know, but it's probably a technical reason. Maybe the pixels are rectangular (not square) so it can still be 16:9 aspect ratio.

No idea why you consider Kaz Hirai having a conserative leadership (don't follow Sony Corporation news fervently or something so maybe I'm not the one to know), but you realize that being conservative is a bad thing for a technology, electronics company?

A tech/electronics company obviously has to invest in R&D to find new product applications, new tech standards, new technologies for products. It's a bit weird that you seem to be painting technological innovations as a bad thing.



Cyrso commented on This Portable PS4 Projector Will Let You Play ...:

Seems really cool. Great for people who want a big-screen cinema experience that is also compact, portable and on a small budget.

On the business (office presentations) and education side, I imagine it can being very convenient too. You don't need a dedicated room with a projector anymore, but you can just use this pico-projector that people can carry around. The price and resolution is also fantastic for the kind of product that it is. (other pico-projectors are typically only 480p resolution and are in the €250-400 price range. 1920x720 resolution is a first for a pico-projector as far as I know, so great engineering achievement on Sony's part)

And by the way, you can't really compare the luminous flux in lumen from a laser projector (which this one is) to a bulb-based projector (DLP). Laser is always way lower because light is focused in one direction. 32 lumen for a laser projector is decent and considering the small form factor of this projector, it's pretty good I'd say.

The technology will probably be very important going forward too, with the emergence of AR glasses/HMD's that utilize small built-in pico-projectors. So good they're doing R&D in that area I think. Integrating it in smartphones is definitely also a possibility, like the article mentions.

And by the way, it isn't a PS4-specific projector. It was just demoed with a PS4 going by another article that I read, but it can obviously accept any HMDI video source. (and even receive stream from other devices, so pretty versatile I'd say) Using for playing games with a PS4 is one of the many applications.

The article is needlessly opinionated though. I don't see how it's pointless at all.


No offense, but article is needlessly opinionated (video games for consumers is just one of the many potential applications of this projector). It is not a useless product at all. Just because it isn't useful to you, doesn't mean that it isn't useful for people in other fields.

I think it can never hurt to do a bit more research when you're writing something that isn't that much about gaming but is more related to technology.



Cyrso commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

Very hard to choose (out of those of which that I've seen the trailers and gameplay), so many great games, but I picked Ratchet & Clank because finally we have Toy Story-quality graphics in a video game with R&C and the gameplay looks very nice like you'd expect from R&C.

Horizon, The Last Guaridan, Dreams, Deus Ex and much more look great as well though.



Cyrso commented on Feature: 11 Games We Want to Play with PS4's V...:

I think Flower and The Unfinished Swan would be a great fit for VR.

Those are games without fast motion, without sharp turns and without fast camera movement (so not likely for anyone to get motion sickness), so I think that would translate really well to a great immersive experience in VR, without too much modifications to the game.

And I don't think those games require that much processing power, so that means they can target a high framerate that is necessary for an enjoyable VR experience.

Games like Flower, The Unfinished Swan, Afrika, No Man's Sky are games I would love to see in VR!

Games like Mirror's Edge, Assassin's Creed, Dishonored would require to make some big graphical trade-offs to make them work in VR I think. But it could be a trade-off that's worth it of course.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: Is This the End for the PlaySta...:

The premise of the poll doesn't really make sense to me. Yes, obviously the PS3 is decreasing in relevance for publishers.

Doesn't mean that I can't continue using mine or something. Don't really see the relevance from a consumer point of view. (might sound egocentric, sorry for that)



Cyrso commented on Reaction: Project Morpheus Seems Impressive, B...:

Quality is more important than price and price is obviously relative to price.

Good to see that they're going with quality (the specs are great), technologically this headset sounds amazing. Only issue is the low resolution.



Cyrso commented on Ratchet & Clank PS4 Is Further Along Than You ...:

"after all, the last that we heard is that the title's due out in the first half of 2015, so it could merely be months away."


The release window was changed from Q1/Q2 2015 to just '2015', so it's more likely to come out in Q3/Q4 (otherwise they wouldn't have changed it).

Probably the big holiday first-party SCE PS4 game along with Uncharted 4.

And yep, by the sounds of it it's going to be quite a substantial game, pretty much a new game really, except that the story arch will be similar to the first game (Ratchet & Clank, PS2). It's pretty much a full-fledged reboot of the first game (but not a franchise reboot).

Anyway, looking forward to seeing the trailer. I expect it at E3.



Cyrso commented on This Stunning Ratchet & Clank Statue is Perfec...:

Looks nice, don't have the disposable income for expensive collector's items like these though.

And honestly, I prefer Ratchet's design in A Crack in Time. His design in the film also looks fine imo, he looks so fluffy there.



Cyrso commented on Media Molecule Hoping to Reveal Major PS4 Game...:

Looking forward to seeing this. Tearaway was a lovely game.

By the way, please stop referring to Tearaway Unfolded as a "Vita port" when clearly it is not. It's pretty much a sequel, except it tells the same story and has the same progression structure as the original.



Cyrso commented on Pachter: This Is the PlayStation 4's Generatio...:


I think all of those games are shaping up to be good at least and potentially amazing.

I'm interested in all of those games except MLB 15, Until Dawn and Drawn to Death.

Looking forward the most to Ratchet & Clank!

I don't think I listed all the digital download titles by the way.



Cyrso commented on Pachter: This Is the PlayStation 4's Generatio...:

SCE definitely has a great line-up next year. Most of them should also have a high amount of mainstream appeal with Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886 leading the pack in terms of mainstream appeal.

The Order 1886
Ratchet & Clank
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
MLB 15: The Show
Tearaway: Unfolded
Until Dawn
Hot Shots Golf

And digital download games:

The Tomorrow Children
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Super Stardust Ultra
Journey PS4
Drawn to Death
PlanetSide 2 (F2P)
Kill Strain (F2P)

So this may be the year why I'll get a PS4.



Cyrso commented on Feature: Did PlayStation Plus Represent Value ...:

They're definitely providing way too much value.

I barely played 5 games among all those PS+ games.

The overkill in value could kind of devalue purchased games. I mean for the price of one new AAA game purchase €50 you can get €1100 worth of games for 1 year PS+. (and the most confusing thing is that despite the obvious overkill value, some people still complain about PS+ games lol)



Cyrso commented on Review: The Crew (PlayStation 4):


Yep, that's why I like that PS4 is still getting some linear games with The Order 1886 where I can lean back a bit without needing to worry where to go. And enjoy the story and the straightforward (but satisfyingly looking) 3rd person shooting.

I like to play both kind of games a lot, but I still think it makes no sense to write off a game because it isn't open-world imo.



Cyrso commented on Sony's Still Bleeding Money, But PS4's in Beas...:

Shame that Sony Xperia isn't profitable.

Otherwise, it looks pretty good, most of the other divisions are break-even or profitable. Sony Xperia just needs to perform commercially much better. (and it's doable since the quality is there and is outstanding. Just needs to posistion itself in the market better)



Cyrso commented on Poll: Are You in Tune with the PlayStation TV?:


Yep, I was just adding more of my personal thoughts on the PS TV in my post and I agree with you. I think PS TV is really a pretty good idea. It is not directly useful for me, but by increasing the PS TV userbase they're basically increasing the PSVita userbase (since it's PSVita hardware) which might entice publishers to make more PSVita games.

For example, the 2.5D Assassin's Creed game that was announced yesterday with the Season Pass for AC: Unity, I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft brought that to PSVita / PS TV if PS TV sells well.



Cyrso commented on Poll: Are You in Tune with the PlayStation TV?:


Already have a PSVita. The real deal.

It's a pretty pointless device for people like me who prefer playing their PSVita games (and PSP and PS1 games) on the true, portable PSVita, I mean that's the point of a handheld, right. And of course it only supports a tiny amount of PSVita games, so I'd recommend just getting the PSVita if you want PSVita games. People are probably going to be disappointed that a lot of great Vita games won't be compatible.

Anyway, I think it's a brilliant idea personally it can re-eject some life in the PSVita platform as a whole. If it's very succesful then maybe some publishers will make more PS TV games and well PS TV games are also PSVita games, they are one and the same platform, so it's good news for everyone.

Though, I don't think it's particularly useful for people who already have PS3, PSVita etc, but otherwise it could be a neat introductory device to some classic PlayStation games. At $99 it could be a good impulsive purchase for a lot of people.



Cyrso commented on PlayStation Exclusives Sprint Away with Japan ...:

@Mr0303 I think a lot of players have a pretty broad taste rather than just sticking two one genre. Bloodborne and The Order 1886 are also pretty similar in style and they both target an 18+ audience of core gamers. I don't think most players just stick to one genre.

You're right they're different genres, but I'm sure there's still some overlap in their target audience.



Cyrso commented on PlayStation Exclusives Sprint Away with Japan ...:

Cool that The Order 1886 got an award. Going by the list, it seems to be rare to get an award for a western game, so congrats to Ready At Dawn I'd say!

I wonder what people found appealing about the demo, since it was the same old demo as E3 demo of which we already saw footage of, from a long time ago. And that demo looked a bit boring, honestly. The thermite rifle is cool, but apart from that it's nothing special.

Anyway, I think it's promising for the final game. One thing that we know for sure already is that this game will have fantastic art direction and stunning graphics. Hopefully we'll see more of the weapons and gameplay in the upcoming months.

And on a sidenote, I still think The Order 1886 is releasing in a dangerous window. It should be delayed to March. February already has The Witcher 3, Evolve and SCE's own Bloodborne.



Cyrso commented on Despite PS4's Success, Sony Expects to Lose a ...:

I'm actually thinking about buying the new Xperia Z3 Compact this Christmas. Seems like the perfect phone to me. I don't really like that almost every other smartphone with high-end specs has a >5" screen imo, so the Z3 appeals to me.

Anyway, I'm not too knowledgeable on the subject but from the tech site I regularly visit, the Xperia smartphones and the Z1 and Z2 Xperia tablets are always very well received in terms of hardware and features. Too bad they don't seem to be get much marketshare.

Anyway, I hope they'll find a good strategy and I hope Kaz has a good strategy.

I think streamlining the Xperia brand and the amount of models in mid-range is a good start.



Cyrso commented on Out This Week: Murasaki Baby, Disney Infinity ...:

Looking forward to Murasaki Baby the most, but I'm not sure if I'll get it on day one.

Fun little fact: Murasaki Baby is called 'Purple Baby' in Japan. (and Murasaki is the Japanese word for purple if I'm not mistaken)



Cyrso commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

I do wonder how they plan to recoup the $2.5B investment though. The brand is huge so it has big potential for other media and merchandise.

Or maybe they'll try to use it as an asset to bring kids to Windows Phone etc.



Cyrso commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

Props to MS for keeping the PlayStation versions and iOS / Android versions available. (makes sense obviously to try to keep the Minecraft brand as big as possible to recoup the $2.5B investment. Or it could have been part of the acquisition deal with Mojang anyway)

I hope for the Minecraft players on those platforms that they'll be well supported as well.

Personally I have always been a bit apathetic towards Minecraft, but my little brother plays this game religiously.

I was thinking about picking up the PSVita version though, hope that's still on track.

Anyway, even though I don't care that much for Minecraft (maybe the Vita version could hook me in), I look forward to what MS can bring to Minecraft. I hope they'll treat it well for the fans out there.



Cyrso commented on PS4's Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line',...:

It was never top of the line to begin with and that's just fine.

Point of consoles are to provide a good sweet spot between price and performance as mass market device. It wouldn't be a mass market device if it was a >€800 with more top of the line hardware.

Considering how good inFamous Second Son, KZ Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Uncharted 4 etc look I think they're doing a good job with the graphics and performance.

Lots of PS3 games still look very impressive to this date imo and that's on hardware from 2006 and for €200 for a PS3 you're still getting fantastic looking games imo. Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, God of War III, God of War: Ascension, Beyond Two Souls still look absolutely fantastic to this day.



Cyrso commented on One Day, You May Be Able to Play Every PlaySta...:

Is their long-term plan to provide PS Now in addition to remaining in the console hardware business with PS5, PS6 etc etc or is PS Now supposed to be a long-term substitute to the console hardware?

I'm not sold yet. I would definitely like to play some PS3 games on my PSVita via PSNow, but I never would take it as a substitute for games that are locally rendered on hardware.

I think bringing PS3 to PSNow and bringing PSNow to as many devices makes sense as long as it's a supplement for native games for PS4 and PSVita.

From what I've seen the prices for 1-month rentals on the PSNow beta seemed fair to me.

What I don't understand is that they didn't include many first-party games yet (from a list that I've seen)? The big opportunity there would be to push some of those PS3 first-party games that some people might have missed initially if they didn't have a PS3.

Anyway, I think local compute is here to stay for games. PSNow could become big on mobile devices imo. But I think it's still a pretty risky move, I mean the Gaikai acquisition was a risky move imo. But I don't know, it could pay off. It could also flop. I don't know.

Also adding PS4 games to PSNow would be weird, since they're trying to sell PS4's right now. I don't see them doing PS4 games for PSNow.

I'm probably going to stick with PS4/PSVita/PC for a long time if PS5 will be just PSNow. (well I wouldn't need more than that since the PS5 PSNow games should be streamable to PSVita and PS4. It could be pretty amazing to play amazing looking games on PSVita) Maybe occasionally some Nintendo, although Nintendo consoles are only worth renting imo. Got burnt on Nintendo systems too many times.



Cyrso commented on Wait, There Are More Unannounced PS4 Titles Du...:

I think Beyond Two Souls for PS4 is a good call. That, or another rerelease. Gravity Rush for PS4 maybe. Or maybe a compilation of PSN games on disc?

It's definitely not going to be another big new game, don't get your hopes up for something like GoW IV.



Cyrso commented on LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Recharges Its Powers w...:

@DualWielding Hey, that could have been pretty neat.

I doubt it would have helped Vita sales though. I think it's really time to stop being so melodramatic about PSVita sales (and Wii U sales) and to constantly think about things that would "help Vita sales". It's a given that PSVita just doesn't have the big mainstream appeal that would cover a large demographic. Let's just face that and move on. Doesn't mean that Wii U and PSVita are bad systems or something, they are simply not as popular as other devices. Whether something is popular or not, I don't see how it would affect someone's enjoyment on a personal level. So personally, I think there's no need to care so much about system sales.



Cyrso commented on LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Recharges Its Powers w...:

Don't have LBP on my Vita yet so I might pick this up. I'll probably get it from the PS Store though if it's available there. Actually I could probably just get it right now since it's just the base game with an expansion pack if I'm not mistaken. And last time I checked LBP Vita was pretty cheap on the PS Store (€15 iirc).



Cyrso commented on Sorry! PlayStation Plus Will Play Host to Plen...:

Best thing about this is that a lot of these are also on PSVita so I'm basically getting quite a bit of extra PS+ PSVita games that I didn't expect to receive at all and that I didn't subscribe for.

First Velocity 2X, now Binding of Isaac as well!

The people who complain about the PS+ on PS4, I don't think they have very reasonable expectations, personally I am happy that they expanded it to PS4 in the first place because (and for free) I used to only subscribe for PS3 PS+ games and now it's even more value because it's more 3 platforms simultaneously (PS3 + PSVita + PS4).

If PS+ Instant Game Collection wasn't on PS4 for example, I wouldn't have got the amazing Velocity 2X on my PSVita so I'm glad it's there in the first place.

People need to have reasonable expectations as well imo. Do people really expect to get the latest AAA games that normally retail for more than $30 each month (for PS4, a brand new platform that has barely started to build up its library and where games are still priced high because they're new) for a subscription that almost costs nothing in comparison to the cumulative cost of those games?

If people ditched their PS3 and maybe even other platforms as well, for just PS4 and expected to to play all the latest games just through PS+.. I'm sorry but that was their own responsibility. Anyone should have known that a business model that would provide overkill value like that wouldn't be sustainable on the long-term in the first place. Personally I'm grateful for things like Steam, Humble Bundle, PS+.. But at the same, games are being devalued and the constant whining of some people that have been conditioned to expect everything for very cheap or for free which kind of irks me. I mean, be grateful that it's there in the first place and if you aren't satisfied then try something else.



Cyrso commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's Pre-Tokyo G...:

I never watched a SCEJ pre-TGS conference before and neither did I ever follow TGS press coverage, so I had zero expectations.

I came away surprised with the amount of content and games (I recall there were 44 games shown). I've never really played many JRPG's, but going by the amount of praise a game like Persona 4 Golden gets I'll certainly look into it on my Vita. Always open to explore more genres and games.

Overall I thought it was good.

I still preferred Gamescom though. But both the SCEE and SCEJ were better than SCEA's E3 conference imo when it came to pacing. SCEA can learn a few things from SCEE and SCEJ imo.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

A game is a game in my opinion. Games should be classified by their own characteristics and genres, not by their budget of by whether they have a publisher or not.

And yes the word "indie" is completely meaningless now. Most people don't even seem to realize that it stands for "independent", so The Witcher 3 (and the other two Witcher games for the matter) is an indie game by that definition.

Not to mention, there's a vocal minority of let's say, 'haters' that seems to use indie game as a derogatory term.

Independent games add up to the overall variety of the games you can choose to purchase, so it's great imo, only more choice and more diversity for consumers.