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Wed 28th December, 2011

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Cyrso commented on PS4 Shooter Velocity 2X Flies for Free in Sept...:

@get2sammyb So true, haha.

Another great month of adding even more games to my personal PSVita library. So many games, so little time.

And Velocity 2X from day one is amazing! Very keen to playing Joe Danger as well. Already got PS All-Stars Royale on PSVita, but cool, I'll have it on PS3 as well now.



Cyrso commented on These New Screenshots Prove That Tearaway Unfo...:

@SimonAdebisi It's a different game, so it it won't be cross-buy.

You can see from the trailer and from these screenshots that a lot of the environments and gameplay is new in Tearaway Unfolded - if you played Tearaway. :)

It's not a full blown sequel, but it's more like the PS4's take on Tearaway's concept. A bit like what Super Mario 3D World on Wii U is to Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS. They are both different games, but similar in design and adapted to each platform's strengths and features.

I agree with @DHW



Cyrso commented on September PlayStation Plus Update Information ...:

@MadchesterManc That would cause an outrage. :D

But yeah I agree, it's weird that the value has been getting better and better, yet the amount of complaints and moaning seems to have just increased proportionally. Complaints would be fair, if PS4 required its own subscription seperated from PS3 and PSVita. But well it's not the case, you're basically getting additional PS4 PS+ on top of the PS+ for PS3 and PSVita for which most people originally subscribed to PS+ for the same price as the original PS3 PS+ subscription.

Personally I can't even keep up with the pace and still have PS+ games December last year that I still need to play.



Cyrso commented on Don't Own a PS Vita? You Must Buy This Brillia...:

Wow, that's a steal.

If you haven't got a PSVita yet, I couldn't recommend this bundle enough, seriously.

Tearaway and Uncharted: Golden Abyss are both amazing games. (Golden Abyss is my 2nd favourite Uncharted game, by a large margin above UC3 and UC1). Tearaway is such a delightful game that will really make you smile when you pick it up. :D (haven't played the other games yet)

Seriously, if you aren't sold on the next-gen consoles yet, wait for a while until next year or something (when they have got a bigger catalog of games) and get this PSVita bundle NOW if you don't have one. It's one of the best gaming purchases I've made personally. ^.^



Cyrso commented on Gamescom 2014: Half of Tearaway Unfolded's Con...:

PlayStation 3 predecessor? :D

Anyway, sounds good, always in for more Tearaway, it was great on Vita. It seems basically like an adapted and expanded version 1.5 sequel. A bit like what Super Mario 3D World is to Super Mario 3D Land, to a lesser degree.



Cyrso commented on Poll: What Did You Think of the Sony PlayStati...:

Pretty good, didn't see the end of the conference, but what I saw was pretty good.

Rime, The Tomorrow Children, Wild looked all amazing imo.

A bit disappointed that they gave Vita so little attention of course, but it helps that I just bought one and that I have a massive backlog of games for it.

I wished the Vita got a Tearaway expansion, loved that game.



Cyrso commented on Reaction: Why Lara Croft Will Still Raid PS4 i...:

Well spotted Sammy Barker, I noticed the same thing, and when Dead Rising 3 was announced to be coming to PC and published by Capcom, I also looked at the original press release announcement and it said "coming exclusively on Xbox One this holiday season".

I wish they would stop being so deceptive and spin all these things. It's getting ridiculous.



Cyrso commented on The Last Tinker: City of Colors Plots a Platfo...:

Apparently it's an automated platformer for the most part, so I'm not sure how food the gameplay will be in terms of actual platforming.

The art style is lovely.

I liked the developer's (well project manager) enthusiasm in the PS Blog post, seems like a nice guy.

And yes I hope we'll get more platformers!! I want more platformers like Super Mario Galaxy and Ratchet & Clank. :)

Hopefully the Ratchet & Clank reboot will be great. :D



Cyrso commented on Music Management Sim BigFest Will Also Headlin...:

It's a good idea, but it's not for me.

I do like management sims like Roller Coaster Tycoon, but music management is not for me I think.

Seems also a better on fit on the Vita because of the touchscreen. But well, good that more people will enjoy it now due to expanding to the other PS platforms. :)

It's win-win for everyone, nobody is losing out here.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

@AVahne Yes, I agree.

Most people really don't seem to value the versatility & portability & ease of pick up and play of a great handheld device like the PSVita, much. Vita versions of games that are also on PC and console are often, downplayed unfortunately. While for some people who want to play those games on the go or just on a portable device, the Vita versions could be the superior ones.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

@AVahne The PSVita has the software to last me for years anyway. But what do you mean with "killing off the Vita"? I think it's getting quite a lot of games each month.

It's just too good. Not only the best next-gen system between all consoles and handhelds, but just one of the very best gaming platforms ever conceived. It's just dumb that all the press hypes up those two next-gen consoles just because the console war gets them clicks.

The melancholy about the PSVita is starting to get really annoying imo.

And yes I know and I agree SCE has done a bad job at advertising it and their marketing strategy with it was terrible and to get some random C-tier CoD game seemed like a desperate attempt to get some sales.

But I can say that the device itself is fantastic, the games are pretty fantastic, the backwards compatibility is fantastic, the OS & system software and GUI is fantastic. So I'm grateful for that. And they've done a good job at courting the indie development community for it, there a lot of upcoming games that have my attention.

I'm not kidding by the way.

Maybe I'll even buy a PS4 as an accessory for my PSVita for Remote Play. (and it is not the other way around!! Vita is my main game system now!).

I think between indie games, japanese games, remote play, PSNow, PS1 / PSP compatibility, occassionally some PS2 ports, occassionally some games from western publisher, and the occasional Pub Fund or first-party / 2nd party SCE game the PSVita is going to get support over the coming years just fine.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

@MoleZandor Isn't Unity only on Vita (as in, not on PSMobile), so your next game will only be PSVita?

Sorry that I said that a lot of PS Mobile games were shovelware by the way, I apologize. :( It was quite a disrespectful statement from me. I'm probably quite ignorant when it comes to this stuff, since I'm not a developer or something.

Ultimately there should be room for all kind of games and more diversity and more choice can never be a bad thing.

Good luck with the launch of your game and good luck with the sequel. :)



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:


PS Mobile is something completely different than the PlayStation App, there's some confusion here. :D

PS Mobile is not on iOS, only Android, and was basically a little framework engine to do cross-platform between PSVita & Android (that also doubled as its own app store for PS Mobile games on mobile), but it never really took off.

It only makes sense to drop support for PS Mobile, better license the best PS Mobile on PSVita games and continue improve the cross-platform development tools between PSVita & mobile, but drop the PlayStation app that serves as a secondary App Store / Play Store on mobile.

And this paves the way for PSNow, which could really take off as the de facto game streaming service if they play their cards right and have widespread support on mobile devices.



Cyrso commented on Sony Pulls the Plug on Android Support for Pla...:

Only heard about PS Mobile for the first time when I saw the section in the PS Store on Vita.

Seems like nothing of value is lost? The idea of cross-platform development between Vita and Android on one framework was pretty interesting, but I imagine it must be hard to get proper performance and optimize for each platform when you have so many different hardware configurations. I mean going by the results, it's just loads of shovelware, even by mobile game standards the PSM games don't seem too special.

Better to just licence the best PS Mobile developers on PSVita where they have access to better tools like Unity. And I doubt it would ever take off as a 3rd party store on Android to take off when that market is already incredibly saturated, do we have any idea about sales on PS Mobile on mobile?

I think it was a common sense decision, it was decent attempt in concept, but it would always be hard to materialize from start.

And if they want to do mobile anyway, then I think just making cheap spin-offs like Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus as a way of brand for the AAA console releases promotion (like a lot of western publishers to basically) and release them on the Play Store is a better strategy. (Edit: and PSNow)



Cyrso commented on Rumour: Assassin's Creed: Rogue Will Clamber O...:

I don't get why they segregate the PS3/X360 version with the PS4/XB1 version like that. I imagine they core Assassin's Creed fans would like to play both games and they could be annoyed that they'll need two different platforms for each game.

They should have put Rogue also on PS4/XB1 imo.

If Rogue is also on PC, then that goes to show the advantage the PC as a gaming platform has, that it gets both games and feels like a more unified platform, with more universal compatibility across the board.

Anyway, Rogue actually seems like the most interesting game to me, so I'll get that one down the line. (since I've also not 'switched' to PS4 yet)

I appreciate that Ubisoft tries to deliver the best experience for the fans of each platform, but I think they could just as well have made AC Rogue on all platforms including XB1/PS4 and hold back AC Unity till early next year.

Edit: nvm, AC: Rogue is apparently not coming to PC. PS3/X360 only. (but obviously a port to XB1/PS4/PC down the line is always a possibility)



Cyrso commented on PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust:


Because your original comment "PlayStation is the only thing Sony have going for them" is still factually wrong when you look at the revenue and profit of each division?

Or were you just talking about having highest marketshare in a certain sector when you said that? In that case you could be right, but of course, a company doesn't need to be market leader just to have a sustainable and profitable business, (there wouldn't be many companies on earth if that would be the case..).

I have no idea about which Sony divisions have shown growth and what not and I don't care, it's none of my business, it's Sony's business.

I just briefly took a look at that quarterly report to see if what you said was true (because it sounded surprising), and it turned out that when you look at revenue and profit, it's factually wrong. Marketshare doesn't necessarily translate 1:1 with revenue and profit.

And I have absolutely no experience with Sony TV's and I don't care. (All I know is that from a Dutch tech site I follow, is that the Sony TV's are generally praised for low input lag and good picture quality, but again zero experience with Sony TV's myself). But what's the point you're trying to make here?

By the way, isn't Sony market leader in the camera sensors business? Not that I care, I just come here on this site to see some PlayStation stuff every now and then..

See my previous reply for the stuff about indies and remakes, I stand by my point that there's nothing wrong with complementary stuff like that.

Anyway, have a good day, hope we can put this discussion rest, I don't really disagree with what you said, but it just seems like you're talking to wrong guy. I was just pointing out that the some other divisions clearly show substantially more profit than PlayStation which I disagreed with your comment about PlayStation being the only thing that Sony has going for them.




Cyrso commented on PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust:


  • You're right, but you aren't really refuting my point either. Exchange rate is applicable for every division that has international branches, so I don't know how that relates to my point. Movies, semiconductors, imaging and especially financial services are all higher than gaming. So I don't see how your comment "PlayStation brand is the only thing Sony have going for them at the moment" makes any sense.
  • About PSVita/PS4. I can judge for myself, thank you. And I have zero problems with indies... They aren't really competing with AAA, especially on consoles. So if they're only complementary to AAA games on console then what's the issue..? Do you think that just because there are thousands of indie games on Steam, that it means that I'm mad because they're coming at the expense of AAA games?? No. The economics of game development and publishing don't work like that. Indies and AAA games are only complementary to each other in my opinion, so I'd say keep 'em coming, especially if they're good.. I love me some good indie games..

And personally I'm enjoying my Vita just fine (so far at least, I'll see how it goes with longevity), and I'm kinda impressed with some of its features. Seemed like a much better purchase than PS4 at this point if you were still gaming on PC & PS3 anyway. With that said, I have to say there are some very interesting PS4 games coming in 2015 that might sway me, but for now I don't need one at all.

And I don't get your point about remakes becoming "an issue" either.. There's only one remake on PS4 as far as I can tell which is TLOU Remastered. (which is a game I still haven't bought on PS3 despite all the hype :c). What's the issue if Naughty Dog was making that alongside developing a new Uncharted game? Is it coming at the expense of Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4 or something? No, it seems to be only complementary alongside new games as far as I can tell, so what's the issue? Do the people who complain about remakes think game developers should only make games that cater specifically to them.? Well, the industry doesn't work like that As a consumer you have the choice to buy whatever you want so "vote with your wallet" and move along, that would be my advice to the complainers. But complaining just because some people enjoy things you don't like is a stupid thing to do imo.

Just my two cents. :)

Edit: re-reading last paragraph, it might sound a bit bitter and douchey, I apologize for that, but I just wanted to say that I don't really get the issue. Maybe it's because I haven't personally invested in getting a PS4. It seemed obvious to me that as an early adopter you can't expect to have a big library right at your disposal during the first months.



Cyrso commented on PlayStation Hardware Sales Leave Xbox in the Dust:


Not sure if serious, but if you actually looked up the quarterly report, then you'd realize the 'gaming & network services' division was actually the second worst performing segment. (in terms of profit)

The profit margins of console hardware industry are known to be extremely low, notice the huge revenue, but the comparatively low profit.

Sorry to hear that you regretted your PS4 purchase by the way. Personally I have absolutely no desire for a PS4 (yet), just bought a Vita and like it a lot and apart from that I'm satisfied with PS3 & PC, so I can understand that if you're coming from platforms like those, saturated with software, and buying a new platform that is only starting to build up a library of games. But that's how it goes as an early adopter.



Cyrso commented on Sony's Relying on Strong PS4 Numbers to Help D...:

Never get the criticism about "omg it's a game machine not for watching TV!!".

Sorry, nope, I'm very happy that both Xbox One and PS4 (although I don't have any of those) and PS3 have more functions than just playing games. Just because it has some multimedia stuff doesn't rule out that it plays games. Honestly I even liked Microsoft's ideology for an all-in-one box, except the live TV stuff is a bit silly in my opinion, because switching between games and live TV is a matter of pressing a button and I would rather do that than have to leave the Xbox One on all the time (it consumes quite a lot of electricity too) just so TV can pass-trough it.

@AeroZeppelin Exactly.

@rykkchii It's mostly a matter of marketing approachment. Is it really a bad thing that a console has more functions than just playing games? Most people want more functions than gaming, you can see people were (rightfully) mad when they found out the next-gen consoles didn't support DLNA and MP3 playback. I don't get what's wrong with optional, extra features that don't take away from the main focus of games.

And I can't speak about the PS4 experience myself, as I don't have one (it doesn't seem distinctive enough so far compared to previous-gen and the first-party games on PS3 and multiplats kept coming on PS3 so no reason to rush to get a PS4), but yes I agree the first-party line-up seems weak and nothing special so far. It takes some time to heat up I guess, hope you guys will see what you want at E3.



Cyrso commented on The PS4 Won't Be Looting Any Exclusive Content...:

@get2sammyb They don't seem to favour anyone so it's 50/50. Maybe they're a little bit closer to Microsoft due to having already made Witcher 2 for X360, though. I would bet it's going to be shown at Microsoft's conference too.

@justerthought Exactly. CD Projekt Red should all have our respect. No DLC, No pre-order exclusives, no timed exclusive stuff, no season pass, no DRM, no platform exclusive stuff. Just the game. Very refreshing to see for once. (Although imo there is nothing inherently wrong with DLC imo, sometimes it's great and can really help to extend the playtime of the game)



Cyrso commented on DriveClub's Newest PS4 Footage Looks Just Abou...:


Well more is always better, but ultimately there's always going to be a limit. Especially for low-price entry mass-market devices like consoles.

Developer can never assume to have an infinite amount of graphical processing power and RAM resources at their disposition so ultimately they're always going to need to make design decisions.

For example: Should the game have extremely good-looking ultra-realistic graphics and shoot for 30 fps or are we going to prioritize 60 fps and keep the graphics a little less complex but still shoot for good image quality? Or should we envision a more open-world or semi-open-world level design and scale back the graphics or framerate etc?

It's the same thing with VR. The PS4 has enough power for VR, but has it enough power to power games like DriveClub with the same graphical intensivity at a very high framerate (which is important for VR, think about 100+ FPS) and with very good AA? Highly unlikely. Hell, I doubt a GTX Titan could even run the game like that.

But games like The Witness etc could probably work very well with VR. It's up to the developers to be creative with the resources and go for an artstyle that works well with VR and graphics that leave enough room to spare for a high framerate (60 FPS - 120 FPS)



Cyrso commented on Microsoft: PS4 Is Outperforming Xbox One Becau...:

His logic is completely flawed. Baffling that this comes from a chief marketing executive.

“It's hard to really assess the gap in sales,” the executive stated. “They’re in many more markets right now than we are. They're in 40 plus markets, we're in 13.”

Except when you compare the 13 countries that both PS4 and XB1 have in common, the PS4 still leads in sales in those 13 countries. US and Europe are like 80% of the total marketshare, the rest is a drop in the bucket and that's especially true for the Xbox brand. He's delusional if he thinks they're suddenly going 3 million units in a matter of months here in the Benelux and other regions like Scandinavia and Japan.

With logic like that I doubt he even properly market researched his bold claim about X360 customers being more satisfied than PS3 customers. Not to mention, is it up to date? Satisfaction can change over time and the PS3 was very good in its later years, 2012, 2013. The graphical disparity in multiplatform games completely disappeared (or arguably even turned into PS3's advantage, looking at the graphics of most PS3 exclusives), the exclusives on PS3 were amazing and PS+ became amazing value. On the other hand, MS kinda dropped the ball on first-party support during X360's later years.

If anything it would be the PS3 owners who would have less of a reason to upgrade due to the still strong first-party support for the system in 2013 and it's still getting some high profitle Japenese games in 2014 and 2015 (Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Zestiria, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, Persona 5). In fact I'm one of those, I'm still on PS3 and feel no urgency to upgrade so far. :D

And on top of that it makes no sense anyway. If PS3 owners were less satisfied then why would they be so happy to stick with the PlayStation brand? His whole story is sounding like far-fetched, made-up attempt to spin the facts.

Why not simply admit that they you introduced the XB1 in the wrong way and simply say that you feel confident about you're upcoming XB1 games and that you're dedicated to satisfy XB1's customers needs instead of being so arrogant and say "PS3 customers were less satisfied! We have the best games!" The Xbox One launch was a great success as well so there's no need for him to be so agressive and arrogant like that.

Imo, the X360 was a great system indeed, so was PS3. But his logic is just flawed imo.



Cyrso commented on Sony Expects to Remain in the Red Next Year As...:


Here's your asnwer:

1.046 trillion JPY ($10 billion) in Cash

0.833 trillion JPY ($8 billion) in Marketable Securities

4.205 trillion JPY ($41 billion) in Current Assets

4.784 trillion JPY ($47 billion) in Current Liabilities

15.334 trillion JPY ($150 billion) in Total Assets

12.546 trillion JPY ($123 billion) in Total Liabilities

They're very big in terms of total raw assets so they can take quite a hit. At worst they'll have to downsize and simply fall back to their most profitable divisions and let go the rest. They haven't hit the panic button yet and I don't think there's a reason to but I have absolutely no insight in their business budgetting whatsoever so I'm not the one to judge.



Cyrso commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:


I don't think that's true. The only Wii U game that is running at 1080p 60 fps is Rayman Legends, but that isn't too special since it's a 2D game mostly made up of 2D artwork and it also ran at that resolution and framerate on X360/PS3.


Besides, you have to look at more than just the framerate and resolution. Games like Watch Dogs and inFAMOUS Second Son are first of all open-world meaning a lot of assets have to be rendered all at once and both games also have very advanced lighting and rendering techniques so they're going to be pushing the hardware much more than Super Mario 3D World or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Or like Ryse: Son of Rome it runs at 900p and 30 fps, but it's still one of the most impressive looking games, graphically and it's going to be much more taxing for the hardware than a game that is much more simple in its design and graphics like Super Mario 3D World, even if the latter would be running at 1080p 60 fps.

And don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country TF here, I don't have a Wii U, but I loved the previous games (DKCR and Super Mario Galaxy 1&2), I'm just saying that those games are graphically much more simple and thus are going to more easily achieve 720p or 1080p 60 fps.



Cyrso commented on Rumour: PS4's Power Will Slide to Unlock 60FPS...:


  • The graphics look very good imo. Also means it's taxing for the hardware
  • Open-world game, lots of detail and lots of stuff has too be calculated and rendered at once so overall there's a lot of stuff going on.
  • 1080p
  • All of the above at 60 fps would be unique for an open-world on any console. Even on PC that would require a quite powerful PC. So I think, if it would really be 60 fps on PS4 then I think Ubisoft would already have revealed that since it's a pretty important selling point.

The game's director also already made a comment on the framerate of the PS4 version of Watch Dogs and said it was 'stable' ( ). Again, you would think he would have said it's 60 fps if it was 60 fps, because 'stable' alone doesn't really say much.

It's possible that they're saving the framerate announcement closer to the release or something, but I doubt it. Or maybe it's lower framerate on the Xbox One version and they don't want to harm the PR for the Xbox One version of the game and the 3rd party relationship with Microsoft.