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Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Is Clawing Its Way onto PS Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker


Monster Hunter 4 could be stomping onto the PlayStation Vita, if a rumour in Japanese magazine Game Lab is to be believed. The publication claims that the Nintendo 3DS exclusive was not recently delayed due to quality purposes, but to ensure a simultaneous release alongside Sony’s slick system. If true, the news could single-handedly resurrect the ailing portable’s fortunes in its home territory.

For those unfamiliar with the situation overseas, Monster Hunter was one of the PlayStation Portable’s biggest brands. It essentially catapulted the console to the top of the Japanese hardware charts, and provided it with an install base big enough to ensure the success of other publishers’ games. The absence of the franchise on the Vita has been a thorn in the system’s side ever since its release.

Sony, to its credit, has attempted to cover up the gaping hole by funding Soul Sacrifice, a similar style of game with a much bleaker art style. But while the title undoubtedly looks excellent, it’s unlikely to achieve the same fervent response as its closest competitor. If Monster Hunter 4 does come to the Vita, then the battle for handheld supremacy could be about to take an interesting turn.


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Knux said:

If Monster Hunter 4 comes out for both handhelds, then it's obviously the Vita version that I will buy.



Savino said:

Yep! Vita will be the obvious choice!!!
I dont like the 3d effect!



get2sammyb said:

Still a rumour. The source has some credibility, but as always, wait for an official confirmation first.



ohhaime said:

I'm not sure if this would really help Vita sales that much, Most people who would buy a system because of monster hunter probably already have a 3DS because of Tri G. If they already have a 3DS they might just get it for that rather then buy a new System.
Assuming they would be even in terms of features and graphics I would probably buy the 3DS version if given a choice. Because ..
While the Vita would have proper dual stick controls I will already be used to playing Tri G on 3DS anyway.
Also this is the kind of game I would like to have a downloaded copy of so it's always there.And with the Vita's expensive storage I would rather download it for 3DS.
What the Vita really needs is an Exclusive Monster Hunter game,Bring on Portable 4th !



Kayoss said:

If this is true i will buy it in a heart beat. Eventhough i dont even play monster hunter. but for the support and success of the Vita i will do it. Livin La Vita...



hamispink said:

@ohhaime I agree that it won't help the vita THAT much because so many people already own a 3ds in japan.
That said, this would be a dream come true



Squiggle55 said:

I really hope this is true. What a big win for the vita this would be. 4 doesn't have an exclusive contract does it?



ShogunRok said:

Is Monster Hunter still huge enough in Japan to get Vita back on track? The series has never interested me (I honestly don't see what's so good about them at all), so am I right in assuming that Monster Hunter is still a gigantic deal in the east?



goldgin said:

I was hoping for this as I wanted a portable version but already owned tri on wii so 3ds purchase seemed abundant. Plus the Vita has better gfx while supporting network capabilities (sorry 3ds owners)... is it too much to ask for PS3 cross-purchase, cross-play too???



ohhaime said:

@goldgin Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS is going to have Online Multiplayer just so you know.
Also MH3U has 4 more weapon types and about 3 times as many monsters as Tri so don't write it off just because you have Tri, it's pretty much a whole new game rather then just an expansion.



rjejr said:

Sony will probably make it DL only so they can sell more of their expensive memory cards.



charlesnarles said:

@ShogunRok e'ybody and dey momma hunt monsters in Japan. It's all about discipline and good sportsmanship. In other words, it's too hard for casual westerners lol you gotta give MH Freedom Unite a try on a Vita. It's like the entire reason I even got one.
Ps hooooly crap mh4v = the face of god



goldgin said:

@ohhaime, thanks for the heads up, I was still under the impression MH4 was yet to be announced in the west so I just used MH3U as a comparison, which, no matter how much more content it may include, can't make up for lack of network play (for some people anyway). I definitely recommend MH3U 3DS if you don't already own TRI though.



Ps4all said:

I was wondering if this would happen. I was very surprised Sony hasn't mentioned mh before this considering that was their biggest psp game in Japan.



ohhaime said:

@goldgin MH4 Hasn't been announced for the West yet but the Japanese version is going to have online.

And yeah no online play for MH3U on 3DS does hurt it, but that's what the Wii U version is for.(I'll be buying both since they can share the same save )



Sanquine said:

@charlesnarles MH Freedom unite is awesome! I had some problems with getting new armor and weapons but when you play the game a couple of hours you are getting the idea ( For someone who does not speak english as native language there is a language barrier. You do not understand every word ) And i love the cats:P felinx or something was it:D I love the coocking part.



Sanquine said:

@ Everyone:D YEs , MH4 on vita If true:D Soul sacrifice, Phantasy star online 2 , god eater 2 and Monster hunter 4 This is going to be a grind fest:D



get2sammyb said:

@ShogunRok Yeah, it's absolutely massive. I think coupled with Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star, if the Vita version is notably superior, it could win Japanese consumers over. If a sizeable audience buys the game on Vita, then it has the potential to snowball. But it's all ifs and maybes.



rastamadeus said:

Would be good for the system if its real. Personally I'd be getting the 3DS version either way. Also, if its on both systems I still see the 3DS version wiping the floor with the Vita. The world and its wife own a 3DS so why would they buy a Vita just for MH4? Don't see that happening.



Sanquine said:

@rastamadeus Big suprise captain:P I already figured out that you love mario ( Image:P ) and that is why it is not a suprise that you buy the 3ds version:P

Also a smart move maybe i do the same because of the 3ds and wii U talking to each other. But i love to play it with a second stick



belmont said:

MH4 would play much better on the Vita due to the better graphics and dual analogue controls without the need of the strange circle pad pro.

Anyway I personally look forword to God Eater 2 and Phantasy Star.



Solatorobo said:

I think this would actually help the vita quite a bit, maybe not help it beat the 3ds (as the 3ds also has a pokemon game and this to get people interested) but just give it a sales boost, which would be good as the vita is a rather good console



rastamadeus said:

@Sanquine I love the 3DS. Not gonna lie. The 3D effect may be a gimmick, and a waste of time to some, but I like it. Being immersed into the world of MH4 with 3D, for me, will be great and a distinct advantage over the Vita version. Oh, and the picture I just thought was funny.



NathanUC said:

MH4 with dual analogs. The way it should be. Welcome home.

Honestly, I'd rather see MH3rdp HD Not complaining at all though!



MorriganIsHot said:

All of a sudden crapcom bring it back to playstation. Pathetic, keep that overrated poo 3DS exclusive.



IAmNotWill said:

A likely hit in Japan, but this wouldn't help the Vita's problems anywhere else.



Gemuarto said:

I hate Capcom for behaving like whore =))... They, at least, could support PSP with 3G version. But bribe from Nintendo..... And Sony is too proud to pay money for exclusives =).

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