Ghost of Tsushima Stuttering Patch 2.19

Update: Sucker Punch says it's put a stop to the freezing problem that's been plaguing Ghost of Tsushima since the release of its latest update. Patch 2.19 adds support for crossplay, but after installing it, players were quick to report a stuttering and hitching issue that occurred frequently during gameplay. For some, it was so bad that the title basically became unplayable, across both the single-player adventure and the Legends co-op mode.

The good news is that you won't have to download and install another update to fix 2.19's woes — although the developer does say that you might need to restart the game in order to apply the fix.

This whole thing seems to have been caused by some kind of backend bug, but thankfully, it hasn't taken Sucker Punch long to correct it.

Original Story: A new Ghost of Tsushima update has introduced a nasty stuttering issue. Patch 2.19 released just hours ago at the time of writing, primarily adding crossplay support ahead of the PC version's launch on the 16th May. However, there are widespread reports that the PS5 and PS4 title is now borderline unplayable, with players encountering regular hitches, stutters, and freezing all across Jin's adventure.

It's a bizarre state of affairs, but thankfully, developer Sucker Punch has said that it's on the case. Just how did such a problem make it through testing? Here's hoping that the team can identify the issue and get it sorted with a quick fix.

We will of course update this article as soon as we know more. But until then, try not to stutter in the comments section below.