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It sounds like Sony has learned from the ‘$599 US dollar’ fiasco of old, and is aiming to price its upcoming next generation platform extremely competitively. UK newspaper The Times claims that the company is considering a £300 ($465) price point for its latest machine, a tag that would be more than “£100 cheaper than the starting cost of its predecessor, the PlayStation 3”.

The publication cites “leaked internal documents” as its source, which is particularly interesting. When asked for clarification on Twitter, author Murad Ahmed explained that the report is based on “local UK pricing” and “not a yen conversion”. Earlier in the month, Japanese newspaper Ashai Shimbun speculated that the PlayStation 4 would retail for ¥40,000 ($431) in its home territory.

While the conversions may look steep, it’s important to note that a £300 price point would pretty much guarantee a $400 fee in North America. Europe tends to pay more for its consoles, with the UK typically hit particularly hard. Considering that the premium Wii U bundle currently retails for around £289, there are signs that Sony could be about to get very aggressive indeed.

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