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Wed 12th Dec 2012

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Valky commented on Feature: Five PS4 Announcements That Could Ste...:

I will reply on each answers

1) I guess that will be the E3 main stuff along (I'm hoping) more games, new exclusives, more Gaikai stuff.
Still, I'm more a tech addict than someone who is going for the look of a console (PS3 Ultra Slim here, I know it looks rather cheap but that's ok for me)

2) I wont' bet on Square-Enix anymore...hmpf...they have kinda left their Jrpg touch since they are no more focusing on that genre, they look like EA now, which has good and bad points that I won't discuss here.
For real FF nostalgia, we should really talk about Mystwalker (made by the top FF producers, see Lost Odyssey and The Last Story).

3) Unlikely, and I say this with a bad mood, since I'm a great fan of GTA since it's very first title, but I will never get an Xbox for this, like hell.

4) It will come eventually, but I so wish they keep it covered for a big surprise at E3, now that will insta blow everything and pretty much win the whole E3.

5) Like 4).



Valky commented on Sony: There's an Amazing Big Title Coming to t...:

I don't really have a "bring me this and I will insta-buy VITA this very moment", if it is good like he says then it's another +1 of reasons for me to get one, right now I can't really make up my mind, I admit the 3DS is getting on me a little more each day



Valky commented on PlayStation 4 Is Not the PS3's Successor, It's...:

Im a later adopter of the PS3 since I had no time and money to buy a game console with so many interesting games. I had to wait untill there was no need to save money for the university fees. With that said, I will keep playing with my new and long awaited PS3 for as much as I can.

Knowing that the PS4 won't have legacy support hurted me the most, they clearly want to make the PS3 a profitable side console, I agree they want to prolongue it's life to bring in as much cash as possible, that's ok, I just hope they won't stop PSN support untill very late, it will happen sooner or later, and my games won't work without PSN



Valky commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Social Features Proba...:

@rastamadeus that's also a thing I want to check before I buy a PS4, what about my digital collection? I guess it won't be carried over so it will be left to die with the PS3 forever, will it make the PS3 immortal? I seriously doubt it, there is no interaction whatsoever between the two consoles, meaning one will disappear sooner or later, and I doubt they will give you access to download them again, it will be only Gaikai for that.



Valky commented on Talking Point: Why PS4's Social Features Proba...:

Since I will take advantage of the Gaikai streaming, meaning that I will try get a decent internet connection and speed (and probably fail since my country is far from perfect from this point of view), I will surely pay for this streaming service.
I believe this will be a separate bill, im not sure how much but my guess is that 50€ a year will not be much



Valky commented on Sony Thought 'Long and Hard' Over PS4's Lack o...:

And what about the great "endgen" games that are coming out? The Last of Us and B:TS are just the tip of the iceberg. Personally, I'm waiting for FFXIV, now that's something that I will play for a very long time, ultimately making my PS3 useful even months later the PS4 is here.



Valky commented on Sony Thought 'Long and Hard' Over PS4's Lack o...:

I think Sony did the right thing, because Cell was awful when used for multi plat games. The PS4 having or not the BC is not an issue either, cmon today a PS3 is no more that big 599$, I just bought mine for 199$ bundled with 5 games.
And I'm more than ready to bring in the PS4 as well.



Valky commented on Feature: Five Dormant Franchises That Deserve ...:

I must say, a very smart pool this one, and one I actually wish I could just vote them all. That being said, I voted for Shenmue 3, that game for me has that something that is just above any other there, even HL3.



Valky commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Double Down with a ...:

I prefer to avoid bundles as they are vastly expensive (here at least), I would buy both of them but only with some kind of discount for VITA, because it will end up near the PS4 anyway, I usually never go out with an handheld since I drive my car when I need to travel from places.



Valky commented on Talking Point: Are Indie Games Enough to Save ...:

I love Indie games, I can definitively spend months on them without even thinking about a more commercial game, but I perceive them as not something capable of making the PSVITA suddenly skyrocket in sales. That's out of question, for that reason I could just think about the OUYA, which is already targeted for the indie market followers, and to me it represents the future of this specific game category.

PSVITA MUST BE something more than this, sure indie games are welcome and fun to play, but the main core has to be triple A games, it's good though that Sony is offering a wider selection though, I'm proud of the direction they are taking.



Valky commented on Talking Point: Has the PS4's Lack of Backward ...:

I prefer keeping a PS3, since I had so little time to play games because of my degree.
I'm also aiming to buy a better TV and that will be great for the PS4 as well.
At this point I may just buy retail versions and avoid PSN completely, but that could be hard since I missed out so many games that finding them all will be a challenge.
This is why I'm waiting for the new Xbox announcement, to see if they do support backward compatibility, either physical or digital, but I assume it will be for the latter.
As far as I can tell, there won't be any major architectural changes, so there is a good possibility.
If this is the case I might skip buying multiplatform titles such as TR, only to buy them later and get the most of both systems this way.

TLDR: Wait for Xbox announce, see if they allow this gen games to run on the new Xbox & skip multiplat titles until I can buy them there, so I don't have to buy them all over again. More pros than cons for me.

I will only get a PS3 for this gen exclusives and probably sell it later on once PS4 has a nice game library (I hope in 1-2 years)



Valky commented on Is Sony Discontinuing the 3G PlayStation Vita?:

I have to say this could be for the good, since I still don't understand how much improvement the 3G is giving to core games. Speaking about overall functionality, now I can see its uses, provided you don't already have a smartphone with a 3G connection, since I assume you won't subscribe another 3G provider only for VITA.

Either they make a new model with both WIFI/3G with no additional costs, or really it's best they cut it out in order to lower the price of VITA that much to make it affordable by just anyone.
Something they need anyway.



Valky commented on Talking Point: Is Sony Putting Too Much Faith ...:

Sadly I never played a Killzone game, so far I only tried Resistance. I want to say that Sony, speaking of numbers and overall quality, has many more titles than Microsoft everyday.
Also, I tend to believe the problem of Killzone or other competing title is the "feeling that is somewhat a response to the Halo series, which was always the number 1 brand of Microsoft (with a very sad tone), we could say the Xbox would never be the same without it. I always see the Xbox somewhat aimed at the casual consumer, who can't understand/don't bother to understand. Leading him/her to believe it's just that.

Everyone of my friends who have an Xbox just keep saying to me that Halo and Gears of War are his/her ultimate fun, and no one even know about KZ or Resistance. They do know God of War and some of them actually own both consoles but still saying that Xbox titles are far more fun to them, along with the usual AC, ME, DeadSpace etc.
The usual stuff that we also get.



Valky commented on How Much Would You Pay to Play Shenmue 3?:

I would absolutely support it, Shenmue was and still is a great experience, it is some kind of life simulator with a deep background story and a gameplay similar to GTA, if not even better. Too bad it was for Dreamcast only and later for the Xbox.



Valky commented on Kellee Santiago Backs Ouya, Takes Developer Re...:

I'm a follower of the Ouya for some time now, it will be a strong android based console, based on Tegra 3 processor, heavily focused for the "indies" developers as well as more famous console brands, it's also a media center. Plus you can root it and basically try to hack/mod it provided you having some expertise, making it the very first "totally open" console. Being based on Android also means you could easily find that game or app you were playing on your mobile, and emulators will be there too.
There are already more than 400 games coming, ranging from platforms, to rpgs to action/adventure co/op titles. Every game needs to offer a F2P or a timed demo plan, in order for it to be uploaded, or even just free, and all transactions are made by credit/debit card even though more payment options will be set. Talking about visuals, you could find games looking like as going back to the 8-bit era rising up to something between a PlayStation 2 or a Wii. It seems also that there will be a new version every year, or so I think.

To me, it could be an excellent portable system, it could even kill the 3DS, but having it sit near the PS3/PS4, now that feels awkward.

Having one of the creators of Journey is a great news and the proof that it will get the attention it needs if they play their cards rights.



Valky commented on PlayStation 4 Games Will Cost Between $0.99 an...:

"We're going to welcome free-to-play models, games from $0.99 up to those $60 games,"

I think he means mobile games? I don't know what else, aside DLC junkies which aren't "games".
The only real F2P deals are the mmorpgs for me, I'm starting to think about them, now that the PS4 has enough power and connectivity to withstand mmorpgs made for it.
Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X seems to me the next big addiction (although only the former is sure to hit PS3 and hopefully PS4)
What about Destiny then? It's an MMOFPS, isn't it?

"You're going to see some of the greatest games ever created and the consumer is going to have more ease of use, the ability to sample games before they buy them and have more breadth of games than they've ever seen before,"

He clearly states something that has already been mentioned during the conference, the whole trying a game thing seems almost like that they have tested it throughly and ready to be shown from the 1st day. Will this be the first reasonable introduction to Gaikai?



Valky commented on Feature: Sony's PlayStation 4 Reveal - Did It ...:

I voted this conference 9 out of 10.

For me it delivered everything right, all my expectations fulfilled, new games (90% of which are must have for a reasonable day1 buy), new specs (the memory above the rest, no more tech restrainings).
New sexy looking controller (i dunno why but i love it, i love this new style, I always found the ps3 controller rather disappointing, basically a port of the ps2 controller, which was a port of the psx one), and basically a glimpse on the future I was hoping for (Gaikai, Social aspects, a more useful meaning of "gaming with friends", more love for VITA ideally becoming what the WiiU pad already is and even more).
Honestly I don't know what could have gone wrong.

Hell, if only VITA could have had such a great conference back then..

I really don't give a damn it the whole internet is disappointed for the lack of retrocomp., it's the same old story every time, what about just stop blaming and go get a PS3 for your nostalgic needs, for once!
There are plenty of great games that justify it, for sure don't expect that ALL of them will be available on the Gaikai service (the PSN surely doesn't have all the PS2 and PS1 era).
You can pretty much expect the Sony internal game franchise, but what about 3rd parties? It's up to them to accept or not the Gaikai solution, meaning they could even disappear or go with a different competitor.
I wouldn't bet on them if you ask me.

With that said, I hope for new juicy reveals at E3 and then consider myself an early adopter (hopefully with an affordable price that doesn't kill early adopters).



Valky commented on No, PlayStation Vita's Not Getting a Price Cut...:

I was also hoping for it, but now PS4 got in my head and VITA is already slowly fading away from my mind. With that said, I could even go and get a VITA alongside the PS4, but guys it's all about titles, and to bite the 3DS with superior tech.