Connected chaos

LittleBigPlanet 2’s upcoming cross-controller patch will essentially transform the PlayStation 3 into a Wii U, allowing players to interact with the console using the PlayStation Vita as a rather costly controller. But that’s not where the publisher’s ambition for the technology ends.

"We definitely need more than one game to flaunt the cross-controller functionality,” Sony XDev Europe’s senior producer Tom O’Connor told CVG. “I know that internal teams are looking into it, and I'm pretty sure there have been some discussions with third-party publishers too."

O’Connor continued that the technology will give publishers more options, and hinted that it may lead to more titles on Sony’s machine. "There will be some games that are being developed for other dual-screen platforms, though I can't name any names, and we can allow that to be possible on PS3,” he explained. “That gives publishers more multiplatform opportunities.”

Asked if the hardware combination could support a title like ZombiU, the executive offered a convincing response. “What we would need to do is allow the Vita to detect markers on the PS3 screen to know where it is positioned, and that's something we already have great expertise in with our augmented reality technology,” he said. "And the Vita has more precise motion sensors than a DualShock pad, as well as two cameras and a microphone, so there are lots of different cross-controller options that developers can explore."

Of course, whether it’s worth the effort remains to be seen. While Nintendo can guarantee that all Wii U owners will have the requisite hardware to enjoy dual-screen experiences, that’s not currently possible with Sony’s cross-controller initiative. And with the PS3 and Vita already boasting meaty price-tags, it may stay that way for a while yet.