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I'm a gamer first and a friend first. Add me if you love Call of Duty, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, and Gears of War... oh and Indiana Jones

Wed 2nd Feb 2011

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The3DSisMINE commented on Killzone: Mercenary Beta Opens for Brutal Busi...:

Finally to try it, and I agree with what people have said before, the screenshots don't do it justice enough. The game is brutal, fast, and addicting as Call of Duty. A definite buy, and in case your on the ropes about it, there's a Beta, try it. Its a blast



The3DSisMINE commented on Pre-order Allocations for PS4 Far Outstrip Xbo...:

I loved Xbox. Key word "Loved" But with this Console war for the first time I cannot tell what is really better or what system is more powerful. I'm going with the PS4 because I ordered it first after MS said that there was DRM. I think Sony knows what they are doing and know the gamers better than MS. So I have to supoort Sony on this matter. Just give us a Kick A$$ Launch Date and Launch Games. But I will always remember the fond memories of XBOX 360. Oh and about this Post, I saw that coming a mile away



The3DSisMINE commented on Sony Thought 'Long and Hard' Over PS4's Lack o...:

I wish that they decided to go with Backwards compatibility games. Since when do Naughty Dog or Santa Monica make wasn't great "performing" Also just a lazy note here, When you are developing a system that will last what 6 - 8 years before the next. I'd put more thought into it about Backwards Compatibility then just a Thanksgiving Weekend.



The3DSisMINE commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Double Down with a ...:

But if I had to think of a price, I believe the Ps4 will be about $400 and a Vita at that time should be $175 to $200 so the entire thing should be about $550 in my opinion, knocking off some of the price for the bundle with both of them in it. Maybe $600 if it came with a game that is available for both Vita and Ps4



The3DSisMINE commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

I'll be getting my game on with the new Tomb Raider that is coming out in a few short days. I've heard alot of good things about it and I am sure it will be a crowd pleaser. Of course my daily dose of Skyrim cannot go unnoticed. But also in my game library I need to start Assassins Creed 3 to get prepped up for the recently announced and yet already waiting in anticipation... Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag.