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Sun 10th Feb 2008

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hamispink commented on Sony Marks PlayStation Plus' Five Year Anniver...:

This makes me super disappointed that I let my subscription lapse for a week or two at one point. Been there from day 1 and even in those old days I thought the value of the service was incredible (I had a lot more time on my hands to play through those minis and megadrive games )



hamispink commented on Sony Lining Up Internet TV, TV, TV Launch for ...:

This isn't about PlayStation, This is about Sony as a whole. This is a big deal, taking the US one step closer to cutting the cable cord, seeing as this is full cable content streamed over the internet. I would be shocked if this is exclusive to Sony hardware, and I'll be even more surprised if it ends with Viacom.



hamispink commented on Globe Trotting Uncharted Movie to Start Produc...:

I'll never understand why video game movies aren't done via performance capture with the original actors. The quality that is achieved from today's technology is more than fitting for the big screen, and they would be able to do much more natural looking special effects. After seeing the quality of performances from games like The Last of Us (or even Uncharted 3) It seems like a no-brainer to me.



hamispink commented on Sony: PS4 Is the Best Place to Play for Innova...:

@Sanquine I think they are holding back because the PS4 is selling incredibly well. Announcing more first party games will drive console sales, but when console sales are as good as they have been there's no reason.

It also has the added benefit of avoiding a Last Guardian-esque early announcement. Though I must admit that they can't rest on their laurals for too much longer with Microsoft playing all of its cards correctly as of late.



hamispink commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:

@get2sammyb I'm sure this deal was in the works long before the consoles were actually revealed, so you have a point. Though I think it was apparent as soon as the X1's announcement that it was in trouble.

There was quite a bit of reluctance from both EA and Microsoft to say outright that it was exclusive, maybe it was originally a timed exclusive but they worked out a deal once the pre-order numbers started coming in.



hamispink commented on Opinion: EA Found Its Call of Duty Killer, and...:

EA partnering with Microsoft so much is a huge win-win for them. They get the huge amounts of money from Microsoft to remain exclusive, and any exclusives help the X1 stay in relative sales parity with the PS4, which will help EA in the long run. Competition between the two systems helps them sell more copies down the road in 5 years when there are 160 million combined consoles in the market for them to sell to.



hamispink commented on Talking Point: Do the December NPD Results Fla...:

Speaking just from my experience, here in Kansas I've yet to go into a store that wasn't well stocked with Xbox Ones, and I've yet to see a PS4 in the wild. Based on that, either Microsoft is sending out an incredible amount of consoles, or more likely, it has already sold to all the early adopters that want one and will trail off in sales much like the Wii U. I think the PS4 is still sitting pretty, I'm just not sure if that will still be true in the following months when they are able to meet demand.

edit: I think everyone who is assuming this means that Sony is going to lose North America to Microsoft is being very short-sighted. I don't think anyone should be surprised when a sold-out console can't outperform the Xbox, which is seemingly available to anyone who might want one.



hamispink commented on What's Next for PS4? Sony Has 'Lots to Show' a...:

I'm hoping for an Uncharted Trailer, and an announcement that it is coming fall of 2014. When Uncharted 3 was revealed in this way, I felt it was the perfect amount of time for me to build anticipation without my hype dwindling with too long a wait.



hamispink commented on PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall Works Like...:

This is great. Remote play won't be of much use to me until May (I'm living in a dorm) but come graduation I'll be getting an apartment and having a vita tv (hopefully by then in the U.S.) to stream ps4 to in my bedroom will be ace!



hamispink commented on Current Sales of Assassin's Creed IV and Battl...:

I think this is a great thing. Having people spend their money on a wider range of games, including indies and smaller releases, will hopefully show these publishers that annualizing franchises hurts them in the long run. Its better for the longevity of both the individual companies and the industry as a whole to invest equally in new IP as well as in big franchises.



hamispink commented on 500GB Not Enough? Here's How You Upgrade Your ...:

I have a 750 gb drive laying around that I should put in the ps4, though I have a feeling once I get my hands on it I will be more concerned with playing the system than installing a new HDD. I don't plan on filling up the 500 gb drive any time soon anyway.



hamispink commented on Talking Point: Are You in Tune with Sony's Mul...:

@rjejr The vita doesn't have the extra hardware to facilitate streaming like the PS4 has. Also, who would buy a $100 box just to stream their already $200 vita to a tv?

I think that the vita tv will lead to both increased publisher interest in the platform, and more games that don't shoe-horn touch controls into them. I envision titles being made with a normal controller in mind, and the inputs such as second triggers will be mapped to either the back touch or small icons on the front near the edge. That seems like the best of both worlds moving forward.



hamispink commented on Sony Enters the Micro-console Arena With PS Vi...:

This is brilliant. A great way to get vita hardware into more people's hands. As for me, I'll be getting one just for the TV output. I was holding out for a vita with HDMI output, but without controller supporting would have been awkward to use. Now I just hope for dual shock 4 support in the future.



hamispink commented on Sony Discussing the Possibility of a PS4 and V...:

In the long run it could be a great idea to bundle them. Someone who owns both is almost guaranteed to be a PS plus subscriber, and a quick jump-start for the vita is necessary for meaningful third party support to come any time soon. If it was successful, it would position Sony as the market leader and justify the initial losses.



hamispink commented on Talking Point: Would You Buy a $500 PS4 and Vi...:

I already own a vita, but at that price I would pick up the bundle and give the vita to my brother. This would certainly give the vita the kick it needs, but I'm not sure Sony would be willing to take the monetary loss from a $500 bundle.



hamispink commented on DLC Review: Feeling the Heat of El Diablo's Do...:

I finished the DLC up yesterday (I also decided to play through the game for a third time) and it is a lot of fun. I love challenging stuff like this on a portable, and it didn't disappoint. I only wish there would have been more platforming challenges.

I can't wait to see what Drinkbox's next game will be, everything they've made so far has been ace!



hamispink commented on Your Existing PS3 Wireless Headsets Will Work ...:

I have the original wireless headset, it's good to hear that they will be compatible with PS4.

edit: Though incompatibility with that specific headset would have been a great excuse to upgrade to the Pulse elites.



hamispink commented on Talking Point: Has Microsoft's E3 2013 Showing...:

@HeatBombastic I'm with you that some of the games shown were interesting. For me, Sunset Overdrive is the game that I'll be wishing I could play (or at least see more of), but it wasn't enough for me to want an X1. Overall, it was a good conference, marred by poor business choices by the Microsoft.



hamispink commented on Talking Point: Sony's Aggressive Approach to P...:

I think Sony's current marketing strategy is working wonders. While looking for an archived video of the xbox reveal, I was constantly shown PS4 ads in both Google and Youtube searches. That way, anyone interested (and seemingly likely disappointed) by the Xbox One knows about the PS4.



hamispink commented on This Trailer for Japan Studio's Latest Game Su...:

It seemed to me that when he used the red thorn attack, it cost him whatever points they have over their heads. After it was done, the number was dropping like crazy. It seems like a Soul Sacrifice Blackrite system