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Wed 28th December, 2011

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Cyrso commented on Out This Week: Murasaki Baby, Disney Infinity ...:

Looking forward to Murasaki Baby the most, but I'm not sure if I'll get it on day one.

Fun little fact: Murasaki Baby is called 'Purple Baby' in Japan. :P (and Murasaki is the Japanese word for purple if I'm not mistaken)



Cyrso commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

I do wonder how they plan to recoup the $2.5B investment though. The brand is huge so it has big potential for other media and merchandise.

Or maybe they'll try to use it as an asset to bring kids to Windows Phone etc.



Cyrso commented on Minecraft Will Continue to Exist on PlayStatio...:

Props to MS for keeping the PlayStation versions and iOS / Android versions available. (makes sense obviously to try to keep the Minecraft brand as big as possible to recoup the $2.5B investment. Or it could have been part of the acquisition deal with Mojang anyway)

I hope for the Minecraft players on those platforms that they'll be well supported as well.

Personally I have always been a bit apathetic towards Minecraft, but my little brother plays this game religiously.

I was thinking about picking up the PSVita version though, hope that's still on track. :)

Anyway, even though I don't care that much for Minecraft (maybe the Vita version could hook me in), I look forward to what MS can bring to Minecraft. I hope they'll treat it well for the fans out there.



Cyrso commented on PS4's Hardware Is No Longer 'Top of the Line',...:

It was never top of the line to begin with and that's just fine.

Point of consoles are to provide a good sweet spot between price and performance as mass market device. It wouldn't be a mass market device if it was a >€800 with more top of the line hardware.

Considering how good inFamous Second Son, KZ Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Uncharted 4 etc look I think they're doing a good job with the graphics and performance.

Lots of PS3 games still look very impressive to this date imo and that's on hardware from 2006 and for €200 for a PS3 you're still getting fantastic looking games imo. Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, God of War III, God of War: Ascension, Beyond Two Souls still look absolutely fantastic to this day.



Cyrso commented on One Day, You May Be Able to Play Every PlaySta...:

Is their long-term plan to provide PS Now in addition to remaining in the console hardware business with PS5, PS6 etc etc or is PS Now supposed to be a long-term substitute to the console hardware?

I'm not sold yet. I would definitely like to play some PS3 games on my PSVita via PSNow, but I never would take it as a substitute for games that are locally rendered on hardware.

I think bringing PS3 to PSNow and bringing PSNow to as many devices makes sense as long as it's a supplement for native games for PS4 and PSVita.

From what I've seen the prices for 1-month rentals on the PSNow beta seemed fair to me.

What I don't understand is that they didn't include many first-party games yet (from a list that I've seen)? The big opportunity there would be to push some of those PS3 first-party games that some people might have missed initially if they didn't have a PS3.

Anyway, I think local compute is here to stay for games. PSNow could become big on mobile devices imo. But I think it's still a pretty risky move, I mean the Gaikai acquisition was a risky move imo. But I don't know, it could pay off. It could also flop. I don't know.

Also adding PS4 games to PSNow would be weird, since they're trying to sell PS4's right now. I don't see them doing PS4 games for PSNow.

I'm probably going to stick with PS4/PSVita/PC for a long time if PS5 will be just PSNow. (well I wouldn't need more than that since the PS5 PSNow games should be streamable to PSVita and PS4. It could be pretty amazing to play amazing looking games on PSVita) Maybe occasionally some Nintendo, although Nintendo consoles are only worth renting imo. Got burnt on Nintendo systems too many times.



Cyrso commented on Wait, There Are More Unannounced PS4 Titles Du...:

I think Beyond Two Souls for PS4 is a good call. That, or another rerelease. Gravity Rush for PS4 maybe. Or maybe a compilation of PSN games on disc?

It's definitely not going to be another big new game, don't get your hopes up for something like GoW IV. :P



Cyrso commented on LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Recharges Its Powers w...:

@DualWielding Hey, that could have been pretty neat.

I doubt it would have helped Vita sales though. I think it's really time to stop being so melodramatic about PSVita sales (and Wii U sales) and to constantly think about things that would "help Vita sales". It's a given that PSVita just doesn't have the big mainstream appeal that would cover a large demographic. Let's just face that and move on. Doesn't mean that Wii U and PSVita are bad systems or something, they are simply not as popular as other devices. Whether something is popular or not, I don't see how it would affect someone's enjoyment on a personal level. So personally, I think there's no need to care so much about system sales.



Cyrso commented on LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Recharges Its Powers w...:

Don't have LBP on my Vita yet so I might pick this up. :) I'll probably get it from the PS Store though if it's available there. Actually I could probably just get it right now since it's just the base game with an expansion pack if I'm not mistaken. And last time I checked LBP Vita was pretty cheap on the PS Store (€15 iirc).



Cyrso commented on Sorry! PlayStation Plus Will Play Host to Plen...:

Best thing about this is that a lot of these are also on PSVita so I'm basically getting quite a bit of extra PS+ PSVita games that I didn't expect to receive at all and that I didn't subscribe for. :D

First Velocity 2X, now Binding of Isaac as well! :)

The people who complain about the PS+ on PS4, I don't think they have very reasonable expectations, personally I am happy that they expanded it to PS4 in the first place because (and for free) I used to only subscribe for PS3 PS+ games and now it's even more value because it's more 3 platforms simultaneously (PS3 + PSVita + PS4).

If PS+ Instant Game Collection wasn't on PS4 for example, I wouldn't have got the amazing Velocity 2X on my PSVita so I'm glad it's there in the first place.

People need to have reasonable expectations as well imo. Do people really expect to get the latest AAA games that normally retail for more than $30 each month (for PS4, a brand new platform that has barely started to build up its library and where games are still priced high because they're new) for a subscription that almost costs nothing in comparison to the cumulative cost of those games?

If people ditched their PS3 and maybe even other platforms as well, for just PS4 and expected to to play all the latest games just through PS+.. I'm sorry but that was their own responsibility. Anyone should have known that a business model that would provide overkill value like that wouldn't be sustainable on the long-term in the first place. Personally I'm grateful for things like Steam, Humble Bundle, PS+.. But at the same, games are being devalued and the constant whining of some people that have been conditioned to expect everything for very cheap or for free which kind of irks me. I mean, be grateful that it's there in the first place and if you aren't satisfied then try something else.



Cyrso commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Sony's Pre-Tokyo G...:

I never watched a SCEJ pre-TGS conference before and neither did I ever follow TGS press coverage, so I had zero expectations.

I came away surprised with the amount of content and games (I recall there were 44 games shown). I've never really played many JRPG's, but going by the amount of praise a game like Persona 4 Golden gets I'll certainly look into it on my Vita. Always open to explore more genres and games. :)

Overall I thought it was good.

I still preferred Gamescom though. But both the SCEE and SCEJ were better than SCEA's E3 conference imo when it came to pacing. SCEA can learn a few things from SCEE and SCEJ imo.



Cyrso commented on Talking Point: Is Indie Becoming a Defunct, Di...:

A game is a game in my opinion. Games should be classified by their own characteristics and genres, not by their budget of by whether they have a publisher or not.

And yes the word "indie" is completely meaningless now. Most people don't even seem to realize that it stands for "independent", so The Witcher 3 (and the other two Witcher games for the matter) is an indie game by that definition.

Not to mention, there's a vocal minority of let's say, 'haters' that seems to use indie game as a derogatory term.

Independent games add up to the overall variety of the games you can choose to purchase, so it's great imo, only more choice and more diversity for consumers.



Cyrso commented on PS4 Shooter Velocity 2X Flies for Free in Sept...:

@get2sammyb So true, haha.

Another great month of adding even more games to my personal PSVita library. So many games, so little time.

And Velocity 2X from day one is amazing! Very keen to playing Joe Danger as well. Already got PS All-Stars Royale on PSVita, but cool, I'll have it on PS3 as well now.



Cyrso commented on These New Screenshots Prove That Tearaway Unfo...:

@SimonAdebisi It's a different game, so it it won't be cross-buy.

You can see from the trailer and from these screenshots that a lot of the environments and gameplay is new in Tearaway Unfolded - if you played Tearaway. :)

It's not a full blown sequel, but it's more like the PS4's take on Tearaway's concept. A bit like what Super Mario 3D World on Wii U is to Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS. They are both different games, but similar in design and adapted to each platform's strengths and features.

I agree with @DHW



Cyrso commented on September PlayStation Plus Update Information ...:

@MadchesterManc That would cause an outrage. :D

But yeah I agree, it's weird that the value has been getting better and better, yet the amount of complaints and moaning seems to have just increased proportionally. Complaints would be fair, if PS4 required its own subscription seperated from PS3 and PSVita. But well it's not the case, you're basically getting additional PS4 PS+ on top of the PS+ for PS3 and PSVita for which most people originally subscribed to PS+ for the same price as the original PS3 PS+ subscription.

Personally I can't even keep up with the pace and still have PS+ games December last year that I still need to play.



Cyrso commented on Don't Own a PS Vita? You Must Buy This Brillia...:

Wow, that's a steal.

If you haven't got a PSVita yet, I couldn't recommend this bundle enough, seriously.

Tearaway and Uncharted: Golden Abyss are both amazing games. (Golden Abyss is my 2nd favourite Uncharted game, by a large margin above UC3 and UC1). Tearaway is such a delightful game that will really make you smile when you pick it up. :D (haven't played the other games yet)

Seriously, if you aren't sold on the next-gen consoles yet, wait for a while until next year or something (when they have got a bigger catalog of games) and get this PSVita bundle NOW if you don't have one. It's one of the best gaming purchases I've made personally. ^.^



Cyrso commented on Gamescom 2014: Half of Tearaway Unfolded's Con...:

PlayStation 3 predecessor? :D

Anyway, sounds good, always in for more Tearaway, it was great on Vita. It seems basically like an adapted and expanded version 1.5 sequel. A bit like what Super Mario 3D World is to Super Mario 3D Land, to a lesser degree.



Cyrso commented on Poll: What Did You Think of the Sony PlayStati...:

Pretty good, didn't see the end of the conference, but what I saw was pretty good.

Rime, The Tomorrow Children, Wild looked all amazing imo.

A bit disappointed that they gave Vita so little attention of course, but it helps that I just bought one and that I have a massive backlog of games for it.

I wished the Vita got a Tearaway expansion, loved that game.



Cyrso commented on Reaction: Why Lara Croft Will Still Raid PS4 i...:

Well spotted Sammy Barker, I noticed the same thing, and when Dead Rising 3 was announced to be coming to PC and published by Capcom, I also looked at the original press release announcement and it said "coming exclusively on Xbox One this holiday season".

I wish they would stop being so deceptive and spin all these things. It's getting ridiculous.



Cyrso commented on The Last Tinker: City of Colors Plots a Platfo...:

Apparently it's an automated platformer for the most part, so I'm not sure how food the gameplay will be in terms of actual platforming.

The art style is lovely.

I liked the developer's (well project manager) enthusiasm in the PS Blog post, seems like a nice guy.

And yes I hope we'll get more platformers!! I want more platformers like Super Mario Galaxy and Ratchet & Clank. :)

Hopefully the Ratchet & Clank reboot will be great. :D



Cyrso commented on Music Management Sim BigFest Will Also Headlin...:

It's a good idea, but it's not for me.

I do like management sims like Roller Coaster Tycoon, but music management is not for me I think.

Seems also a better on fit on the Vita because of the touchscreen. But well, good that more people will enjoy it now due to expanding to the other PS platforms. :)

It's win-win for everyone, nobody is losing out here.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

@AVahne Yes, I agree.

Most people really don't seem to value the versatility & portability & ease of pick up and play of a great handheld device like the PSVita, much. Vita versions of games that are also on PC and console are often, downplayed unfortunately. While for some people who want to play those games on the go or just on a portable device, the Vita versions could be the superior ones.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

@AVahne The PSVita has the software to last me for years anyway. But what do you mean with "killing off the Vita"? I think it's getting quite a lot of games each month.

It's just too good. Not only the best next-gen system between all consoles and handhelds, but just one of the very best gaming platforms ever conceived. It's just dumb that all the press hypes up those two next-gen consoles just because the console war gets them clicks.

The melancholy about the PSVita is starting to get really annoying imo.

And yes I know and I agree SCE has done a bad job at advertising it and their marketing strategy with it was terrible and to get some random C-tier CoD game seemed like a desperate attempt to get some sales.

But I can say that the device itself is fantastic, the games are pretty fantastic, the backwards compatibility is fantastic, the OS & system software and GUI is fantastic. So I'm grateful for that. And they've done a good job at courting the indie development community for it, there a lot of upcoming games that have my attention.

I'm not kidding by the way.

Maybe I'll even buy a PS4 as an accessory for my PSVita for Remote Play. (and it is not the other way around!! Vita is my main game system now!).

I think between indie games, japanese games, remote play, PSNow, PS1 / PSP compatibility, occassionally some PS2 ports, occassionally some games from western publisher, and the occasional Pub Fund or first-party / 2nd party SCE game the PSVita is going to get support over the coming years just fine.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

@MoleZandor Isn't Unity only on Vita (as in, not on PSMobile), so your next game will only be PSVita?

Sorry that I said that a lot of PS Mobile games were shovelware by the way, I apologize. :( It was quite a disrespectful statement from me. I'm probably quite ignorant when it comes to this stuff, since I'm not a developer or something.

Ultimately there should be room for all kind of games and more diversity and more choice can never be a bad thing.

Good luck with the launch of your game and good luck with the sequel. :)



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:


PS Mobile is something completely different than the PlayStation App, there's some confusion here. :D

PS Mobile is not on iOS, only Android, and was basically a little framework engine to do cross-platform between PSVita & Android (that also doubled as its own app store for PS Mobile games on mobile), but it never really took off.

It only makes sense to drop support for PS Mobile, better license the best PS Mobile on PSVita games and continue improve the cross-platform development tools between PSVita & mobile, but drop the PlayStation app that serves as a secondary App Store / Play Store on mobile.

And this paves the way for PSNow, which could really take off as the de facto game streaming service if they play their cards right and have widespread support on mobile devices.