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Talking Point: Should Sony Double Down with a PS4 and Vita Bundle?

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Costly combo

With the PlayStation 4's capabilities discussed and reinforced during GDC, the company's handheld is shaping up to be an increasingly integral part of the next generation console's ecosystem. But with the platform holder eager to reiterate the importance of Remote Play, and with buzzwords such as cross-buy and cross-save certain to grow in importance over the coming years, would the company benefit from bundling its forthcoming machine with its fledgling handheld?

Remote Play itself is a feature that's been somewhat overlooked since it debuted on the PlayStation 3. While the functionality was extended to a handful of titles, it demanded developer resources and wasn't all that impressive when it was implemented anyway. But the company's latest console will supposedly solve those problems, allowing you to play any PS4 title you like using the sleek little device. This could diminish one of the Nintendo Wii U's strongest selling points if done right.

Of course, the advantages wouldn't stop there either. While the aforementioned cross-buy and cross-save initiatives are certain to plot a comeback, we wouldn't be surprised if the platform holder continued to experiment with cross-controller mechanics such as the ones recently explored in LittleBigPlanet 2 and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. And all of this means that the Vita could potentially become a fantastic companion to the company's next generation machine, meaning that pairing the systems together in a single package would make a lot of sense.

However, it would lead to a costly combination. While the manufacturer's motioning that it won't repeat the same pricing missteps it's made in the past, the PS4's unlikely to be a cheap piece of kit considering the futuristic specifications concealed beneath its invisible plastic. Throw an already-expensive Vita into the mix, and you're looking at the recipe for an RRP that could even eclipse the PS3's infamous $599USD.

Still, if the company could happen upon an appealing figure, we could see a combo being an attractive option for flush consumers – especially if it allowed the manufacturer to really double down on the connectivity side of things. The market is often the best judge of these endeavours, so let's do some research for free: would you be interested in purchasing a PS4 and Vita bundle if the price was reasonable but right?

How much would you pay for a PS4 and Vita combo? Would you even stump up the change for a bundle at all? Let us know in the comments section and poll below.

Would you buy a PS4 and Vita bundle? (43 votes)

Yes, shut up and take my money


I already own a Vita, but it's a good idea


No, are you out of your minds?


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User Comments (33)



InsertNameHere said:

Since I plan on buying a Vita soon, this would be great. I would have a Vita for the road and one for home.



hYdeks said:

I would be a good idea to have a bundle available with the Vita, saying that you can remote play with the system and use it as it's own portable would make people interested, just have to have it priced to compete with Wii U I personally already own a Vita, but it's a good idea for a bundle.



Jaz007 said:

If the PS4 is priced at $400 then a $600 bundle could be a good idea. If they price cut the to $200 then maybe $550 bundle. While it would be expensive it does sound kind is appealing if you don't have a vita.



darkhairwarrior said:

Not at launch, hell no, they're probably losing going to be losing money with the PS4 like the PS3 at launch. But in the future, when electronics start becoming cheaper? Hell yes.



redd214 said:

I hope so. Only reason im interested in a Vita is for remote play, I would love of that made a bundle. I wont be buying a PS4 until at least 6 months after launch so hopefully there is a bundle by then



Tuturoopa said:

I think they should itd get more people tp buy a vita, im just worried that it would be one expensive bundle



Solatorobo said:

Nah. Unless the bundle lasts for a good while, and the Vita gets something other than Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice (I'm sorry, but I don't wanna call a PS2 port a reason to buy a Vita) Then I'll get it.

The PS4 is actually quite promising now, with Knack, InFamous: Second Son, Theif 4, (possibly) Shemue III and whatever they pull out at E3 already making it look ten times more appealing than the Vita.



InsertNameHere said:

@Magolor You do know that while you may not enjoy them, their are other games on the Vita that others like to play, right? It seems like whenever people talk about motivation to buy a Vita, they disregard the fact that while it may only have 1 or 2 games that interest you, there are other games available that have pretty good fanbases.



hamispink said:

I could see them having a $400 and $500 dollar model as well as a $600 bundle. Though I wonder what price the vita will be by the time of the PS4 release.



Squiggle55 said:

We'll see about the Vita integration. I'm still annoyed that they said they still won't require devs to implement remote play



redd214 said:

@Squiggle55 remote play is handled through the hardware so there is no need fir devs to "implement" it as all games will have the functionality with out any extra effort from the devs, at least according to what they said a couple days ago



SilentJ said:

I don't have a Vita yet so I'd definitely buy a bundle as long as it isn't too expensive.



ShogunRok said:

I'm quite surprised by the number of you saying you'd be interested in a bundle. Just out of curiosity, how high would you be willing to go in terms of price? What price would you flat-out say 'no' to?



3Above said:

I already own a Vita and i think a bundle isnt a bad idea per se but the price would scare people. Given that a headset and camera peripheral are already packed in the box putting Vita in there too would be nutts. It would have to be no less than $550 and thats being generous. That said, the idea is a good one. If they run some ad campaigns showing Vita as an important 2nd screen that ( via wifi ) can do what the WiiU does but at a distance greater than 30 ft or from another country even, it could work.



BlueProxy said:

Well it sounds good, but I can't see it happening because of the price. Even with a cut on vita, it may look too steep for many people all at once. Plus Sony would loose a massive amount more then they are already with vita.

I can see a voucher for something like $50 off a vita, Year subscription to PS Plus. That way they get the $50 back, and actually boost sells of the vita.



GraveLordXD said:

@ShogunRok that's a tough call considering that we don't know what the price of the ps4 is
But if I can save a few bucks on a bundle I would get it because I plan on getting a vita as soon as they have a price cut here in the states
I also have plans to get a ps4 pending on the games it launches with and price of the system
If I had to throw a number out there I'd say I wouldn't pay more than $450 for the ps4 and 200 is my max for the vita, so let's just say $650 or less for the bundle



Squiggle55 said:

@redd do you have a link for that?

edit: I found the link to that new announcement. That is a fantastic update on this feature. They really had me worried earlier when they said they wouldn't require it but would encourage it.



The3DSisMINE said:

Once I found out that PS4 is not backwards compatible, I decided I didn't even want it. Unless I am mistaken...



The3DSisMINE said:

But if I had to think of a price, I believe the Ps4 will be about $400 and a Vita at that time should be $175 to $200 so the entire thing should be about $550 in my opinion, knocking off some of the price for the bundle with both of them in it. Maybe $600 if it came with a game that is available for both Vita and Ps4



Zombie_Barioth said:

@BlueProxy Looks like you beat me to it, I was about to suggest a promotion of some sort myself. That way people that want both can get a discount without Sony ending up with a bunch of unsold bundles if things don't work out.

One of the problems I see with a PS4/Vita bundle is that right now the Vita isn't doing very well outside of Japan. If people don't want a Vita by itself why would they pay more to get it in a console bundle?



Valky said:

I prefer to avoid bundles as they are vastly expensive (here at least), I would buy both of them but only with some kind of discount for VITA, because it will end up near the PS4 anyway, I usually never go out with an handheld since I drive my car when I need to travel from places.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Off topic: Hey guys, I'm new to the page but have been reading around here for some days now and I'm pleased about the respectful tone in discussions that's displayed here, so kudos to all of you!

About the question: since I'm probably not gonna be able to afford the PS4 at launch, a bundle with the Vita would be something to consider for me if the implementation with the PS4 is done well and adds some nice touch to the game. Personally, I'm more interested in additional functionality (maybe hacking stuff in Watch_Dogs on your Vita and not on the big screen) than in playing PS4 games on my Vita...but that may change.

Long story short: yeah, if the price is right, I could see me buy a bundle somewhere down the road. Pretty hyped about the PS4 just now...



FullbringIchigo said:

as long as they do a cheaper PS4 release without a Vita included for all of those who already own a Vita or don't want one then it's not that bad of an idea



FullbringIchigo said:

@The3DSisMINE so what you can't use your PS3 to play your PS3 games?

the PS4 doesn't use the cell so it's easier to develop for that's why it cant play PS3 games. just use the PS3 that's what it's for



rjejr said:

Bundle would be $$$ but I think they should make and advertise the Vita as a 2nd controller. I know it doesn't have the light on top but I'm sure there will be multiplayer games that don't require it. Since most people will probably want more than 1 controller, and this controller will probably cost $60 at least, maybe some people will pony up $200 for a Vita as a 2nd controller.



GraveLordXD said:

@rjejr but how would that work exactly correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the vita missing a few buttons and not have clickable sticks? I guess they could make up for it with the touch screen are something but to me it seems a bit awkward
is it weird that I actually own vita games with no vita lol, just waiting on that price to drop



charlesnarles said:

I could prolly find out elsewhere, but is Remote Play only gonna work over the PS4's lil network, or will it be on the Internet so you can go literally anywhere?
Cause I'd die if its the latter. Wii-u can't do that, right?



Squiggle55 said:

@charlesnarles I'm not sure if that's been specifically addressed either. The problem now is how incredibly choppy and laggy remote play is when you try to do it over most wifi connections. So hopefully the plan is to use gaikai technology to make the wifi streaming much smoother. This would clearly be a humongous selling point for the Vita and PS4 if you could literally play your ps4 catalog anywhere with a wifi connection.



Solatorobo said:

@TheRealBatman I know, I was talking about myself here. I don't hsve enough interest in most Vita games to get one. I thought that was pretty clear in the post.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@get2sammyb You're welcome! And indeed that's my impression, that you guys have built a great community here. Pushsquare is gonna be my first stop for all my PS-news from now on.
Just own an XBox in the current gen but was a huge fan of the PS1 and 2...and from what Sony revealed so far, the PS4 seems to become my primary next-gen system. So looking forward to the launch! (*discretlely drools a little)

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