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Tue 19th Feb 2008

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Knux commented on Talking Point: Has PlayStation Now's Subscript...:

@get2sammyb I'm not really fond of having to rely on a constant internet connection in order to play games. I'm always going to be worrying if my connection is going to drop (regardless of how good my connection is and not to mention PSN's seemingly constant server problems) and that takes the enjoyment out of PlayStation Now. Plus I feel like that you don't own the games at all with PS Now, and I prefer to own my games (I never rent games anymore even though I used to in my kid and pre-teen years).

That may sound hypocritical coming from someone who is addicted to PS Plus, but I feel like you kind of own the games even though you technically don't. You also get so much bang for your buck that it's very appealing. Plus you can also ''buy'' a free game like Resogun for example and not play it until a year later. And for a massive Backloggery slave who games on Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and retro consoles and handhelds; it's very useful. I'm essentially obtaining free games even when I'm not gaming on PlayStation platforms.

But with something like PS Now, I feel like I wouldn't use it much even if I liked the concept. I don't care for the trend of games becoming like Netflix. I don't mind streaming services for movies because unless it's a movie I really like, I would likely only watch a movie usually once. And I watched movies that I probably would never watch thanks to Netflix. But when it comes to games, I prefer to own them (retail or digital) and having the option to play said games whenever I want to. So combining that with the internet connection requirement and the honestly ridiculous price makes me as warm to the idea of PS Now as jumping into a lake full of piranhas.

I'm also hoping that streaming services like PS Now isn't the future of gaming or I'll be turning into a completely retro gamer.



Knux commented on Why Haven't We Seen More of Gravity Rush 2? Yo...:

@get2sammyb The market is harsh, but Sony messed up on the Vita due to their lack of love and stupid decisions (overpriced and unique memory cards, lack of a variety of first party games, relying too much on ports, and trying to make the Vita a Wii U GamePad).

Both the Wii U and Vita are in similar situations, but Nintendo's and Sony's responses are very different. Nintendo is trying to support the Wii U as much as possible with exclusive and amazing games, while Sony just throws up their hands and says ''eff this'' while blanketing it under a lot of bad PR.

I love Sony and my Vita while also planning on buying a PS4, but that's not going to stop me from calling Sony out on their BS like their lack of love for an amazing handheld.



Knux commented on Soapbox: Please Protect Me from the Purgatory ...:

I still haven't bought a PS4 because my wallet keeps dying due to all the amazing games coming out on other platforms (including the PS3)! I need Bloodborne in my life though, so I hopefully will be able to buy a PS4 soon.



Knux commented on Virtue's Last Reward Sequel Sunk by Japanese I...:

If nothing else, perhaps Sony could finance the third game with the trade-off being timed or permanent exclusivity. Sure, it wouldn't be on the 3DS, but at least it would be made. Either way, I really hope that it gets released. I would do anything to help make it happen.



Knux commented on Gran Turismo 5's Online Mode Parking Up in May...:

That really just sucks. I bought Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition during this summer for a cheap price. I was thinking about playing it soon, and now I'm going to feel pressured into playing it before the servers are shut down. Have I known Sony was going to do this crap, then I would have just bought Gran Turismo 6 instead. It would have at least prevented me from buying two games from the same series so close together.

And I don't even have a Resistsance game yet. What the hell, Sony?



Knux commented on Soapbox: Why There's No Real Rush to Upgrade t...:

I really wouldn't have much time for the PS4 even if I have the money for it right now. Getting a Xbox One as an early Christmas/birthday gift has kind of turned my attention away from the PS4 for now. Not to mention all of the games for my PS3, 3DS, Vita, Wii U, and many other gaming devices on my backlog that I need to actually play.

But I'll likely buy a PS4 sometime next year when I have the money. I gotta catch them all!