With the PlayStation 4's capabilities discussed and reinforced during GDC, the company's handheld is shaping up to be an increasingly integral part of the next generation console's ecosystem. But with the platform holder eager to reiterate the importance of Remote Play, and with buzzwords such as cross-buy and cross-save certain to grow in importance over the coming years, would the company benefit from bundling its forthcoming machine with its fledgling handheld?

Remote Play itself is a feature that's been somewhat overlooked since it debuted on the PlayStation 3. While the functionality was extended to a handful of titles, it demanded developer resources and wasn't all that impressive when it was implemented anyway. But the company's latest console will supposedly solve those problems, allowing you to play any PS4 title you like using the sleek little device. This could diminish one of the Nintendo Wii U's strongest selling points if done right.

Of course, the advantages wouldn't stop there either. While the aforementioned cross-buy and cross-save initiatives are certain to plot a comeback, we wouldn't be surprised if the platform holder continued to experiment with cross-controller mechanics such as the ones recently explored in LittleBigPlanet 2 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. And all of this means that the Vita could potentially become a fantastic companion to the company's next generation machine, meaning that pairing the systems together in a single package would make a lot of sense.

However, it would lead to a costly combination. While the manufacturer's motioning that it won't repeat the same pricing missteps it's made in the past, the PS4's unlikely to be a cheap piece of kit considering the futuristic specifications concealed beneath its invisible plastic. Throw an already-expensive Vita into the mix, and you're looking at the recipe for an RRP that could even eclipse the PS3's infamous $599USD.

Still, if the company could happen upon an appealing figure, we could see a combo being an attractive option for flush consumers – especially if it allowed the manufacturer to really double down on the connectivity side of things. The market is often the best judge of these endeavours, so let's do some research for free: would you be interested in purchasing a PS4 and Vita bundle if the price was reasonable but right?

How much would you pay for a PS4 and Vita combo? Would you even stump up the change for a bundle at all? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

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